R'miah Tosh

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 R'miah Tosh
R'miah by Fallingmist.jpg
"I do not know where I fit, in this wider world. Only where I fit in my world."

Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship None
Age 22
Occupation Alchemist/Botanist/Guide
Orientation Heterosexual
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation Raptor Tribe


R'miah Tosh (Pronunciation: rah-Mee-ah), Miah is a member of an offshoot of the Raptor tribe. Born to the Thanalan deserts, she is well regarded by her tribe for her skill as a huntress, and also for her expertise with herbal medicine and her penchant for storytelling through song. That she was born a twin has also kept her in particularly high esteem.

She is an exceptionally curious miqo'te, and though she rarely seeks trouble actively, it somehow seems to find her fairly often. The wider world fascinates her, though she has had little experience with it apart from what (and who) her tribe has encountered. She prides herself in being fairly well-spoken, and over the past several moons, has been overcoming her illiteracy through constant study.


R'miah Tosh by Amy Kelly
R'miah stands at just above average height for a miqo'te, at five fulms, four ilms. She has a lean, athletic build, kept firm by a life spent entirely in the wilds, and in service to her tribe. Wisps of natural red stand out in her pale, blonde hair, always kept long. Her eyes are an emerald green, bright against her sunkissed skin. The only noticeable scars on her person are the thin line across the bridge of her nose, and an old arrow wound in her right shoulder.

Living apart from her tribe, but in the company of other people, has afforded Miah the opportunity to expand her style of dress and sense of fashion. Rather than relying solely upon the garments that best suit her environments, she now has a variety of outfits to choose from; simple, small clothing items during her leisure time, and rugged leather with sturdy cloth for her work. When in the wilds, she's rarely without her bow. In towns, she often brings an ample sampling of her various herbal remedies, medicines, and dyes, in a worn leather satchel, with the hope of selling to locals.


Bright. Curious. Passionate. Miah's personality ranges from soft-spoken to bubbly, depending on the present company. With those she trusts, her bright demeanor is on full display, and she is mostly unafraid to give voice to any emotion or thought that crosses (apart from those very private.) Around those she's cautious towards, she is an observant person, often choosing to remain quiet and listen, rather than offer her voice to any particular topic.

She knows where her talents lie, and she knows where they do not. Among those things that she wishes to know more about, a sharp curiosity drives her. Miah is also independent in most things. Hesitant to ask for help, she likely only will when not given any other choice. Her opinion and outlook on a person will almost always be dependent upon their actions, as will her trust in them.


Songs & Stories. She keeps a wealth of songs and stories in her mind, and is always eager to learn more. While overcoming her illiteracy, she has greatly enjoyed being able to form those stories with written words.

Rain. In the desert, it's a blessing. Everywhere else, it's a pleasantry, and it always brightens her mood.

Exploring. Whether hunting, foraging, or otherwise, Miah takes great happiness in being out and about.

Sturdiness of Character. Miah enjoys the company of people who are genuine. Lewd, crude, angelic, or simply straightforward, honest presentation of oneself is a good thing.

Spices. Miah enjoys an abundance of spices in her food, and especially prefers clove and cinnamon, scents she often uses when bathing.

Animals. The miqo'te has an affinity for beasts, and those that aren't endeared to her are at least certainly respected. She enjoys the company of small animals, but doesn't endeavor to keep any near her.


Liars. Dishonesty and manipulation. They will drive her swiftly away.

Voidsent. Though she knows little to nothing of them, her tribe has encountered a few. The 'devils' do not belong in this world.

The Cold. R'miah has yet to experience Coerthan cold or snow. It wouldn't hinder her from exploring a new place, but she revels in warmth.

Killing. Though tribal life has made her well aware of the frequent necessity of taking life, she has not yet done so outside of hunting. And she has no wish to.


Curiosity. Naive but eager to learn; her eagerness to know more often wins over her fears.

Loyalty. Extending beyond her commitment to her tribe, Miah is loyal to herself, her feelings, and those she feels indebted or connected to.

Patient. Though fueled by her curiosity, Miah is not one to make hasty actions. She is often observant and a bit timid, before making important decisions.

Hopeful. Whether it manifests in her reverence for Azeyma or her own actions, Miah is an optimist. She believes in small things leading to great things, and is often able to see the brighter side of any darkness.


Curiosity. She finds trouble more often than she might, if she didn't indirectly seek it.

Naive. Though she's a quick learner, R'miah has lived in a tribal setting for all of her life. While she is aware of the wider world, she has lived apart from it. New things are often challenging for her to overcome and understand.

Grounded. The idea of flying high into the skies, or far out to sea, remains terrifying for her. Sailing between Vesper Bay and La Noscea is the longest journey she's made, that isn't overland.

Displaced. Though she rarely ever spoken of it, Miah feels out of place everywhere she has been. Departing the main of the R tribe to help in beginning a new branch was a leap of faith; now that it's nearly gone, the feelings have returned.


This is a list of the items that R'miah currently is keeping on her person. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: 6/6/2016.

  • Bow and Quiver: Rarely does R'miah go anywhere without her hunting bow, and a quiver-full of arrows that she's made herself. She is proud of her hunting, and time spent in the wilds to do so is a welcome relief from nearly anything else.

