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Gridania-transparent.png Ander Brookstone
“How does one tell the line between a dream and reality?”

Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania
Age Unknown. Roughly late 20’s
Occupation Twin Adder Corporal
Orientation Unknown
Alignment Varies
Guardian Nophica, the Matron


Ander Brookstone, is a young Serpent Corporal within the Twin Adders, and a knowledgeable battlemage. Though not one for books or too much study in the subject of magicks, the elezen has a keen understanding of his own aether, and how to utilize the elements to create devastating power. He has had the ability to control the elements fire, ice, and lightning ever since he can remember.


The Duskwight is very tall, standing 6 fulm 10 ilms from the ground. His physique is typically elezen, though he is quite muscular. He weighs roughly 220 ponze. Ander has sea green eyes that stand out against crimson red hair, varying from chin to shoulder length. He usually keeps it tied back and out of the way in a bun or loose ponytail when it is long. Freckles dot his cheeks, as well as scars. One quite noticeable scar crosses his face, and another is on his lower right jaw. Various other battle scars appear all over his body from his duties, but the elezen mostly keeps his form covered with his uniform or other clothing. His style ranges anywhere from leathers to robes, plain and ornate alike. However, the man does not concern himself with fashions of the times too much, and mainly just picks what he likes.


Kind. Loyal. Unpredictable.

Ander is a fairly easygoing man, and very approachable. He is likable amongst his men and has a good reputation within the city-state of Gridania. His heritage as a Duskwight has rarely interfered with his life, and if it does, he is quick to turn the other cheek. Ander is an all-around do-gooder, friendly elezen. He does, however, have an odd streak that only few of his men within the Twin Adders have seen and even fewer of his friends and family. It is as if something comes over him all at once, an anger and temper that shoves itself into the limelight. When this ‘evil’ side emerges, there is no telling what kind of destruction will ensue.



Eorzean History.

Good food. (sweets, especially!)





Loud noises.

Family insults.



Blatant Injustice.

Being looked down upon.


Black Magicks. Only just recently learning the name of his skills, Ander is extremely proficient with all spells having to do with the Black.

Animal Whisperer. He is exceptionally drawn to and comfortable with caring and training animals, often seeking them for companionship than other people.

Quarterstaff. When spells fail, Ander is not without other ways of combat.

Loyalty. Ander's devotion to his causes and people is strong, indeed.

Optimist. Despite creeping doubts and angst, Ander maintains a ray of hope in all he does.


Loose Cannon.Being around strong aetheric sources or people can trigger his all-encompassing blackouts, and therefore he loses control.

Innocent. Very naive to the realm and complex circumstances.

Zero Self-Preservation. Has trouble seeing multiple options for what he should do in various predicaments--tends to choose self-sacrificing over inconveniencing others.

Ugly Duckling. Low self-image and self esteem. Doesn’t feel he belongs anywhere, despite knowing he is loved by his family.

Indecisive. Due to his ignorance, Ander struggles with making decisions pertaining to himself.


This is a list of the items that Ander currently is keeping on his person. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: 11/08/15.

  • Staff/Focus: Ander has a rather impressive collection of staves and other foci. He always has one on his person, regardless of the event or task. Those that are not in use are kept in his armoire within his flat in Gridania.

  • Treats: Toka, his red panda, is especially fond of little, crunchy tidbits. In order to keep the little guy content and out of trouble, Ander keeps plenty of treats on hand. He also is known to carry greens for his chocobo, Magiere.

  • Ether Potions: To replenish his aether after a hard fight, Ander will take it upon himself to medicate his depleted life energy.

  • Various Amplifiers: Ander is always seen wearing some type of enhanced jewelry or amulet. He does this to strengthen his attacks and ward off enemy magicks.

  • Gil Purse: Though he is not rich by any means, the mage has enough gil to get around Eorzea with little problem.

  • Toka: Ander's red panda friend. He is mischievous and constantly hungry.

  • Magiere: The Adder's chocobo, his treasured steed. Ander loves this chocobo like family.


