John Waterstrike

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 John Waterstrike
Following ever in my sister’s shadow
Gender Male
Race Miqo’te
Clan Keeper of moon/actually clan unknown
Citizenship Ul’dah but now Limsa Lominsa now
Age 20 soon to be 21
Guardian Thaliak, the scholar
Occupation Arcanist/Fisher
Sexuality Bisexual
Martial status Single
Nameday 23rd Sun of the 3rd Astal Moon
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John is always at the edge of the goings on in the world. Since he was raised by Hyur, he doesn’t have that clan identity, though he wants to find the clan that he came from. His actually nameday is unknown but was given the date by his huyran sister. He’s quiet and sad, yet there is a weight that he bares on his shoulders, place there by himself.

John is able to sense the aether around him, in objects, and people as well. Truefully, he can't not see aether in the fashion that most would, he only knows the color of his own aether by his mom and dad, and it's his fingers that does the reading. The gloves act as a barrier between his other ability, that he calls "Dreaming", so that he doesn't see the aetheric memories of the object that he might be holding...or a person that he might touch. To John, "Dreaming" is a curse, because it can not be control except by wearing gloves. Since he had been suffering from a fever when his sister, Tanya found out of the ability, she warn him that seeing another person memories was wrong. His fever twisted her words in his mind, making the child think that he was a bad person for using the ability. As he grew older, he has to come to think of "Dreaming as worst then rape to the other person...and that it was a curse that the Twelve was using to punish him. John hasn't touch anyone with his bare hands for 11 years now.


For the Dreaming to work, John has to remove his gloves, allowing his finger to come into contact with the person or object. From there, his finger has a deeper read of the aetheric vibrations of the object of person, John's brain and aether translating the vibrations. From there, the brain reforms the memories in John's mind, seeing the memories, though unlike with the Echo, he can only see not interact within the memory. Also the stronger the emotion within the aether, the clearer the memory will be for John. Since if has been so long since he has "Dream" there is a higher chance that he could be overwhelm by the memories that could pour into his mind, losing his pathway back to 'himself'.


John hair is purple, with lighter highlights running through it. Some of the hair falls over his right eye and the back is done in a short braid. Reddish brown eyes gaze more often at the ground, as if he’s trying to not look at anyone. He carries a worn book at his side, yet most can see that is very much cared for. He always has gloves on.


John is quiet, hanging back to keep out of the way, and not to be notice. His bearing can seem overly polite, taking to calling people sir or madam, sometimes even when he’s told otherwise. It takes time to see the laughter that will flash across his face, reveal what John was like as a child. His temper flares up when a person has done something to injure themselves or that could injure others.



John is an Arcanist, though he hasn’t had much battle experience. His dad is has been trying to get him use to battle, know that John may find himself following too closely to his sister’s footsteps. He is more a healer then a fighter.



  • Kit, his familiar
  • His family
  • Healing


  • Not knowing where he actually came from before his family found him as a baby.
  • Reading
  • Not being able to touch anything without gloves on his hands.


  • He is very good at mapping out a way to solve problems.
  • He has a good eye for drawing
  • Fishing


  • Even if he is anger, his voice won’t go higher then speaking volume
  • Very polite, address the person as sir or madam
  • He can see in the pass but only if he touches an object or person, hints the gloves that he always wears.
  • Unknown to him his Keeper’s name is Rhag’ra Tayuun.
  • Will pull out his sister’s chocker and unglove one hand to see his sister and her past.



Father: Thomas Waterstrike- Alive, Thaumaturge Mother: Margret Waterstrike- Alive, Conjurer Sister: Tanya Waterstrike- Dead, Conjurer




Common Rumors

  • Thomas’ adopted son… yeah, use to see him following his sister around here. –Ul’dahan merchent
  • Purple hair Miqo’te was down at the dock fishing. –unknown Adventurer
  • Never ever seen him without gloves. –Limsa woman

Moderate Rumors

  • Ah, don’t even know he’s in the room. –Baderon
  • Always seem so sad… maybe a girl rejected him. –Barmaid.
  • Hasn’t seen the boy smile since Tanya’s body was brought back from that battle. -Momodi

Rare Rumors

  • What’s be weird about the kit was him staring off into the blue water holding a sunstone chocker. –Shady dealer
  • Saw him putting a glove back on and then told me to check all of the creates that came in. Found a small box of Dream flowers in the bottom. –Dock worker
  • Hear’s he from Ul’dah. Think himself too good to touch us without gloves. –Back alley wretch

