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Name... C’zhumei Tia
Alias... Khazic (Kă -zĭk)
Age... 21
Race... Miqo'te
Clan... Seeker of the Sun
Orientation... Pansexual
Marital... Smitten
Deity... Agnostic
Residence... Topmast Suite
Occupation... Bartender
Alignment... Chaotic Good


Appearance: Adroitly muscled and average of stature, this sand cat stands at a dexterous five-fulms and eight-ilms. The warmth of summer has been captured by a luxuriantly caramel complexion, pleasantly contraire a shock of midnight-dyed hair oft tousled in layered disarray; gathered beneath a slate-grey bandana gifted to him by his brother, Feine. Home to elongated ears fringed a natural ebony and similarly accented nimble fingers dappled by black keratin. Chartreuse and pavonine eyes all but gleam, canopied by sable lashes and dark brows; a gaze oftentimes set against the painted backdrop of charcoal kohl streaked horizontal across colorful features.

Scars & Markings:

  • Barbell eyebrow piercing.
  • Bestial, coeurl-like arm.
  • Fanged canines.
  • Leopard liner.
  • Black nails.
  • Faded claw-like scarring along arms & torso.
  • Whip scarring across left thigh.
  • Small slitted scar beneath right-side of ribcage.
  • Persona: Heathen. Hooligan. Punkass. If it describes a foul-mouthed ne’er-do-well, we’re talking about Khaz. Always ready to rumble and settle a score, he’s not one to back down from any trouble—he’s probably caused it, anyway. ...But take a closer look, if you care to, and you might glimpse the boy that once was; effervescent and loyal to a fault, hidden behind a rambunctious ruffian. Keep your head down, keep on walkin’—and don’t mess with his friends.

    Voice: "Everything Stays" & "Bad Little Boy"


    • Music.
    • Animals.
    • Ear rubs.
    • Blankets.
    • Climbing.
    • Sleeping in.
    • Sunbathing.
    • Comfort food.
    • His motorcycle, Seraph.


    • Impermissible contact.
    • Failure (in himself).
    • Wet Clothing.
    • Pedestrians.
    • Cruelty.
    • Flying.
    • Tables.
    • Rules.


    • Nana.
    • Himself.
    • Thunder.
    • Cliffsides.
    • Hurting his friends.
    • Turning out like his brother.


    • Hobbies: Cooking. Sketching. Fitness. Playing guitar.
    • Favorite Food: Pizza.
    • Favorite Color: Yellow.
    • Nicknames: He likes'em.
    • Illiterate: Yep. He totally can't read or write.
    • Brrr: He gets cold easily!


    • Sharpshooter. Through years of training has the art of archery been all but perfected at a young age. Coupled by a tribal technique cultivated by the Coeurl of the Sagolii, Khaz has learned to craft and enhance both bow and arrows to propel each projectile further.

    • Martial Artist. After suffering a mutation that claimed the majority of his dominant arm, Khaz has begun to train in hand-to-hand combat. Coupled with animalistic agility and his peculiar coeurl-arm, this has proven an effective substitute to sharpshooting.

    • Electrogenesis. A rudimentary understanding of electrogenics has given Khaz the ability to interact with electrically-charged items and environments. Enabling him to temporarily magnetize metals and galvanize the atmosphere around him.

    • Nimir-Raj. A beast is harbored within that recognizes neither friend nor foe when unleashed. This coeurl is abnormally intellectual and true to its nature, a savage hunter. Be wary of its innate ability to subdue prey with electrical pulses emitted from long whip-like whiskers. Though slighter than most of its ilk, the coeurl is still large and strong enough to support two average riders.


    • Animal Speech. A tentative understanding for beastkin has been shown in Khazic. The speech of fellow animals; the barks of dogs, the mewl of felines and other such creatures are vaguely interpreted as words to him.

    • Animal Instincts. Enhanced by his peculiar bestial curse, Khaz’s sensory has been amplified beyond normal miqo’te standards. Not unlike the animal within, he’s able to scent and hear keenly and moves with unusual agility. This has also made him a proficient tracker.

    • High Voltage. Similar to the abilities possessed by coeurl-kin, he’s been known to emit a paralyzing pulse when certain conditions are met. This paralysis can disable opponents dependent on their size and body mass; the larger the opponent, the less effective.


