Aylis Tessier

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Ishgard.jpg Aylis Tessier
Peace comes at a price, a price I have paid for dearly
Senior Alchemist - Ishgardian Airship Development and Research - Magitek Division
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 31
Religion Devote follower of Nymeia, Nald and Thal
Occupations Ishgardian Alchemical Engineer
Relationship Status Single
Name Day 18'th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon

Basic Info

Alignment - Chaotic Good

Height - 5'4

Weight - 135 pounds. Thanks to a return to civilization, and lots of Almaz's cooking Aylis no longer suffers from malnourishment.

Hair - Sky blue

Eyes - Hazel Green

Skin - Lightly tanned, lighter then usual. This is caused by a skin defect Aylis had at birth preventing her skin from being able to tan in the sun but thanks in part to heavy exposure to the environment and sun of the Sagolli Aylis over time has developed a slight tan.

Build - Aylis has a healthy athletic build with clearly defined and visible muscle tone thanks to her current training and building the desert hamlets farm.

Clothing - Aylis prefers wearing black, red or blue clothing. While not in battle and in more social situations she favors tighter fitting bottoms or skirts matched with more looser fitting tops.

Alias - Crescent: Aylis chose this name to predominately mask her family name "Tessier" as a precaution to her family during her more questionable days working as a underground assassin.

Markings - Scars: Aylis's body is marked by six visible scars. Her face is home to a large cross slash scar starting at just above her right eye, running diagonally down the bridge of her nose and coming to a end dangerously close to below her left eye. Her left palm is home to a noticeable scar, horizontal and running nearly the full length of her hand. Her right shoulder bears a small, thick circular scar. Her left forearm is splotched by two small and one medium sized markings where it appears the skin melted and re-healed

Markings - Tattoos: Aylis possesses two tattoos that are always hidden. Very few have seen or even know of them. The first is one of a small lightning bolt surrounded by a weave of ice located on the small of her back just above the base of her tail. The other encircling her left breast are five red tears turned at a clockwise angle. Two stand nearly side by side at the top of her breast, another two fall to each side of the breast sticking slightly out further then its circumfrance while the final tear lay at the bottom of her breast sitting between the two top tears.

Languages - Aylis is able to speak read and write two languages.

Eorzean: Aylis is able to speak read and write the Eorzean language with perfection

Garlean: Due to her past workings with Rio, Aylis is able to read,write and speak The Garlean language


The Return

Content and happy to live out the rest of her days with her family deep within the vast emptiness of the Sagollii was Aylis's only desire. She was with her family, she was happy, she finally got her reward for the hard life she face. Too much to ask for and thrust back into the fight again. Her sister taken by Gaius to places unknown. Aylis returned to Eorzea for answers and a confrontation with the Black Wolf himself for Rios safe return.

Returned to the world again scraping together what she could Aylis continued on. When it seemed another made a return, in another guise. Her old friend Seraphine made now Highguard of the Stormguard awakened those branded to her side. Aylis and her long friend Shurin answered this call. Seraphine assembled them all along side new souls that wished to...protect what they protected. Aylis still burning with rage over the capture of Rio went along with Seraphine, it was her duty, to protect Haven, to protect the artifacts. Dalamud's shadow looming over, the Empire moving closer. It was her duty...it was her oath.

As the moons ticked by to no avail, until one sun, the glass rose, a present from Rio one morning shattered and what remained was nothing more then dust. Aylis knew it meant only one thing. Rio's death. With a heavy heart Aylis went about, telling all her friends, telling who the enemy was. Unfortunatly a larger unseen enemy remained.

Moons later Aylis was approached by Mizune, now lurking within Shurin's body and using his mind. Shurin spoke to her of grave news to say the least. a assassination attempt has been made on Seraphines life. Shurin explained as she laid dieing he found her body. Summoning the unseen of the Stormguard. They stabalized Seraphine and sent her body to a save place to recover. Per priority. Storm Siren and the other Artifacts nor behind Storm Shield were sent to Keir overseas. Discuised and hidden within meer trinkets and oddities. Shurin spoke more and gave Aylis only two warnings. Their lives were in danger, and most importantly Guard Haven! he then offered the house he and Deirdre once shared together in owl's Nest to live in and serve as her watch point.

