Nathalanee Reinhart

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Gridania-transparent.png Nathalanee Reinhart
Wandering Bard
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age 26
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 ponz
Profession Archer, Botanist, Bard
Patron Deity Undisclosed
Server Balmung





Affiliations and Known Associates

Nathalanee is a registered citizen of Gridania, and was once a member of the Yellow Serpents of the Order of the Twin Adder. As a more-or-less free agent adventurer these days, Nathalanee tends to go where the need for an archer lies, rather than stay with the Twin Adder and Gridania, and rather enjoys the freedom this brings. She is also affiliated with Mysterium, an order of mages based out of Limsa Lominsa, though she does not hold an 'official' rank as such.

  • L'yhta Mahre: Nathalanee and L'yhta were once a couple, but no more. It certainly doesn't help that Nathalanee has gone missing, though the breakup likely happened beforehand.
  • Clalaris Sil Laris: Nathalanee considers Clalaris to be a friend, and is not above teasing her. This may be revenge for the teasing she dished out to Nath and L'yhta in the past, however. Nonetheless, Clalaris was the first person Nathalanee confided her love for L'yhta in.
  • Rosamund Cartwright: A friend and fellow bard, Nathalanee is not above teasing Rosa on occasion. The two of them get along rather well, over all.
  • Eamont Desormaux: Nathalanee has not spoken with Eamont too often, but their interactions have been friendly. They seem to know each other well enough to consider each other friends.
  • Seth Honeybrew: Nathalanee is somewhat distant towards Seth, though this is likely due to not really knowing him overly well.
  • Sazhi'to Bajhiri: Nathalanee respects Sazhi'to's knowledge and skill with arcanima, and is on friendly enough terms with him.
  • K'hane Tariq: Nathalanee is slightly less friendly with K'hane than Sazhi'to, though this is likely only because she does not know her as well as Sazhi'to. She is not unfriendly with her, just somewhat distant.
  • Racilian Lyenum: Nathalanee is friendly, but slightly distant towards Racilian, despite them being friends in the past. She still has not fully recovered her memory of Raci, much to her own chagrin, since she likes Raci well enough.
  • Sizha: Nathalanee's retainer, a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te with grey skin and blue hair. She's sassy, irritable, and it's a wonder Nathalanee manages to put up with her. She does, however, do her job very well, and while she has to deal with others, she can be very chipper and polite. Oddly enough, she doesn't actually seem to dislike Nathalanee, she just seems to enjoy mildly irritating her.
  • Lydia Burroughs: Nathalanee is fearful and -very- distrustful of Lydia. She claims to have been a childhood friend, however Nathalanee's memory of her seems shaky at best still. Nathalanee turned her over to the Twin Adder as a possible Garlean defector, and has not heard from her since. It's highly likely that she is still alive though, whether she is imprisoned or not.
  • Edwin Zeta: A Cadenzan alchemist in league with the Garleans. Supposedly the one who 'experimented' on Nathalanee, according to Lydia.


  • Nicknames: Niah, Nath, Nee, Nathan (by Clalaris), Rein
  • Age: 26
    • Nameday: 29th Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon, 1550 Sixth Astral
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Bisexual?
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 120 ponz
  • Body: Slender, toned
  • Hair: Usually green, but style has been known to vary from time to time.
  • Eyes: Light Green
  • Skin: Dark tan
  • Clothing: Varies. Most of the time in casual settings, Nathalanee wears fairly simple clothing consisting of shirts and trousers. Occasionally, she will wear robes, and her armour tends to have a much more elaborate design - but she very rarely wears anything 'risqué' in public.



Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Archery, Arcanima
  • Crafting: Botany
  • Other: History, storytelling, and musicianship



Other Notes





The following rumours can be heard about NAME, predominantly in WHERE. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

  • That Miqo'te girl, the green-haired Keeper one, she's lost her memory. Poor lass doesn't even know her own name.
  • That green-haired Miqo'te's dyed her hair red and grown it long lately. Wonder what that's about.

Uncommon rumours

Rare rumours

  • That Niah girl, the green-haired miqo'te? She used to be a hyur, apparently.

What PCs are saying

  • "She's my best friend, confidant, and just about the sweetest, most splendiferously magnifijestic person around! And yes, she's exactly who she says she is, and I don't give a damn what the Twin Adder records say about it!" -- L'yhta Mahre
  • "Don't really know her. But! L'yhta likes her a lot, so that's enough for me. Maybe if she was around more I could form an opinion and stuff?" -- Karaki Crystalis

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know NAME from:

  • Greatloam Growery. Nathalanee was, for a while, apprenticing as a botanist under the name Niah. She mastered the art surprisingly quickly, and while she is no longer an apprentice, she is still affiliated with the Growery and works with them as a botanist frequently.
  • Mist. Since she's affiliated with Mysterium and the Ivory Tower, she hangs around Mist quite frequently.
  • Any number of old ruins/dungeons. Nathalanee, as an adventurer, has an eternal fascination with old, ruined places, especially those of an Allagan nature. Specifically, she was part of one of the early forays into the Labyrinth of the Ancients, though she was still a hyur at the time.

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