    • Royal Levin. Through an innate affinity with his coeurl curse is Khaz granted resistance to levin-based assaults and paralysis.

    • Coeurlfist. Garnished in a natural plating of armor, his arm is capable of absorbing blunt damage and deflecting the brunt of slashing/piercing attacks.


    • Grounded. As balance decrees, there is an equal for all. Levin is grounded by the element of earth.

    • Unchained. Khaz is prone to aether sickness; showing sooner signs of illness than most. Aetheric mending must be done with moderation and greater care. Too much exposure to aether and the consequences could prove disastrous.

    Romantic Crush Familial 🐾 Bonded 🔒 Trusted Friend Good Neutral
    Poor Business Unsure ‘Eff You Fear Estranged Deceased

    C’ahri (🔒) - Kari
    “I remember when we were younger we’d always talk about goin’ on adventures. Maybe it would’ve been nicer next to you 'cause you never stop laughin’ no matter what. I miss those days when we were still cubs with our dreams still intact. I miss the way you'd always told me it’d be alright. The way you kept on believin’ even when I wavered, and the warmth of your hand as you pulled me back up. When I think back on our childhood, I realize it wasn’t ever about gettin’ away... all I wanted was to make you just as happy.”
    Desirae () - Dez
    “I fell hard for you. You had everythin’ that I could only dream of; you were free and bold, you were independent and honest. No one could bring you down no matter how some of’em tried. I wasn’t much until you; didn’t really know where I was goin’ but when I showed up in the city that night, you changed everythin’. I admired the way your head was always held high, pretty eyes set forward—you didn’t care ‘bout anyone’s past, not even your own. You lived in the now.

    Heh. Yeah, I remember that night. Playin’ hero to who I thought was some damsel, but you proved my ass wrong. You didn’t need my help but I ended up needin’ yours. Since then you haunted me in ways I welcomed... but when I mustered up the courage to tell you, I remember that offhanded smirk of yours most. You didn’t want an ordinary boy. He had to be bad and had to keep up with you. He had to be cool and capable, and dangerous.

    I wanted to be him, so C’zhumei slowly drifted further and further away... and then it happened. You looked at me. You didn’t recognize me at first, but who really would? I’d traded my boyish blonde for broody black, my nomadic pelts for stylish leathers. Even got myself a pair of wheels unlike any other. Suddenly, you wanted to know who this guy was—when all along he was yours.

    ...Until one night. For all I’d changed, there was a part of me that never would: the animal I kept locked inside. I was dangerous in ways you hadn’t realized. I was afraid of losin’ you but in the end I let you go, instead. I had to, Dez. I know you hate me for walkin’ away from what we had—but I knew you wouldn’t own up to it. You were scared of me... and who honestly wouldn't be? You couldn't stand my touch anymore, wouldn't meet my eyes... I ruined what we had, and there wasn't any fixin' it. I'm broken, Dez. I've gotta live with this monster, but you don't.”

