Ferai Caolann

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Ferai 'Oops' Caolann
The Shadow
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 23
Sexuality Pansexual
Occupation Blade / 81st Scout
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper
Namesday 25th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Alignment Lawful Neutral
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"So ye want t'get t'know me?"


Ferai comes from a relatively small family. His mother worked at the Ul'dah markets as a buyer/seller. His elder brother by two summers, Firenze, is a talented mathematician and thaumaturge. The two siblings look so alike that they can be mistaken as being twins if it wasn't for Ferai's freckles practically spattered all over his face and body. Their relationship is one of pure love/hate though, with both siblings constantly agitating the other.

Firenze loves to prank his brother and often is quick to call him on his 'stupidity' as he was never very interested in books or school and left it early to focus on his physical talents. He never fails to mention Ferai's rebellious teenage years where he wanted to run away (and attempted many times) to join a circus show as an acrobat. Ferai in return, has spent cycles attempting to make him go bald, by magical or razor-wise means. He's usually always caught before he can do the deed. The closest he got was shaving one of Firenze's eyebrows off before he woke up because Ferai'd cut him accidentally.

Ferai's extended family however is expansive, with a childhood filled with plenty of tales of delight including the ( now infamous ) time his Aunt traumatised him for life with gravy and that one time when he got his long tail trapped in a chocobo saddle and was dragged for almost a malm! He's quick to regale people with the terror of those childhood memories but also just as quick to defend them - it might have been a weird upbringing but hey, it's family!


Blade of the Upright Thieves

A very tall 5'8, nearly 5'9, Ferai is broad shouldered and well muscled from long hours spent in exercise. If you can't find him, it's a sure bet he's off running or swimming, training himself to the point where many others would throw up from exhaustion. He has tanned skin and white hair/fur that is cut in a shaggy mess around his face, matching his very long and extremely bushy tail. Most striking are his vivid pink eyes and the multitude of freckles on his skin that he somewhat affectionately calls his 'stars'. He loves to laugh and make others laugh, and seeing him without a slight crooked tilt to his mouth or a full on grin is near impossible. He has a cross shaped scar over the bridge of his nose and a smaller one on the left side of his chin, slipping to kiss his jawline.


As soon as Ferai opens his mouth, words spill out thick and fast that make it difficult to keep up, not just because he thinks twelve steps ahead and blurts out whatever he is thinking, but also because his speech is influenced by the Ul'dah markets and commons, where he grew up... and also by associating with those in his profession, the Rogues of Limsa Lominsa.

He's quick to act and quick to think, despite his lack of book smarts, and the kind of person who'd be around others attempting to cheer them up and make them smile. Ferai loves to spend time with children and animals, finding them more suitable than people due to his unfortunate ability to trip over anything and everything. His temper is quick but cold, colder than ice and edged with the distinct patience that marks someone who can and will hold grudges for a distinctly lengthy amount of time, long after the initial flare. He rarely forgives and never forgets. He is unable to take a well turned compliment, usually exploding into blushes - and curiously enough deeply enjoys making others blush by flirting aggressively with them. He seems fine so long as he's the one doing the flirting! But it's always amusing watching it get turned around on him.

When it comes to work, Ferai is a professional, all business and level-headed with it. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone better at killing others, and he takes a good measure of pride in his individual skills, whilst ruefully lamenting that he is 'no good at teamwork' or 'being in groups'. You want someone killed, Ferai is the man for the job. You want it looking like an accident? He knows how. He's ruthless and merciless, and is quick to extend the same courtesy of 'tidying up society' to those who admit to his face they are betrayers, oath breakers and thieves. Slavers are held in the deepest disdain by him. His near passionate resolve is often commented on as being 'frightening' when compared to his usual personality outside of work.

A talented storyteller, Ferai's quick wit and silver tongue are known to hold people enthralled in tales of his childhood, his exploits and even whole-cloth lies made up to entertain.


