Fearless Wynn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Fearless Wynn
What are you looking at? -Drawing by Burgenheim-
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 28
Deity Aazyma, The Warden
Relationship status Single
Occupation Member of Corvus Cinis, Rancher, former bodyguard


Fearless Wynn is a Sea-Wolf Roegadyn marauder that works on his family owned ranch. He spends his time caring for animals, tending to the properties, and watching over his family's territory. When he is not working on the ranch he can be found working on honing his crafting skills in several different areas. He is a big man with the tendency to react before thinking but has a kind heart to those he likes. He is often seen carrying a huge axe and wearing his favorite pair of goggles. He is also an employee of Corvus Cinis and can sometimes be found lurking at Soliloquy Tavern.

Description of Fearless

Height: 7'5" ish
Weight: For a Roegadyn he is of above normal weight, it's mostly muscle though.
Body: Fearless has wide, broad shoulders, he has a well built body from the conditioning he has received from growing up doing chores around the family ranch, lifting heavy objects, mending broken items, and being a skilled axe-user but he isn't overly bulked up. His arms are think and muscular but they aren't huge like tree trunks.
Skin: A dark stony grey/green color, like a stone that has been covered with a graying moss. He's not Green green, and he's not grey like a stone... That being said. Fearless's skin is not hard or rough more like really soft leather.
Face: Fearless has red eyes but nobody ever really sees them because he wears goggles. No one can tell if his eyes are glaring angrily or shining with greed. A flat nose and a stern mouth make up the rest of his facial features. He also has the makings of a beard but he likes to keep it looking like it only came in a week ago.
Hair: Fearless's hair is wild and spiked in the front with a smoothed over normal short cut with long sideburns. Think the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. His hair is black with dark red highlights streaking through it.
Clothing: Fear is ninety percent of the time wearing goggles. The goggles have a leather strap that is attached to the outer-rim of the lens frame and wraps around the back of the head, the strap can be adjusted to be tighter or looser around the head, there is also leather padding around the frame to make it so that it is comfortable around the eyes. The frame is made out of steel painted black and the lenses are tinted black.

He prefers to wear shirts and jackets and dark colored pants. He is also comfortable in a vest. His style is almost that of a western rancher, wearing clothes that are comfortable, stylish, and suited for working long days under the sun.


When you first meet Fearless most would assume that he is just another roegadyn that is slow, temper mental, and brutish, he isn't, but he doesn't mind others thinking that way of him. He could care less about what someone thinks of him and all the better for him to prove them wrong or use their assumption to his own benefit. You can't really tell what he is thinking or looking at when he is standing there quietly in the background. He believes it is better to be quiet and observant so you can react to any situation properly and fast. Which would be the ideal behavior but he tends to let his emotions determine his actions which often results in him using violence or yelling to solve problems before a rational answer can be applied. He may be cold to strangers but to his friends and family he is generous, trusting, dependable, hard-working, and creative.

It isn't hard to imagine a roegadyn being good at being a good craftsman and Fearless is no exception. He has a passion for creating furniture, armor, weapons, and even clothing. He also has a great admiration for other crafters. Fearless may not be as good a seamstress as his grandma or a great cook like his mom, [Seriously, who is a better cook than mom, no body!] but his ability to take raw materials and turn them into high-quality items is pretty awesome.

He hates antlings and diremites like really hates them like he'll throw you out a window if you ask him to go near one, to the point where he'll actively try to avoid anything that'll force him into contact with the bugs. It's not really a phobia but more like an oversaturation of bug killing and not to mention being stuck deep in an antling nest just to get one stupid gem for a friend can affect his opinion of them. It took him two entire days to fight his way into the nest, find the gem, then fight his way out. Only to find out that he had gotten the wrong colored gem, so back into the nest he went, this time he got the right one. After his foray into hell he swore that he would rather sit through an entire duskwright opera than have to go anywhere near another ant or diremite ever again.