  • Conjurer's Wand: Though it's still rather new to her hand, Miah tends to bring her small wand--a preserved yew branch--everywhere. She's made a simple leather sheath that hooks to the back of her belt, and the wand can almost always be seen there. Far from proficient with it, she nevertheless occupies quiet moments with practice and meditation.

  • Coinpurse: She's quickly learning how greatly gil makes the realm's wheels turn. Where she might not have thought of it, while living in a stable tribe, she now cannot cease thinking of it.

  • Medicinal Wares & Herbs: Miah makes her living off of what she can forage and combine, and is quite talented at making various remedies, elixirs, and even mixtures used for hunting. Wherever she goes, she's sure to have at least one or two to sample or sell.

  • Hunting Knife: Her trade and livelihood (as well as a good deal of her passion) lies in the gathering and mixing of herbs, into various remedies, tonics, salves, and other creations. She'll never pass up the opportunity to gather fresh finds, and will always carry the means to do so. She also uses the knife to finish still-breathing prey and clean her kills.

  • Nymian Lyre: Found with a friend at the bottom of a Bronze Lake tributary, Miah had this eras-old instrument restored by a historian and goldsmith in Limsa Lominsa. She carries it with her often, and through quite a lot of practice, has become at least skilled enough to accompany herself with simple tunes..


Face Claim: TBD.

Body Claim: Morena Baccarin.

Voice Claim: Salma Hayek.


R'miah Tosh is not a fighter; this is something she'll remind to anyone that asks her to jump into a conflict. She is, however, a huntress, and has held a bow since her arms were strong enough to string one and draw it. While she loathes the idea of killing men (and has always avoided it), she is an exceptional markswoman.


After her bow, Lindwurm, was destroyed, Miah was filled with despair. It eventually gave way to gratitude, however, when the aetherial essence of her old weapon was given a new home in a fresh bow, crafted by Onuma Ahntifi. It's adorned with conductive metals, and accompanies her on many hunts and journeys. It's as prize a possession as the previous weapon that she carried.

Conjurer's Wand

The short, yew branch bears ever-blossoming blue flowers, and Miah keeps it in immaculate care. She can't really conjure with it, beyond the few things she's managed with no small amount of meditation, but it nevertheless stays close on her person almost all of the time.

Conjurer's Staff

While Miah once carried her blue-blossomed wand wherever she went, it is now often replaced with a much more ornate, exquisitely crafted staff. It was given to her by Miah's conjury master, Noor Falmah. Even though it doesn't yet bear a name, it is among her most prized possessions. Similar to her archery, she trains her spellwork with this staff on a daily basis.

Self-made Bow

R'miah was not expecting to need a new bow, after receiving Hardhome. However, the much larger (and often armoured) quarry that she often faced demanded a different variety of weapon. The Vath of the Dravanian forelands helped her to make this bow from scalekin sinews, bandersnatch hide, and Dravanian chestnut wood. Each ilm of its craftsmanship was carried out by her own hand, and the bow is unworked enough for her to frequently use in her spellwork, in place of a staff.


Here is a list of recent and/or notable fights, roleplay scenes, etc. that R'miah has been a part of. This list is by no means all inclusive, and serves more as a general reference as to what she has been up to.

  • Flight from Thanalan : Only two suns after her nunh fell dreadfully ill, R'miah's branch of the Raptor tribe was fell upon by a group of Ifrit's tempered. A thirty-strong tribe became six, and the few weary and desperate survivors bought themselves passage away from Thanalan. Now, they huddle on the Vylbrand, licking their wounds and deciding their future.
  • Curse of the Void : Miah found a happy life on the Vylbrand, and a place to make a mark with her talents. It was nearly dashed to pieces when many within the 81st, as well as R'miah, were 'cursed' by a relic possessed of void magick. The 'devilry' infested her every sleeping moment, threatening to drive her apart from her new love as well as her new friends. With little time left, she managed to help the rest of the 81st to find a cure for their affliction.
  • Tailfeather Sickness : Hired to find the source of an illness affecting Tailfeather hunters, this mission grew into something far larger than Miah or any of the 81st predicted. They faced a primal, traveled to new lands, forged new alliances, and came face-to-face with new and old enemies. It marked the first occasion that R'miah took a man's life, and though she rarely speaks of it, the memory will remain a significant one, for her. The mission culminated on the ancient isles of Azys Lla, and the temporary loss of one of the company's adventurers.


Forced from their home in the Thanalan deserts, the six remaining members of R'miah's Raptor-tribe offshoot piled onto a courier vessel and sought refuge on the Vylbrand. Now, they struggle to recover from whatever loss befell them, and whatever threat took so many of their numbers. R'dhen Nunh, Miah's twin brother, is 'dreadfully ill' from some mysterious malady. Her future, as well as that of her tribe, hinged on these events, and how they transpired.

After several encounters with members of the Maelstrom Foreign Levy 81st free company, one of their menders was finally able to bring R'dhen back to health. Plagued by a voidsent, he was remedied when the mage chased it from his body to places unknown. Shortly after this, however, R'miah was forced to reckon with the reality that her path was not in line with her tribe's and so according to their tradition, she was left behind when the rest of them returned to their home in the Sagolii desert. Now, living on the Vylbrand, she will stretch her potential beneath the umbrella of independence, and attempt to find her own path, and fuel her own passions.


