K'yhia Mewrilah

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png K'yhia Mewrilah
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 21
Marital Status Eternally Bonded to Lucky Mewrilah
Occupation Ex-ex-mercenary
Height/Weight 5'1" / 91 lbs
Orientation Heterosexual
Rendezvous of Stars
Hosting stars.jpg
Server: Balmung
Role-Play Style: Family Friendly w/ some Mature Themes
Contacts: D'ranmaia Shenn
Website: Rendezvous of Stars
Language: English
Time-Zone: Primarily CST but EU friendly
RP Element: The Swift Star
Headquarters: Ward 8, the Goblet

K'yhia Mewrilah (née Zhu), previously known as Seyah-zhu Nhila, is an ex-ex-mercenary who currently resides in The Mist. There was previously a warrant for her arrest issued by the Brass Blades but the warrant period lapsed and the investigation into her seems to have ended. Some wanted posters still remain in lesser visited spots where the newer posters haven't been placed over the old ones.

Basic Info


Clear skies on sunny days
La Noscea


Uptight people
People who cause problems for their own pleasure


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Vice(s): Sees red when angry. Is morally grey.
Favourite Food: Apkallu Omelette
Favourite Drink: Chamomile Tea
Favourite Colour: Red

Who is she?

K'yhia is very short, her skin is pale, her right eye is a deep blue and the other is colourless and blind. She often wears an eyepatch over her blind eye. Her face has a few white toned markings common to Keepers of the Moon and a couple of scars left behind from her less proud times.
She's generally not very well spoken, and uptight people can really, REALLY get on her nerves. In a group situation she often holds back her thoughts unless someone says something so absurd that she has no choice but to intervene.
15 cycles before the Calamity Seyah was born into a traditional Keeper of the Moon tribe, though her memory doesn't span that far back as at a very young age she was abducted and her tribe pillaged by Ul'dahn raiders working under hire for an underground organisation based in the Thanalan region. For most of her childhood and early adulthood she was forced to take up the lance and fight as a child soldier for the same group that took her away, travelling around the region of Thanalan with her new 'tribe'. Growing up she saw countless deaths of those close to her, and eventually she learned not to get too close to people.
She was proficient as a Lancer, eventually mastering her Lancer training. One day she heard a tale of the Ishgardian Dragoons, who can jump to incredible heights and use gravity to pierce their enemies, and so she began to train using her own concept of what Dragoon arts might be. Because of her lack of an actual Dragoon to teach her she developed a rather unique twist on the classic Dragoon skills, the quirks of which are noticeable to those unfamiliar with the traditional Dragoon ways. Her fighting style discards the honourable methods of combat used by the Ishgardians and employs more street-fighting and brawling techniques common amongst illegal mercenary groups and raiders.
After many cycles of warfare, whilst watching over the area surrounding Vesper Bay's ferry docks, the Calamity struck. She used the chaos and frenzy to escape her 'tribe' by hijacking a boat. The seas were rough and she shipwrecked, eventually washing up at Bloodshore, Eastern La Noscea. When she regained consciousness she stumbled along the coast line, before venturing further inland, eventually making her way to Wineport. It was here that Seyah threw caution to the wind and, instead of foraging or hunting to survive, she decided to ask for help from the people of Wineport. For suns, she helped in the efforts to re-stabilise the area from the destruction of the Calamity, before making her way to the nearby city state of Limsa Lominsa to search for work that would be more relevant to her skill set. Still wary that her previous "owners" would be looking for her, she employed the help of an aesthetician to dye her hair and disguise herself, going as far as dyeing her skin to look like a Seeker of the Sun. From then on, she abandoned the name Seyah and took on the name K'yhia.
Upon arriving in Limsa Lominsa Seyah went through a lot of trouble, trusting nobody and struggling with the idea that the Twelve preserved a mere criminal and took the lives of thousands upon thousands of innocent people. She still struggles with the thought to this sun, but has become much more open to the kindness of others, which - over time - caused her personality to change into a much more easy-going person, though she's still not afraid to tell it like it is if she thinks someone is a shiteheel. For a long while she sold her skills as a Lancer to the Mercenary groups and adventurer's guild, taking any work she could to pay her board and lifestyle upkeep. She quickly became known as one of the better Lancers for hire in the region of La Noscea.
write about how she was discovered by rendezvous --past k'yhia
After a few cycles of selling her mercenary skills and many moons of providing her services to the Rendezvous Host Club she became aware of Wanted fliers using her given name appearing in and around Ul'dah and Thanalan. She chose to flee the safety of her employers at the Host Club in fear of putting them in danger and spent a moon on the run, slumming around various caves in Southern Thanalan. It was here that she lost the use of her left eye after a run in with a Brass Blades patrol. Once the buzz had died down she returned to her home at the Host Club and resumed her work providing security to the Rendezvous Host Club
Currently, K'yhia reluctantly takes the position of Security at the Rendezvous, figuring that if anyone should provide such an important role it should at least be somebody who knows what they're doing and has experience with such things. She resides in a small house in the Mist with her lifemate, Lucky Mewrilah. When she's not at the Rendezvous she takes up work with her old contacts at the La Noscean mercenary groups, providing secondary roles that don't put her in too much danger, but pay well enough to just afford paying off her home.