Fear is a romantic. You don't believe me? Just ask any of the girls that he has tried to get with. The big softy has been known to brave deep dark forests to get some rare flower, worked the night shift just to pay off the commission of a custom-made charm bracelet, he has carried an unimaginable number of shopping bags, he even threw some pompous rich guy through a wall all for the affection of the ladies. In all honesty, Fear is a sucker for the opposite sex especially if they have really nice assets.




  • Morpheus “Gramps” Wynn, Age 83, Owner and founder of the Wynn Ranch, Roe: He grew tired of the fishing life, so he moved inland and fell in love with raising chocobos. He created his own ranch and has passed down the art of raising chocobos and other livestock to the rest of his family.


  • Ambrosia Wynn, Age 80, Roe: Originally from Ul'dah, she used to be an apprentice at a weaver's guild. She met Morpheus at a tavern one sun, and fell in love with his storytelling.


  • Johan “Jo” Wynn, Age 52, Oldest son of Morpheus, Father of Fearless, Roe: Jo is in line to inherit the ranch. He is skilled in carpentry and architecture, is in charge of running the trade and contracts of the ranch.


  • Helena Wynn, Age 50, Former head chef of desserts at the Bismark, Hyur Midlander: Raised in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa. She worked as a chef at the Bismark, specializing in desserts. When she met Jo, she knocked him out by punching him in the face because he made a snarky comment. Ever since then, they've been happy together, if not tumultuous at times. She was always an imposing woman for a Midlander.


  • Andoryu Wynn, Age 26, Hyur Midlander : Very tall Midlander. People often mistake him for a Highlander. Often lighthearted, a jokester. He enjoys having a good time and is often the life of the party. He has a sense of Joie de vivre that seems to be lacking in some people. He is also very good with a spear.
  • Ness Wynn, Age 25, Roe : Ness is shorter than the average Roe. He is a calm and caring individual, with a strong affinity to animals and nature. He is proficient in swordplay.


  • Eric Wynn, Age 46, Roe: Second brother of Jo. He's in charge of the training and upkeep of the animals on the farm, as well as the ranch hands who work there.
  • Vincent “Vinny” Wynn, Age 38, Roe : Quartermaster of the farm, he is in charge of upkeep and production of tools and materials.
  • Blinken Kingsbly, Age 47, Hyur Midlander : Blacksmith that works for the Maelstrom.


  • Isabella “Izzy” Wynn, Age 42 Deaseased, Elezen Wildwood adopted: Daughter of Morpheus' best friend and former partner in the ranch. When Isabella's parents died, Morpheus took her in and raised her as one of his own.
  • Sasha Wynn (Eric’s wife) Age 43, Roe  : Hellsguart who met Eric while he was travelling.
  • L’anabarra “Lana” Wynn, (Vinny’s wife) Age 35, Miqo’te Sunseeker : Vince met her in Gridania when learning from the Carpentry guild.


  • (Eric and Sasha’s children)
  • Stan, male age 23 :Takes after his uncle, is very lighthearted and likes to joke around. He really admires his elder cousins.
  • Jessica and Melissa, female twins age 21 : Identical twins with opposite personalities. They get along really well, and often use their physical similarities to trick others into wondering who is who. They are mages, one studying Conjury and the other Thaumaturgy. Their favorite thing is the flock of ewes that they tend.
  • (Vincent and L’anabarra’s children)
  • Kyle, male age 11, Roe : He takes after his father, and is quite the handyman.
  • Rora, female age 5, Miqo’te : She is an inquisitive little girl, climbing trees and examining the curiosities of life.

Corvus Cinis:

  • Alothia Starkwood - The boss of Corvus Cinis and current emeployer. He respects Alothia and cares for Alothia but sometimes wants to slap her for some of the choices she has made.
  • Burgenhien Rousa - A co-worker at Corvus. A reliable trustworthy man.
  • Kassandra Dawn - A co-worker at Corvus. His partner in Team Sharktopus. Trusts her with his life. Considers her like a sister. He hasn't seen her since the Calamity.
  • Lily Dawnsworn - A co-worker at Corvus. They were in a relationship with each other but he hasn't seen her in a long time after she left on a training journey.
  • Relani Saion - Zenge's ex-girlfriend.
  • Zenge Eien - A co-worker at Corvus. The first real friend Fearless has made since leaving home. Is rough with Zenge but would follow Zenge to hell and back. Doesn't care about Zenges past. Respects him but don't let Zenge know that.