Boiled Eggs
Jacke and the Rogues
Sitting under the stars on a cold night
Making others laugh
Falling asleep in the bath


His elder brother, Firenze
Reading, Writing and Arithmatic
Sweet Foods
Extremely Cold Conditions


Killing people
Chocobo Husbandry
Social Work at the local Orphanage
Telling Stories/Jokes
Innovative Lateral Thinking


Favourite Food/Drink: Anything not nailed down, or coated in sugar.
Favourite Place: Anywhere high up where he can see the land laid out and feel the wind.
Favorite Weather: Breezy
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Scents: Pine, just washed clothes, the smell of the wind on a morning


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Seda'li Tayuun - Stars, fireworks, snowmen with wonky tits, rooftop talks and secrets only they have. It feels like they've always been made to fit together, like a puzzle missing pieces the other person held. He's deeply attracted to him on many levels and feels anything he can say, will always be met with acceptance and understanding (should Ferai ever manage to spit out his deepest feelings and thoughts that is). He's not shy about letting people know he's fallen madly in love with the Keeper and beyond overjoyed his affection is returned in kind, so much that when Ferai proposed, his Star accepted. Shy of speaking in public, they informally exchanged vows and all they need is the official ceremony now. Seda'li's training has progressed to the point where Ferai will be stepping up to teach him the hidden arts and finer aether control, as well as start showing him meditation techniques. However this might be on hold as Ferai recovers from a terrible injury that briefly cost him his life. [ Update: Bird Bride and Bears. Idiots... ] [Update 2: 'Don't Look...']
Loic Tayuun (NPC) - Seda'li's son, Ferai has come to love him as his own and probably spends more time with the kid some days than he does poor Seda'li! Ferai spends a lot of time playing at being chocobo jockey with the beautiful little boy and has even started raising a special chocobo so Loic can grow up with one of his own. It also appears his first word was Ferai's name ('Fi!') - poor Seda'li...
Firenze Caolann - Ferai's elder brother. Well educated, trained in arcane arts and talented mathematician he is not only the scourge of his entire life (as he tells it) but part of the reason why Ferai seeks personal glory. His attitude is aloof, snobbish and sometimes even a little cruel to his younger brother, but they do love each other, even if that sibling love is buried deep beneath burning resentment and constant fighting. Lately, Ferai and Firenze have come to an uneasy understanding and one that will surely be cemented by their shared pain.
O'lyenna Kalderi - Ferai's mother was a brilliant merchant, gifted with a silver tongue and a golden touch. She worked the trade in Ul'dah for as long as Ferai had been alive, possibly longer. O'lyenna was fond of her children, but despaired of them in equal amounts. After O'lyenna's murder, there was a lengthy investigation into her grisly death. The report suggests a suspected Duskwight Assassin is responsible of the name Lamberteint Dornier. He is a known cannibal and serial killer.
A'caolan Tia - A Seeker who married outside of his tribe, breaking with tradition to do so, and whilst alive, has been missing for many cycles.
Rhesh'ir Zhwan - Ferai's relationship with the Captain is one torn between playful pranking as brothers do (even if they are not blood related) and serious responsibility. In light of events that are both current and in the past, he has felt compelled to stand up and try to ease some of the burdens on Rhesh'ir, considering this as his only way of repaying the debt of life he owes him. Over the coming moons Ferai will be keeping a very close eye on Rhesh'ir and Riel'a.
Fen'rin Taveck - In Fen he has found a distinct kindred spirit, with a positive outlook on life and a shared delight for adventure and madcap insanity. Whilst apart they have some chance of being remotely normal, as soon as these two troublesome idiots get together, all kinds of innovative if utterly nonsensical things begin to occur. Not too long ago, Fen decided to return to his adoptive family, leaving Ferai with questions and worries that he just cannot put to rest.
Onuma Ahntifi - It doesn't feel like only a few moons gone that he finally got to meet once more with Onuma. Despite a handful of years between them, he recalls her always being far more 'together' than he was. His own emotional understanding seems to be extremely atrophied at best, but Onuma has taken a surrogate place of 'mother' in his life, one that he respects deeply and looks up to. Now he has achieved his freedom, there are things he should tell people, and Onuma may well be one of the first to hear his troubles...
