Viola Seville

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 Viola Seville
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The Red Streak
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship None
Age 21
Nameday 31st Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Height 4 Fulms 11 Ilms
Weight 96 Ponze
Occupation Traveling Bard
Alignment Chaotic Good

Basic Info

Birthplace: Ul'dah

Current Residence: None

Parents: Francis Seville (Deceased), Syrena Seville (Deceased)

Education: Home schooled with no formal education, though she has a talented mind and is able to pick things up quickly.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Marital Status: Single

Pronunciation: (vee-OH-lah seh-VIHL)


Early years/Childhood

Viola was adopted and raised in Ul'dah by a kind Midlander couple, Francis and Syrena Seville, who owned a tavern called The Oasis.  She never knew her Miqo'te parents, and as such, has no ties to any Miqo'te tribe nor any knowledge of their traditions and lifestyle.  Her mother, Syrena, was a talented songstress who worked at the tavern as a waitress.  Her father, Francis, was a barkeep who also worked as a well-known and successful arena fighter.  Viola had a somewhat sheltered childhood, often staying within the confines of The Oasis.  She did not interact with the other children, who often teased her for her odd highlights and bushy tail.  Her mother would often sing to her, which usually prompted Viola to begin dancing.  She was a skilled and natural dancer for her age, but refused to perform for anybody besides her adoptive parents.  She also began to pick up the flute around this time, showing a talent for music as well.

When she became older, her father began to teach her to fight, despite the protests from her mother.  Viola took a great liking to hand to hand combat, and often practiced alone in the living quarters of the tavern.  She often challenged her father to sparring sessions, every time being soundly defeated.

Teen years and thievery

Soon after Viola turned 12, her father passed away as a result from nagging injuries sustained in the arena.  Syrena, overcome with grief, soon fell ill and was bedridden throughout the coming months.  She passed away, and, without anyone to oversee the business operations, The Oasis closed its doors.  The site was bought out by a wealthy merchant, and soon demolished.  Viola, without any family or friends to turn to, became homeless and forgotten.  She was forced to turn to petty theft and pickpocketing in order to survive on the streets of Ul'dah.  She became bitter and disdainful towards the upper class, whom she viewed as the ones who spurned her home, often making them the prime targets of her thievery.

As the years passed, her reputation as a cunning thief and skilled fighter began to precede her, earning the moniker "The Red Streak", in reference to the streaks of red in her hair.  This reputation, however, made it more difficult for Viola to remain discreet, as she was becoming recognizable.  Rather than quietly leaving Ul'dah, she embraced the attention, seeing it as a challenge.  She began to dress in brighter colors to stand out on the streets, continuing her thieving ways.

Leaving Ul'dah

It was not long before the law began to turn its eyes towards Viola.  She eventually became a target of the Syndicate after being accused of stealing merchandise from an affiliated merchant.  They began to pursue her, resulting in several close encounters.  She realized that she needed to disappear and that she could no longer continue this life of crime, and thus left Ul'dah at the age of 17, seeking a new life for herself.  She has since been exploring Eorzea, often without a specific goal in mind.  Although "The Red Streak" has almost disappeared from the minds of Ul'dahn citizens, her deeds remain unforgotten by the Syndicate, and they continue to pursue her til the present day.

Present Day

Through her travels, she has come across Kayle Delwyn and Driftwood Coast, and has since joined their ranks. However, her newfound sense of security have allowed her pursuers to catch up with her.

Viola still steals, but no longer for her own well being, and only from those who she feels deserves to be stolen from.  She distributes her wares among beggars and the homeless, keeping just enough for herself to survive.


Hair: Messy and unkempt, with a bushy tail. She makes sure to keep her hair and fur clean.

Hair/Fur Color: Red.

Eyes: Bright green with slitted pupils.

Face: She tends to keep away from cosmetics, sporting a more natural look.  She has a scar over her right eye, not damaging the eye itself, which was given to her by a talented bladesman whom she attempted to pickpocket when she was 15.  She has a small, crescent shaped tattoo beneath her right eye, as well as purple stars tattooed on her left cheek.  Has a pair of Keeper-like fangs, suggesting a mixed heritage.

Figure: Lean and athletic, though not without curves.

Complexion: Bright and fair, almost pale, which is strange for one who spends so much time in the sun, especially an Ul'dahn.  Her skin is smooth and without marks, save for the tattoos and scar on her face.

Clothing Style: Although she generally wears whatever gear and clothing she can find on her travels, this does not mean she is without preferences.  She enjoys looser, airy clothing, as well as colors that complement her fur and hair.  She also has a fondness for brimmed hats.

Voice: Slightly high pitched with a confident and experienced tone expected from one beyond her years.

Fighting Style: Utilizes a combination of her father's teachings and her own original additions that incorporate acrobatic maneuvers.  Though flashy, her style is somewhat sloppy, lacking the finesse and control of one with formal training.  She is ambidextrous, favoring her left.  Her favorite attack is a left spinning heel kick, which is easily avoidable, but often leads to additional attacks from unconventional angles, catching opponents off guard.


Viola can be a bit of a mixed bag.  She has somewhat odd tendencies, such as the desire to climb things or to steal trinkets from friends for sport, always returning them afterwards.  She can occasionally forget herself and is easily distracted, often wandering away from jobs or conversations.  She is soft spoken and good natured, often seen with a slight smirk on her lips.  She is known to egg people on, perhaps going too far at times with her teasing.  Despite being quite social with strangers and companions, she is a bit of a loner, and often spends her nights outside, playing her flute or singing to herself.