  • Abaigeal Causland - Highlander girl with short, red hair that works at the tavern. Fearless thinks she is pretty. He often finds himself running into her outside of the tavern. He wonders if she has a built in Fearless tracking device.
  • Miname - Fearless thinks she makes the best sweet rolls.
  • Saitou Yoshida - Fearless thinks he's a cool guy. He knows that Saitou and Abai are in some kind of relationship, so he doesn't try to breach that.
  • Xenedra Ambreaus - Flame haired Miqo'te who runs Soliloquy. She likes to dance and sing, and play drinking games, which sometimes scare Fearless. Fearless likes her, however, and considers her a friend. 10/10

Other People:

  • Deirdre Ta'ea - Blue haired, Wildwood, Ex Garlean. Fearless used to have a giant crush on her. He still does but won't admit to it. She tried to stab him, and although he was angry at first, he forgave her. Fearless is stupid.
  • Dogberry - A pink wearing, Pit figher Roegadyn. Fearless enjoys drinking with him.
  • Endemerrin Rosethorne - Leader of Blue Skies Adventuring Company. Fearless is unsure of what to think of him. All he knows is that Merri is Xenedra's boyfriend, so he mus be an okay guy.
  • Kari Illderthane - A Duskwight that Fearless met in Soliloquy. Fearless learned that she is a teacher and a singer. He thinks that she has a fantastic voice. Fearless helped her by renovating the ship where she lives. As an Elezen, Fearless definitely has a crush on her.
  • Leander - A Miqo'te that hangs around Kass. Fearless isn't sure whether to be jealous or indifferent towards him.
  • Mtoto Wamoto - Ebony hottie. Used to be leader of the Eorzean Guard. Fearless finds her intimidating, but very attractive.
  • Nel Turuphant - A Miqo'te who hung around Corvus a lot. Fearless thinks that she is a nice woman, and he enjoys spending time with her.
  • Paradyme Capellago - Alothia's fiance dude. Fearless feels..."Ehh" toward him.
  • Rakka'li Kuhn and Rakka'sae Kuhn - Fearless doesn't really have an opinion on Li either way, but he enjoys Sae's company. He feels protective of the quiet man, and enjoys watching him hit on every girl.
  • Shiro Turuphant - He met this little, scared kitty on an expedition with Blue Skies. They almost got killed by an antling. They got to talking and became pretty good friends. Fearless notices that Shiro is shy, so it's his goal to help make him more assertive and less of a scaredy cat. He also enjoys teasing and having fun with Shiro.

Rumour Mill

“Let them talk. I’ll just kick their faces in later.”

Common Rumours (Easily overheard):
  • “You see that guy? That’s Corvus’s Rampaging Roegadyn, heard he got into a bar fight and destroyed the entire place.”
  • “I just saw that Fearless guy throw some poor fellow through a wall. because that guy called his Miqo’te friend weak.”

Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear):
  • “I was at the markets earlier, buying some linens, when this huge Roegadyn appeared out of nowhere beside me! I didn’t hear him or see him approach, he’s like a ninja or something.”

Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard):

PC Rumors (Feel Free to add yours here):
  • "Fearless...Ah think he has some strange tracking device in his head te find people!!" - Abaigeal Causland
  • "Fear is actually a rock golem, finely carved and imbued with the souls of air elementals to give him life. That's why he's so light on his feet even though he's so big!" - Xenedra Ambreaus
  • "I saw Fearless goozle a guy through a table. Hardcore, man. Hardcore." - Daghbheri Himalspyr