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Name: Kylin Felstar
Former Names: Castiel Mavanix, Kylin Mavanix
Gender: Male
Race & Clan: Hyur, Midlander
Age: 32
Nameday: 18th Sun of the 9th Moon
Birthplace: Ul'dah
Citizenship: Ul'dah & Ishgard
Residence: Ul'dah
Guardian deity: Nymeia, the Spinner


Stormguard tattoo.png

Height: ~5'10"
Weight: ~172 ponz
Body: Very well toned, "adventurer" body. Though not as bulky as a highlander, Ky puts a tremendous amount of attention into his appearance and his constant physical training is quite evident.
Hair: Light blond, black tipped highlights. Typically short-medium in length.
Eyes: Bright blue
Skin: Olive tan, smooth, no visible scars
Clothing: Kylin is most often seen in tighter fitting cloth, but it's not entirely uncommon to see him in leather. He is never seen in heavy armor.
Marks: Kylin has a single tattoo on his right shoulder blade, a mark of the Order of Stormguard.



  • The finer things in life (luxury items such as expensive wine, large beds, etc).
  • Exercise, as to keep in shape.
  • Reading. His favorite book, Winds of Ascension, written by Ovram Mendula, is hailed as a literary masterpiece and was even made into a play. The fictional story, based in Eorzea as the setting, follows the adventures of two childhood friends (Luc and Vincent) who end up on different sides in a military conflict. The story's title is representative of an individual's journey to discover one's self through five "winds" that can help on ascending the ladder of self-discovery.
  • Ul'dah. He'll always consider it "home."
  • Affection. He takes a lot of pleasure in being both wooed with romantic gestures as well as physical touch, even if small in nature like handshakes.


  • Disappointing a family member.
  • Confrontation. Kylin prefers to handle issues behind the scenes rather than front and center. While he's been involved in occasional physical fights, he prefers to avoid those as well.
  • Competition. While he gets extremely aggressive in anything competitive, it's only because he despises competition and wants to eliminate it from the equation.
  • Not being in control.


  • Business savvy.
  • Magically inclined and extremely knowledegable of topics therein.
  • Extremely wealthy.


  • Has difficulty gaining trust from most people.
  • Has difficulty giving trust to most people. Easily made jealous and paranoid.
  • Often overly bound to family, even when they're in the wrong.
  • Born with an aether poisoning condition in which requires daily medication and careful usage of magic.


  • Becoming like his father.
  • Never finding genuine friendship or love.
  • Losing at just about anything.


  • Often prioritizes aesthetics over functionality
  • Avidly avoids getting drunk, due to becoming an almost different person when he does (to his own humiliation).
  • Loves solitude just as much as being surrounded by others. These constantly conflicting desires make him difficult to read at times, and even he doesn't know which one he wants at any given time.



   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Class Affinity

Class/Job Affinity
   Dark Knight
   Thaumaturge/Black Mage
   Red Mage
   Blue Mage
   Conjurer/White Mage


Traditional Magic: Kylin's primary specialty is in the magical realm. Hailing from a family well versed in magic for numerous generations, his magical aptitude comes almost naturally.

  • Thaumaturgy: When it comes to combat, Kylin's secondary magical skill utilized is that of thaumaturgy. He is easily able to use destructive elemental magicks without much effort. Despite his skill of the art, he ofttimes avoids using it.
  • Conjury: Kylin has only minor skills in the realm of conjury magic. His practice of this art focuses largely on the non-healing properties associated with conjury (such as channeling elemental skills). He is not well versed at all in the medical/healing properties of this art.
  • Summoning: Kylin's skill at summoning came naturally and grew exponentially compared to his other abilities. Tutored by his uncle Islude, this magical skill has easily become his most powerful and refined of them all. It is his most commonly used tactic in combat.

Non-traditional Magic: Armed with knowledge from both House Mavanix and House Felstar, Kylin has maintained a powerful grip on non-traditional magicks that are passed down through his family.