    Gabe () - Flik
    “I'm sorry, Twerp. I couldn't keep my promise to stay and protect you, or our family. Maybe you'll understand sometime... but I left 'cause I love you guys. Keep an eye on Ubu, too. Little rat's always gettin' your asses in trouble.”
    Lady Amara () - Ugogo
    “The way you looked at me, the things you said... it was almost like you’d known me for a long time. But we’d only just met, hadn’t we? Still, you treated me no differently than anyone else at the table—I was welcome at The Crooked Broom. I wish... I kinda wish Nana was more like you, then maybe I wouldn’t have cared to leave. Grandmother, that’s what you felt like.”
    Rosalia () - Rose
    “You look at me... but you see someone else. Doesn’t matter, though. You couldn’t have them and you won’t have me, either. You’re a spoiled bitch, for some reason you’ve got people kissin’ the ground you walk on—but not me. Fuck you, Rose. This is one beast you won’t tame.”
    Ose () - Loudmouth
    “I get it, alright? You’re supposed to be the big, bad kahuna—but you’re still a jerk. You saw me as nothin’ more than a princely cub and maybe I’ll prove you wrong one day. I dunno what happened between you and Regina, but it’s got nothin’ to do with me. So fuck off, Ose.”
    C’ohru () - Koru
    “What d’ya want from me? When we were younger you couldn’t bother with me, no matter how much I wanted to be your friend back then. So, what’s your fuckin’ deal? Now that I’ve left and won’t give you the time, you’re tryin’ to hold on to what we could’ve had? I’m not C’zhumei anymore. I’m not the little boy you kicked sand at whenever he fell down. I’m not secondbest anymore... and you, you’re no one to me now.”
    Grandma () - Nana
    “I was never good enough for Grandma... or anyone really. I wasn’t Kaiz. I wasn’t the firstborn destined for greatness. I was just second-best until he sauntered into the tribe and laid waste to everythin’ we called tradition. Sure, maybe I didn’t agree with half of it—but he left and never turned back. Not for me, not for Dad... not for anyone. That’s when Nana finally looked at me. It’s like she’d seen me for the very first time. I was a new beacon of hope... if only I’d known that all she wanted was to resurrect the curse through me.”
    Kieva (🐾🔒) - Kiki
    “You do strange things t’me. The way you just sorta dance through life without a care, knowin’ the ugly parts’v the world—acceptin’em as they are. The way you’re so honest, for better and worse. I know there’s darkness in you... I’ve seen the aftermath for myself. You’re no less’v an animal than I am, and maybe that’s what calls me t’you. Sometimes I kinda wanna get lost in you—throw caution t’the wind and not care about anythin’ except... that moment. The now. You’re dangerous, Kiki. You’re like poison that I can’t get enough of.”
    Khloe (🔒) - Miki
    “You’re full of energy and laughter, you remind me of Kari and maybe that’s why I can’t bring myself to do it. I know what he asked me to do—but I can’t hate you. So, while you’re pokin’ and proddin’ me, which kinda tickles, tryin’ to figure out what makes me tick... I’m sittin’ here desperate to find another way around all of this. All of his hatred. You know my secret and you were the first smilin’ face I found waitin’ for me to come back.”
    Alice () - Princess
    Shit talkin' Ally here!
    Aimée () - Emms
    “I guess... I never realized it ‘til now. I’ve never had a best friend. ‘Sides Kari but that doesn’t count; she’s kinda obligated t’be my friend. ‘Nother thing I hadn’t realized was how much’v you I got used ‘t seein’. It’s quieter when I’m not with you, Emms. The kinda quiet that get’s me thinkin’—an’ we both know that’s never a good thing. Look, I guess what I’m tryin’ t’say is... I’m glad you’re my friend. Even if y’fuckin’ yell a lot and always start shit that I gotta finish. There’s only two people I look forward t’seein’ out in that cold-ass shithole. You’re definitely one’v them.”
    Suyiketu () - Isikhova
    “I owe ya. Way more than I think I can ever repay, but I’ve gotta feelin’ that’s not really why you do it. The way you can just... put yourself on the line for a perfect stranger, it’s kinda crazy. You scare the shit outta me when I think about it—‘cause I really don’t want you t’get hurt, Suyi. Someone like you doesn’t deserve it... but you’re the one that always does, and maybe that’s why y’do what y’do. Best I can do in return is look out for you. Lend you my eyes an’ ears, and my strength.

    Oh, and pet the lil’ owl for me! She’s fuckin’ cute.”

    Sorrel () - Mbali
    “...Heh. I remember that smile of hers the most. No matter what was goin’ on, it was eager to come back. The more I travel, the more I realize that hardly anyone smiles like Mbali does. She stood up to her Pops for my sake, too. Probably saved my ass. ...I can’t help but wonder what she’s doin’ sometimes and I think about takin’ a trip back to that place, Ose be damned.”
    Chip () - Bitchass
    “Weird ass kid. Weeeird as fuck. You're ‘bout as fucked up as the next guy, gotta chip on your shoulder and a really mean fisheye. More animal than man—but that’s the part I get the most. You didn’t run or hide. You’re even still standin’ after meetin’ my better half. Not a lotta people can say that and even while you stood there bleedin’, you weren’t afraid. You didn’t see anyone ‘cept me and... I just can’t shake it. The feelin’s a lot like hope and it scares me to think that’s what it might be. I don’t wanna hope just to be let down. But it’s the same with you, too. Part of me wouldn’t mind never seein’ your bitchass again... but there’s another part’v me that might almost look forward to it.”
    Olive () - Lyn & Raz
    “Yeah, you pretty much had me smilin’ from the start. You’re such a weird girl and that’s not a bad thing. You and Raz, you’re both fuckin’ trouble—and that’s not a bad thing, either. I wanna hang out some more sometime. Talk shit over muffins or somethin’, and just feel like... it’s gonna be okay. You’re a lot like someone I used to know... and that’s definitely not a bad thing, Lyn.”
    Rhysa () - Ritz
    “I can see why he’d be drawn to you ‘bout as much as why he’d wanna stay away from you. You’re a lot like an old friend’v ours; not just the way you look, it goes way deeper than that. You’ve got this... brightness t’you. This light and kindness, and it makes me feel like everythin’s gonna be okay. Like I can be—just me and that’s enough for you. I guess I’ll have t’keep an eye on you while you’re expectin’, since you’re pretty fuckin’ helpless in the kitchen.

