Wyra Nimh

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 Wyra Nimh
"Wyra Nimh frowns disapprovingly."

Gender Female
Race Miqo'te.
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Independent Keeper Tribe → Ul'dahn
Age 24
Occupation Gladiator, Sellsword
Orientation Disorientated
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Independant


Wyra Nimh (Pronunciation: waɪrɑ nɪm), knight-errant, gladiatrix, insurrectionist, shamanka, and sell-sword are all fitting names, titles, and aliases earned in this Miqo'tes eventful history. Born and raised within a nomadic Keeper tribe, her early life was harsh and dangerous, no small portion of youth spent in battles against the elements(most often yet not exclusively figurative), the wild beasts of the northern Shroud, and the ever-present threat of Gridanian authority. Forced to depart at a young age by political strife within her clan, Wyra eventually found her way to Ul'dah, a refugee among countless others in the wake of the cataclysm. Finding eventual success in work as a career fighter after a lengthy period of acclimation to the new lifestyle and culture, she nevertheless grew restless....


A rather inauspicious Miqo'te by all appearances, Wyra is no more than a few ilm past the average for her kin in height and scale, with a lean and well muscled build expected of her physical disposition, but all together still scarcely at par with even hyur stature. Her general complexion is very light with hair so weakly colored that it is nearly indiscernible from stark white, and matching pale skin. She bears signs of harsh living openly, with rough calloused hands and obvious facial scars, among many others, from near-missed blades in battles past.


On the whole, Wyra is a stoic and reserved personality. Quiet and contemplative, she acts slowly and considerately in most thing and, following suit, she is ill-at-ease in situations demanding split attention or hasty action. She has an absolute sense of justice in action and is unshakable in her resolve, fiercely determined for a worthy cause, but lacks confidence on a personal level, even going as far as to often conceal her odd-colored left eye which she considers unsightly.


Peace and Quiet. Though she is not uncomfortable in small gatherings, solitude allows her time to rest and reflect.

Novelties. Curiosity has yet to kill the Miqo'te, and even mundane peculiarities evoke a relatively strong interest.

Competition. Games of skill, most especially martial prowess, are the sole pastime to consistently retain her attention.


Lies and Deception. Absolutely intolerable.

Harsh Noise.Quite the wonder that she can put this one aside for her time in the Coliseum, though perhaps the odd hours help with that too much.

Boats. Or any vehicle really, including to a lesser extent chocobos and beastly transportation.


Determination. Though rarely so certain as to commit to a cause, Wyra is inexhaustible when her mind has been made up.

Adaptability. Her diverse history and equally diverse training has taught a broad pool of skills, though many lack much depth in development.

Precision.A meticulous nature makes for good practice and exacting standards in combat or elsewhere.


Curiosity. It hasn't killed the Miqo'te yet, but drives her into countless unnecessary troubles.

Bigotry. "Knife-eared dhamel-necked branch-catching pompous..."

Paranoia. Trust should be earned and not given too freely, but drawing a weapon whenever the floor creaks makes for restless living.

Hesitation. She is more liable to deliberate upon her choices than to make one outright, or simply become overwhelmed by indecision, even in mundane affairs.


This is a list of the items that Wyra currently is keeping on their person. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: DATE.

  • Charm Necklace: A simple string holding onto an assortment of baubles and even other more impressive jewelry, Wyra most often keeps these treasured tokens hidden away beneath her clothing or armor.

  • Amateur's Grimoire: Surprisingly well crafted with a sturdy black binding reinforced with a metal frame, this magical focus rarely leaves her side, though so too does it seem to seldom see use by the near pristine lack of wear.

  • Knives: Well-concealed for the most part, though some of their generous number are more conspicuous to trained eyes, Wyra is never without an almost pitifully excessive abundance of sidearms and backup weapons, a half dozen or more most often.


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust


Khiri Nimh, mother. ( (❖?) )
Wyra's Thoughts: "...."

Strictly traditional and exceptionally demanding in the raising of her children, Khiri's efforts shaped Wyra both by their implementation and in violent rebellion against her mother after experiencing a more worldly perspective on ethics and virtues in their time apart. Presumed dead by Upa Zuvhe's own hands, but some problems are not so easily solved....

???*, father. ( (❖?) )
Wyra's Thoughts: "I may never know, though it troubles me little."

Identity unknown to her, falsely presumed dead.