Miah's trade has flourished, in the short time that she's been independent from her tribe. She continued to grow her friendships with those from the 81st that had helped her, before, chief among those was her fledgling romance with Rhesh'ir Zhwan, the company's captain. Though she has constantly maintained her desire for independence and strength, she's found both through her relationship, and more than she'd ever thought to find when asked to be mother to Rhesh'ir's son, Riel'a. Alongside her raising of a fledgling chocobo, she has her hands full with fresh responsibilities.

Those responsibilities haven't come without turmoil, however. Shortly after deciding to remain with Rhesh'ir so that they might each pursue each other, the 81st Foreign Levy was attacked by malicious, mysterious forces by way of a magick "curse." Afflicted herself, Miah found fresh comeraderie as she fought through the despair brought on by the foul magick. When it was defeated, the Sunseeker's resolve was only strengthened. She still seeks to improve her trade, to grow her friendships, and expand her lacking knowledge of the wider realm.


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust


These are mostly backstory-related relationships.

R'monlelhe Jhesnee, who birthed me. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "She was a huntress, and was rrreceived to the lifestream as a brave woman."

R'miah's mother, Monlelhe, was one of the prime mates taken by R'tosh Nunh. She was a well-regarded huntress in her tribe, and was known to be coupling with Tosh some while before she ever intended to bear children. She bore many, the last of which were twins--Miah and Dhen. Two cycles after R'tosh was defeated by a competing male, Monlelhe lost her life during a hunt.

R'tosh Nunh, who sired me. ( 🔒 )
R'miah's Thoughts: "My sire was a warrior and a leader. His time as nunh is known by the songs yet sung."

R'tosh Nunh served as both the breeding male and leader of his branch of the Raptor tribe for an unlikely thirteen cycles, during which the tribe and its various offshoots flourished. Game was plentiful, trade was frequent and healthy, and when he was finally overcome by a competing male, all knew that his time would be well-remembered. He yet lives within that same tribe, defending its people and helping to train the young.

R'dhen Nunh, who was born alongside me. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: ”My brrrother was born alongside me, and we have always been close. He is dear to me.”

R'miah's twin brother, R'dhen has always held a special place in her heart. Though their upbringings were quite separate, they remained competitive in those areas that their tribe allowed, and often confided in each other through their youth. When R'dhen fought for, and won, the right to begin a fresh offshoot of the R tribe, Miah was faced with a choice--leave with Dhen, and give up the likelihood of ever being a breeding mate, or remain, and leave her brother behind. She chose to follow him, and has done all in her power to ensure the success of his young tribe.

R'leytai Tommo, who now leads our tribe. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "With Dhen so very ill, it has fallen to his first-chosen mate to lead us. I care not for her, but it is not my place to question."

Not only is Leytai an exceptional hunter, she is a proven warrior. R'dhen had little choice in who would be his first-chosen mate, such was this woman's prowess...just as there was no more likely choice for who would lead them, when Dhen was struck ill. She's a terse, harsh-spoken woman, but cares for her tribe above all things; she constantly seeks to understand troubles on a broader level.

R'piqoi Tommo, who tends the fires. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "She has always rrraised the kits and prepared meals. She is a hunter, too, but few will say it."

Piqoi and Miah only met when both departed the main of the R tribe, to begin a new offshoot with R'dhen Nunh. Only a few times have they hunted together, for Piqoi's bubbly nature, calming voice, and quick mind have made her more suited to tasks within the tribe itself. She is one of the few who can write, and had always intended to teach the young kits, with the idea of helping the fledgling tribe to flourish.

R'sonjha Tommo, who hunted with me.. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "In the tribe that I grew with, such a huntress would be given fresh purrrpose. Now, I fear for her."

A skilled huntress, like Miah. During the flight from the Tempered who attacked them in Thanalan, her arm was badly mangled. She is still recovering from her wounds, which Miah has done her very best to tend to.

R'arhll Suhzu, who, like me, is alone. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "She is twenty and four cycles. Two more than I, and rrreadily looked over, as a choice of mate."

The oldest member of R'dhen Nunh's branch of the R tribe. She competes frequently with Leytai, often placing herself as the devil's advocate in situation's to which she already knows the outcome. Miah knows little of this quiet huntress, but senses the presence of hidden-away wisdom.

R'nairoh Tia, nickname or alias. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Azeyma's light, prrray do not lead R'nairoh within malms of the title 'nunh.'"

In the greater R tribe, R'nairoh would be viewed as a man who was destined for something besides leadership. In R'dhen's fledgling tribe, he is valued as a member, but viewed as a risk. He is a strong fighter, but hasty and predictable. Miah respects him only as much as she must, and secretly dreads that R'dhen will some sun be replaced by Nairoh's like.

R'yokho Tia, who cannot keep himself from injury or trouble. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Were it not for my own rrrecent brushes with 'trouble,' I would say Yokho has a greater tendency for it, than any."

Scrapes, cuts, burns, and broken bones. R'yokho has endured all and come through it remaining remarkably handsome, apart from lingering scars. Mirthful and bright-voiced, most in this branch of the R tribe hope that he lives long enough to challenge R'dhen, when a new breeding male must be chosen. Yokho is, perhaps, only ilms away from being considered a brother, to Miah (though most would never think it, considering how they speak to each other.)