As previously stated, Ander is proficient with Black Magicks/Thaumaturgy. His aether is vast and practiced, even before his family pushed for him to study at the Ossuary. He was only there for a short time, having learnt all that they could offer about the magick itself and learning to control it. He held minimal interest in the more priestly duties of the Magisters and acolytes in preparing the dead, and instead would rather use his gifts to focus on protecting the living. Though Ander's magickal abilities in thaumaturgy are very close to master level, he is absolutely unable to perform even the most basic conjury or arcanum spells. His aether turns on itself, hurting him in the process. It is for this reason that he does not attempt them in any form. In addition to thaumaturgy, Ander is very well adapted to using the Quarter Staff. He is often seen using his magicks staff as a pole for melee foes.


Standard issue antelope bone staff of the Twin Adders. It is a fair focus, given to Ander when he spoke of his proficient use of Thaumaturgy during his initial Twin Adder recruitment and basic training. Due to its lightness and non-threatening presence, Ander usually carries this staff when he is not expecting combat. Though certainly viable, his spells are not at their peak with this staff, as his aether does not seem to be drawn to its focus as much as others.


Ander's second most used weapon would be the golden Wolfliege Staff he earned for serving in several battles for the Twin Adders, in recognition of his honour and bravery. Ander prefers this staff over some others he has because of the distinct potency it gives to his Astral Aura fire spells.


Though usually forced to use his magick staff as this, Ander does own a few quarterstaffs for his own training and practice. He is quite good with the weapon, having been taught by his father, Lewin, for several years prior.


Ander seeks to own a weapon that he feels is 'made' for him and his magickal strength. Thus far, even with commissioned attempts, the elezen has not found the tool for him. Not yet.


Here is a list of recent and/or notable fights, roleplay scenes, etc. that Ander has been a part of. This list is by no means all inclusive, and serves more as a general reference as to what he has been up to.

  • Urth's Fount: Wolfliege Staff. Ander and his squadron were sent to investigate a strange presence within the South Shroud, as several people from Quarrymill had gone missing. One of his comrades, Sergeant Qhas, mistakenly touched a mysterious and powerful dark artifact, letting loose some very intelligent and deep-dwelling Voidsent. As their squad was overwhelmed, some of the 81st Foreign Levy were along the same trail, and assisted Ander and his men to defeat the Voidsent. During this battle, Ander and a woman named Brielle Ashenfist combined their magicks into a rather devastating area-wide attack, while combining Fire and Lightning aspects. It was after this battle that Ander came to know the 81st as a Company, but had met some of its members in other settings.
  • The Observatory: Twin Adder Staff. Though not exactly a battle, Ander had an especially bad episode with one of his blackouts, losing himself for several minutes. Syrress managed to suffer through it without injury, but only due to her quick thinking and managing to get the elezen's staff out of his hands.
  • Sohm Al: Wolfliege Staff. Ander assisted the 81st in clearing out scalekin and dravanians to keep their airship safe on its climb to the summit of the great mountain. Once at the top, he helped explore a bit of the Churning Mists, directly around Moghome.


If one asked this question to Ander himself, he would have very little to tell you. In truth, the man has no idea who he really is or where he came from. All he knows is that he woke up naked within the Twelveswood, stumbling aimlessly toward no one and nothing. The elezen had no name, no memory, only a seething migraine headache. He remembers very little from that sun. Had it not been for Roysia Brookstone, the woman he would call his mother later, he would have likely fallen ill and died of chill.

The Brookstones, a fairly well-to-do midlander family, took in the wayward elezen after learning that he was basically a grown child. They gave him the name ‘Ander’ and included him in everything from there on. It is due to their act of kindness that the elezen has made a reasonably successful name for himself within the city of Gridania. Ander takes great pride in his family, and would do anything to repay the massive debt he owes them for saving his life. He stays with them, loyal, and helped them through sickness, the Calamity, and rebuilding after the fact.

Not long after the elezen found a stable life in the city, his world shifted as his expertise with magicks began showing itself randomly. After a few alarming occurrences, the Brookstones encouraged Ander to travel to Ul’dah and study within the Ossuary to hone his obvious skills in Thaumaturgy. This he did, but only with reluctance. Life in Ul’dah was not something Ander wished for himself, and he found the other potential mages to be ruthless, jealous, and cold-hearted. Unwilling to continue his training under the Coco-brothers, Ander returned home to Gridania, and studied on his own. Though the time in Ul’dah was brief, only just a cycle, he did learn the names of the spells he obviously knew, and how to cast them at will. This, for him, was life-altering.