Upa Zuvhe - When something comes to light that surprises you, it can sometimes be a good thing. Upa and Ferai discovered that their mother and father respectively are half sister and brother, making them half cousins. In light of this, needed so dearly to him in words he cannot express, he has welcomed her into his life fully and fiercely protects her as much as he is able to. Their relationship is one built on jokes and teasing, but deep affection for family.
Y'lyfriel Sikah - ( deceased ) A brilliant arcanist, a gifted cook and a loving mother. Not long after the loss of his own mother, Ferai was horrified to lose another 'family' figure in his life. It was this beautiful and calm tempered Seeker that taught him through patience and understanding, that even with scars both physical and mental, he was worthy of being loved and needed. As others scramble for sanity and clarity in the wake of her passing, Ferai hopes that among the stars she can continue to watch over them as she always has done.
Dawson Colwell - A relaxed and laid back healer, Dawson is the man Fen has chosen to devote his life to, and so by extension Ferai sees him as family. Dawson has a very direct way of approaching certain subjects which leaves Ferai blushing and shocked, but he's growing to appreciate his quiet humour.
Keaira Twinning - If there was anyone that Ferai adores to tease, it would absolutely be Keaira, because she has given him the best reactions so far in rebuffing his attempts, but he hasn't given up. If anything, he enjoys a challenge and 'Princess' is definitely that. Lately he and Keaira have managed to overcome the misunderstandings that may have prevented true friendship. Ferai considers her someone who is capable of being trusted.
Zarek Earthshaker - The quiet and rarely smiling man and Ferai enjoy a shared passion of their line of work, stars and the night sky, outside and being free to do as they wish. However, both also know that life is never as simple as 'doing as you wish'. Zarek shared a secret with Ferai he's closed his mouth on.
S'aerdha Tia - A wise and playful man, the magister is eager to try and expand Ferai's horizons and always there after he's gone and gotten himself banged up to try and help soothe his bruises, even those you cannot see with the naked eye. Sharing a similarly painful past, Ferai has come to trust him unexpectedly and listens to his advice with an open mind. It helps that S'aerdha is also Firenze's "boss" and jokes often with Ferai about how stiff and straight laced he is.
Kikira Kira - It was by chance that they finally got to speak face to face, but despite his first impression of her (Drunk, slurring and trying to cast magic to mend his wounds) he has come to learn two sides of her in a short space of time. A side filled with warmth and care, and a side filled with a familiar darkness. Whilst he feels a need to place himself between her and danger, he has agreed to begin showing Kiki the rudiments of stealth and shadowing, and hopefully to be a guiding hand that doesn't let her be eaten up by that dark feeling he also shares. After the events on the island he worries what Kisaile may have done or said to her and once he can walk, intends on going to talk to her as both friend and mentor.
Noor Falmah - The quiet and gentle Keeper has made a deep impression on Ferai's heart, willing to listen and offering advice. He admires Noor's personal bravery and her incredible talent with all kinds of magic. They have become good friends and often turn to one another for advice when needed. It is through Noor's talent with conjury that Ferai was back on his feet quickly. She has gifted him with a cloak lined with chinchilla fur, aware of his extreme distaste for cold conditions.
Kodaro Ba'rococo - Who can say why Ko left and never returned? Not Ferai. A bit confused over the events surrounding it, he's been told that Ko's room is empty and he has left, moved along like he never was. Considering how little the Seeker and Company had seen eye to eye of late, perhaps this was for the best. Either way, he hopes wherever Ko ends up, he finds peace.
Lynn'wo Vahnal - Lynn is, in Ferai's words, his 'best friend'. There's no one else in the world he can call this, he trusts the snowy Keeper implicitly with his secrets, his thoughts and often confused understanding as Ferai definitely doesn't see the world the same way as everyone else does. Always on Lynn's side, Ferai strives to be the best friend that he believes Lynn deserves; someone who takes no shit but has fun along the way.
Takuma Ametsuchi - possibly laughs more than Ferai does, always accompanied by his moogle friend/partner in crime. Ferai would like to speak more with 'Sniggles' should time allow it.
Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn - If you see Ferai, it's a sure bet that poor Fyril is close by, being dragged into his madcap schemes. To date, they include 'Narve', 'Blamours' and being turned into a woman by accident. Yet even with all this, Fyril continues to be there as a rock, just incase he ever needs to get out of the water from the sharks for a bit.
Shoshopu Shopu The lalafell summoner and Ferai sometimes knock heads, but he finds her attention to Fyril sweet, hopeful and her inner will to continue despite the odds admirable. Whilst they don't agree on a vast range of matters, he does like her and will help should she ever come calling.