Listed here are the non-tribe characters, both PC and NPC, that R'miah has interacted with enough or in such a way for her to form a real opinion about them. Please don't take personal offense if your character isn't listed here, or how the interaction or relationship is described. It isn't that I dislike your character or our RP. I just tend to only add these as necessary for those who make a real impact on Miah, and descriptions are purely based upon in character experiences and opinions!

Last Update... 6/6/2016.

Ainle Goldpaw, who practices his trade without an arm...of sorts. ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "He seemed a hunter, but of what I could not be certain. Perrrhaps some sun, I will know."

Though she was too timid to admit it at the time, Miah was very curious about Ainle's injury, and what, exactly, he was hunting near Wineport. Some time later, she learned of his commitments to the 81st, and a moment of generosity endeared her to him quite a lot.

Alicia Bennett, who quips and jests. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "She seems quite versed in machina. In spite of this, she is very friendly, and seems not to be lost to it!"

Upon first learning of Alicia's familiarity with machina, Miah was quite wary. By now, the Seeker has seen past these superficial things, but has kept her distrust of technology; especially anything that might seem remotely Garlean. Miah enjoys Alicia's tone and attitudes; both remind her of R'piqoi, one of those tribe-sisters she misses the most. When around the hyur woman, she finds it difficult to keep from engaging in fun wordplay. As their friendship has developed, Alicia has become one of Miah's most trusted, enjoyed friends.

Auguste Marchand, who is a mixing mystery. ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I catch myself thinking that I know something of him, but then rrremind myself that I know little."

Their meeting was by chance, but it led to Auguste finding work with Miah's best friends on the Vylbrand--the Maelstrom Foreign Levy 81st. He is clearly a skilled alchemist, and she hopes to find a quiet moment in time that they can share stories of their trade, and perhaps, competition notwithstanding, secrets.

Auriana Wynter, who fights as the Fury. ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I have rrrarely known such to have a warrior's heart, as she has. Had I not seen her laugh so very often, I'd worry at her nature. She is a friend, however, and I trust her to protect all that matters most."

Miah knows little of Auriana, but has seen and heard enough to trust the hyur woman. Erring on the side of caution, the Sunseeker doesn't ask Auri very many questions; she's known plenty of warriors, and her own wariness has always kept her apart from them. The slightest sign of cruelty might result in the same distance for Auriana, but instead, Miah has seen prevaling care.

Brielle Ashenfist, who, by her word, sets things aflame. ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Like the rrrest of her companions, she is generous. But something about her made me nervous."

Though R'miah bears no particular distrust of magick, something in Brielle's tone and authority put the young Sunseeker on edge. She remedied this through a gift, and was made at east for it.

Catara Celah, who has so many talents! ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I knew naught of her, but each time we speak, and each time that I see her, I am learning how quick and smart she is!"

Miah knows very little about Catara, apart from the myriad talents that she's seen the auri woman display. For some reason, she keeps expecting to learn more of her, but this is solely because Miah is accustomed to the company of people who talk frequently and openly of their own goings-on. She enjoyes Catara's sense of humor and bright personality, and hopes to spend more time with her.

Eirene, who cannot help but be a mystery. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Did I ever wonder that I would meet a being such as she? Never, in my wildest imagining! Her story is not a sad one, but one of hope, faith, and strength. When she discovers aught that she is seeking, I hope that I am present..."

Eirene is the strangest thing that Miah has ever encountered. A faerie of Nym, bound to Rhesh'ir Zhwan, she is a fountain of history and knowledge, but rather than pose incessant questions, Miah would rather engage the faerie in dialogue. She enjoys their brief talks immensely, and is proud to have encountered such a being as Eirene, at all.

In an odd way, Miah considers Eirene 'family' in the same sense that she does Rhesh'ir, Riel'a, and her fledgling chocobo.

Everill Greene, the stubborn woman from Thanalan. ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I will have her cat's friendship, if it is the last task I see finished. ...Perrrhaps I exaggerate, but I'll not tolerate her pet ignoring me!"

Leave it to Miah to search out familiar qualities in a brand new acquaintance, but she seems oddly fond of "Evee" from their first meeting. Excessively curious, she hopes to ask the woman about her apparent Thanalan upbringing, and also discuss the nuance and possibilities of work and trade.

The Sunseeker sees a hard worker in Evee, which she cannot help but admire.

Fen'rin Taveck, who is the master of his Snount. ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "He seems a kind man. The beast he keep is also kind, and...messy."

To Miah, Fen'rin has come across as a carefree individual. He seems less burdened by the combative habits of his companions, and in this, Miah has found something she likes. Also, she is incredibly endeared to Snount, Fen'rin's sanuwa steed.

F'kepaga Hena, who stole me from my wares. ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "She grrrabbed me and stole me away to the beach. I still know not herrr intentions past 'fun.'"

One uneventful evening, R'miah was in the middle of selling her various medicinal goods in the Limsa Lominsa aetheryte plaza. The next moment, she'd been grabbed and whisked away to Costa del Sol by this excitable Sunseeker. The experience was not precisely traumatizing, but it was affecting. Miah will not, however, blame Paga for the oversexed troupe of beachgoers that tried to seduce them into the bonfire. She will simply blame herself for not being more careful.

Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn, who is a great warrior. ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I am unsure how to know him. He is a warrior and I am not. Yet, I have seen great kindness from him. I will choose to trust, my faith well-placed in a sergeant of the free company."

Having only been introduced to Fyrilsunn several times, she doesn't quite know what to make of the man, yet. He's very clearly a fighter, which raises her cautions, but so far, his loyalty to the 81st and intimate friendship with other members of the company have urged her to reconsider her usual hesitence.

H'lanah Yhisa, who now knows my talents. ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "She is a fighter. She seems to enjoy it. She also seems...brrright."

A bubbly woman who purchased some of R'miah's herbalist mixtures. She seemed to empathize with the Sunseeker's struggle, and was among those first 81st to tell her to come visiting.

Jebei Moks, who lost his Kook-koo. ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "We are each from other places. Perrrhaps we will speak more, on those places that were once our homes."

Jebei had fewer words than Lynn'wo, whom she met on the same occasion. She found him to be more reserved, but capable. He too offered to do what he could to help her tribe, and they have arranged to speak on it, soon.

Lynn'wo Vahnal, who lives with eagerness and fervor. ( 🔒 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "He seems so knowledgeable! How much of the world he must have seen!"

Lynn'wo was met at the same time as Jebei, and though their time spent together was quite short, it was not unpleasant. Since, they have spoken further and found more things in common between them, than not. Though she is not fond of his firearm, she enjoys his excitedness and looks forward to their next meeting.

Nellem Zaatah, who is a naturalist, and so honest!. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "He is a naturalist, the same as I! We will continue to be dear friends, and I cannot wait to learn and explore alongside him!"

Trust was not a hard-earned thing, between Miah and Nellem. Recognizing much of her own interests behind the quiet Keeper's demeanor, she has now accompanied him on several gathering ventures. He's her 'talk shop' buddy, and also a dear friend.

Noor Falmah, who wields old, powerful magicks. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Her magicks once frightened me, but now I cannot stay my fascination!"

Much like with magitech, Miah finds it difficult to trust the very powerful, very old magicks that those few rare mages wield. She has overcome this obstacle for the sake of just how much Noor helped her tribe on the Vylbrand, and how kind and informative the young Moonkeeper was.

After some deliberation and quite a lot of private thought on Miah's part, she's decided both to explore her own aether and learn more about the tenets of conjury--both to sate her own curiosity, and to allow her to better protect Riel'a. Thus far, she's taken to the study and practice quite naturally, but she enjoys Noor's company even more than learning of this strange, new strength.

Onuma Ahntifi, who may yet see my kindness, after all. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "It is clear why she is rrregarded, so. Perrrhaps, now, we might better know each other."

R'miah met many in the 81st while Onuma was still unconscious in a bed. During that time, she heard many tales of the woman's bravery, courage, and kindness. After a brief period of unrequited trust, the two seem to be on even ground, and even enjoy each other's company whenever they're near. Though Miah hasn't said it outright, she constantly tries to learn from Onuma. She respects the other miqo'te's history, her choices, and attitudes, ever thoughtful of why Onuma makes the decisions that she does.

Oriel Durand, who is devoted to his trade! ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Such commitment! Such knowledge! I hope that we may continue to share!"

Any with such a commitment to a particular trade might earn Miah's fast respect, but Oriel is kind and soft-spoken, beyond that. Though she knows little of his trade, she greatly enjoys hearing him speak of it.

Ralamano Nulumano, who is suited to libraries and books, apparently. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I think that he cares so much for those that he leads! But...that does not mean I understand him any greater."

They have spoken few times, and each occasion has been blanketed by the distress brought on by a cursed magick. Still, Miah understands why Ralamano is trustworthy. She maintains her own cautious due to the man's pragmatic speech and behavior, as well as his deep understanding of magick.

Rhesh'ir Zhwan, who is my Light, and the bearer of my heart. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "He has brought me naught but confidence and happiness! The one who has tried least to shape me, now lives in my every warm thought."

R'miah and Rhesh'ir shared a simple beginning, when they happened upon each other in the La Noscean jungle. They grew closer and fonder the more time that they spent together; long enough that once they admitted sharing feelings for each other, they decided they'd rather not be apart. Now mated, and pledged to each other, they take comfort in shared lives that are made stronger in their partnership. Miah remains ever-loyal, and enjoys each day that much more for having the Moonkeeper as a significant part of it.

Through all that they've endured, Miah hasn't felt an onze of doubt. Even as danger has grown close, even after the "curse" that threatened the lives of she and her friends, she has only been proud and adamant that she is in the right place, with the right person. Those things that have become a constant for her have felt more 'right' than much of her previous life.

Riel'a Zhwan, who is a son to me, and a very treasure from Menphina! ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Never did I think to be so blessed. Never did I think to be so eager, yet also frightened, for a new thing enterrring my life..."

Shortly after Rhesh'ir's and Miah's courtship began, after they'd pledged their hearts to one another, the Moonkeeper asked her to be the mother to his son. Riel'a's actual mother, Y'lyfriel Sikah, was tragically killed some while before. Miah heartily respects the fact that Riel'a is not truly hers, but she nevertheless does everything that she can to raise the kit, teach him, and also learn from him, every turn of the sun.