Aylis knew the dangers and said nothing more, she fled back to the Sagolli homestead to gather her belongings and told Almaz and Mhrii the news and begged for them to come with her. They of coarse did. Where one went the others go and they could not be alone at this time for they were as equally in danger. The three gathered all they needed and locked up the homestead and set out to their new home in Owl's nest to watch over the archives and haven. Aylis took her place again as Head Mystic and librarian, watching over the archives along side Almaz and Mhrii in Haven.

The attack on Seraphine came so quickly and without warning. Aylis was not going to allow the same to happen to them. Gathering a dozen of Rio's old Crackle Bombs. Aylis jerry-rigged these to a wooden platform and imitation finger to mimic the detonator sequence and buried these all along the yard and path to the house. Making a crude map of their locations. Further searching Rio's belongings Aylis found Rio's old Thunder Puncher. Ripping the gloves off she placed the wires to the windows metal latches and handles. They continued to live very un-eventful suns. Aylis bored out of her mind began to delve into the many books in the archives. Finding several about Alchemy, its works and processes. Figuring it out to be a way to at least /pass the time/ Aylis under guise made her way to the guilds center in Ul'dah, gathering the proper tools and a basket of materials to take back with her home. She spent her days over the alembic...happy and content....until that night...

The Attack

Late into the night Aylis and Almaz awoke to the sound of a explosion resonating from the back yard. Springing from her bed Aylis looked out the window to see the remains of a Garlean small transport ship on fire, sitting half inside a crater in the back yard. Two burning soldiers emerged from the wreckage screaming until their last breath. Soon another ship and another and another descended from the skies while a small ground force assassinated the guards at the gate. The war sirens from Ishgard sounded and the black smoke of the burning house could be seen all through the region. Ayis and Almaz stood there ground within the house. Exhausted and under supplied they faught on against the invaders. Revealed to be soldiers of the VII'th legion, under command of Gaius Van Baelzar. Aylis weakened and caught by a stray arrow in the shoulder faught on along side Almaz who fared not all that better either. As the last of the soldiers fell, a group of friends who saw the smoke and heard the sirens came to the house. Shurin who burst in the house to a surprised Aylis who mistook him for a Garlean soldier hit him with the last of her reserves in the form of a Thundaga spell sending him flying before collapsing her own self.

A once enemy now turned friend proved to be the saving grace in the fray. Deirdre, tending to Aylis, puling the arrow from her shoulder and attending to Almaz's wounds all the same. Unfortunatly the hamlet was fastly over ran by Ishgardian soldiers to sort out the situation. Under questioning of why the VII'th would be here and after them. Aylis tired and not in her right mind mentioned the name /Rio/ This proved her mistake. The commander recognizing that name as a escaped convict. It was on that spot he charged Aylis as being a enemy of the state by supporting a Garlean and proptly kicked hey in the stomach. Almaz now furious attacked the guard. Deridre joined suit, plunging both her daggers in the Commanders neck while Shurin threatened and down talked the rest of the squad into doing the clean up proceedings of the Hamlet.

Another man, at the scene reveled to be in allience with Ishgard, a organization called Shimmer Song offered sanctity for the two at there own headquarters. Wanted nothing more then sleep Aylis and Almaz agreed and were taken to this facility under guard. Later that night while the two slept they were broken free by Shurin and Deirdre and placed someplace safe. Lost to the world and waking up and not in the greatest of shape. Aylis and Almaz tended to their wounds as best as they could. The nation still under high alert and searching locations eventually found the weakened duo inside a windmill. They were both arrested and taken to Ishgard and thrown into the deepest cells the jailer had.


Things looked bleak for the two, rotting in cells and faced with charges of treason and enemies of the state. Facing the gallows it was certain through Ishgard the two would hang for there crimes. The day of the trial came, the outlook was on the Archbishops face was grim and stern, as if showing his mind was already made up. As the trial waged on Aylis, in a bid to save her life along Almaz saught out to strike a deal with Ishgard. Dalamud hanging in the heavens and the threat of the Empire moving closer, Aylis offered her knowledge, Rio's knowledge, and Perry's knowledge to Ishgard. Aylis being able to fully translate the journals and schematics she could access, and knowing the locations to where they were stating clearly "If we die, then the knowledge dies with us" The Archbishop called a break in the trial to think this over.