Romantic Interest     Friends      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     x Poor Standing     X Mortal Enemies

Lucky Mewrilah - K'yhia's lifemate. She thinks the world of him and is one of the very few people she will act cutesy around.
Nananomi Nomi - K'yhia doesn't know all too much about Nomi, but his snark and their common interests of punching things place him high on the list of people K'yhia would like to spend more time with.
Fandris Elestrian - A doctor who has helped K'yhia through some pretty tough scrapes. She's very grateful to him for all of his help.
Flora Valerian - K'yhia doesn't remember this but one time she got very wasted and engaged in a bout of fisticuffs with Flora. This served to bring them closer together. K'yhia has met both of Flora's parents and would like to visit Little Ala Mhigo again some day to meet them.
D'ranmaia Shenn - The proprietress of the Rendezvous Host Club. Maia has done K'yhia the service of providing her with a roof over her head, food & drink on her table and a job. She's eternally grateful to Maia and has great respect for her.
Nonope Nope - Nonope seems to understand K'yhia's thoughts pretty nicely, and so they get along. Word of Nono's terrifying stealth prowess has reached her on the grapevine and she awaits the day she finds the monster under her bed.
Piers Hayward - K'yhia was Piers' boss for a few moons in the animal handler division at the Rendezvous. She used to (dream about the time she would) pitch a deck chair on the lawn and sip cocktails whilst commanding him around. In reality, the two never met once in their entire tenure together as animal handlers.
Ghalleon Helseth - A very wordy priest of Nald'thal. He's married to Flora and can summon entire paragraphs of sermon instantaneously.
Momone Mone - A great chef and the first link toward K'yhia's life with the Rendezvous Host Club.
Xehn'a Hmyr - A wordy and strange Seeker. She thinks he's an interesting character and hearing of his hijinks is always fun.
Yuki Kusakki - Yuki was K'yhia's boss but spent most of her time as an underling defying most of the orders that come out of his mouth. She used to not trust Yuki, but after a conversation with him she changed her opinion of him.

Quotes from other Player Characters

"She's an alright girl, but she sure as hell knows how to use words as weapons. I'm glad I have no intention of misbehaving around her. Other than that, though? Good company and all, even understands the fun of fighting everything Eorzea has to offer." - Nomi
"Miss Zhu is..." Lucky's words trail off as he contemplates his answer, trying to say it well. "She is everything I have always admired. She is a fierce warrior, highly intelligent, delightfully witty, and..." Lucky pauses, blushing, "very beautiful. Menphina blessed her in every way." - Lucky Mewrilah
"She lost her eye saving an orphanage from a ziz infestation. That's why you see so many children in Limsa Lominsa naming their dolls K'yhia. It's beautiful, really. I think they are planning a statue..." - Xehn'a Hmyr
Yuki Kusakki grunts if asked about K'yhia and makes a brief, vague hand gesture. "She does her job," he eventually answers, to be rid of the line of inquiry.


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