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Though all are able to trace their point of origin back to their tumultuous separation from the Wildwood, the branch of Elezen comprising Eorzea's Duskwight Clans have diversified even further, beyond the racial split. Due to the inherent remoteness and degrees of separation their subterranean existence caused, many tribes have developed a unique and distinct culture unto themselves, with traditions and values found only among their particular clan units, which may have extended only throughout a particular region or family.  Listed below are the known Duskwight Clans, with further background information (where available).

Clan Template

== Clan _______ == 
*More Info:

Clan Abanii

  • Name: Clan Abanii
  • Server: Gilgamesh
  • Location: Nomadic between eastern Eorzea in the rocky coastlines, deep cave systems and old ruins of Mor Dhona, Gyr Abania and the Black Shroud
  • Status: Active
  • Theme: Isolationist, Family-oriented, tribal
  • Member(s): See Abanii page for details.
  • More Info: The Abanii are made up of several familial units and while it is plausible for Duskwight of other clans to be initiated into the Abanii through bonding with a member of the clan they are deeply prejudice toward non-Duskwight outsiders. Beholden to a very rigid and timeless set of spiritual beliefs and honor code the Abanii are a difficult people to deal with if it is not done on their terms.

Clan Plunierre

  • Name: Clan Plunierre
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: Very deep caverns beneath Coerthas
  • Status: Wiped out entirely as a result of the Calamity
  • Theme: Traditional, Peaceful, Underground waterfall for sustenance, valued light/candles, valued written word
  • Member(s):
  • More Info: The Abanii are made up of several familial units and while it is plausible for Duskwight of other clans to be initiated into the Abanii through bonding with a member of the clan they are deeply prejudice toward non-Duskwight outsiders. Beholden to a very rigid and timeless set of spiritual beliefs and honor code the Abanii are a difficult people to deal with if it is not done on their terms.

Clan Desfosse

  • Name: Clan Desfosse
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: Shallow caves in the Black Shroud
  • Status: All but extinct
  • Theme: Family above all else, thieves and assassins
  • Member(s):
  • More Info: A brief history

Clan Voleur

  • Name:Voleur
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: La Nocea (originally from Black shroud)
  • Status: Unknown
  • Theme: Thieves/highwaymen
  • Member(s): Rogier LeCard, Talmont LeCard
  • More Info: A branch family of Clan Desfosse.

Clan Mauvaix

Clan Hla'Rahel

  • Name: Clan Hla'Rahel (Lah-Rah~el)
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: Old Gridania
  • Status: Very small family of three.
  • Theme: Family oriented. Slightly isolationist. Main desire is to live in peace.
  • Member(s):
    • Idrisvar Hla'Rahel (Patriarch)
    • Myane Hla'rahel (Matriarch)
    •  Myavar_Hla'rahel (Only Daughter)
  • More Info: (Coming Soon! :D )

Clan N'Ardenté

  • Name: Clan N'Ardenté (nar-DAHN-tey)
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: Deep Caves beneath the Northern Mountains of Xephatol, fed by the Velodyna River
  • Status: Cave network destroyed by Bahamut
  • Theme: Honor(in regards to DW relations), Family, Militant, Isolationist; Samurai influenced
  • Member(s): Chiané (Naevioux) N'Ardenté, Rodrick N'Ardenté, remainder of members/survivors: status unknown
  • More Info: *WIP*

Clan Marécage

  • Name: Clan Marécage (pronunciation: google translate)
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: The caverns are located in southern Coerthas. In the mountains just north of the Yafaem Saltmoor.
  • Status: Still active. Rebuilding and recovering from a section of passages that collapsed in the calamity.
  • Theme: highly insular, communal, and are a fairly self sufficient hunter/gatherer society.
  • Member(s): Jaques Guillaume is an exiled member.
  • More Info: Jaques Guillaume

Clan Pelletier

  • Name: Clan Pelletier (Pel-et-tee-yer)
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: Ishgard
  • Status: Active [Nine Members]
  • Theme: Familial Honour, Knowledge, History, Business, Solitude.
  • Member(s): Dieuvont Pelletier, Valentinoux Pelletier, Eloise Pelletier, Evariste Pelletier, Henriette Pelletier, Leonard Pelletier, Clairine Pelletier, Antonin Pelletier, Geraldine Pelletier.
  • More Info: (Work In Progress)

Clan Estremont

  • Name: Clan Estremont
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: the Estremont mountains, in the upper reaches of Ishgard
  • Status: active and healthy
  • Theme: Highly reclusive miners and traders, rarely seen abroad, maintain trade links with the Ishgard Wildwoods but few other outside connections
  • Member(s): Ysobel Estremont. (Possibly others, status currently unknown)
  • More Info: cf. Clan page

