Mikh'a Elakha

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Gridania-transparent.png Mikh'a Elakha
This -is- my happy face ...
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Patron Diety Nophica
Age Twenty Two
Nameday 28th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Orientation Gay
Affiliations Moogle Enterprises
Occupation Owner of Moogle Enterprises



Mikh'a stands at the taller side of average for a Keeper of the Moon and, like most of his Clan, sports pale skin the colour of an early dusk. His hair a dusty blond, peppered with streaks of lavender, styled immaculately at all times and framing keen eyes that are so dark as to be considered black. He has slim waist and narrow hips, topped by a broad, flat chest with the light, neatly toned structure of a professional dancer, having performed for many years.

When close enough to scent him, he smells of cocoa butter and vanilla, with just a hint of the earthy forest.


Mikh'a is very rarely seen dressed in clothing that is not of the highest quality, with even his new combat leathers being finely crafted. Around his neck at all times is a decorative corded rope, ash grey in colour and made from a fiber that most would be unable to identify. His left ear is pierced and plays host to a cuff that holds his linkpearls. Both wrists are adorned with platinum cuffs that are highly decorative in appearance and studded with various gemstones to accentuate the pattern. A matching necklace and rings are worn too.

When in combat leathers, though finely crafted and well fitted, his attire is decidedly less decorative. Though he retains his jewellery, minus the necklace, he gains two daggers. These are currently simple, well forged daggers of standard Lominsan design.



Honeyed Brandy


Ales and Beers
Extreme temperatures


People Watching







Mikh'a rarely engages in combat, though not due to lack of ability. He has a keen sense of self preservation and as such, would first exhaust other resources in the removal of his enemies before dirtying his own hands with the task. When forced to engage, the circumstances surrounding the encounter will determine how he fights. His default is thaumaturgy, keeping his opponent at bay for as long as is possible. He uses the terrain to his benefit where applicable, as demonstrated when he froze the pool of water Senna was standing in during a spat between the two.

More recently, Mikh'a has been experimenting with a combination of daggers and thaumaturgy. His combat in this new technique is untested in an actual combat situation, though his training has been reviewed and his movements deemed too decorative to be efficient and likely to lead to many openings for his opponent to strike. He continues to work on this.

Aetherial Arts

Mikh'a studied Thaumaturgy and Conjury from a very young age, having shown the ability to Hear and an aptitude for mastering his earlier manifestations. He is Guild certified at the Ossuary in Ul'dah and Stillglade in Gridania, though his contact with both is strictly professional, often limited to the registering of new apprentices. His healing capabilities are ideally suited to a clinical setting, where he can apply his knowledge of alchemy to further augment the treatment. As such, he relies most heavily on Thaumaturgy when faced with an opponent.

He has a quick mind and grey morals, so in circumstances where it's warranted, he is not afraid to twist his teachings to less than honorable uses. He has been known to turn the very surroundings against those he faces. His determination in combat and his "fight to kill" attitude make him a formidable opponent.

Physical Combat

Having coming from a Clan that is bred for beauty and grace, Mikh'a is naturally nimble. This, combined with the many cycles spent as a dancer, means that Mikh'a is quick and flexible. He is strong enough to hold his own body weight, or that of another who is roughly similar in size, though he lacks true strength. With the arrival of the Domans and his acquisition of some scrolls detailing their combat methods, Mikh'a tried and failed, to teach himself the way of the Shinobi. Instead, he has been practicing a unique combination of thaumaturgy, dance and poisoned blades to recreate their techniques in a way that he is comfortable with.


Mikh'a finds trust to be a rare thing and so when someone gains his, he would go to the ends of Eorzea for them and would expect the same from them. Those who break his trust are never allowed a second chance, often treated with contempt. If the breach is deemed sufficient, he is ruthless enough to have them removed. All other people he comes across are viewed as tools to be used for his own personal gain until they prove they deserve to be treated as people. This can make him seem cold, calculating or even difficult to approach though the truth of him is far different.

Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing    ! Poor Standing

Moogle Enterprises

Nananomi Nomi
Oriana Callum
Rarashid Kokoshid
Raymel Yhisa
Ronin'ra Jinehga
Shirlai Al'gurei
Vijara Windaar [Deceased]
Vyncent Fields
Yun Harmattan

Known Family

Jusana Elakha
! Mia Elakha
Mikh'to Elakha


Aiouxdaux Beaumont
Bexy Amalaryssia
J'azhar Tia
Leanna Vist
L'Vanelle Denja
Nailah Quill
Senna Maham
Teld're Eska'aldren
Z'sisha Tyata


Daiyumi Maeda
Lucaniel Clarke
L'Vanelle Denja
Mauh'a Relehna
Mathieux Norremitore
Rei Wakeflame
Thala'to Relehna
Zanin Briggs




Mikh'a was born the first son of Mikh, Matriarch of the Shroud Elakha, under the twenty-eighth sun of the sixth astral moon. He was fair of face and well formed, with a natural affinity for the channeling of aether and so was destined to raise his tribe to new heights through breeding arrangements. His mother brought many tutors to the tribe to train him in the Aetherial Arts, though one in particular was more interested in the mewling's physical development than his abilities, helping himself to the young Miqo'te whenever he saw fit. Believing his mother had offered his body as payment, Mikh'a murdered his abuser and threatened to do the same to his clan should they stop him from leaving. His travels led him to Ul'dah via a silver tongued merchant with an eye for profit, where he was fooled into being sold to a life of service in the Platinum Mirage, with promises of a life filled with luxury and pleasure.

The Ul'dah Years

Satin and silk in place of chains, a stage in place of an arena, his allure the weapon and the bedroom the battleground. Like his neighbours in The Coliseum, Mikh'a was a slave for the entertainment of others. Though some would say his life was easier than those who fought for their meals, some scars run deeper than the skin, especially when one is treated as a masterpiece to be enjoyed, but never altered. It was his apparent youth and innocence that first secured his place as an earner of good gil, though he soon discovered that such qualities would not keep him from the cubicles near the back door. Faced with the choice of maintaining the small measure of safety his rank earned him, or falling to the drug addled depths of the bygones, Mikh'a sought instruction in the many ways in which a man can pleasured.

He learned quickly that anyone can be a whore, though only those that can be treated as the wealthy would treat a mistress would truly survive. His training and ability to perform convinced many clients that he was love with them alone. Trinkets and tokens to keep him theirs gradually mounted. Gemstones and fabrics to be stored in a footlocker under his bed. He had grown jaded, weary, and soon began to plan his escape, ultimately finding himself in the desert once more and in the company of The Kindred.

The Kindred Era

For the first time since leaving his people, Mikh'a considered himself free. Alongside his new found acquaintances, he sought to free the one friend he had made during his time in Ul'dah, a fellow performer by the name of Thala'to. The group migrated to Bronze Lake, operating the bar as per a contract from the owner of the Spa. Though he no longer danced, his others lessons were put to use. Flirting with customers to keep them buying drinks, massage for those who were weary, and turning an ear to those who thought him safe place to keep their secrets. He soon learned, however, that his freedom was an illusion.

Betrayal time and again, and finding his life very much on display whenever those around him saw fit led to a slow withdrawal from those around him. So slow, or perhaps so uncared for, that it wasn't until he was gone entirely that such actions were even noticed. His final night as a true part of their company was the night that set him upon the path to wealth. Vyncent Fields, a man considered to be a vile specimen, had finally broken his temper. Though outright combat was avoided, Mikh'a was offered a generous compensation package from the man, one that allowed him to purchase a crumbling hovel in the Shroud. Selling off the remnants of his past, Mikh'a restored the property with help of Gridania's junior carpenters.

Settled once more, he came across the Moogle Bar and it's eccentric owner, earning himself a place in the elder Miqo'te's employ. As Head of Operations, Mikh'a thrived for a time, overseeing the fast growing Inn and Tavern until the old man died. Expecting to find himself back in his cabin, he was surprised to learn that the property had been willed to himself and a colleague in equal share, with no heirs to inherit the estate.

Moogle Enterprises

Starting with the Moogle Bar as an innocent business, Moogle Enterprises was founded. The guests often had with rares and wares that were not easy to find in The Shroud, and so the journey into trading began. Soo he found most of his guests to be travelling merchants, hunters and various other sorts, all seeking business with the mysterious owner of the Moogle Bar, until finally the establishment was little more than a front for an entire secret operation.

Gossip Availability

Uncommon Gossip

  • Was once known as the 'Jewel of Ul'dah' during his time as an entertainer.

Rare Information

  • Is able to obtain many illicit items and substances.

PC Opinions

Viable Connections

I welcome interaction from others, be they new faces or new players. Should you wish for a reason to approach Mikh'a, the following connections are viable as a means of contact.

  • Conjurers, or those employed on behalf of Stillglade Fane may recognize him. His associations with Stillglade are limited to the registration of new students and unavoidable duties.
  • Thaumaturges, or those employed on behalf of the Ossuary may recognize him. His associations there are also limited to the registration of new students and unavoidable duties.
  • Those who work within the Order of the Twin Adder structure may recognize or have limited knowledge of him.