  • Astral Projection: Perhaps his greatest magical skill of all, Kylin has practically mastered the art of astral projection. A skill considered very difficult to master, his ability to do so has earned him great respect by fellow mages. The ability allows one to 'project' an astral copy of themselves a certain distance away from their physical body. The more skilled one is, the further the projection can go. The copy usually appears as a bluish colored spectral copy of the caster capable of passing through walls and other objects, though it is possible to make the projection look identical to the caster in skin and body composition with enough concentration. The ability has one drawback, however, in that the caster's physical body is left in a near comatose like state for the duration of the spell and is thus considered extremely vulnerable. However, used properly, the ability can allow one to pass to otherwise inaccessible areas and gain information. It is said Kylin often uses the ability in excavation sites.
  • Dark Magic & Runic Magic: With the help of family tomes, Kylin is capable of various non-traditional spells. These include (but are not limited to) scrying (finding someone using the person's possessions), creation of magical seals/bindings, and various other spells.

Swordplay: While his skill in swordplay (daggers and single-handed blades) pales in comparison to his magical skills, Kylin has increasingly gotten better in this area. He primarily uses close combat as a means of maintaining his new physical shape and is not as skilled in actual combat as other trained adventurers. However, he's far from the pushover he once was.

Knowledge: Due to his noble upbringing, Kylin is educated in a variety of topics, though he’s especially knowledgeable on artifacts. This is further enhanced by his job as head overseer of Avalon, the excavation team under House Felstar. Working closely with the Avalon Heritage Museum further enhances this knowledge, along with knowledge about historical, government, and cultist related matters. He's also, of course, highly versed in magical related issues.

Before Calamity [1.0-1.23]
Before Calamity Story

Kylin grew up as an only child under his father's care, originally named "Castiel." He would later change his name to his mother's preferred name, Kylin, after discovering her diary. His mother died giving birth to him due to extensive aether poisoning that came as a result of her being exposed to toxins so she'd not reveal certain family secrets of House Mavanix. This poisoning extended to Kylin upon birth, forcing him to take daily doses of an ether-like medication for the rest of his life. Kylin grew up under House Mavanix, not realizing until much later in his life that he and his father were actually descendants of the Felstar family. He attended private school until his teenage years, when he insisted for a more public life much to his father’s dismay.

After school, Kylin focused largely on the family business and preparing to take over for his father while still indulging in numerous pleasures presented to him. He went to great lengths to please Cartius, though he felt that he often fell short. Kylin oversaw numerous projects at once that included excavation projects under Avalon, Project Outer Heaven (mercenary company under a coalition of aristocrats), and Project Stormguard (secret society). Throughout these projects Kylin encountered various foes and allies. He discovered not one, but two half-sisters in Seraphine Winter and Elza Ashfen. He manipulated his way into the Stormguard to gain access to its secrets, battled with Outer Heaven against the enigmatic Decretum Umbra group, and eventually even fell in love with a highlander named Gerik Aston.

At some point, Cartius removed his resources from the Outer Heaven project and allowed it to fall into ruin. The relationship between Kylin and his father began to become strained around this time. Around this point, Kylin had also started to regret his manipulations within the Stormguard and began to emphathize with their overall goals more. He abandoned his plans to take their secrets for his father and instead aligned to their cause, only for its leadership to mysteriously vanish around the same time due to unknown external threats. Seraphine would take over and elevate Kylin to High Priest status, finally allowing him access to the secrets he originally sought. Seraphine too would disappear shortly after, leaving the Guard's secrets in Kylin's unsupervised hands. Kylin chose to seal the secrets away until a later time in an attempt to better protect the Stormguard's cause.

After the supposed sudden murder of his father, Kylin witnessed the gradual destruction of House Mavanix. Family members perished and house resources were ripped asunder. Eventually, it was revealed that Cartius was in fact alive and responsible for all of the destructive machinations related to the house's fall (though he set events up to have someone else officially take the fall for the destruction). Cartius revealed himself as a Felstar, not a Mavanix. Overwhelmed at his father still being alive and horrified by the truths revealed about House Mavanix's atrocities against himself and his mother, Kylin ultimately sided with his father and joined him in Ishgard with House Felstar.

Prior to Dalamud's fall, Cartius quickly ordered all of House Felstar to board their private ship and left Eorzea with Kylin (who was at the time comatose from Dalamud related destruction at the Full Cold Moon Gala). Two weeks following Dalamud's destruction, Kylin awoke and quickly returned to Eorzea in search of his lover, Gerik Aston. Believing Gerik to be dead, Kylin turned his grief and rage against his father and abandoned House Felstar for almost a full cycle. Elza Ashfen, at the request of Cartius, managed to eventually persuade her brother to return to House Felstar.