After honing his craft, Ander enlisted to serve as a Twin Adder. He was not a mender, a writer, an adventurer, nor a businessman like the rest of his family--he knew he had to choose a path for himself. In this, he chose the life of a Battlemage, and donned the title of soldier. Through battles he earned experience, gained more control, but not without a price. His body shows the struggles of his past, with scars on his face, arms, and torso.


Recently, Ander has been reassigned due to his major problem of blackouts. During these blackouts, he losing control and becomes as if he was another person entirely, full of rage, power, and wrath. The Adders are unsure what to do with a good soldier with bad problems, so they sent him away to Coerthas as a way to deal with him temporarily.

Prior to this, he gained the attention of some of the members of the 81st Foreign Levy, and has named himself as their ally. A few have agreed to assist him in the troublesome personal matters, and for that he is very grateful. One of them he has grown quite fond of, and has even forgotten some of his frustration with the Adders due to her kind and welcome visits.

After spending way too long in the cold northern regions, Ander decided to take action against his assignments. Though suffering a demotion in title, Ander is once again reassigned to the East Shroud until further notice. He is quite content with his current status, and has been using his time to repay the kindness the 81st has shown him by helping with some of their missions to the north.


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust


These are mostly backstory-related relationships.

Roysia Brookstone, mother. ( )
Ander’s Thoughts: "I owe her so much..."

A shrewd businesswoman and accomplished writer, Roysia is a perfect match for her husband Lewin. She and Ander are close, and she is often baking him food and other treats to keep his belly happy.

Lewin Brookstone, father. ( )
Ander's Thoughts: "Though friendly, he keeps himself distant from us. I do love him all the same."

A well respected leather supplier in Gridania, Lewin is a midlander who knows how to talk the talk. He is outgoing, likable, and knows everyone. His ability to remember names and faces is uncanny, and it is for this reason that the Brookstone business is very much alive and well after several generations. Ander's relationship with his father is fairly good, even if they do not share many hobbies.

Penelope Brookstone, sibling. ( )
Ander’s Thoughts: ”I would not wish to be on the other side of her anger.”

Penny is a harsh midlander woman and puts up with no goatshite. She has left Gridania to make her way as an adventurer in Eorzea. She and Ander were never too close, as she was already several years ahead of him. However, she does acknowledge him as a sibling, despite him being adopted late in her life as an elder sister.

Farrimond Brookstone, sibling. ( )
Ander’s Thoughts: ”He will make a find husband, I believe, for that seems to be his ultimate goal?”

Farrimond is much like his father, and takes after him in many behaviour respects. He and Ander get along very well as they are only roughly two cycles apart, and Farrimond is very supportive of Ander's work within the Twin Adders. The lad is no fighter, however, but he is an amateur mender at best. He is keen to take over his father's leather business one day.

Lina Brookstone, sibling. ( 🔒 )
Ander’s Thoughts: ”She is my treasure, a light in dark corners.”

Lina and Ander are the closest of all of his siblings. She is several years younger than him, but possesses a wisdom of people thrice her age. Lina is a Hearer and already an accomplished Conjurer within the Guild in Gridania. Though her dreams for herself are lofty, it is her pure views of the world that inspire Ander whenever he speaks to her.


Listed here are the non-family characters, both PC and NPC, that Ander has interacted with enough or in such a way for him to form a real opinion about them. Please don't take personal offense if your character isn't listed here, or how the interaction or relationship is described. It isn't that I dislike your character or our RP. I just tend to only add these as necessary for those who make a real impact on Ander, and descriptions are purely based upon in character experiences and opinions!

Last Update... 11/08/15.

* An asterisks denotes that Ander doesn't know the individual's true name.

Keaira Twinning, Lieutenant of the 81st. ( 🔒 $ )
Ander’s Thoughts: "Her words are bold, but her disposition is nothing but kindness."

Ander met Twinning beneath the boughs of the Guardian Tree. He admires her position and her blunt attitude. Since their meeting, Ander has gotten to know Keaira on much better personal terms, and considers her a dear friend already, despite not knowing her for very long. The Mage sees her as someone he can turn to for important and "petty" matters both, which is something he has not had much experience with, outside of his sister.