    Did I ever tell you about the loaf of bread I overbaked? Named’t Rhysa.”
    C’eiz () - Kaiz
    “Asshole. For a while I’d wondered why I was the only one to call it how it was. I get it now. You’re... there’s somethin’ really wrong with you. You’re not the same Kaiz that turned his back on me and Pa. You’ve somehow managed to become even more of a motherfucker. Y’know what else I get about you? You’re only this fucked up ‘cause of them. They made you a monster... and you turned that against them. Heh. Maybe I don’t like you or what you do, but I gotta respect at least that much about you. You’re a fighter—you’re a survivor. You trust only yourself and I guess in a world like ours, I can’t blame you. But I’m not like you and I won’t ever be... so, just stay outta my way.”
    Kanako () - Worthless Bitch
    “He told me everythin’ that night. Y’know, when you showed up at the Danse totin’ your gun. Y’put a bullet in my brother’s head then begged’im to take your arm off and, what, purge Eorzea or somethin’? Heh. Actin’ like a bad girl when all y’do is come crawlin’ right back to’im for help. You’re the worst kinda fuckin' person. He might’ve let you off easy, but don’t let me catch you again—I’m bulletproof.”

    Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


    ◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

      “Was a blonde boy, yes? You’re talking about Khaz! He was such a sweet boy, he used to come just about every morn to greet me and fetch himself some mint lassi!”
      — Katherine, Ul’dahn Potwatch
      “He’s good friends with that flaky alchemist cat! Strange girl. Hells, the boy’s justa’s strange. They gathered up bunch of junk, kept on coming to the scrapyard and put together this... whassit they called’t? Motorcycle, right! Loud pile o’ shite that godsdamned punk rides ‘round! Damnsit!”
      — Randwulf, Limsan Blacksmith
      “Oh, yeah... I know'im... He got kinda known ‘round these parts ‘cause he’s a good fighter in the Rig and he used'ta just hang out with us. Once a whiles back I lost Ubu and he helped me find’im.”
      — Ul’dahn Urchin with his pet rat, Ubu

    ◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

      “Shh! Say nothin’ but I’eard he’s from this wild tribe out’uv the Sagolii. Seen’em prowlin’ about outside’v the Walls. Only a matt’r a time afore they come crawlin’ in to find’im.”
      — Thal Gatekeeper
      “Y’seen tat boy’s arm? Ain’t right, I tells ye. Keeps it all wrapped up’n hided away... but I seen what’s undh’er dere. Tat ain't no boy, tha's a damned beast! Ain’t git yerself no fooled by tat bright smile o’is.”
      — Pit Fighter at the Quicksand

    ◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

      “Haven’t ya noticed... those eyes of his? I heard they’re a lot like that one monster they call The Reaper. You don’t think... that’s him, do ya?”
      — Worried Ul’dahn Seamstress


    ◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

      "The first time I met him, I knew he was different. Maybe that's why my father took to him so poorly. Nevertheless, I am determined to befriend this kind stranger. His smile is painfully sincere and his eyes... I find them familiar somehow. The longer he stays, the more I realize I enjoy his company... and his warmth." — Sorrel Ketra
      "Sigh. Yes, much as it oft pains me to admit it... that is my brother. Yes, the hooligan you saw riding some mechanical monstrosity down the streets. He calls the heap of junk a motorcycle." — The White Wolf, Feine
      "He was such a boy-next-door when we first met. Stumblin’ even over his own words but he’s changed a lot since then. He’s no ordinary boy anymore, and definitely not the one you want livin’ next door." — Dez
      "Oh, that asshole? Aye, I seen 'im before. We ain't friends or nuffin', but those names ye callin' 'im ain't true. I've seen a real monster, an' he ain't one." — Chip
      "Shit talkin' Khaz here!" — Name

    The following links will take you to Youtube. Please mind your speakers.