Kylin slowly reintegrated himself back into the family after persuading Cartius to return to Ul'dah. Together with his sister and father, he helped to slowly forge a new name for the previously unknown House Felstar in Ul'dah. He also spent the several cycles in intense training.

Post Calamity [2.0-3.5]
Post Calamity Story

For a time after the Calamity, Kylin mostly buried himself in work. The young man would in time take over numerous excavation projects and exhibit projects for the Avalon Heritage Museum after Cartius reobtained that old asset from the destroyed House Mavanix. He would also move into the new Felstar Manor in Ul'dah. Elza remained his confidant for awhile before Kylin starting seeing a professional counselor to deal with the still lingering emotional trauma of losing Gerik, Seraphine, and dealing with the destruction of House Mavanix at Cartius's hands.

At some point, Elza set Kylin up with a blind date that turned into a serious relationship. The relationship would turn sour over time, when Kylin's paranoia, jealousy, and manipulations caused it to self-destruct. Depression seized the young man again for a brief time before he began to place all of his attention strictly into work related matters for House Felstar.

Kylin has also spent a significant portion of his down time conducting heavy physical training, while still attempting to keep up with his magical training when he could fit it in. As a result from his extensive training with Vertigo (the family head of security), his physical build increased noticeably and his skill with swords and daggers also become significantly better.

Upon a chance reunion with Gerik during an excavation, Kylin began to slowly become obsessed with his former flame as the fond memories of a better life resurfaced. This obsession began to lead to horrible acts by Kylin as he manipulated and schemed to win Gerik back from his new lover, Burgenheim. He first hired Rhio Aldul to be a fake girlfriend of his during a staged double-date with Gerik and Burgenheim. Things continued to spiral out of control when Kylin hired Rhio again, along with pirate captain, Tyriont Gaidal, to fake mug Aysun Demiir while Kylin fake rescued her. The plan was to win over Aysun, one of Gerik's friends, so that she'd help get Gerik back for Kylin. The plan backfired though as Aysun began to unravel the plot.

Following this, Kylin masterminded a fake cruise with the help of pirate captain, Tyriont Gaidal. Tyriont would, however, go back on the plan at the last minute and become a cheerleader for Gerik and Burgenheim. This resulted in a near death experience for Burgenheim on the fake cruise when Kylin secretly caused the ship to rock violently when Burgenheim was close to the side of the ship.

Still determined more than ever to win over the presumed love of his life, Kylin continued to plot and scheme by targeting K'aworu Demiir in an attempt to blackmail Aysun and Fenix Darkblaze into getting Gerik back for him. Kylin seduced K'aworu and used their new budding relationship as a weapon to get what he wanted. The plan ultimately failed, and even resulted in a deadly battle between Kylin and the Poet (Razeiel Venaire) that resulted in some moderate damage to the Lost Hope village in Thanalan.

As multiple lives continued to get caught in Kylin's obsession-based crossfire, Aysun and Fenix finally persuaded Gerik to confront Kylin and renounce any chance of them being together. This caused Kylin to finally snap and he used his summoning abilities to attempt to slay Fenix and Aysun. Rhio, also being present, took part in the battle outside Ul'dah as well. The end result was Kylin ending up in a coma from both the explosion from his own egi, along with the intense aether poisoning he endured from his long-standing medical condition. Kylin would disappear for a time after that, receiving both physical and emotional therapy.

Transition [4.0-5.2]
Transition Story

After receiving counseling and evaluating his life, Kylin reemerged for a brief period in an attempt to make amends for his errors. He reached out to many of those whom he wronged, with mixed results. He then focused his efforts on revitalizing the Order of Stormguard, naming himself a new title known as 'Maven.' As new undisputed leader of the group, he began to expand the Stormguard's membership and coffers while also helping his father with House Felstar affairs on the side.

While rebuilding the Stormguard, Kylin would fall in love once again with a miqo'te named Elros Ama'yeth. The two had a short lived intense relationship, much like his relationship with Gerik. Elros would eventually disappear suddenly though, without any trace. Kylin, once again feeling alone, continued onward to remain focused on his professional life.

