Furukane Uta

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 Furukane Uta
"There are Angels all around."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen, but shows rare half-breed speckling of a Xaelan heritage
Citizenship Gridania (formerly Othard)
Age 24
Deity Menphina
Orientation Heterosexual
Marital Status Taken
  • Healer/Medic (White Mage)
  • Carpenter
  • Botanist
Nameday 20th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Furukane Uta (first name 'Uta', but prefers to be known as 'Furukane' or simply 'Furu') was born on the 20th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon to a noble Auri woman. The Furukane household was generally revered for it's business in agriculture and botany, which is why Uta is so interested in it. However, in her hometown within Othard, people shamed her and her family as she was born a bastard child with black, Xaelan speckling on her scales. This being a rare case, especially with Xaela and Raen keeping away from each other in most cases, her mother was questioned and interrogated for years on end and, whilst Uta grew up knowing about this and about her half-clan heritage, she would never say anything against the allegations against her mother, nor the disgusting language used against herself by fellow children, and adults who would whisper as she walked around. Growing up was a challenge, and it was at the early age of 11 that she discovered how much she loved exploring the outer perimeters of her town and the area around it. It was at the age of 21 that she quickly learned she could not ignore her Bayaqud heritage, and being too curious, she left her noble mother behind aswell as a younger half-brother of pure Raen blood.
Furukane is often found in Gridania and the Black Shroud, but she is honestly one to explore Eorzea to the very corners. Her favourite place is notably Costa del Sol in Eastern La Nocsea.
Politically, Furukane likes to be very involved, although she would not consider herself a politician. She just enjoys being able to have a say in things that impact herself and the people she lives with.
She is in the Free Company 'Fireborn'.

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- Several variations of logs, branches and plants
- 2 Vitality Materia II
- Titan Mythrilshield, Electrumshield and Steelshield
- Buffalo Milk
- Gyshal Greens
- Cordial
- Some antique armor

Height: 4 fulms 8 ilms

Weight: 98 ponz

Complexion: #CA967A

Hair: #82B5A0 and #465769 (Highlights)

Eyes: #D4A4BD

Furukane's face is round with a slightly pointed chin. Her face is covered in white and black scales, and her horns are more like Balrog horns. She has two limbal rings around both irises in a bright fuschia color. She wears pastel blue lipstick. Her nose is thin and pointed, with an upward-facing tip.
Furukane Uta's body is thin but not sickly-so. She has some slight muscle but it is not very clear, as she is not toned. She is very short and has to look up at most people when she talks; the joke is that she never grew past her current height because of how heavy her horns are. Her fingers are thin yet have curves to them instead of a boney look, and her waist is a very slight hourglass.
Furukane's voice is deep but airy. She is quiet and soft-spoken, and has a gentle laugh.


Behaviorally, Furukane is very polite when she first meets people, but quiet and soft-spoken, trying to get a gauge on the other person's personality before showing off her own. She can seem quite clumsy and is known to have 'butterfingers'.
Once she gets to know you better, Uta is very open but still quiet. She enjoys discussing her latest book or botanical finding, and is always looking for new things to discover and do. She finds the world to be beautiful and has a positive outlook, but if you get close enough you can also see that she has a deep-felt hatred of herself and her Xaelan lineage, as it has caused her much pain and suffering.


Airheaded and clumsy
Not the most funny person even though she tries
A little too serious
Keeps herself closed off from many people


Acrophobia - The fear of heights
Tocophobia - The fear of pregnancy or childbirth (WORST PHOBIA)
Stenophobia - The fear of narrow things or places
Claustrophobia - The fear of closed spaces (EXTREME PHOBIA)


Celebratory organization
Advanced in healing and medical health. (She helped her mother give birth at 7 years old; this was the first indicator of her skills.)
Tea-brewing, as part of her medical health skills


When drunk, Furukane is the type to cling and get flirty with everyone. This is why she opposes ever getting drunk.
She has a natural tendancy to swing her legs back and forth whilst sat in a chair due to being so short.
She can't actually look at the sky or ceiling without aid or without laying down due to her heavy horns.



Foraging for berries and nuts in Gridania
Making and selling small pouches of tea


Sunbathing on the beach of Costa del Sol
Triple Triads
Chocobo Racing
Writing in her diary


Being picked up or carried in any way, or airship-rides/general flying
The idea of having a child who will be bullied and harmed for being a 'mutt'
Childish folk


Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: White Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Triple Creamed Coffee
Favorite Scent: Lavenders or Chamomile, or freshly cut grass
Favorite Place: Eastern La Nocsea

In combat, Furukane is a very focused woman who rarely ever takes her eyes off the goal. Should that be slaying a beast or protecting someone, or anything, she is a very focused and determined girl. However, this usually means that she does not focus on minor details and can miss something that will make an operation tumble if she is not careful.