Sauvignon, who is my very own chocobo! ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Sauvignon was a gift, from my darling scoundrel! I shall care for him to my utmost, and ensure that he rrreceives all training rrrequired to be the very best!"

In all of her time with her tribe, Miah never cared for the chocobos, let alone rode one of the expensive birds. After she was given a secreted-away egg by Rhesh'ir, she fully committed herself to seeing the chocobo raised and cared for.

After his hatching, Sauvignon accompanied Miah everywhere. Now that he's reached nearly his full height (but is still quite gangly and awkward) he remains in the stables, but still accompanies the woman on every journey she undertakes.

Senelle Silverlight, who enjoys...blushes? ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "She is an alchemist! I've not known one closely, and thus I hope to learn!"

Though their meetings were brief, R'miah was especially eager to learn of Senelle's skills as an alchemist. Friendship aside, the young Seeker is adamant about learning more for her trade, and hopes to do so, eventually, with Senelle.

Shoshopu Shopu, who is a kind, strong woman, and my friend. ( )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I know so little of her magick...but she posseses such spirit! How blessed I am, to have found such friends!"

Though R'miah has only truly spoken at length with Shoshopu a handful of times, she has come to realize the woman is very talented in her magick. The fact that she runs and organizes a competition between mages and the magick-trained has only garnered further respect.

Trisselle Rondelet, who has become my mentor. ( $ 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "Though I know little of her, she has allowed me to learn from her. This is quite ideal! I shall not have to depart my new home, to gain fresh knowledge of my trade!"

One brief meeting and a swiftly appointed first session, and R'miah has found an alchemist to study beneath. She attends Trisselle's lessons and work nearly every turn of the sun, without fail. In the privacy of her own thoughts, Miah is immensely curious about this pink-haired miqo'te woman, but is content to be simply happy for her, after witnessing her bonding to Ralamano Nulumano.

Her dedication to learning has remained steady, and even though she'd rarely admit it, Miah hopes that Trisselle will one day notice that adamant persistence, and acknowledge it.

Upa Zuvhe, who has now departed. ( 🔒 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "A matriarch of Menphina's light! Why has she endeared herself to me so quickly?"

Though their first substantial meeting was pure circumstance, they were sharing important moments from each other's lives after only a quarter bell. Miah found a kindred spirit in Upa, all but a sister, and looks forward to learning more of those things that matter to her. That learning was cut short, however, when Upa departed from the company that Miah had come to live amongst. Among the woman's many prayers are her hopes that Upa is living happily.

The Wasp, who once threatened to kill me. ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I do not like him. He does not appear so dangerous as he is, but never will I underestimate him. I...perrrhaps understand him, an onze, but perrrhaps not. I feel I've not seen the last of him."

In spite of her protest, Miah does not know how to feel about this Xaela bounty hunter. She hasn't yet let on that she can understand every word he's saying, but his threats of violence against her and her companions have given her a great amount of caution. Miah does not trust the Wasp, but she cannot disregard him, either. Though her kneejerk reaction is to be angry and rejecting of his presence and attitudes, every encounter with him has left her reflecting on it with surprising depth.

Z'koa Rhiki, who intends to feed my entire tribe! ( 🔃 )
R'miah’s Thoughts: "I do not know if she rrrealizes how much she has offered, to me."

One of those several of the 81st that she's met; Z'koa made an impression by offering aid by way of food. For R'miah, this was exceptionally generous.

Important! Without any guiding lore for the background of the R tribe, I have cooked up a feasible headcanon of my own. It remains headcanon, however, and I do not expect any other R tribe roleplayers to abide by it!


  • The Raptor Tribe
  • Locations: Across Thanalan, and the southern borders of the Twelveswood.
  • Branches: At its peak, the Raptor tribe established itself by way of several smaller branches across a wide range of territories. R'miah's branch was on the borders of the western edge of the Sagolii desert. The tribe branches are diverse in both their means of success and their locations.


The Young: Though weakness is rarely, if ever, tolerated amongst Seeker of the Sun tribes, the traditions of the Raptor tribe require all children to begin participating in the tribe’s hunting traditions at five years of age. Though talents and responsibilities within the tribe are far more diverse than prowess with a weapon would indicate, all young are required to learn as a foundation of their growing.

Each young female is paired with a matured huntress, never exceeding two young per adult. For the next three years, they will shadow, hunt with, and live with this sole person. During this time, the young will likely discover other interests and talents, which they are encouraged to pursue and strengthen (as long as said talents benefit the tribe.) The adult huntresses in each part of the tribe are a strong community; though individuals train the young, all huntresses monitor the aptitude and strength of those yet learning.

Young males live with, obey, and learn from the nunh. While competition is encouraged between young males in each part of the tribe, a respect for the tribe’s continued prosperity and health is made the priority in their teaching. They learn to hunt and fight, but they also learn the nuance of nurturing and trade. It’s not uncommon for Raptor tribe Tias to make excellent cooks and craftsmen.

While one or more Tias will eventually try for the position of Nunh, those who do not possess such aptitudes and prowess remain an integral part of each branch of the tribe; they guard the tribe with their lives, if necessary, with a priority placed upon the safekeeping of the young. Young who fail in the eyes of their guardian are sent away from the tribe, but not without means for themselves. The Raptor tribe is well-aware of the advancements and diversity of the rest of the realm, and thus they urge their “failures” towards the nearest city or settlement.

