Alicia Bennett

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Alicia Bennett
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 25
Sexuality Pansexual
Occupation Researcher, Pugilist, Mechanic(?)
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Nameday 22nd Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Alignment Chaotic Good

The Woman, The Myth, The Legend


Alicia is one of several middle children of a fairly large Ul'dahn family of miners and merchants. She'd spent much of her adult life within the employ of the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern before breaking away into the of open skies and adventure. Her parents were mortified, and her idea of adventure was, for a time, locking herself away into offices to do research for her free company. Time is ceaseless and changes all, and she is perplexed to find herself one of the front line fighters she used to envy from afar so long ago.


Alicia stands at 5 fulm, 6 ilms with a head of long, red hair that she clearly has no idea what to do with other than to shove most of it into a messy ponytail. Her eyes are a deep green and tend to be filled with either curiosity or boredom and can effortlessly slip from one into the other. Whether by genetics or a lifetime spent under the harsh Ul'dahn sun, her skin tone could only be said to be sun-kissed if we assume the sun is a particularly aggressive kisser. The Hyur's body tends to be covered in marks of soft, lighter hues from recently mended wounds that will inevitably blend right back in within days. That is, save for her left calf which permanently holds a minor, light scar. The woman's sense of fashion is awkwardly lacking and tends to be based almost entirely around utility rather than attractiveness.


Alicia has an endless well of humor to pull from and will do so in most situations, regardless of appropriateness. Filled with energy at most times, she moves quite a lot, even to the point of outright fidgeting. The only thing she's found to consistently calm her nerves tends to be rum, which she enjoys frequently. "Enjoys" cannot be stressed enough.

As the Midlander's social circles have grown more diverse, she's had difficulty maintaining the hats she wants to wear which is most evident in her speech. From her mother the merchant's demands of a silver tongue, her former mining crews' raucous behavior, time in the Arcanist Guild, research divisions, flirting with (literally and figuratively) pirates and mercenaries, her vocabulary and behavior is, at the best of times, schizophrenic.

To her superiors, she is easily seen as headstrong and loyal to a fault. While they may be able to detect the arrogance that is most assuredly there, if her leaders prove themselves in their words and deeds, she will follow them to the edge of the ocean.


Alicia was born the sixth of nine children. Her parents soared to the heights of middle-management within the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern which was all it took to instill in them a deep sense of corporate loyalty. As such, every one of their children has worked for the company at some point or another and many continue to do so to this day. Alicia began as most did: a miner. She was awful at it. This is primarily because she made no real effort at the job and found it boring, repetitive, and though she would never admit it, beneath her. With all of the spare time she found herself with from not doing her job, she began to notice numerous inefficiencies and outright dangerous situations within the way her crew and the company at large routinely did that were easily fixed. The changes she proposed, along with her father's influence, were an excellent step towards her not getting fired. She briefly headed an experimental project to apply Arcanism to quicken the mining process. This allowed her to spend a good year with the Arcanist Guild, where she learned that this was a terrible and dangerous idea as well. It also granted her first glimpse of evidence that she had a disease, disorder, or something that prevented her from properly using her aether. Upon her return from the Guild, she began spending her evenings reading up on ways to further improve production and began to stumble upon ideas for new alloys for their tracks and carts that the company still use to this day. This is what caused some higher-ups to notice her. She soon found herself in the Research and Development department with an armful of promises that began to fall away the moment she signed her new contract. Her desire to work on bigger and better things clashed strongly with the company's own desires for her, despite their initial promises. Tempers flared and Alicia found herself defacing millions of gil worth of company property and making off with all of her research that she could fit under her arms.

Having thought not a step further than she'd taken, she found herself wandering with her meager savings and eventually wound up in Limsa Lominsa looking for job leads. Finding a paper detailing the 81st Foreign Levy's recent fight against Leviathan, she was impressed. This was a big deal, and she imagined such a Free Company would only do more and need more assistance doing it. She tracked down their leader, Rhesh'ir Zhwan, and set about convincing him he needed her help, only to discover he required surprisingly little convincing. This was fortunate, as she otherwise did a terrible job at the impromptu job interview that was actually interrupting his otherwise peaceful fishing trip.

Time proved Alicia to be correct and the company did go on to do more and larger contracts. These contracts began to result in routine injuries and near-death experiences among the crew that dug a pit of guilt out in her stomach. After conjuring up the nerve to do so, the only conjuring she was any good at, Alicia began flirting with a number of different martial disciplines before finding an unexpected fit in pugilism. She took to the skill set and training with alarming proficiency to the point she has run out of methods to be taught. Filled with frustration, she's begun searching for more, but has no way to focus or know what it is she's searching for.


 Wide-open spaces
 Hot baths




Yet more punching
Surprising alcohol tolerance
That thing with a cherry stem
Organizing other people's bookshelves


Favourite Food/Drink:Aldgoat Steak, Old Dodo Rum
Favourite Place:Sapphire Avenue Exchange
Favorite Weather:Sunny
Favorite Season:Spring
Favorite Color:Green
Favorite Scents:Freshly split cactus, rain, grilled anything
You may know our plucky heroine if:
They're a member of the Pugilist Guild.
They've worked for Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.
They've been heavily involved with the merchants of Ul'dah.


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Friends & Allies

Ainle Goldpaw - After an unfortunate accident with her previous supervisor that she had nothing to do with, Ainle appears to be her new supervisor. She knows little about the man, save for a possible lethal shirt allergy.
Auriana Wynter - A lovely woman that Alicia has enjoyed drinking with in the past. She was also very helpful in attempting to teach her rogue combat, and was also the first to realize it wasn't going to work.
Ferai Caolann - Ferai has been equal parts remedy and cause of the bulk of Alicia's stress. Their friendship nearly began with her death or at least substantial maiming, but it managed to take a slightly more positive turn. They've been drinking buddies, friends, and business partners. What little true confidence she has in herself began with him. She never understood adopting friends as "family" until Ferai.
Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn - She and Fyril have had only a handful of encounters, but Fyril gave her some of the best and most timely advice she's ever received and is unable to help but have a healthy degree of respect for the man.
Keaira Twinning - The bulk of Alicia's interactions with Twinning have been on the battlefield and she has been continually impressed by the intelligence and quick thinking displayed by her in battle. To date, she hasn't even considered questioning a single of the woman's orders, which is a first for her.
Lynn'wo Vahnal - Lynn is something of a force of nature that simply appeared and became a part of her life. Intensely amusing and able to (mostly) turn it off when necessary, she really wishes she'd gone along with his and Ferai's stag party.
Onuma Ahntifi - Onuma simultaneously impresses and intimidates her. She has, intentionally or otherwise, presented herself as a woman with a vast array of knowledge, which both induces awe and fear in the woman.
R'miah Tosh - An absolutely adorable woman with an ever-blossoming sense of humor. As time marches forward, she finds her an ever-better equipped ally in pun-ishing those around her.
Rhesh'ir Zhwan - Her boss. Whom she likes well enough, despite the time he lobbed a toddler at her. Once upon a time, he had promised to teach her archery, but this never really got off of the ground. She was upset about this for a while until she realized how much of a freeloader she was on the Free Company and that she was still paid. She found it in her heart to forgive.
Senelle Silverlight - After a failed engagement to the leggy Elezen that ended somehow more explosively than one might anticipate or assume, Alicia has reached a point where she can manage to at least be in the same room as the woman.

Enemies & Right Pricks

Absolutely Nobody - Alicia is universally loved by all. To be so popular is a burden and a curse.