Ebony Staff: Highly proficient in this weapon. Mostly for healing, though she has been known to try 'bashing in the head with the pointy end'.


Healing: She is very proficient in healing; what she lacks in combat skill, she makes up for in this.


Carpentry: As a botanist, she felt it would be nice to be able to do something with all the wood she had gathered and picked up carpentry. She's only a novice, but she seems to be getting the hang of it. Her favourite wood is Yew. Botany: She was adept in botany as a child, and has carried it with her since her days in Othard. She is most proficient with a scythe rather than an axe.

Birth and childhood (0-10)

As a child, Furukane grew up bullied and tormented by her Xaelan heritage. It was very well known that her father was from the Bayaqud tribe, as it was the only tribe which had any kind of contact with their town. And, as a noble woman, her mother brought shame upon the family by laying with one of their people. Furukane was still, at the time, the only rightful heiress to the noble title. This disgusted many people. Growing up, she did not have any friends, and she was met with either hostility or caution.
When she was 7, she first learned of her skills as a natural healer. Her mother and her were alone when she was in labor, and so being brave, she took on the role as a 'midwife' during the birth. It was a strong desire to help her mother which beckoned her healing powers forth and allowed for a successful birth, but the birth scarred her for life and left her, in her adulthood, never wanting to experience that pain.

Teen Years

As a teenager, she began to explore her more curious side, given to her from her father no doubt as her mother was a slight hermit. Being closed off from everyone meant finding ways of dealing with the bullying, and she found solace in the outskirts of her town, and bonding with nature and the elements. One of the few people who did not judge her, a priest, had requested to her mother that she be trained in Conjury, but to no avail.
The bullying had gotten worse at this point. Bayaqud women being known for their multiple boyfriends/husbands, she was called a whore and a harlot by her peers, and even worse things by their mothers. However, she had gotten very close to her brother, who loved her dearly.


Pre-Calamity: Furukane had decided there was nothing left for her aside from her brother and packed up, leaving. Her mother was against it, but for selfish reasons such as the dishonor already brought to her family name. She took whatever little luxuries she had, and clothes, and crossed the seas to Eorzea, where she found herself on a carriage to Gridania. It took her a while, but after two or three years she was finally accepted as a Gridanian citizan rather than a refugee.
Post-Calamity: Furukane's brother had decided to travel to Eorzea to find her, and became a retainer for hire. Furukane herself had decided that now was the time to begin adventuring Eorzea rather than keeping herself cooped up in this city-state, and began to learn the art of Conjury, and continue her passion of Botany at the Botanist's guild. On her first travel to Ul'Dah, she bumped into Liliana and Garen Stone, who were both hiring for their Free Company, and joined what she now considers to be her new family.

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Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Ain't that lass a halfie? I seen Auri about more n' more lately, but never one with speckles like that."
"I hear her brother works as her retainer. Doesn't that strike you as odd? They don't even look alike..."

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"That runt bitch got the blood of Bayaqud running through her veins... I bet she's a dirty whore, no matter how innocent she looks."

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Furukane Hoshi: " My mother. We... hardly ever saw eye-to-eye. I thought that maybe after everything I'd done for her, she'd change her views on how she saw me, but no... to her, I am naught but a family curse set to ruin her life. "

Furukane Michikata: " My beloved younger brother. I don't know what brought him to Eorzea, nor what detached him from my mother. It troubles me... but I will not press him for details. "

💑 Aymon Wollhundsyn: " He's quite a jolly fellow... is he not? Brave... foolish but brave. He drinks too much for my liking, but... nobody is perfect. And we seem to just... click, you know? He's like me. H-he's also a fellow collegue, so... you know... "

Liliana Stone: " Garen's Second-In-Command in Fireborn. How do I describe Lily... I don't know. She inspires me. A strong woman with healing capabilities to be envious of, and a strong head about her. I find the thasslophobia a little... weirdly adorbale. Don't ever tell her I said that. Her and Garen make a perfect couple. "

Garen Stone: " Leader of Fireborn. He's an awesome guy. Protective of Lily but has quite a good sense of humor... haha, I tried making a joke about the ocean once but it didn't go well, especially with Lily. "

Altonio Salaphonte: " I hardly know him, but Altonio seems to be a really friendly man. A fellow comrade in Fireborn, he's been trying to help me open up to my newfound family. "

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