Auriana Wynter - The two have had ups and downs, but lately more downs than ups. Auriana's checkered past has factored through into Ferai's life and changed, for the worse in some respects, his views on the world and people. Whilst he has come to some kind of peace with what happened their relationship has been forever changed and transformed by the events that have occured. When Auriana finally came to see him, they managed to sit and talk. Ferai admitted he could never stop being an assassin and Auriana returned his blades to him, that he had given her two moons or more ago out of frustration. Back to back, each has promised to be ensure they continue to work as a closely knit unit as their friendship slowly repairs itself.
Dieudonne Fournier This tall and stoic elezen hides a surprising sense of humour and one that Ferai loves to joke around with. Between the two they have a plethora of nicknames, gentle joking and that unfortunate time that Donne woke up with Ferai practically clinging to him due to snow falling through the tent. Ferai trusts in this mans axe-arm and believes there's a deep wisdom in him that many overlook. In time, he believes they will be great friends, a Princess and her Knight. If he doesn't get them killed first, that is...
Alicia Bennett - A relationship that hit the rocks almost as soon as it began, the two managed to salvage it from the threat of complete misunderstanding. As such, Ferai looks to Alicia for help with mathematical problems, as she has a deft and keen mind for numbers. He thinks Alicia holds herself aloof too much from others and is way too shy, but if anyone can drag her into disaster after disaster made of fun, it'd be Ferai! Of late, Ferai has agreed to train Alicia in physical combat (which includes conditioning as she is extremely out of shape) whilst Auriana focuses on the aetherical combat. She hasn't died yet, so he considers this a somewhat-success.
Lihrit Lightfoot - The rather aggressive Lihrit leaves poor Ferai in near shock every time she comes over. She certainly has no issue standing up to his tormenting, and returns it in spades, leaving him completely flustered.
Raeventiel Beaudonet - If there ever was a case of friendship born from hate, it would be Rae and Ferai. After incidents at the Crystal Tower, both parties have begun to see one another in a different light, gradually coming to accept the other as they are which is all either can ever ask. Despite their differences, they share a striking amount of similarities. With time, perhaps Rae and Ferai may even become the friends they have always wanted.
Tertersa Terin - Tiny little Crystal is one of Ferai's absolute favourites, he loves her to small pieces. He finds the bravery that she tries to summon admirable and has made a promise with the Lalafell that they would both find courage together (if for different things). He's in awe of Crystal's skill at crafting, something he has no talent for at all.
Awyrbyrt Fyrilsunnsyn - Young Byrt, whilst having his father make efforts to try and keep him out of the line of Ferai's fire ('Narves!') and often intense personality when on one of his excited runs, is a good soul with a gentle heart. A Shroud native, he has many customs that Ferai thinks are pretty strange, including the 'coffins have dead bodies in them' deal (don't they burn them in Gridania?) but his good humoured nature and ability to keep quiet on some matters is what Ferai is quickly growing to appreciate about him.
Senelle Silverlight - A beautiful elezen who loves to take time from her day to mother, flirt and care for those around her. Sweet tempered for the most part, she has a heart of gold. Whilst Ferai's initial wariness of her was due to her potions and his own idiotic clumsiness, he has grown to see a loving wisdom in her words and actions. After the passing of Y'lyfriel, he has decided to stop training for a bit so he, Seda'li and Loic can come and visit her.
Rah'na Lihzeh - For as much as he's grateful for the support and care shown by Rahn'a to the 81st, he thinks the young Miqo'te should learn to pick his friendships with better care. There are reasons why some people are not fondly looked upon, and reasons why you shouldn't ever forget the lessons the past teaches.
Wyra Nimh - Two friends, star crossed but finding one another over a wide space of time and distance - that is how Ferai sees their friendship. Two people who have so many conflicting ideals and at the same time, so many overlapping ones. Wyra's calm and thoughtful nature has rubbed off on Ferai - in turn his own ability to judge quickly and endure with good humour is also showing signs of being adopted by the Keeper. How such an unlikely friendship came about is a mystery, but there is a deep strength in the bond they have cultivated so far.