      Trash Candy
      Artist: Granrodeo
      Theme: Khaz
      Reason Living
      Artist: Screen Mode
      Theme: Khaz
      Burn the Stars
      Artist: Massive Vibes
      Theme: Khaz
      Lunatic Moon
      Artist: Sixto Sounds, Zircon & Jeff Heiskell (Remix)
      Theme: Nimir-raj
      Artist: Not Your Dope ft. MAX (Remix)
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “I’ve had it. That feelin’. Like I can’t go on, like I can’t keep breathin’ but I keep climbin’. Don’t look back now. I won’t back down. Yeah, I’ve heard their doubts—think I won’t amount to anythin’ but I prove’em wrong. Let’em hear my thunder roar! This what they been waitin’ for!”
      Beat It
      Artist: Fall Out Boy (Cover)
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “Don’t wanna be a boy, you wanna be a man! Yeah! You wanna stay alive, better do what you can. So, beat it! You got to show them that you’re really not scared. You’re playing with your life, this ain’t no truth or dare! They’ll kick you, then they’ll beat you, then they’ll tell you it’s fair! So, beat it—but you wanna be bad!”
      Artist: Halestorm (Cover)
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “We don’t deal with outsiders very well. They say newcomers have a certain smell. You have trust issues—not to mention they say they can smell your intentions. All my friends are heathens, take it slow. Wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don’t make any sudden moves... you don’t know the half of the abuse.”
      Freak Like Me
      Artist: Halestorm
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “Covered in black we lack the social graces, just like an animal we crawl out of our cages. They can’t tame us... so, if you’re one of us get on the bus! If you’re a freak like me, wave your flag! If you’re a freak like me, get off your ass! It’s our time now to let it all hang out!”
      Youth Gone Wild
      Artist: Skid Row
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “I never played by the rules and I never really cared—my nasty reputation takes me everywhere! I look and see, it’s not only me. So many others have stood where I stand, we are the young—so raise your hands! They call us problem child, we spend our lives on trial, we walk an endless mile. We are the youth gone wild!”
      The Pride
      Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “I am livin’ the dream. I am what you fear most. I am anarchy. I’m not sellin’ out... I’m buyin’ in! I will not be forgotten, this is my time to shine. I’ve got the scars to prove that only the strong survive!”
      Welcome to the Show
      Artist: Adam Lambert ft. Laleh
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “I’m gonna let them stare. They feel like me out there—So, welcome to the show! Welcome to my life!”
      Artist: Metallica
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “One-hundred plus through black and white. War horse, warhead. Fuck'em man, white-knuckle tight through black and white! On I burn, fuel is pumpin’ engines. Burnin’ hard, loose and clean. And on I burn, churnin’ my direction! Quench my thirst with gasoline! So gimme fuel, gimme fire—gimme that which I desire!”

