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The following is a directory of characters in the Ishgard RP LS of Balmung, mirrored from here. For ease of organization, please edit the Google Doc for your changes or additions.


Miria Vail: An inquisitor with a flair for the subtle and theatric. Generally unspoken of outside of the Holy See and the circles of that lofty order. Though, should her name ever come up in conversation, her merciless crusade against heretic and traitor in equal measure is one of the first of her qualities to be noted. Also purported to have an unhealthy fascination with fire, much to her victims’ chagrin.

Orrin Halgren: From a minor Noble House, Dragoon on leave by permission of House Fortemps to conduct business outside of Ishgard. Despite the smallness of his house, became known relatively well amongst nobility for the many negative rumors surrounding his lineage. Amongst other knights and Dragoons though, he is generally well accepted, even feared for his brutality in combat.

Aurege Davilles: An inquisitor of the Holy See, separated from the nation during the Calamity. Assigned to look into the disappearance of Ishgardian Knights of the Owl's nest five years ago, Aurege was assigned to Gridania, where he poses as a conjurer, assessing the Black Shroud and the Elementals for the Holy See.

Swaylana Galthens: a popular Noble, from the well known House of Haillenarte in Ishgard. House of Haillenarte is really well off and respected in Ishgard, they hold many Adviser positions. She just finished her studies, and is hoping in time to get an Advisers position working for the Archbishop in Ishgard. She receives a letter from The Holy See that she is to be Handler of a fellowship of Ishgardian's, to go to the city-states and investigate if the help they ask for is truly needed.

Marisa Stormsong: One of the more unremarkable members of House Fortemps. Currently a guard at Camp Dragonhead.

Aurelle Auberand: Born to a vassal family of House Haillenarte, Aurelle’s family has been known to produce at least one dragoon a generation. Considered to be one of the elite, she has been given the honourary title of ‘Sapphire Dragoon,’ though it is just a title with little actual weight. Following the Shiva Incident, Aurelle has been assigned to learn how other primals are dealt with, and report back to her superiors.



Ameline Valtin: Former Lieutenant-Herald to an Ishgardian Regiment of Lance. She quit the field after losing her command in a costly battle; on the run from Ishgardian interests ever since. Has a deep longing to reconnect with her homeland.

Asheloux Thalantos: Would be known by others with the last name Haton. His father was a high ranking Dragoon officer in the Ishgardian forces. He deserted the battlefield when he was faced to death to live on with his wife and soon-to-be child. Asheloux’s parents who escaped punishment from Ishgard later died at his own hands Long story short, he is now an aether researcher interested in magics of the past, present, and potential magics of the future and hides his Ishgardian roots.

Jessika Saphir: Daughter of servants to a noble house of Ishgard. Accused of heresy, the family fled Ishgard, seeking refuge in the southern area of the Black Shroud near Thanalan, where they finally settled in an Ala Mhigan refugee camp. Jessika has more of an affinity for Ala Mhigo than Ishgard as a result, even taking the patron Rhalgr over Halone. She was too young to remember Ishgard, but knows well the danger to her family, keeping her connection to the Holy See a secret and going so far as to claim the Black Shroud as her place of birth.

Juniper Anarchy: A high ranking commander in a regiment of Ishgardian dragoons. Disgraced when, after a particularly harsh battle in which most of her regiment died, she was found in bed with her sister. Fleeing from Ishgard, leaving her sister to her fate, she took an assumed name, changed her appearance, and began living life as a craftswoman. Paranoid and cowardly, yet extremely skilled.

Rhy Hennessey: Once a noble guard of the Ishgardian High Houses, he dedicated his life to oversee and protect Ishgard. However an incident that saw the death of his younger brother led him to leave Ishgard and abandon nobility. The silent Dragoon now wanders Eorzea in search of friends and a new home.


Aya Foxheart: Ala Mhigan refugee settled with distant family who had been living in Ishgard for several generations. Entered just prior to the closing of the gates. Dancer, and part-time trouble-maker. Fled the city to enjoy the freedom of the wider world.

Eva Zelorius: Daughter of Dyterium Zelorius whom, in his prime (circa 1535-1540), was a skilled dragoon and elevated himself quickly to the rank of Captain within the Ishgardian knighthood. He was renowned in his era, and granted land and the title of Baron by Ishgard’s elite. For reasons unclear he retired suddenly after his daughter was born and renounced his title, keeping a portion of the land on which to live and to herd sheep. Several years later both moved away from Coerthas to Gridania. Dyterium died of natural causes six moons before the Calamity. Eva herself was born Ishgardian and retains very few ties, however recently resurrected suspicions surrounding the reasons for her father’s sudden departure from the knighthood have brought some attention onto her.

Inessa Hara: Wandering knight and investigator who frequents the land of Ishgard often for training. Recently put in the lead of a fellowship of Ishgardian's, despite the fact she did not desire to lead the group.

Nalin Frostclaw: A Coerthas-born Miqo'te with a deep, rooted hatred for all things dragon. Though not of Ishgardian blood, he was taken in by a sympathetic Dragoon after the destruction of his clan; where he learned how to slay the scaled beasts. He now wanders Eorzea as a mercenary, looking for work to increase his strength to aid him in slaying dragons.

Meta Xi: Dragoon and staunch defender of Ishgard. He is constantly traveling to the lands, taking on jobs and tasks that can make use of his skill in the defense of Ishgard and its people. His ever fiery fervor to see the flying lizards dead, and pleasing results, insures to keep him employed and welcomed back.

Percival Turner: Son of Ishgardian chocobo farmers who decided to take up the adventuring life, and has found a lot of success at that. He spends much of his time now just wandering as a free knight, as well as learning a variety of schools of combat, including those of the dragoons that he grew up idolizing.