Twins (or more!) are regarded with special interest by members of the Raptor tribe. Strength through unity.

The Matured: Though care, tutelage, and training of the young remains an utmost priority for both males and females of the tribe, the additional responsibilities of the females remain abundant and diverse. While all are trained to hunt skillfully together from a young age, they are also tutored individually in certain talents. Medicines, trade, weaving, leatherworking, and often more advanced skills such as blacksmithing, stonemasonry, and carpentry are often pursued with fervent passion by those with the aptitude for them.

While rivalry is encouraged between matured members of the tribe, more petty violence or acts of spite are quickly punished. Betrayal, backstabbing, or dishonesty go against everything that their totem represents, and banishments are not an uncommon punishment if too great an offense is brought to light.

Nunhs are selected in a traditional Seeker of the Sun fashion, in a combative trial between the current Nunh and the prospective Tia. Both combatants are required to be unarmed. While fatalities are not unprecedented, it’s not a desirable outcome of the melee; instead, victory comes from knocking the opponent unconscious, with special merit granted to those who pin and immobilize the other fighter. Because Tias train for such opportunity with an almost spiritual fervor, they make remarkably dangerous hand-to-hand opponents.

Mates & Coupling: As with most Seeker of the Sun tribes, bearing children sired by any other than the nunh bears consequences, though not necessarily ill intent. If the tribe has a means to allow the child to grow elsewhere, he or she will be given away to do so. If such means are impossible, then mother and child both will depart the R.

Frequently, the nunh of a tribe or branch will have a “first-chosen mate,” with whom he will dedicate a majority of his intimacy. This is by no means a monogamous relationship; such pairings are few and far between, and often do not linger within the tribal structure. The nunh and his first-chosen are more than a simple sexual coupling; often, the first-chosen will advise him on all matters concerning the tribe, from its movements to its sustenance to its future (since females are responsible for much of this knowledge anyway, they are often well-suited to leadership roles.)

The departure of any member of the tribe, male or female, should they decide to pursue a relationship outside of this basic structure is lamented; so important are most members treated--from birth to adulthood--that any loss leaves a gap in the tribe’s ability to function. This stigma and lamentation can be prevented, if the departing tribe member sees their responsibilities suitably fulfilled before doing so.

Branching: Though members of the Raptor tribe are encouraged to constantly work together for the betterment of the whole, the tribe and its branches are never allowed to grow to an excessive size.

Upon reaching more than thirty members, a ceremony is conducted between prospective Tias to become a “new Nunh” that will then begin his own branch of the Raptor tribe. The Nunh of the current tribe is responsible for choosing the males who will compete for this, as well as selecting the females that will accompany his departure.

The current tribes huntresses are, in turn, responsible for finding and selecting the lands that this tribe will begin freshly in. Their expertise at foraging, gathering, hunting, and monitoring the health of their own tribe gives them a unique efficiency in this task.

In the case that a fledgling branch of the Raptor tribe fails, the members of that offshoot will not be welcome back to their origin. No matter the cause, tradition dictates that those too weak to sustain themselves and their tribemates must find a different place, and a different way, to become strong enough to face the world.


Coming soon!


These are rumors, both from NPCs and PCs, that one might overhear in regards to R'miah. Feel free to utilize these in your RP hooks, or add your own!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
  • "I've seen 'er every turn 'o the sun, in the aetheryte plaza. Aye, hawkin' the same wares, what work good too." -- Edilda, Lominsan Citizen.

  • "I hired her to get the bats out of my grove. I swear to the Gods, she used fewer arrows than there were pests, by far." -- Syznsald, Orange Grower.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
  • "She earned the bow she carries, but she does not deserve a warrior's weapon. It should have gone to I, or any number of others." -- R'lubh Jorhote, of the R.

  • "Little miqo'te lass, peddlin' wares on the Lominsan-bound ferry. Mm. When she wasn't losing it off the deck of the vessel, aye. Bad traveler, that one." -- Oeric, Ferry Passenger.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
  • "Aye, caught her name. Right before she ran off. What looked to be a warm score turned cold and ran off in the night, like she'd never had a man after her, before." -- Clemont, Costa del Sol Courier.

  • "She followed our squad in the Sagolii, looking out for us here and there. Trading food for trinkets. At the first sight of action, though, she was long gone." -- Cicinuka, Immortal Flames Sergeant.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
  • "I'm proud to call her my friend. Though we've only known each other for a short amount of time, she's proven herself to be selfless despite her circumstances demanding the opposite. And... she's simply stunning, is she not?"-- Lynn'wo Vahnal

  • "I love Miss Miah! She's come a long way since she finally decided to join the 81st officially, but she's been a part of our family for even longer than that." -- Shoshopu Shopu

  • "Miah and I... it has been a long, long road. At one point I could not fathom even the thought of her taking my sister's place in our lives. But I have come to realize that, she has not arrived with the intent to replace; she simply is another piece to our crooked puzzle. A ray of sunlight in the gloomy haze we so oft are cloaked in." -- Onuma Ahntifi / Vylbrand

  • (Insert rumor here.) -- Rumor Author / Location

  • (If you add a player rumor, please first copy and paste the above line of code to leave behind for the next person! Thanks!)