A break did happen during this time, the lesser moon Dalamud broke open revealing the imprisoned Wyrmking. As lands died and fire rained from the sky. While Ishgard was spared in the calamity, it was not safe. The Archbishop knowing this decided the fate of Almaz and Aylis. he would accept their offer, they supply the knowledge, they work for Ishgard, they help the nation survive.

Sprung from there cells and under heavy guard returned to Owl's Nest to see what was spared from the fires. Aylis finding the crystal keys used to access the desert homestead took them up. After a travel on the aether Aylis and the guards arrived at the homestead. Gathering what journals, diagrams, schematics Rio had stored at the house into what she and the guards could carry. Aylis only stopping to pick up one last thing. The Red Crystal Rio gave her.

After bringing the tomes to the Ishgard research library Aylis and the guard made one last stop. Using the crystal to visit the Van Roche Ironworks one last time. Aylis gathering what tomes and schematics she could access. Taking with her a few special tools and a good supply of cerelium to start the experiments. Aylis left the Ironworks for the last time. Un-able to run a business from jail, her last act was to sign over the Ironworks to ownership of Rio's last remaining staff, Limi and Vanny.

For the next years Almaz and Aylis worked withing Ishgard, translating the journals and bringing a cross of Garlean technology mixed and infused with Ishgardian technology to improve and re-design the airship fleet. As time grew and trust in the two grew, the Archbishop grew more lenient of restrictions placed on them. Changing them from a simple cell rooms to more reasonable living quarters and gr anting them permission to leave the tower and visit the city. AS time grew further ans skirmishes with the Empire grew as well, as more soldiers were sent in the fields and less remained in Ishgard. As his final act the Archbishop granted Aylis and Almaz to join active duty and retrain along side the soldiers to protect the walls. Aylis, returning to her former stance as a Dragoon Knight and Almaz taking her place among the archers along side their duties in the laboratory and machina shop.

Released.....? (Intro to A Realm Reborn)

The sun breaking through the mountains of Coerthas illuminating the freshly fallen snow as the last remnants of darkness slither away into the crevices of the land ushering in forth the new day. Their day, their day of freedom. Awakening from their bedrooms and gathering the last remains of their returned equipment and supplies Almaz and Aylis begun their walks to the airship docks of Ishgard. The place they called home..all be it reluctantly for the past five cycles. Bidding a farewell to their past colleagues and associates. The two walked to the boarding docks to which their eyes fell upon The SGX Valliant. A transport ship of their own makings, no more then a simple prototype, it was this ship to which fastly became the standard for transport and ferrying passengers or soldiers across the land. Featuring a modified cerelium drive core and break throughs in cooling technology and bearing a tempered marred with tiny dents from its various flights. A gristly reminder of the past conflicts with the Garlean machinations of war.

This flight however would not yield diplomatic missions, nor soldier drops to fuel the front lines of the tides of war, nor covert missions to no raids. This was no more then a simple transport. It would mark the transport of Almaz and Aylis, now free of charges of treason. Their services ended, a full pardon by the Archbishop himself. Who egarly awaited them at the bording docks to bid them a fond farewell along a healthy sum of gil for their services since declining to remain in Ishgard. They wanted nothing more then a new life. A new life in the place they once knew. Limsa Lominsia. With dreams of building their own business away from the war and away from conflict. Miqo'TEK Engineering they would call it. Nothing more then a humble airship repair and modification service.

The Archbishop bidding farewell along the gathered regiments of Ishgard at the docks. From the smallest assistant to their own Commanders in war training divisions. As the airship engine roared to life and the gates closed. Aylis and Almaz took their places at the controls as they always have done. Watching and monitoring fuel pressures and making certain the engine start up sequence is done with no errors. Aylis with a nod signaled to Almaz everything is running at optimal performance. Almaz then signaling for the bay clamps to disengage as the drive core hummed with perfect resonance. The ship hovering perfectly began its exit from the docks into the clear open skies.