Elarian Faelivrin - A silly and rather foppish boy that leaves Ferai with gritted teeth whenever they interact. Perhaps a good slap is what this kid needs in order to realise the lifestyle he desires is pulp fiction peddled by grease palmed authors.
Ranirus Crithalos - If you ever wanted to see active hatred in action, leave Ranirus alone with Ferai for ten seconds. If you return and Ferai isn't happily trying to drag his corpse to the sea, it's a good day. He believes he is a troublemaker, a criminal and someone who should be dealt with in the same way you deal with pests: by exterminating them.
W'eleneil Bernd - Whilst initial impressions were encouraging, as he's grown to know her, he's begun to find her frustrating, abrasive and downright rude. Someone he's more likely to avoid than spend time around.
Yanagi Hayashi - Despite her continued insistence on calling him 'Ser' which makes him smile, he really enjoys her company and is interested in learning more about the Doman culture, as that's where a good chunk of his learned skills come from.
Mizuki Hagane - A bubbly, effervescent healer with a wonderful grasp of potions and antidotes, her cheerful and somewhat naive nature is extremely endearing, though her chatter can confuse him at times. Romantic in a pit of slavers? He thinks she needs to see more of Eorzea!
Ehrinn Thorn - One thing that he can appreciate is a professional and if Ehrinn is anything in her robotic and efficient manner, it's professional. Somewhat intimidated by her, partially perhaps because her ability to socialise is near zilch, he feels either way like they could end up good friends. An assassin, after all, always could do with a spotter.
Aldo Krene - (npc) A slaver who sold his soul to the Sahagin and their Primal God as a means to achieving use of 'echo abilities'. In collusion with Kisaile, they worked to capture Ferai and those around him with interesting abilities. Killed and his base swallowed up by some powerful magic.
Kisaile - (npc) A Rogue who specialised in the art of stealthing and lockbreaking, Kisaile 'The Locksmith' was unknown to all, the brother of Kaene Valinsse. Sharing the same ability to manipulate shadows, Kisaile spent cycles looking for the perfect way to enact his revenge against the Miqo'te with 'Killer Eyes' that could see through a shadow. Despite his plans coming to fruition, he left as much lasting damage as he could. Whilst dead, he is assured in knowing he will always haunt the minds of those who dared to involve themselves in the business of revenge.
Kaene Valinsse - (npc) Once a Blade alongside Ferai whom she was mentor to, she was killed (?) by him after she was discovered to have broken their strict code/oath. She was considered the only practitioner of a specialised 'art'.
Easily Overheard Rumours
"He's always falling over, hitting something, knocking down banners and stuff. You can't have him around, whole place would go up in flames." - Yellowjacket Guard
"I always see him at the Orphanage, says he's bringing them gifts but I never know where he gets them from." - Trader on Hawker's Alley
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"I hear he works for that Jacke in the Rogue's Guild, he's trouble, mark my works." - Dockhand.
"Something big is about to go down, half the docks are buzzin' with word. They've been seeing more of them Rogues around and even, if you believe what they say, they've started recalling some of their 'Blades' from active work. Best stay in at night, eh?" - Fisherman Guild employee
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"That Miqo'te with the white hair and the pink eyes? You ever meet him? I hear he killed a group of slavers for dealing in trafficking kids. Slaughtered the lot in their beds. They say, he skipped through the streets afterwards, covered in blood. You stay far away from him, he's not right I tell you, he's not!" - Drunken Patron of the Drowning Wench
"You ever get close enough to him, you can see his eyes glow. Beautiful, but swive me if they don't scare the life out of me." - Rogues Guild Member
Player Character Rumours
"When I look at Ferai, I see me. His pain is mine, and each time I see it, I wish so very much to abolish it. I will do whatever it takes to give him the nurturing life and direction he has needed to move forward. O'lyenna would have wanted that." - Onuma Ahntifi
"Ferai ser... ee.. Ferai! I do enjoy his company, from what little I have known! He protected me and showed me kindness, and for that I am so grateful. I hope we can be friends!" - Mizuki Hagane
"I believe we get the world we deserve. We either drown in that, or learn to swim, and Ferai isn't just a good man. He's a good swimmer." - Twinning
"Ferai taught me about what a best friend really is - straight to the point, knows all my weakest points, and isn't afraid to strike at them when necessary - and I wouldn't have it any other way~! I'd trust him with my life, my secrets, and even my triple triad cards." - Lynn'wo Vahnal
"Also, the belly serves a purpose. I'll need it for the winter, you know~!" - Lynn'wo Vahnal ( "Sure lad, an' nay cause ye keep scoffin' sweets down." - Ferai )