A collection of screenshots of R'miah that serves as a visual reference, or snapshots from certain roleplaying scenes.


A collection of artwork of R'miah, either commissioned or gifted by the respective artist(s). Artist names & info are linked when you hover over images.
You are not permitted to re-use this artwork for your own characters or purposes, whether on Final Fantasy XIV or on other games, forums, etc.


The entirety of R'miah's life has been thus far dedicated to her tribe, but there are still places in the world where one might have met her, albeit briefly.

  • Raptor Tribe: Though her typist's lore for the tribe may differ from your own, it is possible for her to know other Raptor tribe members, from other branches.
  • Thanalan Wilds: Miah has lived in the desert for most of her life, and could therefore have met anyone wandering through the Thanalan territories.
  • Vylbrand Refugee: Currently, the remaining few of Miah's tribe have taken refuge on the Vylbrand. Here, she has hunted and foraged, and subsequently sold her medicinal and herbal 'wares' in many small La Noscean towns, as well as Limsa Lominsa.
  • Alchemist: Though she's technically practiced the art for many years, only recently did Miah begin calling it the appropriate title of "alchemy." She has found a master to study beneath, and works tirelessly for several bells per day, learning her way around new reagents, potions, and creations.
  • Hunter: Since her ninth summer (and even before that, but shh, don't tell anyone), Miah has been an avid hunter, eager to spend time in the wilds and fond of stalking prey. She hunts for sustenance, not for sport.
  • Singer: When still with her tribe, one of her responsibilities was keeping her peoples' stories alive through song. Though she's departed the tribal life, she takes great joy in singing of just about everything.
  • Conjurer in Training: Only recently, the Sunseeker began to take an interest in learning more about her own aether. Though she's always been cautious--if not outright scared--of magick, the tenets of conjury have attracted her to discover more.


Hello there! My name is Tom, I'm 29 years old, and have been roleplaying off-and-on (mostly in MMOs) for several years. I'm an avid gamer, but also a foodie, photographer, and professional writer; thus, one must strike a balance! I enjoy great roleplay just as much as the rest of a game's content, and value an immersive experience that allows me to take part in everything offered!


I'm a working professional. Even though I mostly work from home, my hours can be pretty varied. Pumpkin hour can change on the fly any given night, but I'm usually very good at keeping to a planned schedule..
I enjoy other game-content, too. Though I certainly have a love for roleplay, I do go out of my way to set aside time to partake in FFXIV's PvE and PvP activities, as I can! Don't take it personally if I'm not available for roleplay; sometimes, a guy just has to run some Second Coil, ffs.
OOC and IC are all kinds of seperate. My character is not my vessel. Her experiences, motives, words, thoughts, and behaviors are entirely separate from my own, and I don't act out my life or emotions through my character. Every fictional character has a little bit of their typist, but rarely will you trace it back to me, directly.


Overall, I'm pretty chill as far as guidelines go. I don't have an extensive list of 'Do's or 'Don't's or things that I personally find triggering. So chances are, you won't offend me or make me uncomfortable unless you're trying to or just being really skeevy in general. Still, for the sake of making sure everyone's on the same page here, let me make a few mentions in particular:


Break or "assume" the lore for your roleplay. FFXIV lore has a special, dear place in my heart, and though there are certainly gaps in what we know/don't know that can be a hindrance to roleplay, I won't allow assumption to bridge those gaps. I like my roleplay to be defined by the parameters set by the lore; thus, "new" uses of magick and fantastical devices that have no in-game representation will be a very hard sell, for me. Not impossible, but difficult.
Roleplay through an IC/OOC conflict. In this, I mean that I have no desire to roleplay my character against a typist who roleplays his or her self. I roleplay because I enjoy great storytelling, and all of the emotional pitching and climbing that comes with it. I do not enjoy using roleplay as a vessel to find OOC resolution to an OOC conflict or problem (at least, not purposefully).
Engage in excessively explicit content. I roleplay for sake of storytelling. Eorzea is a dark place, and its stories can sometimes go to dark places. However, there's a time, place, and limit for everything, and excessively graphic roleplay for exploitative or reaction's sake is something that I will almost always turn away from.


Explore the lore with you. Though I won't assume or create through wide gaps in the lore, I absolutely will explore its mysteries with you. The nature of usable magick that's already in-game, the motivations of established characters/groups, and the mysteries of the land are all ripe for investigation, and the journey can make for exceptional roleplay, even if there's no concrete answer at the end of it!
Roleplay romance and sensual scenes. Do read my claim about excessively explicit content above, but also know that I'm willing to roleplay romance and sensual scenes. Typically, I will avoid doing so in-game or in public spaces, preferring to take it to Skype or "fade-to-black," instead.
Fighting/Sparring/Brawling. R'miah isn't much of a fighter, but she does have a habit of getting herself in trouble. Some prior discussion must take place beforehand, and do know that she'll fight your character on even ground, with even rules (unless, of course, she's injured or otherwise debilitated).
Abide by logical headcanon. If the lore abides your headcanon, then I will too. If there's no precedent whatsoever for it, then it's likely to be a hard sell. There are no vampires in Eorzea. There are no werewolves. Eorzea has no connection to any other Final Fantasy 'verse apart from those that allow SE-appointed cameos.


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