Among the humming of the engine and the idle chatter amongst the deck crew. The wind blowing and a aura of a new dawn. A sense of happiness in the air the two haven't felt in seasons. Aylis continuing her work began to hum a cheerful song. Almaz not far off joined in with song. Aylis humming while Almaz singing, a song of freedom, a song of peace. As the two became louder the deck hands stopped in their conversations to take notice as if in a state of shock. They never once bore witness to the two this happy. As they continued their song a sharp alarm filled the air emitting from Aylis's control panel.

Her eyes falling to the blinking light pointing out engine temperature shot up past the safe parameter zone. "The hells?" she stammered cutting off her song in the process while a concerned Almaz ran over to the panel "Engine temperature is through the ceiling! Let me switch to the sub cooling system!......Nothing..the temperature is still rising!" With several curses Almaz blurted out "I'll be right back!" With a panic in her steps Almaz ran off to the hatch descending to the engine core room.

Upon arriving Almaz quickly learned the cause of the overheating. Cerelium coolant lay in a puddle encompassing the floor spewing forth from a large rupture in the supply line. Acting fast Almaz quickly ran to the shut off valve to manually divert the coolant to the sub systems. She was successful however coolant began to shoot forth from a loose panel masking the sub system lines. The sub system was designed for emergencies and were mostly hidden from knowledge of the crew. Almaz knew it was the worse. On the bridge a panicked Aylis tried in vain to stabilize the engines as the ship began to drop from the heavens. As the remnants of the crew scream and scammer as cries of abandon ship ring the air. Thick smoke begins pouring out of the engine room as the heat from the cerelium core begins to melt and tear the ships engine apart! Almaz shouting over the intercom. "GET TO THE FRONT STORAGE ROOM NOW! THIS TUBS GOING DOWN!!!" Aylis abandons her panel and begins running to the cargo hatch. Slipping and losing her footing along the way as the airship buckles and stammers in the air against its untimely descent. Aylis leaped into the hatch landing on a soft pile of blankets . Almaz quickly soon followed. Securing the hatch Almaz landed on the blanket pile and all the both could do was hold on and hope they survived.

As the ship fell from the heavens and hit the ground with the force of a cerelium bomb explosion. The momentum carrying the ship forward on the ground. Crashing into what may lay in its path. Eventually coming to a creeking stop. Almaz and Aylis checking themselves over to make certain nothing was missing or broken. Still shivering from fright but safe aside a few cuts and bruises. Almaz with heavy breaths climbed the ladder and opened the cargo bay hatch......


I desire to become the wind.

Voice - Both soft and firm Aylis speaks with a accent derived as a mix from her homeland and adapting the Ul'dah accent into her own. Often metaphorical in her speech most have difficulties understanding her and often confuse her speech to be condensending. Most tend to understand what she was saying all along after what she spoke of transpires.

Personality - Straight and to the point, and far from afraid to speak her mind. Shes fully honest with people even if she has to be blunt. Aylis is extremely loyal to her close friends and family, and treats her customers with respect. Occasionally offering more lucrative services within her means to loyal trusting customers of the shop, assuming she can get her hands on the materials to fill the orders!

Demeanor - Due to her size Aylis looks younger then she actually is. She moves with speed and agility often avoiding most contact with others. A byproduct of her days gone by as a strickly business trained hired killer. Aylis is often described as the girl you want to meet but can't figure out how to approach. Seemingly oblivious to the presense of strangers. Those that are able to meet with her see her for her kindness and trust she puts out.

Religion - Aylis is a devout follower of Nymeia Nald and Thal often talking about them as she speak and can be seen telling stories about them and preaching to others that wish to hear. As a follower of Nald and her position in the Ossuary she has taken on the duty of selling coffins as her service to Thal. Aylis has begun to knowledge Halone and Bygrot but does not worship them.

Goals - To see the new world and to get the Miqoteer Airship Services started along side Almaz.

Quirks and Flaws

1) She often acts out with out thought or disregard to her own safety. Often throwing herself to the fates whatever they may befall her should her family be threatened or hurt. She will often act in situations without knowing fully what she is doing or possible ramifications that what she is doing might make a situation worse.

2) As a devote member of the Order of Nald'Thal she desires to see each of Eorzea's children upon there deaths arrive at Thal's side. Upon meeting a person for the first few times she will try her best to help the person see the light and contract them for a coffin and proper burial for when there time comes to a end.