Khiri'a Nimh, brother. ( )
Wyra's Thoughts: ”Do not mistake his pleasantries for kindness.”

Remembering little of the soft-spoken young child before her departure to civilization, only his recent actions are clear in mind, and all of them are harshly opposed to her own sense of ethics. She is still faintly proud of his exceptional development as a tailor.

Senah Nimh, sister. ( (❖?) )
Wyra’s Thoughts: "What a witless brute she is."

Childhood rivals, with Wyra most often in the losing end of that arrangement by her youth and Senah's implausibly gigantic physique developing from an early age, there is little love between them. Just the same, Wyra regrets having abandoned her, and regrets the necessity of her choices in doing so.

Upa Zuvhe, wife. ( 🔒 )
Wyra's Thoughts: "My most brilliant Star."

adorable cat waifus.(WIP)

Zulah Zuvhe, Adopted Daughter. ( )
Wyra's Thoughts: "Clever little Zulah."

By no means considering herself a capable parent, it was only at Upa's suggestion that she accepted the opportunity to care for the lost children of a troubled friend. Time and the earnestness of her vibrant personality have proven otherwise, and now her daughter is one of very few she allows to be close to heart.

Zavuh Zuvhe, Adopted Son. ( )
Wyra's Thoughts: " ... "

Lost to an illness in complication from the poor conditions the twins had endured before rescue. Wyra remains avoidant on the subject, the depths of her grief for his brief time in her care unrevealed.

Vohm Zuvhe, Daughter. ( )
Wyra's Thoughts: "What a hopeful omen she is."

Upa's own child, adored by Wyra without reservation after having her doubts dispelled by their growing family before her.


Rhesh'ir Zhwan, "Captain." ( 🔃 )
Wyra’s Thoughts: "Strong character lies behind his... 'curious' manner."

Initially at odds, Wyra for her reluctance in the face of authority and general lack of trust, Rhesh'ir for some differing views upon her superstitious and insubordinate inclinations, the pair have since come to a better understanding over much time with only scarce, yet universally positive interaction on and off the battlefield.

Senelle Silverlight, Terrifying Pirate-witch. ( 🔒 )
Wyra’s Thoughts: "It is good fortune that her heart be as kind...."

Met first by association with a number of seemingly impossible 'curses' and alchemical affects worked upon mutual comrades, Wyra was swift to learn of her unusual knack for psuedo-magical practices. In spite of reluctance that could more fairly be described as outright fear, circumstance forced her into depending upon Senelle's assistance, and an unexpectedly positive and uneventful resolution left her relatively convinced that she wouldn't be turned into a eft by some errant potion's work.

Oko Kaprei, "Upa's Pupil" ( )
Wyra’s Thoughts: "Quiet, and yet a kind spirit not unlike her teacher."

Wyra has an odd weakness for Oko's gentle nature and careful, empathetic concern for others. At once she is able to abandon some measure of her cold and distant persona in confidence, but also dreads to do so for the nebulous risk of disrupting that delicate balance. Even so, she remains exceptionally fond of the aspiring arcanist.

Sleepy Cat, "Yes. That is her name." ( 🔃🔒 )
Wyra’s Thoughts: "A companion to my travels along a brambled path."

First met by share acquaintances, the heart of their meetings has since remained in exploring the effects of a dangerous magical affliction they both share, and in acting upon that cause so too has she found a certain sort of friendship. The enigmatic figure has earned quick favor through honest actions and a forthright personality, but too much still remains uncertain.


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The combination of Wyra's insatiable curiosity, vast bredth of interests, and proclivity towards wandering with or without due purpose ensure that no matter where you go, no matter how far you run, you can not hide from potential RP. Count on it.

  • Keeper of the Moon Tribal: Despite remaining pointedly nameless within their own ranks ("The tribe" being their only self-reference), Wyra's kin are notorious bandits and political dissidents against Gridanian occupation, in their own words. Their nomadic travels cover much of the northern shroud as well as some reaches of Coerthas.
  • Ul'dahn Street Rat: She has spent much of the past decade adapting to the culture and demands of city life, starting as a penniless refuge and petty thief.
  • "Famous" Gladiatrix: Working her way up from nothing to participating in off-hour events most suitable to the Keeper's inclinations was no brief or simple task, the work of many years in toil and training. Terrible hook though, no one's ever heard of her.


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