First in, first to hit, and as long as he comes out standing, he considers it a success. Agile, dextrous and able to deftly read an enemy, Ferai makes a ferocious and intelligent front line attacker.

Of Note: Ferai uses a combination of extreme acrobatic/aerial moves as well as coupling it with parkour, something he was trained in but got some extra pointers on from Lynn. He spends as much combat time as he can either in the air, in motion or attempting to find a critical point to slide a dagger into. He is at his weakest when forced to be completely motionless.


A bright but not studious child, Ferai was always dextrous and quick on his feet, as well as quick with a comeback. Despite his inability to learn to read (perhaps it was the kind of tutoring he had that forced him away) - he instead spent much of his early teens trying to run away from home to join a travelling show as an acrobat.

Six cycles ago, in Ul'dah, Ferai was involved in an accident where he had to be sent away by his mother to seek apprenticeship under Onuma. This was not without incident, and the ship he took from Vesper Bay to Limsa Lominsa in search of Onuma was attacked by slavers. After a series of terrible events, culminating in his slaughter of most of the slavers once he had broken free, he and the other survivor (as the slavers had in turn killed as many of the crew and passengers as they could once being aware he was out for blood - many slavers fled instead) lay on the deck of the ship, to keep lookout for passing ships who might help. The two survivors, if they can be called that, were both terribly injured, but Ferai clung to the hope that someone out there would come save them.

It was then that Severine, the young Ishgardian, died in his arms, smiling as the sun came up. It was nearly a day later when a passing ship happened upon the drifting vessel, and by luck alone that it was being captained by the Rogues of Lominsa, of a search their own for criminals who had broken the Code. His memories are vague, but he remembers Jacke saying to him that he was alive. They took him and the body he was clinging to aboard, and set fire to the ship with the corpses on, allowing it to burn to the sea. The tides of Lominsa, kinder than slavers, swept them to their rest.

Moons later, when he began to overcome the trauma and speak, do basic interactions with others, he found out that Jacke had given Severine a proper burial. When he asked, Ferai told him he had been the one who killed the slavers, and demonstrated for the Rogue Leader his skill with the blade. Impressed, he offered apprenticeship with the Rogues and work as a specific kind of Rogue. Ferai knew he meant as an Assassin, but accepted his terms as he was already aware of a certain darkness inside of him, born when the events had shaken that monstrous desire to kill into motion.

He worked as a blade of the Rogues, a blade that cut loose threads, that trimmed dead weight and that neatened a society he felt he had no part of, but wanted to protect. Driven by this strange black and white view of the world, Ferai settled into a routine of murdering criminals by night, and spending time with his beloved Chocobos and the children at a local orphanage during the day. He feels the longer he goes without facing up to the events of five years ago, the closer he comes to forgetting who he is.

He recently joined the 81st Free Company, under the guidance of Rhesh'ir Zhwan. He has begun to branch out into areas of Arcanum and even tried developing his cooking and fishing skills (though neither is always reliably successful). With his bright, if somewhat socially abstract (if we are being kind) personality, Ferai has had many friendships blossom in his time so far, and looks forward to developing more.

After events at the Crystal Tower, he felt distraught and confused at being unable to provide adequate help, and was angry with himself more than anything. In this time, he chose to take a job that Jacke had offered, leading to a discovery he shared with Onuma. It will take an immense amount of time to bring the hope that this might be the clue he is looking for to help relieve his past, but he is patiently working at uncovering what information he can.