3) She has a often forgetful nature in regards to link pearls often forgetting to deactivate them after she is done with them.

Likes -

1) Rain

2) Almaz's cooking

3) Reading

4) Studying

5) Magitek

6) The Night

7) Forest Trails

8) The Wind

9) Plum Wine

10) Her Alchemy

Dislikes -

1) Rude Arrogant people

2) Indesisive people

3) Hot Sun

4) Waking up early

5) The Empire

6) Flying Insects

Hates -

1)Curious Guards, curious people interfering with her work

Fears -

1) For her family's safety.

2) Never being allowed to settle. Work work work work...

3) Too many times temping fate, when will be her last?


-Immediate Family-

Adellia Tessier - Mother, location unknown since leaving home. Presumed deceased, or alive back at the farm.

Tylas Tessier - Father, location unknown since leaving home. Presumed deceased or alive back at the farm.

-Surrogate Family-


Almaz Khaltamze - Current residence: Ishgard

Rio van Rosch - Current residence: Deceased

Mhrii Pericamberih - Current residence: Unknown, though Mhrii serves Ishgard on the outside gathering more /difficult and questionable/ materials for the imprisoned Almaz and Aylis

Genavie Cross - Current residence: Unknown


Arydin Cerius - Current residence: Unknown, believed to be deceased

Shurin Mizune - Curremt residence: Unknown


Where exists light exists shadow - Aylis Tessier

Specialization:: Lancer born and raised, Aylis demonstrates precise knowledge and use of the lance. Further improved through her training as a Dragoonm Knight. While she favors this style, through her past workings as a Thaumaturge and learning the ways of the Black Mage shes not afraid and is quite capable of still flinging a spell or two~!

Strengths:: light and agile and silent Aylis is often able to get the drop of her foes before they see her and can react to her body enfeebling magics.

Weaknesses:: if caught and placed in a toe to toe situation or if her foe can bridge the gap on her fast. She is often ill prepared to handle a foe at full strength. Tight corridors an areas where she is unable to move put her at a incredible disadvantage. While she is able to focus large blasts of umbral energy she can't sustain such attacks for long before she is severly weakened near to the point of collapsing. Due to her choice in armor, cloth and leather are unable to sustain great impacts causing her to go down faster in a upfront attack. She is fairly weakened against the forces of earth and lightning magics.


Her tome is a weapon all in itself. A product of her studies in magic, mixed with her alchemical applications along with her knowledge of magitek. She is never without this book!

Grenadier belt - A taught leather belt containing an assortment of her alchemical engineering. Containing eight smooth metal cylindrical canisters. Topped with a switch. Withing the switch resides a fuse coated with a sliver thin piece of mythral near a think fire shard sliver. On top a spring loaded safety cap. When the cap is pulled up and the switch pressed, the fire sliver rests against the fuse. Releasing the switch strikes the crystal against the fuse igniting it. The container ruptures five seconds later producing the effects of the canisters contents. Engraved on each canister is a stick figure drawing indicating its effects. Aylis keeps these canisters specifically ordered in her belt. The Left side she names "Naughty" the right side "Nice"


Two ceruleum canisters, indicated by the image of explosion cloud, along a stick figure torn apart and scattered to the four directions.

Two goldbile canisters, typically larger then the rest due to the interior glass lining. This is marked by a stick figure within a cloud of gas.


Two sleep canisters, as indicated by a stick figure in bed with sevral *zzzzz's* above its head

Two paralysis containers, as indicated by a stick figure laying down surrounded by tiny lightning bolts.

The belts contents based on current RP and until when/if Aylis gets facilities to make them again.

2 Paralyze

1 Sleep

2 Goldbile

1 Ceruleum


((WIP, till I see the climate of new Coerthas ^_^))

When Aylis must enter combat or dangerous situations. Accepted into the Ishgaridian dragoon knights she dons the issued armor they gave her. When at home or away from harms way she wears more comfortable cloth clothing issued to her as gifts from the Maelstrom. Favoring their look, comfort and warmth.

