Lucky Mewrilah

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 Lucky Mewrilah
Lucky in the Saucer 2.png
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Birth Place Western Thanalan
Nameday 13th Sun, 5th Astral Moon
Guardian Menphina the Lover
Age 24
Zodiac Year of the Sheep
Blood Type O-
Rendezvous of Stars
Hosting stars.jpg
Server: Balmung
Role-Play Style: Family Friendly w/ some Mature Themes
Contacts: D'ranmaia Shenn
Website: Rendezvous of Stars
Language: English
Time-Zone: Primarily CST but EU friendly
RP Element: formerly The Dissolving Star
Headquarters: Ward 8, the Goblet



Full name: Tam'a "Lucky" Mewrilah


Lucky: A name he's used since childhood. He only introduces himself as "Tam'a" to other Miqo'te as a display of respect, and depending on the circumstances, he won't even give it to certain Miqote, either. Most of the time he just introduces himself as Lucky.

He is not actually lucky.

Whyt: The moniker he used when he hosted at the Rendezvous Host Club.

Current residence: Mist, in a small house with his lifemate.

Relationship Status: Eternally Bonded to K'yhia Mewrilah

Sexuality: private


Lucky with Selene.png

Physique: When Menphina created Lucky, she set every slider that had a numeric value to 69, because she's the Goddess of Love and the number 69 makes her giggle. Thankfully, this results in Miqo'te of roughly average height and generally average tail length, so Menphina's character creation antics go cosmically unpunished and Lucky is a fairly normal guy. Appearance-wise.

He's kinda small and cute.

Facial features: He has freckles and used to have mismatched eyes, the left having been orange, the right blue. Now, strangely, his eyes are an unnerving shade of purple.

Hair: Red with white streaks splotched through it.

Attire: Tends to wear black, white, brown, and orange. He prefers tall leather boots and long tops, be it full length robes or hip-length jackets. He wears an Astral ring on his left forefinger and a black horn ring on his right forefinger.


Speech: Polite and formal most of the time.

Private Life:

Intelligence: Lucky spent two years studying in Limsa Lominsa and continues his studies to the present day in Ul'dah. He is passionate about learning.

Religion: He used to believe that the Gods were remote and detached, having a very hands-off relationship with creation. However, recently he experienced what he believes was a personal religious experience, a direct working of the Gods, and his opinion has shifted.


Tropes: Good Is Not SoftStoic WoobieSugar and Ice PersonalityBerserk ButtonBeware the Nice Ones

Inspirations: Natsume Takashi, Yuki Sohma, Sam Winchester

Quotes: "When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." -Friedrich Nietzsche

"The dead goobbue was a child of Coerthas. The Calamity shattered its native mountains, and it fled before destruction as a caravan flies before a sandstorm. Years, it wandered. We found it dying and received its memories.

It had gathered seeds from every land it passed through, and they flower upon its corpse, a living map of its loss and exile. North to south, mountains to the desert... cloudberry and shooting stars, marybells and cliff roses, Althyk lavender from lower Thanalan, even roselles from Bloodshore.

To wander is a dream and a nightmare. Adventurers such as yourself must know it better than I, but I imagine there are days when the flame of adventure gutters, and you feel yourself to be as bereft as those in Lost Hope... and upon us, no flowers grow." -The Voyage of the Goobbue quest text



Kind people
Pretty things


Intense direct sunlight
Noisy places


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favorite Food/Drink: Miq'abobs 1 2 3, Landtrap Salad, and tea
Favorite Color: Brown and Black
Character Music: Playlist
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFP


PC Relations

Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

K'yhia Zhu | D'ranmaia Shenn | Flora Valerian | Nananomi Nomi | Clalaris Sil Laris | Ghalleon Helseth | Marcado Benedatto | Momone Mone | Xehn'a Hmyr | Ronin'ra Jinehga


Mother: Tam Mewrilah (deceased) - part of a nomadic tribe who set up camp outside Vesper Bay in her teens. She first saw A'nhar during a trip into town, where he was performing. After that she started frequently slipping away from the tribe into town to see him, and they quickly fell in love. She later took up mending and tailoring to help support her family, a skill she taught to Lucky so he could work with her and help the family earn enough money to get by.

Father: A'nhar Tia - left his tribe in his late teens and wandered a while until he eventually came to live in Vesper Bay, earning his coin as a street performer. He taught some of these skills to Lucky, though Lucky was too shy to take it up himself as an adult.


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  • "I don't mean to imply that he's... irrational, you understand... But I've seen him grow angry--what I might consider to be unreasonably angry--over, ah, what I might consider to be, ah... trivial matters. Just, ah, don't be unguarded when you speak to him, is all. He's a very good man, no doubt." --Ghalleon Helseth
  • "Lucky? He's lovely, he is. Well dressed, pleasant to be around and there's definitely something else that makes him some of the best company one could ask for, I only wish I knew what it was. Oh, and he's adorable. But uh, don't let him know I said that. Seriously, don't. I've an image to keep intact and all that." --Nomi
  • Upon being asked about Lucky, K'yhia Zhu tries her hardest to keep her stoic expression but instead cracks a weird smile.
  • "Lucky seems like he can handle himself. What? Yes, that's all I want to say about him. It is a compliment!" --Marcado Benedatto

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