Brielle Ashenfist

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Brielle Ashenfist
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 32
Marital Status Single
Occupation Freelancer, Thaumaturge
Height/Weight 6'3", 205lb
Orientation Pansexual
  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother

Brielle is both an experienced Thaumaturge and Gladiator with an extensive history of fighting in the Bloodsands, along with other mercenary work.

Basic Info

'What Brielle lacks in manners she makes up for in martial and magical skill alike.


■ Fire
■ Getting things done
■ Honesty
■ The smell of burning wood


■ Dancing around a point
■ Cold weather
■ Working for free


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favorite Food: Dagger Soup
Favorite Drink: Pineapple Juice
Favorite Color: Bark Brown
Favorite Activity: Training

Appearance & Personality

Brielle is a tall, fierce Highlander Hyur, her toned form rippling with muscle built over years of training. Her brown hair is styled into dreads with red dye at the base, designed to look like burning timber. She oft smelled of smoke, even when little to no fire was present.
She favors both blade and magicks, but the pure, destructive power of fire has always fancied her interest no matter which set of tools she'll use to get a job done. Her interest in doing good work outweighs any personal moral code, leaving her an ideal soldier to some - and a callous, dangerous powderkeg to others. She previously used her thaumaturgy to perform for onlookers in between leves, stopping only when the coin ran dry. She hasn't spoke of this much since.
Finding a need for additional coin, Brielle recently signed onto a free company of great repute.


Brielle often doesn't bring up her past, and for good reason. With a few unpaid debts that left her turning to fighting to make some coin, it's clear that she's not gone through life without a fair number of mistakes.



The following rumors are just that - rumors. Some may not be true. Feel free to add your own!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Brielle? I remember her performances. You shoulda' seen 'em!" -Onlooker
"Doesn't ever pay 'er tab. Always some bloke stepping in for 'er." -Barkeep
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Don't spar with that one if you're lookin' for a clean fight." -Someone with a very, very burned face.
"She's reliable. Hired her for some work, got it done with little fuss." -Employer
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Spoke back to 'er once... big mistake..." -Some guy who probably got his ass whooped.
"She enchanted her damned blades with fire. Shoulda seen it! Never saw anythin' like it, I swear!" -Sneaky onlooker
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)



Romantic Interest      Platonic Love      Enigmatic Love      Sexual Interest      Good Standing      Neutral Standing      Poor Standing
Shula (NPC) : Hatching right before a company mission to Coerthas, this sickly, needy little Griffin was left in the care of a trusted friend. Though it is weak, Brielle is oddly fond of the creature, and has vowed to see it returned to full strength ere long. Recently, Shula has grown to a decent size, though she's still beyond riding. She seems to have come into her own despite being a runt - all that love, care and attention finally paying off.
Adela Frei (NPC) : A daughter once lost and recently found, Adela was taken at the age of four and rescued when nearing her eleventh summer. She wants the best for Adela, but shows no subtle guilt about how her actions cost her only child so much pain. She's currently being cared for by Brielle with the assistance of close friends, and has recently taken a huge liking to Ainle, getting along with the man while showing a sour attitude to all others.
Ainle Goldpaw : Considered at one point a rival, a brief tryst between the two left some distance after a bitter draw in the sands left her humiliated. Some time later, they were reunited under the banner of the 81st, and his frustrations posed new questions for her that even she doesn't have the answers to. Recent events in her life have hastened the process of finding those answers, and Xihra, formerly called 'blondie', has found himself a special place in her heart. These feelings frustrate her to no end, but she'll not fight them for now, content to see things go in this new chapter in her life.
Jhaiel Frost : Jhaiel is the ice to Brielle's ember, the calm to her fury, the brains to her brawn. Friends for the longest time, Jhaiel is one of few that Brielle trusts with her secrets. During their younger days, 'blondie' kept the hotheaded thaumaturge out of quite a bit of trouble - and even still does, from time to time, when her commitment to duty outweighs her own personal safety. Jhaiel is more than a friend or a partner - she's family.
Keaira Twinning : Keaira's got a story to tell, and Brielle isn't gonna prod until the Hyur wants to spill it. Until then, she plans to put the woman to good use in tracking down someone very important. After some time fighting together, she's starting to see a true friend in this woman - there's respect for one that can take no shite and do it with a smile, anyroad. Her recent assistance in tracking down Adela has earned Twinning a new layer of respect in Brielle's eyes. She's not sure how to pay back the Midlander, but it'll happen.
Z'koa Rhiki : This Seeker girl is the one responsible for entrusting Shula's care to the Highlander. She's an endless fount of knowledge on raising these beasts, apparently, and one with impressive powers to boot. Though she doesn't fight on the field often, the thaumaturge recognizes and respects the things she does, and considers this smart, resourceful Seeker as a true friend.
Rhesh'ir Zhwan : Captain of the 81st, and the man responsible for her paycheck. He's a tough one and keeps it together, but recent ordeals will really put that to the test. While she isn't much for intruding in one's life, there's something about him - other than his stunningly good looks - that draws her in and makes her want to ask enough questions to give him a headache.
E'lios Nunh : E'lios is a man that Brielle can look up to despite being a few fulm shorter. He's patient where it's needed, and fierce where it counts. There's a rare respect here, even if they don't get enough of a chance to talk.
Noor Falmah : They haven't spoken much, but Noor's already proven to be a valuable ally. Up until tragedy befell the group, she was staying with the Keeper in the forelands during the mission. There's a lot they could teach each other. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't. She'll be well off, either way.
H'lanah Yhisa : Though some may not consider it to be the case, Brielle finds H'lanah's flirty nature to be almost endearing - not frustrating. She's offered an ear to vent to many times, and even her assistance in tracking down Brielle's daughter. She's a sweet gal, and one with plenty of potential.
Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn : This tough fella worries too much for his own good, but he's a great friend either way. He's patient enough to put up with her attitude and conflicted feelings. Even if she worries about his patience, she knows the man's good at what he does. She respects the hell outta him, even if it's tested daily.
Ander Brookstone : Having met only briefly in the Shroud, the Highlander is immensely impressed with this Adder sergeant's power and eagerly awaits what he might have in store next, should their paths cross once more.
Onuma Ahntifi : This Lieutenant of the 81st is one that has swiftly earned the Highlander's respect. Her assistance in a personal matter of Brielle's did not go unnoticed, and she's currently working at a means of paying her back for the help.