Key Items and Keep Sakes

Black leather bound book - The original lost in the fire that took the Owl's Nest house fire, Aylis aquired a new one upon her release from ishgard. This serves as Aylis's field book

Brown leather bound book - The original diary lost in the same fires. Aylis aquired a new one along side her field book

Afflictions and Sickness

Brand Bound - While neither a curse, a sickness or a blessing. Her induction into the Order of the Stormguard was finalized by a special heavily enchanted tattoo that she had placed on her back. The enchantment of the brand prevents her from either speaking or writing about anything regarding The Stormguard to outsiders. While speaking to a outsider she could say the name of the organizaion. To her she said it perfectly, to the other person it sounds like gibberish leaving her none the wiser. If she were to write about it the words would be a mixed jumble of letters that make no sense, to her it reads perfectly, to others it makes no sense. Should something happen to the organization the brand is set to automatically erase all her memories regarding the Stormguard, its functions, its relics. Everything. Any notes she made have wrote about the group, the veil of illusion would be shattered revealing nothing more then jumbled words and letters.


The Wailing Barracks - Upon her arrival to Gridania Aylis began her employment and her training advancement in the lance through the Wood Wailers. aiding them and working with them to protect Gridania and the Twelveswoods from the Garlean threat lurking within the Shroud. Due to the events transpiring within the last moons she almost never checks in with her superiors and is thought to be retiring from the organization to further pursue her Thaumaturgical studies.

The Arrzaneth Ossuary - Once she was comfortable in returning to and being seen again in Ul'dah Aylis returned again to the Ossuary to further her advancement in her knowledge of aether, thaumaturgical studies and delving into knowledge of the other world along studing the very boundary between this world and the next. She works for the organization now almost exclusivly, earning gil by aiding the restoration and organization of the library and devoting time to selling coffins and burial plots. She spends most of her time browsing tomes in search of a way to block the affliction she shares with Genavie much to no avail. Due to her awakening from touching the Storm Siren and her lust for knowledge on the other side she has become under scrutiny for asking questions and researching the rites and methods to contact the souls of the dead that have passed through Thal. After the summoning of Annwynn and Aylis's abandoning of the craft she is seen rarely inside the Ossuary anymore except to pray to the Twins should she be in Ul'dah.

The Maelstrom - Upon talk of the Grand Companies reforming Aylis and her family met for a talk on which one they would seek to lend their aid too. None of them fond of Ul'dah's greed or the blindness of Gridania they all believe Limsa to be the last bastion of hope against the war with the beast tribes and the Empire. While Aylis works for and assists the Maelstrom she does not consider herself to be fully intergrated with the company. Should the bells of war sound in Gridania she would not hesitate to answer the call.

Ishgardian Research Division - Aylis's home for the next five years. Aylis was placed here due to her knowledge as a alchemist and her ability to translate the Garlean language from the taken journals. Through her work her Aylis has developed a cross blend of Ishgardian and Garlean hybrid inventions and breakthrough improvements. Applied to the divisions Airship fleet proved to be of great aid in the fight to keep Ishgard safe and the Empire at bay.

Ishgard Dragoon Division 8 , Squad 6 - As the war effort went on over time and the need for soldiers increased. The time came for Aylis during her fourth year to rejoin the ranks. Granted by the Archbishop in trust Aylis was able to retrain and take up the lance again should the call to defend Ishgard from outsiders on the ground arise. Upon being released and under her own free will merely told he Archbishop and her commanding officers to Message her if they need her

MiqoTEK Engineering - On release from captivity, Aylis and Almaz seeking to pave a new way in the world as freelance airship engineers, mechanics and otherwise improving on all things mechanical. Starting over from scratch eventually working out of a small garage as outsourced engineers they devised the name of their shop as MiqoTEK Engineering.

The Order of The Stormguard - A mysterious group headed by the even more mysterious Keir Loell. Aylis became involved with them because she feels she owes Keir by suppling the means to heal and cure Almaz, though she also holds distain because upon joining it became the start of her current afflictions causing her mind to slowly go insane.

Friends and Foes

Almaz Khaltamze - One of Aylis's most closest friends and sisters. Aylis would gladly do whatever it takes to see Almaz safe and happy. Aylis adores her cooking and listens to her advice as if she was one of The Twelve. Aylis considers her to be her favorite sister, able to confide her deepest darkest feelings and secrets to with no fear.