Onuma Ahntifi, who shoulders the Realm. ( $ )
Ander’s Thoughts: "Truly, she possesses a warrior’s spirit. I...quite enjoy it."

Though Ander had met with Onuma several times previously, it is not until recently that the two have spent bells alone together. With both of them on the tail end of grief, it is only natural that the mage and knight would find solace in each other's words and actions. Though Ander is a mix of hesitant and bold, he has opened his heart to the Keeper of the Moon. How the path unwinds, is yet unknown.

Brielle Ashenfist, 81st Comrade. ( 🔃 )
Ander’s Thoughts: "She is powerful, and slightly intimidating with her stare."

Ander met Brielle during the battle at Urth's Fount. He was very surprised but impressed that the two of them could wordlessly create such a powerful attack together. Ander remains very curious about this woman and hopes to see her again.

Syrress Detilderan, a leaf on the wind. ( 🔃 )
Ander’s Thoughts: "I only hope I did not bring her distress, in the end."

Their first meeting was not during the best of circumstances, as Ander mucked things up all over the place! However, Syrress proved to be a kind person and a flowing font of information. Ander appreciated her company and wisdom very much. After several months of silence from the hyur, Ander has taken it as a lack of interest in continuing their relationship. Though he bears no ill will against Syrress in the slightest, his heart ached for quite some time. Should they meet once more, he will not press for information, and only wishes her the best in life.

Etoinelle Marette (NPC), a leaf on the wind. ( 🔃 )
Ander’s Thoughts: "I do not deserve forgiveness; I only hope you are well."

Formerly in love and engaged, Etoinelle fled Ander and Gridania after a particularly awful encounter with his uncontrollable side. Ander was beside himself with grief and anger at himself, but bears no ill will against Etoinelle for leaving him. Despite this, he is unsure of how he would feel if he ever saw her again...


These are rumors, both from NPCs and PCs, that one might overhear in regards to Ander. Feel free to utilize these in your RP hooks, or add your own!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
  • "Sergeant Brookstone is a great soldier and a good man. Tis a pity that he cannot seem to get his act together." -- Twin Adder Chief Sergeant.

  • "I always see him walking with a young, blonde girl. She seems far too young to be his lover..." -- Gridanian Local.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
  • "He's the adopted son of our leather-supplier, Lewin. Not sure why they let a Dusky in their house, but he's not my business. Seems to be an upstanding lad, which is saying a lot for his kind." -- Leatherworker's Guild Rep.

  • "Our Ander simply adores his sister, Lina. I swear he would go to the ends of the realm for that child..." -- Roysia Brookstone.

  • "He is always so kind to stop and chat to the children in the city. It is clear that he has much joy to give to the realm." -- Conjurer's Guild Mender.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
  • "He went crazy. Ballistic. I've never seen a person turn angry and monstrous so quickly. He nearly burned down the whole godsdamned forest!" -- Adder Private.

  • "Brookstone? Heard his fiancee left him some cycles ago. Shame. They seemed like a good match." -- Carline Canopy Dweller.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
  • (Insert rumor here.) -- Rumor Author / Location

  • (If you add a player rumor, please first copy and paste the above line of code to leave behind for the next person! Thanks!)


A collection of screenshots of Ander that serves as a visual reference, or snapshots from certain roleplaying scenes.


A collection of artwork of Ander, either commissioned or gifted by the respective artist(s). Artist names & info are linked when you hover over images.
You are not permitted to re-use this artwork for your own characters or purposes, whether on Final Fantasy XIV or on other games, forums, etc.


Ander is currently stationed within Coerthas Central Highlands, but he has Aetheryte access to several points on the Eorzean map. Below are some of the most common ways to know of or seek out this battlemage.

  • Twin Adder: Ander is a 2nd Class Sergeant within the Twin Adders, so if your character is in the Grand Company or a known ally of them, he/she might know of him.
  • Gridanian Ander is Gridanian and has spent the vast majority of his known life within the city.
  • Twelveswood: Ander knows the Twelveswood very well, and might know your character (or at least recognize them) if they are a frequent traveler. This is true especially for the East Shroud.


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