PC Rumors

  • "Oh, yes. I've met him. He's rather quiet and soft spoken. And did really well in that drinking contest at the Ruby Carbuncle! Despite it being his first time drinking." - Ojune Wajune
  • "John? He comes to the Grindstone regularly. Always polite, always eager to help. Good kid." - Warren Castille
  • "Master John is very giving and attentive. He even risked harm to himself to help Sir Gegenji's brother in recovery. Are you close to him? Pray encourage his abilities and skill; he has a grand gift in sight!" - Jancis Milburga
  • "He is one of the stalwart healers of the Grindstone, healing scores of competitors every sennight! And then when I write him, he speaks of helping his mother and sister with their health. Thaliak only knows when he rests." - Jancis Milburga
  • "Ser John is ever eager to be of assistance. For that, he has both my thanks and my interest. Do give him my regards." - Tengri Geneq
  • "Just give me five minutes with him! -What, no! I'm not going to beat him up!" - Jana Ridah
  • "He appears to have a tendency to over-exert himself, though our interactions were brief. I would venture to guess he is good-natured to a fault. If he wishes to help others in matters of the mind, he must be impenetrable by emotion." - Khyran Oisin
  • "H-he's a very kind and helpful man...! W-we've only worked together a-a few times, but he's attentive a-and very gentle! I'm sure he's a very good man!" - Defiant Bride
  • "He seems so quiet and shy..." *leans closer* "but he really is quite the dancer!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "This past year he overdid it. Pushes himself to limits to heal others. Even at the Grindstone. His own Kit was scared. It is important to pay attention to his condition." - Jancis Milburga


Rhag’ra Tayuun had only been a month old when his mother’s cart of goods heading to Ul’dah was attack by an Ixal hunting party. His mother was killed trying to protect him and he would have died as well if not for Thomas and his family coming across the cart. As Thomas used a linkpearl to contact Ul’dah, his 5 year old daughter, Tanya, found the baby under his mother’s body, and then asked her parents if she could name her new brother. Since they had no idea where the baby Miqo’te’s family was, they gladly took the child in.

Tanya was overjoyed at her new brother and in many was a second mother to the little miqo’te. Perhaps that was why she notice that her brother at five would stare into the distance when he would hold something. Thinking that her brother was more dreamer then her, she didn’t give much thought to the matter…that would be a regret that she would take to the grave with her years later.

For young John, the miqo’te kit wasn’t sure of the dreams himself that he would see when he held something in his hand. His parents would smile at the story he told, though others around them thought that the child might not have all of his gils together. As he grew older, the daydreams seem to grow stronger, though he didn’t speak about them now, mostly because he didn’t want his sister to worry about his mental state as she began her training in Gridania as a Conjuer. It would have continue this way if a fever that ran though the Pearl Lane area hadn’t also hit the 10 year old John as well.

What she found when word got back to her about her brothers illness, made her guts twist in dread. What she thought might have been an echo ability was nothing of the sort. It had always been with him, no stare shower starting it up, yet hope when these dreams of the past came from holding an object. She asked her mother for gloves to be given to her, which she then place on his hands. They were found curled up in his bed, his fever broke, and her energy drain. By the end of the month John and Tanya had recovered from that night. During that time, John would steal an old book, a book that seem to have deep magic in it, Tanya telling him that she would research for him. She return to her training, leaving her brother with the reminder, “Keep your gloves on so you don’t have nightmares,” and a promise between the siblings that when John was old enough, they would travel together and find out everything that wanted to know.

Things went back to normal for the Waterstrike family, the time nearing for John to leave Ul’dah and join Tanya on the Adventurer’s path. Plans that ended the day that the battle of Carteneau. The lost of Tanya in that last battle and the world almost ending was a turning point for John. The happy eager teen closed off, the grins turning into small smile, if the other person got one at all. Another five years would pass and John would uphold his end of the promise the two had made so many years ago when word of Limsa Lominsa opening up the Arcanist guild for membership. On his twentieth name day, he gave his goodbyes to his mother and father, taking with him the book that he called Kit and Tanya’s sunstone chocker.

It was a year later that Thomas, in order to return his son from the shadow that he had become, sent John to help out with a fighting tournament, called Grindstone, that was in need of healers. In many ways, it was something that save John for fleeing altogether from his curse and the pain that was in his soul from his sister's death. He would remain in his home city, joining the Flames, first in his brother-in-law unit, and then being pulled into Zero Division.

Echo Memories

(This is where those that have the echo can see what memories John carries with him if you interact with him. This section will be updates periodical.)



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