Alona Rhys - Forgotten

Aoixin Kaeteklizem - Forgotten

Aveline Blue - Forgotten

Damos Penumbra - Forgotten

Deirdre Ta'ea - Aylis's feelings twords this women fluctuated since they first met. At one time she was not fond of her, another time she hated her. Aylis's feelings twords her changed dramatically at the end when she saved Aylis and Almaz from the resulting house fire and Garlean assault. Neither love nor hate for this women, instead respect. Aylis is reminded of her each time she looks upon her shoulder

Fearless Wynn - Forgotten

Feral Ren - Forgotten

Gospel Gestalt - Forgotten

Kneria Kuthryn - Forgotten

Kyri Sagitta - Mostly Forgotten

Madison Smith - Forgotten

Mhrii Pericamberih - One of Aylis's closest sisters. While more of a friend Aylis still refers to her as /Boss/

Miunih Evans - Mostly Forgotten

Mtoto Wamoto - Mostly Forgotten

Mho Nhacara - Mostly Forgotten

Miyuki Tatsugawa - Forgotten

Nanami Takanaru - Forgotten

Oskar Helvig - Forgotten

Ravr - Aylis's personal chocobo as given to her as a gift from the Maelstrom. During the Calamity and the ill fate of imprisoning, Ravr was lost and presumed dead

Riku Toiiku - Forgotten

Remilia Levana - Forgotten

Rio Roulette - Aylis still mourns Rios loss once a season though unable to visit the grave she made. Aylis considers Rio living through her and Almaz through their service to Ishgard.

Ryley Sionn - Mostly Forgotten

Seraphine Winter - Mostly Forgotten

Shurin Mizune - Aylis's feelings for this man have grown long since their time together representing the Eorzean Guards First Division. Rather fond of his antics and his stories. Aylis soon became nervous around him when his older self became in control. Aylis still loves and cares for him greatly as a old friend and comrad and would gladly come to his aid should he call for her, even if she is a little fearful and guarded around his presence.

Sterne Evans - Forgotten

Windsong - The standard of Ishgardian chocobo's granted to Aylis upon release. Gold in color and as fast as the wind itself~

Xenedra Ambreaus - Forgotten

Verence Meillune - Mostly Forgotten

Victorica Amaranthus - Forgotten

Zenge Eien - Forgotten



Cerelium "Crackle Bomb" - A invention founded by Rio Van Roche. Aylis was able to add a small paper thin sheet of Mithril to act as a burn inhibitor to the fuse. Thus adding five more seconds till the bomb explodes.


Cerelium ground bomb - During the time Almaz, Aylis and Mhrii were hunted by The Stormguard assassins. Aylis adapted one of Rio's crackle bombs in a fashion of a small wooden block with a small protruding wood fragment with a cut out glove finger tacked to it. The contraption was buried in such a fashion that if someone or something stepped on the wood block. the /finger/would mimic the finger thrust of the fuse causing detonation. Crude but effective. Aylis later improved on this by a loose metal plate that pushed the detonator straight into the bomb.

Vale Slumber - Her past times roaming the low lands of Coerthas and stumbling into what she thought to be a mine. Realizing this was no ordinary mine. Through the expense of her curiosity Aylis tried to apply a alchemical application to her discovery of the result of mixing mythril and ceruleum. Sealed in airtight small hand held canisters a mixture of ceruleum and flaked mythril, did indeed create a weaker form of the naturally formed "Goldbile". Capped with a explosive charge to rupture the container. Although not as potent as its naturally formed counterpart. Tests shown the solution to cause "sufficient" results to exposed skin along difficulty breathing when exposed to the gas.

  • Note Even in its weaker state Goldbile is still extremely caustic and deadly. Manufacture only outdoors or in well ventilated laboratories. Protective masks and thick leather clothing under non-absorbent protective equipment are a must. Failure may result in melted skin, body parts and total dissolving of the lungs.