The Stormguard would eventually encounter its faceless enemies, whom Kylin had dubbed the "Cabal" prior to the discovery that the group was actually a radical sector of Stormguard itself. After unraveling the various manipulations of the group spanning decades back, Stormguard emerged victorious over its age old foe and began to let the dust settle. However, the peace wouldn't last long. Kylin's father, weary of his son's divided attention between the Guard and the family, gave an ultimatum: Leave the Guard or he'd destroy it. Knowing Cartius had the means to make such a threat reality, Kylin reluctantly resigned from the Stormguard and left it in the care of the new Highguards. However, he made the sneaky move to swap out the Guard's primary relic with a replica first and took the original for himself. The move proved to be the right one, as the new Highguards were uanble to keep the group together as it quickly dissolved once again into the sands of time.

While giving a speech outside the Felstar Manor regarding the importance of history preservation, Kylin was believed to be assassinated by an unknown assailant. His body was moved to the Felstar Catacombs beneath the manor. Later, it would be revealed that the individual killed wasn't Kylin at all, but instead a body double acquired from Doma by Barbas Mavanix some moons prior. Barbas had orchestrated a swap of the two in order to bring down Cartius from within, only for the doppleganger to betray Barbas. Barbas altered the plan and had the body double assassinated to keep him from going through completely with the betrayal. Cartius, in his grief at the belief his "son" was killed, lashed out at all of his former enemies and Barbas used the opportunity of Cartius's lowered guard to manipulate Seraphine into infiltrating the Felstar Manor in order to gain dirt on Cartius. The operation was a success, and Cartius was imprisoned for various revealed crimes. Meanwhile, Barbas used the still kidnapped Kylin as leverage with Islude Felstar in order to ensure the transfer of assets to House Mavanix once more.

Kylin was still believed to be dead by the public, and remained hidden in Ishgard with his uncle in order to help end the feud between House Mavanix and Felstar once and for all. After re-recruiting Vertigo, Kylin left for Thavnair in order to work on rebuilding House Felstar's alchemy operations. He would eventually reconnect with his sisters, as well as the old leaders of the original Stormguard, such as Keir Loell. And so the resurgence of both old and new would begin...

Present Day [5.3- Present]
Present Day Story

Over the next year, Cartius grew ill and slowly deterioted before passing away. Kylin and his sisters held a small and extremely private funeral for their father before having him buried in the Felstar Catacombs. After this, the siblings took to mending the rift between House Felstar and House Mavanix once and for all, as both houses were in the process of rebuilding side by side at the time. With the demise of Cartius, Barbas Mavanix became much easier to work with and, upon seeing certain changes in Kylin, agreed to absolve House Felstar of all previous sins against his family. House Mavanix and House Felstar would split assets between one another appropriately after months of negotiations and finally go their own ways in rebuildings their families anew.

As the families tied up loose ends and left old grudges in the past once and for all, Kylin also set his sights on the Stormguard once more. With the help of the old Guard, Kylin spent months monitoring countless potential candidates for the revival of the Stormguard. Eventually, the candidates would be narrowed down to a select few and would be approached to join the enigmatic group.

And now two behemoths stand on the verge of revival. House Felstar is rebounding quickly, even more as Kylin has made his first public appearances in years much to the shock of those who thought him dead. Meanwhile, the Stormguard is quietly rising from the ashes once more and setting its sights on the artifacts and resources that rightfully belong to them...


? Uncertain
Romantic Feelings
Physical Attraction
Platonic Love

Cartius Felstar, The Betrayer.
Cartius Felstar is Kylin's biological father, and one of the most manipulative family members in the tree. He served as patriarch of House Mavanix for a time until he uncovered a coverup of his actual lineage to House Felstar. He would go on behind the scenes after these revelations to unravel House Mavanix bit by bit until it was in rubble. Eventually, remnants of House Mavanix would get revenge years later and bring Cartius to justice. Growing ill while imprisoned, Cartius recently passed away from natural causes.
Elza Ashfen, Half Sister.
Kylin's half-sister, revealed by Cartius just prior to the Calamity. Her mother was a Garlean woman. Elza had previously been involved in terrorist acts as the 'Black Queen,' and eventually was confronted for numerous criminal acts by various members of Crystalline. She was forced to flee Aldenard and has not been seen since, save by close allies and family.
Seraphine Winter, Half Sister.
Kylin's other half-sister, born of an affair between Cartius and Rebecca Winter. Discovering one another before the Calamity, Kylin and Seraphine have maintained a positive relationship since the beginning and even have numerous childhood interactions before the discovery of their shared father. Seraphine is currently missing to the public eye.
Vertigo, Guardian.
Kylin's head of security and a fierce loyalist to him. Kylin, as a mere child, effectively saved Vertigo's life. She insists on repaying this debt by giving her life to him no matter the cost. She serves as his informant and bodyguard both.