Clan Astrechère

  • Name: Clan Astrechère- they prefer to be referred to as the Astrechère family, however.
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: The northern reaches of the Black Shroud
  • Status: Active and highly successful, considering.
  • Theme: Successful organized crime family capitalizing on their outward resemblance to Wildwoods, aspiring to partially assimilate into gentrified Gridanian culture.
  • Member(s): Aumeric Chassebel (going by an assumed name), Osaulie Astrechère, Juliembert Astrechère, Aurifort Astrechère, Amianne Astrechère, Oriane Teaurelin (family servant), others.
  • More Info: See the page of Aumeric Chassebel for details for now.

Clan Mystrife

  • Name: Clan Mystrife (occasionally 'Mystrife family')
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: Last known to be in caverns of the North Shroud.
  • Status: Active and successful.
  • Theme: Information, knowledge, and artifact trade. They deal with information, objects of power, and those which might impart knowledge, from the more benign historical and moderately low-aether grade, to more dangerous, highly aetherical objects and knowledge. Despite a heavy focus on the importance of Aether, the Mystrife family has members of all walks of life, though throughout their highest values are Knowledge, Power, and Family.
  • Member(s): (in no particular order) Rawenesoix Mystrife, Solivuire Mystrife, Zalshirroix Mystrife, Vadesmae Mystrife, Xavarian Mystrife, a number of others.
  • More Info: Though very proud, and typically hold low notions of outsiders unless they've proven themselves 'of interest', they've an understanding of the relevance of knowledge that other cultures possess, and how it may benefit them and those who seek out the Mystrife family. They believe without looking at all possible angles, important knowledge may be lost, and are often very thorough with their endeavors. They tend to move about, or split into groups for various reasons, but maintain communication with relevant contacts. It may be rumored among any clans who deal with them that they sent someone up to 'learn the secrets of the other races', but others believe that the Mystrifes wouldn't deal with such trifles. Entry into the family is possible through 'joining with another' already part of the clan, or on rare occasion, being 'procured' at a very young age, and found worthy. (WIP)

Clan Loup

  • Name: Loup Clan
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: The Shroud - Central Shroud
  • Status: Active
  • Theme: Family and friendship, strengthening bonds through marriage, knowledge, mostly dealing in 'honest' business.
  • Member(s):
    • Isaulie Loup - [Mother - Unknown status]
    • Brunairant Loup - [Father - Deceased]
    • Valerine Gafanc; formerly Valerine Loup, married Breoroux
    • Stephanant Loup
      • Daiyone Loup; formerly Daiyone Valiterre, married Stephanant
    • Freneaux Loup
      • Ofrelle Loup; formerly Ofrelle Gafanc, married Freneaux
    • Iona Wolfe; under an assumed name, given name Ionette Loup
    • Brucemont Loup
      • Oselle Loup; formerly Oselle Dreautuet, married Brucemont
  • More Info:

Clans within The Central Shroud and friends to Loup Clan: Valiterre Clan, Gafanc Clan, and Dreautuet Clan - among others.

Clan Vingesang

  • Name: House Vingesang
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: Currently: In exile, borderlands between the Shroud and northern Thanalan. Formerly of Ishgard.
  • Status: Rebuilding
  • Theme: An old order of Dark Knights, disguised as servants for a defunct Ishgard family, disbanded and chased into exile from Ishgard amidst accusations of heresy and subversion.
  • Member(s): Raechelle Vingesang (matriarch); Jacemont Saphir (patriarch); Jessika Saphir; Brigid Stoneheart (bound)
  • More Info: Currently in hiding and inactive, the House Vingesang is on the verge of a rebirth as darkness builds and manifests...

Clan Sellecerre

  • Name: House Sellecerre
    • Server: Balmung
  • Location: Coerthas - Deep within cavernous networks spanning southern and western Coerthas. Settled in cavernous structures at the edge of an underground waterfall and pool, near bioluminescent mushrooms and odd insectoids - both used for food.
  • Status: Scattered and all but wiped out by the Calamity; Rebuilding
  • Theme: Family; Trade; Honor. A long-fallen house of former Ishgardian nobles torn apart by treachery centuries ago, condemned to life far beneath the surface and manual labor, namely mining and gemcraft, and servitude beneath another House.
  • Member(s): Annaliese Sellecerre;
  • More Info: Scattered since Bahamut crumbled caverns onto most of the House members, as well as their overseers. Few of the House made it to the surface. Annaliese would see the House on the verge of rebirth with entry into business and the world of organized crime.