DX12 Incineration Rounds - Working along side Almaz in the Machina Division and thanks largely to Atomos leaving a abundance of over-aspected crystals in Eorzea. Aylis using hollowed out bullets created by Almaz. These crystals of fire properties ground and produced into a paste, when placed within these bullets and sealed. When fired out of a airship gun, this crystal paste causes the round to increase drastically in temperature. Quite capable of penetrating all but the most thickest of armor and rarely able to set most combustible materials ablaze. This round is marked by a red ring along its shell base

DX13 Thunder Rounds - Similar in creation and production equal to the DX12 Incineration Round. Only with a more precise application. Made using a paste created through over-aspected thunder crystals. This round when fired into the heart of enemy Machina has proven to disrupt its electrical workings causing eminent shut down of the targets vital working parts. Designed for small arms use. This round is marked with a purple band around its base.

  • Note - due to the dangers of processing over-aspected crystals, special elemental shielded machina must only be used. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death.

GX9-T Fuel additive - A formula of Ishgardian origins. Along side Garlean knowledge Aylis concocted this over a period of two moons in the lab. Now cleaner burning and improves airship engine efficiency and thrust by 10.9%

XD9-40 Oil - Slight changes to the refining process and a push for more "green" engine oil. Through aid of a additional additive procured by Mhrii. A particularly hearty plant found in another land that when pressed produces a thicker viscocity plant based oil that when mixed, extends usage life of engine oil by an additional two moons under normal operating parameters. Service once every six moons.

Thermal Inhibitor Liner - The beauty of elemental crystals over aspected is they retain a larger amount of their properties regardless if its form changes. Learning this Aylis was able to take elementally charged Ice crystals and grind them into smaller shards and fragments. Adding these shards into production of a liner of internal airship engine cooling systems has been proven to reduce the overall engine temperature of normal operations and decrease temperature overall through more strenuous operations.

CyrstEX Armor Plating - Harnessing the durability and resistance of earth crystals. These crystals when ground into powder and smelted into mithral sheets. These sheets lining the interior and exterior of airship hulls help provide a additional layer of protection in battle.

  • Note Due to the properties of earth, normal cutting, grinding, smashing methods will not work. production of these crystals require specially tempered blades and hammers of a adamantium, mithral, and dark steel blend. Improper handleing and manufactureing can result in serious injury or death.

Windows Barred - A take on Rio's "Thunder Puncher" Aylis recreated its design to prevent intruders to the owl's nest house by running wires along the edges of windows and hooking them into a Over-Aspected Thunder Crystal

"Liquid" Special Circulatory Heat Waste Aeration Radial Thrust Zenofuel - Are you late for the big wedding? Do you need outrun something bigger then you? Do you need to catch up to something smaller then you? Or is just simply any place a better place then you are right now? Then this is the fuel for you~! Created through a process of emulsifying thunder crystals suspended in a base of emulsified air crystals. This potent fuel when placed in your airships emergency thrusters delivers fast power to all engine parts causing YOU to have the speed boost advantage~!

  • Disclaimer Thunder sparks emanating from the exhaust is normal. May cause complete engine burn out or irreversible damages to your engine. Use at your own risk. "MiqoTEK Engineering(TM)" are not held liable for any damages, accidents or loss of life due to use of this product.
  • Note - The dangers of emulsifying crystals into a liquid state are extensive and are not limited to injury, death, loss of limbs, aetherial poisoning, toxic shock. Tests are inconclusive. Manufacture only in well ventilated laboratories using only certified tools and equipment.



Ha! Not only did she blow up Owl's Nest, escaped the gallows and now works for Ishgard! I'll wager cats do have nine lives!

Hard worker that one. Shes been a asset to this nation

Oh her? I can't place her. Shes friendly but never talks much outside of the work shes performing...

If i didn't know any better. I would swear shes one of the Garleans that defuncted from the Empire...Does she know Cid?

The Archbishop lost his mind. Let her hang I'd say.


Whatever you do...Mind the Red Light

Don't be stupid~! When she and that other Keeper say /don't touch ANYTHING/ they mean it!

I'm a good helper! So good she sent me on a special pick up assignment! She must like me now, why she didn't even get angry this time~ But....how do you get steam in a bowl and how do you boil ice?


I...was on watch that night...I saw with me own eyes three bodies dragged from the test room. Testing some new fangled fuel. Poor fools, must' ave not minded the No Touch rule...

Just let them work. We can't afford another guard shift being put to sleep.

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