Gerik Aston, First Love. ? ?
Kylin's first real romantic relationship was with this upbeat highlander. Their relationship was very short-lived, lasting only a couple moons. Despite the short-lived nature of the relationship, it was quite intense and its abrupt end nearly shattered Kylin. Separated by the Calamity, Kylin tried to seek out Gerik but had no luck and assumed his lover to be killed in the Dalamud events. He was eventually reunited with the man due to Elza's attempts to romantically bring the two back together, though the reunion didn't go as planned due to Gerik having moved on. Kylin obsessed over his former flame and caused tremendous damage to everyone around them as a result. After nearly being killed as a result of his own manipulations, Kylin finally received months of therapy and got over Gerik enough to move on.
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  • NOTE: Kylin has not yet entered the public eye!!! Rumors regarding present day are not yet valid. When this note is removed, they will be valid.
  • Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
    • "I thought he was assassinated a few years ago? That family is certainly hard to keep down. So much drama with all the faked deaths!" -Ul'dahn aristocrat.
    • "He looks different than he used to. So much more mature looking. But has his personality changed to match I wonder?" -Ul'dahn Bartender
    • "That whole Felstar family thing came out of nowhere. He goes from being a Mavanix his whole life, to a Felstar? So confusing! That whole family has too much going on all the time. Stay away, stay far away." -Ul'dahn merchant
    • "His dad just passed away recently. Maybe that's why he's finally back in the spotlight. Hard to believe the mighty Cartius Felstar could actually die, from natural causes no less. Pretty boring way to die for a family like that." -Ul'dahn journalist
  • Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):
    • "His death was apparently faked by the last Mavanixs as a power grab. I hear Kylin has been in Thavnair this whole time, doing who knows what!" -Ul'dahn alley loiterer
    • "He's done a lot of terrible things in his past, and somehow is still standing. All that wealth and charm can only go so far though. Nobody trusts him anymore, and I bet he'll never have friends again." -Random adventurer
    • "I've seen House Felsar's crest more and more lately around Coerthas and Thanalan. They've been secretly rebounding right in front of everyone, and nobody had a clue!" -Ishgardian traveler
  • Rare Rumors (Very difficult to overhear):
    • "He supposedly has to take some kind of ether-like medication daily for the rest of his life. They try to hide it up but the alchemists whisper aplenty. Wonder what's wrong with him..." -Flames recruit
    • "I hear that tattoo on his back is a remnant of his involvement with some mysterious cult!" -Ul'dahn dancer
    • "My brother's coworker claims to have seen Kylin with a little kid once outside the old Felstar manor gates, no older than two or three cycles. Do you think he has his own kid now?!" -Sketchy rambling drunk in Ul'dah's back alleys.
    • "Nobody believes me, despite his sketchy history! I swear I saw him meeting with one of those masked eco-terrorists! I only had a few drinks beforehand..." -Gridanian bar goer
  • PC Rumors (Player created rumors--feel free to add your own!):
    • "I loved him, but I think.. I think he's gone now." -Gerik Aston
    • "I heard he posed for a swimsuit calendar years ago! Page 21! Check it out!" -Faith Winter


Kylin travels frequently and can be found just about anywhere depending on the time and day. He is most commonly found in Ul'dah or around it. Gridania and Ishgard are tied for his second hot spots. He spends little time in Limsa Lominsa areas, and even less in Othard.

Common Plot Hooks
House Felstar: Anything to do with House Felstar, House Mavanix, or any of its businesses are among Kylin's top priorities. As the new Patriarch of House Felstar and inheriter of almost all things House Mavanix, Kylin oversees all of the business needs related to both houses.
Artifacts: Artifact acquisition is another priority of Kylin's. He is now frequently seen attending auctions, assisting with excavations, and so on.
Uncommon Plot Hooks
Secret Societies On his right shoulderblade is a strange tattoo, a lightning bolt shaped symbol encassed in circular knots. This is a mark of the enigmatic Order of Stormguard. Kylin is also heavily knowledgeable in other secret societies and prone to pursue further knowledge if prompted.
Eco-Terrorist Activities: A new venture for Kylin, as he has only just recently started to help secretly fund support for an eco-terrorist group known as EDEN. The reasons behind this are known only to him and the group.