After taking items to the Agrius drop off, he was badly injured, leading to a severe heart problem. When able to walk about more, he decided to see Senelle Silverlight about getting some of his scars treated as something to do in his downtime. However, nothing quite went to plan and a potion was knocked onto both Ferai and Fyril, swapping their genders.

It was during this time that it was discovered his health had miraculously righted itself by changing gender from female to male. Whilst somewhat alarmed by the issues of being trapped in a mans body, with every passing sun, Ferai grows more used to and even comfortable with it. When advised that changing back would simply restore the problem, returning to a life measured in moons, maybe a cycle or two at best, Ferai has taken time to consider what to do. Ultimately, he has decided that those close to him will accept that he chooses to stay the way he is now because he wants to live, rather than die young.

In his words; "Ah'm a survivor, after all."

--- Just Concluded ---

The Debt of Aldo Krene

Six cycles gone is how long Ferai has spent running from his past, no matter how he tried to forget it, it was always burning in the back of his mind. But when the work began to show a distinct shift in patterns to showing off Slavers and their captures of children along the La Noscean and Ul'dahn coasts, he took a job that was about to change everything. The job was a simple one, even with the help of Yellowjackets with whom he has some notoreity and even with rescuing the kids, he was left with severe injuries including a badly crushed right shoulder from where he'd placed it in the doorway to prevent it from closing and cutting off the slaves. After some recuperation, Ferai continued to doggedly look into the affairs surrounding these events; discovering quickly that it wasn't isolated. Several jobs for the Rogues later on Kisaile the Locksmith's recommendation, he notices a shadow following him around.

Thinking that perhaps his mind is finally losing it's grip, he barely expresses his concern to those closest to him. Over the following weeks, the shadow begins stepping up it's attacks on Ferai and the 81st. When Ferai realises it can touch and harm people, he immediately thinks of his old mentor, a woman named Kaene Valinsse who had the odd ability to manipulate and move through shadows. But she's been long dead by his hands. Events move slowly aided by both Jacke and Kisaile, culminating in the 'Bait' trap they laid for the slavers. However, the investigation team sent on 'good information' by Kisaile turned out to be an ambush, capturing Fen and Kiki. Ferai threw Upa aetherically through the water with the last of his strength, and collapsed at the feet of Aldo Krene.

After a sennight of torture, abuse and fear, they were finally rescused. During his captivity, Ferai realised one of the very few he had trusted in Eorzea had betrayed him; Kisaile, for killing his sister cycles earlier, despite it being part of their Oath and Code that Kaene had broken and willingly accepted the consequences for. Whilst some small part of him had accepted death was coming, another part refused to give up, clinging to the memories he needed against the influx of the deadly Lethe poison, designed to wipe memories alongside being a nasty neurotoxin.

With holes in his memory and a weak body that will take a while to return to full strength, even with Noor's careful healing, Ferai faces a quiet contemplative time in trying to decide; What do I do, now that I am free?

--- Currently ---

Into the Sky

The 81st has made it successfully into Ishgard and started on several scouting missions. In this time, Ferai has chosen to start training the love of his life Seda'li Tayuun as an assassin. Whilst things haven't been going smoothly, including an incident with bears, Seda'li is for the most part beginning to pick up the craft, building on his own natural talents in such areas.

A scouting foray into the Forelands has however met with disaster and despair, as Y'lyfriel Sikah returned to the Lifestream. Now they are left to cope with the hole in their heart and ranks that had been occupied by the caring Seeker.

As the Company begins looking more into airships and recovery of airship parts, there appears to be more stirring going on in the ranks of the Rogues. As they are currently based more back in Limsa Lominsa, Ferai has taken his recall order as a Blade and intends to see just what it is that Jacke wants of them...


Theme Songs: "Somewhere to Run" "Wonder" "As it Seems"

Tv Tropes: The Klutz I Did What I Had To Do Thieves Cant Oblivious to Love Because I'm Good At It Not Afraid to Die Professional Killer Never Be Hurt Again Heroic Sacrifice

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