Viola can be very competitive and energetic, often coming up with impromptu challenges both to herself and to her companions.  She often strays from the path ahead of her, heading off to climb things or explore wilder areas.  This is due to her being used to traveling alone and not having companions to burden her.  When not adventuring, she enjoys meandering in cities, seeing what kind of trouble she can get herself into.  Her nature can oftentimes lead her towards danger or conflict, so it may do her some good to have somebody to reel her back in.  She often gives nicknames to people she meets, since she has trouble remembering names at times, especially names belonging to Sea Wolves.

She is rather fond of small trinkets she can fiddle with using her hands.  She is often seen with a coin, flipping it repeatedly and performing little tricks with it occasionally.  She is very restless and fidgety, almost always needing to keep her hands or feet busy with something.


  • High places - she often enjoys perching/napping in a tree or scaling buildings, both for fun and for getting a bead on unsuspecting victims.
  • Music, both listening and playing
  • Dancing
  • Lemons
  • Learning new things
  • Drinking, though she cannot handle much alcohol
  • Sweets and candy
  • Coins
  • Thievery and trickery
  • Naps
  • Being in the sun


  • Authority
  • Guards
  • The rain
  • Losing
  • Loud noises
  • Water/getting wet (except when swimming)
  • Magic


  • Fast learner
  • Quick reflexes
  • Sleight of hand
  • Street smart
  • Highly acrobatic and sure footed
  • Keen sense of hearing
  • Very strong for one of her stature


  • Unrefined/sloppy fighting style
  • No knowledge of magic
  • Often rushes ahead
  • Low pain threshold
  • Low alcohol tolerance
  • Confused by Magitek


Friends and Family

  • Francis Seville - Father (deceased). He was a stern, but kind man. He found Viola left at the tavern's front door and took the girl in as a daughter, despite the difference in race. He was a highly accomplished arena fighter.
  • Syrena Seville - Mother (deceased). A kind, but fragile woman who raised Viola along with Francis. She taught Viola some of the arts, and worked as a waitress in the tavern.
  • Solya FrostA Miqo'te woman who has come to care greatly for Viola. She cares for Viola as a mother would, often pulling the girl out of trouble (especially when drinking).
  • Sicha Tia - Miqo'te male. Viola met the man in Gridania, and attempted to defeat him with a coin game. However, he defeated the girl instead, becoming the first to ever do so. He now holds one of Viola's silver coins, proof of his victory.
  • Emma Finch - Former lover. She met the girl during a Driftwood Coast outing.
  • Desmond AryllViola has come to share a great sense of comaraderie with the man. They met clearing a dungeon, along with Asdrellia Pemberton and Arry Dresdyn.
  • Zanana Zana - Although the Lalafell has come to see her as a nemesis, Viola finds Zanana to be absolutely adorable and fun to tease.
  • K'alera Rihn - A Miqo'te female Viola met while visitng Gridania. She feels a bit of kinship with the woman, and often finds joy in attempting to scratch K'alera's ears.
  • L'aelwyn Sutorei - Viola's boss at the Gilded Pony.
  • Celsius Maxwell - A good friend of Viola's, met in the Quicksand while performing on her guitar.
  • Ace Celah - A miqo'te Viola met sitting on the street in Ul'dah.


  • Sigmund Veil - Wealthy Ul'dahn merchant, with ties to the Syndicate. It was due to this man that Viola was run out of the city. He continues to pursue her to this day.
  • Shashakan Kashan - Lalafell and partner of Sigmund Veil. He often acts as a mouthpiece for the merchant.
  • Garston Hext - Merchant affiliated with Sigmund Veil. His endless pursuit of Asdrellia Pemberton as well as his actions against the Drifters have caused Viola to loathe the man.
  • Zachree Rowlaux - Elezen male who was hired by Sigmund Veil to force Viola into repaying her 'debt'. She now dislikes the man, even though he was simply performing a job.


  • [Former] Driftwood Coast - A free company that took in Viola as family. It was headed by Kayle Delwyn.
  • [Former] Ambrosia - A tavern/burlesque where Viola worked as a performer. She performed numbers on the flute for customers.
  • [Former] Gilded Pony - Burlesque and cabaret, where Viola worked as performance manager and dance instructor.



  • "A right sneaky lass, she is.  Conned everyone in the tavern 'ere out of free drinks at least once!"
  • "What's with the coin? She some kinda street performer?"
  • "Watch y'pockets, boys, I 'ere the Red Steak's a'prowlin tonight!"
  • "Quite the charmer, that one. Seems to worm her way in'na anyone's good graces."


  • "Oi, ain't that 'ol Francis Seville's girl over there? I thought she died with The Oasis!"
  • "They say she took on three Sea Wolves at once! She got a death wish or somethin'?"


  • "I 'ere she's in deep w'the Syndicate. May wanna keep yer distance."
  • "I heard 'er play a bit of that flute of 'ers an' I swear, sounded like it was music a'comin' from the Twelve themselves!"

Character Rumors (add your own!)

  • "I heard Streak once stole forty apples. That's as many as four tens. That's terrible." - Not Zanana
  • "Miss Viola is a wonderful dance instructor. Though I am no longer with my employ at the Pony, I wish her and everyone else the best. She is one of the reasons that to this day, I grow small patches of red Viola flowers in my apartment." - Sun-rah Osiris

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