I have been RPing in XIV since 1.0, and even helped build this very website and its community. As such, my style has had a very long time to develop. I can be strict on some lore related topics, and loose on the more grey areas. Despite my vast experience and involvement in building the community from the ground up, I'm actually quite reserved at first. You will have significantly more success RPing with me if you come to me first, rather than waiting on me. And even then, I may come across as difficult to approach. I apologize for this, and promise I won't bite. If there's an actual barrier to my RPing with your character, I'll be 100% honest at all times. And I will always be professional and polite about it as well. When not RPing, I LOVE talking about RP. Bouncing ideas, talking about character factoids that may never see the day of light in game for whatever reason, etc.

About Me
Other Characters: Malik Ishvari, an eco-terrorist and new Highguard of the Stormguard.
Timezone: US Eastern Standard Time.
Discord: Kylin#7037
Lore Adherence

I can be fairly strict on established lore, but will evaluate my position if there are grey areas or believable scenarios. I believe the setting/established lore is important to adhere to, else RP would be pointless in game. I also believe in balancing that belief with the stance that RPers need room to let creativity flow. It's all about maintaining a plausible balance.


I am not opposed to RP combat, but prefer to know the individuals on the other end to some extent first. I'm more of a freestyle in my combat stance in that I'm not a huge fan of dice systems designed on pure luck. My character has specific skill sets, yours has specific skill sets. We each know our characters well enough to know how a specific situation would play out for them. Trust is important in this category, as is ensuring god moding is kept at bay.


I am 100% in favor of RPing romantic relationships, within reason. It needs to be organic, not forced. In terms of how far I'd go, it really depends on my OOC comfort level with the individual. This can differ from person to person, so please don't take anything personal if I'm not comfortable going too far. While I am not opposed to sexual based RP, it's not something that would come easy with me. Even should my comfort level with the other party be great, I shockingly do not have much experience in sexual based RP. My comfort level may cause me to desire a fade to black scenario at a certain point. Please respect this. It's also very important to maintain the line between IC and OOC at all times if there's a romantic relationship.

Creative Standards
I believe in realistic high fantasy. Magic is a natural part of this world, and thus should be used creativily within the established lore. Made up magic spells are perfectly ok with me, so long as they don't overdo it (nuclear spells that could level a city, for instance, are too much unless RPed in a very controlled storyline--no singular character should be able to do this on a whim though).
I enjoy reading other character profiles or background stories, and prefer to roleplay with those that have them printed somewhere. Experience has taught me that creating bonds with RPers comes easier this way, as it's easier to find and OOCly work out hooks for characters.
I will not roleplay with inplausible characters. Inplausible refers to characters that have zero lore support behind them (half/full voidsent, immortal characters, overly high ranking characters such as royalty, aliens/cyborgs, etc.)
I am not a para RPer, though I have nothing against those who are. I believe in game RP should flow quickly and organicly. I believe that long expositions belong in story posts, not in game. My responses will thus frequently be quick and concise. I would appreciate the same courtesy in return, as time is valuable for all of us.

Random Things

Character Theme Song: Dark Horse, original by Katy Perry. Remix by Our Last Night
Real Life Doppleganger: Luke Mitchell

Name Origins: Kylin is a foreign name handpicked by his late mother before her subsequent death resulting from Kylin's birth. The name was never used officially at first. Originally, Kylin was named 'Castiel' by his father. Names that ended in '-iel' and '-us' were commonplace in House Mavanix and the name 'Castiel' followed that tradition. It wasn't until just before the decline and fall of House Mavanix that Castiel officially changed his name to Kylin in memory of his mother's wishes.

In the real world, Kylin is another form of "Kirin" and "Qilin." It is a mythological chimera from East Asian cultures. It's considered one of the "four divine creatures," along with the phoenix, turtle, and dragon. "Felstar" is in reference to "fallen star," and is representative of the family's rise to brightness coupled with eventual fading into obscurity and then the subsequent creation/fall of other stars in an eternal cycle.

-Primary inspiration for color schemes from Krystrael.
-Using the skill stats window from Fancy Template.
-Tabs layout and base coding by Suen Shyu.
-Some inspiration from Anaguma Kenesa for general layout/flow/formatting.

You can use this wiki page layout at will without permission, including title headers. Please issue myself credit, as well as those credited in my credits. Should you wish to have a blank copy of the title header to change the text, please PM Kylin on the RPC forums.