      Lift Me Up
      Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “I’m pushing back and running you over. I’ve been thrown down, run around, beaten ‘til I hit the ground... I’m tellin’ you right now that it’s over. There’s no room for mistakes, all the parts are in place. Say what you will—but say it to my face! Better back the fuck up! Better shut the fuck up! I’ll do what I want and I’ll never give up!”
      Artist: Through Fire
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: “I can’t believe in you any longer, I am stronger... stronger than you. You are empty, you are guilty—you are dead. Dead to me and I’m never lookin’ back... I will leave you behind.”
      Artist: Nickelback
      Theme: Khaz, the Coeurlfist
      Context: “I’m gonna trade this life for fortune and fame, I’d even cut my hair and change my name! I’m gonna sing those songs that offend the censors, gonna pop my pills from a pez dispenser. Get washed-up singers writin’ all my songs, lip sync’em every night so I don’t get’em wrong. Well, we all just wanna be big rockstars and live in hilltop houses, drivin’ fifteen cars. And we’ll hang out at the coolest bars, in the VIP with the movie stars. Every good gold digger’s gonna wind up there, every Playboy bunny with her bleached blonde hair—Hey, hey! I wanna be a rockstar!”
      One Punch Man
      Artist: Jonathan Young (Cover)
      Theme: Khaz, the Coeurlfist
      Context: “Hero! Don’t wanna hear you callin’ out my name, I’m not here for fortune and fame. Hero! Instead, I’ll fight knowin’ nobody knows my name. Push on! The mortal man I used to be has died—there’s gods inside my fist tonight. Hero! I’ll stay, until I taste the dirt of defeat someday!”
      I Just Can't Wait To Be King
      Artist: Jonathan Young (Cover)
      Theme: Khaz, the Coeurl Prince
      Context: “I’m gonna be the mane event, like no king was before! I’m brushin’ up on lookin’ down—I’m workin’ on my roar! Oh, I just can’t wait to be king!”
      Artist: Celldweller
      Theme: Khaz, the Coeurl Prince
      Context: “It's time to take ahold of what belongs to me. It's time to walk away with no apologies. These voices in the mirror start quietly... and now they're screaming back at me! Don't back down, holding on 'til my hands and mind are bleeding. Don't back down! This is my birthright.”
      The Animal
      Artist: Disturbed
      Theme: Khaz, the Nimir-raj
      Context: “I can feel the animal inside and my resolve is weakening. Pounding at the doors of my mind—it’s nearly overpowering! I cannot begin to describe the hunger that I feel again. Run if you intend to survive... for the beast is coming to life.”
      Artist: I Prevail
      Theme: Khaz & C'zhumei
      Context: “If this is who I am... do I know myself? Don’t forget your life’s your own, don’t ever let it go. In the heat of the moment, when fear has you frozen. You’re crashing and burning, when life’s at its coldest. Don’t fall too far from who you are. They can cut us but we’ll wear our scars!”
      Silent Scream
      Artist: Damien Dawn
      Theme: Khaz & C'zhumei
      Context: “The storm is rising inside of me. Don’t’cha feel that our worlds collide? It’s getting harder to breathe... it hurts deep inside. Just let me be who I am, is what you really need to understand! And I hope so hard for the pain to go away. And it’s torturing me but I can’t break free! So, I cry and cry but just won’t get it out—the silent scream.”

      Beauty and the Beast
      Artist: Chase Holfelder, KHS cover
      Theme: Khaz
      Context: Danse Macabre Performance (Unedited Version)
      Devils Never Cry
      Artist: Devil May Cry 3
      Theme: Khaz & The Pale Reaper
      Context: “My chosen torture makes me stronger in a life that craves the hunger. A freedom and a quest for life. Until the end, the judgement night. Watch the footsteps but never follow... if you want to live tomorrow. Steal a soul for a second chance—but you will never become a man. ”
      Shall Never Surrender
      Artist: Devil May Cry 4
      Theme: Khaz & The Pale Reaper
      Context: “Now I know how the angel fell, I know the tale and I know it too well. I’ll make you wish you had a soul to sell when I strike you down and send you straight to hell. My army comes from deep within—beneath my soul, beneath my skin. As you’re ending, I’m about to begin. My strength—His bane, and I will never give in.”
      He Lives in You
      Artist: Jonathan Young (Cover)
      Theme: Khaz & "Skycat"
      Context: "In your reflection... he lives in you."
      I'll Make A Man Out Of You
      Artist: Mulan
      Theme: Khaz & Flik
      Context: "Somehow I'll make a man out of you!"
      Rock Show
      Artist: Halestorm
      Theme: Khaz & Dez
      Context: "Little girl, you like it loud. Come alive in the middle of a crowd. You wanna scream, you wanna shout—get excited when the lights go down at the rock show! You’ll be right in the front row! Heart and soul, they both know it’s where you gotta be."
      So Far Away
      Artist: Martin Garrix & David Guetta (ft. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya)
      Theme: Khaz & Dez
      Context: "Oh, love. How I miss you every single day when I see you on those streets. Oh, love. Tell me there's a river I can swim that will bring you back to me, 'cause I don't know how to love someone else. ...I don't know how to forget your face. Oh, love. God, I miss you every single day and now you're so far away."
      Become the Beast
      Artist: Karliene
      Theme: Khaz & the Nimir-Raj
      Context: "To capture a predator you can’t remain the prey. You have to become an equal in every way. So look in the mirror and tell me, who do you see? Is it still you... or is it me? Become the beast. We don’t have to hide. Do I terrify you... or do you feel alive?"
      Dirty Work
      Artist: Halestorm
      Theme: Khaz & Rose
      Context: "Get on your knees and let the games begin. Bow to your queen and I will crown your head. ‘Cause I can make you every inch a king—before I do it, tell me. Tell me what’s in it for me? I need someone young, willing and able. You need someone old enough to know better. I want you to do my dirty work!"
      Artist: Evanescence ft. Lindsey Stirling
      Theme: Khaz & ???
      Context: "...I never forgot you."

    The Leopard Prince

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    Personal RP Limits

    I will play mature content and themes (violence, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.

    Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.

    I won't play permanent character death or rape plots. Risque scenes. ERP. *Casual romance.

    OOC > IC. If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please don’t be afraid to let me know. Communication is very important, more important than keeping immersion.

    Posts. My posts can be considered “para” by RP standards. If you don’t like long or wordy replies just let me know and I’ll adjust accordingly! In-game my posts are much more concise!

    Warning Label. Khaz comes with coarse language, violence, some criminal activity and a bad attitude. He doesn't like you, but don't take it personally. He doesn't like most people and the feeling's mutual!

    Romance Note.* While there’s the potential that Khaz could pursue a romantic relationship with another muse, please understand this isn’t my focal point in storytelling. These feelings would take time for Khaz to develop (given all of his insecurities and trepidations), in addition to the time it would take me, as his writer, to feel comfortable enough to write in that genre with my RP partner.

    RP Hooks
    Coeurl. Khaz comes from a small Coeurl tribe that lives in the Sagolii desert. They’re rather reclusive and an eccentric bunch surrounded by a strange rumor. They say the tribe is comprised of both miqo’te and coeurls, and that those coeurls were former tribesmen.

    Renegade. Since escaping the tribe’s clutches, Khaz has had to keep from the deserts and take refuge where he’s confident they won’t follow: Civilization. But desperate times may call for desperate measures. Are you a mercenary looking for work? They have an uncrowned prince on the run they’d like you to bring back home...

    Coeurlfist. While he loves sparring, Khazic’s since “retired” from both underground and sportsmanship fighting. Once dubbed the Coeurlfist because of the leather sleeve worn over his right arm, affixed with metal claws, he can still sometimes be spotted hanging around fight clubs; watching matches but never participating.

    Vagabond. Khaz frequents the cities of Limsa and Ishgard most commonly, especially The Mist. Though he could easily be found taking trips through Ul'dah and Gridania, and their surrounding regions.

    The Topmast There’s a seaside suite he retreats to. Are you perhaps a neighbor or simply passing through the neighborhood? You may just bump into this rowdy catte.

    Let's Rock! And if you're anything of a nightowl, you might've overheard some unique and strange chords being played from that Topmast suite from time to time. Humming, sometimes singing as he passes through the Mist or goes for a late night swim.

    Noceur Nestled atop the high rise of The Mist, the Noceur Nightclub flaunts wealth and entertainment on some nights. Between the bustling music and fluorescent lights, you’ll find Khazic behind the eclectic bar—mixing and serving out drinks to the beat.

    Cool Rider. Yes. Khaz does own a strange contraption of junk metal, held together by duct tape and wishful thinking, that resembles something of a motorcycle. It's loud and sometimes stalls, but it's his pride and joy!

    Contact. If you’re interested in RPing with me but can’t get ahold of me in-game (@Revenir A'noir), you’re welcome to contact me via PM @RPC or Discrod @Noi.Ze#1961!

    Schedule. I'm generally available in-game and out-of-game throughout the afternoon and early morning (MST), except maybe on Fri/Sat!

    Preferences. Despite my own personal preference for RP through venues like Discord or RPC, I’m still very open to in-game RP if that’s my partner’s preference!

    Server. Balmung

    Thank you all for letting me use/alter your codes. Please remember to credit when using this wiki and if you make any further adjustments remember to credit yourself, too!

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