Khalun Ejinn

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Khalun Ejinn
Wandering Astrologian

Khal Banner.png
Name... Khalun
Age... 28
Birth... 11/16
Gender... ♀
Height... 59 ilms
Weight... 93 ponz
Orientation... Bisexual
Marital... Taken
Deity... Azeyma, the Warden Azeyma
Residence... Limsa Lominsa
Occupation... Healer
Alignment... Neutral Good
Art by Leroy Murrand

Khalun is small and slight with a swimmer's body. Her natural hair color is a bright red, though it's often dyed. She carries a few unusual traits from the lineage of the Ejinn tribe, including her soft, leathery scales and a body that is almost hairless apart from her head. She also exhibits the more common auri trait of limnal rings around her iris, though they're an unusually dark shade of blue, giving her green eyes a peculiar tint in the right light.

Scars & Markings: She seems to collect freckles on her pale skin instead of tanning, despite all the time she spends outside.

Voice: Khalun's voice is fairly high-pitched, but not grating. She has a unplaceable accent as a result of practicing the common tongue around travelers and merchants as a child. She struggles a bit with her native tongue now that she's spent so long in Eorzea. Thanks to her exceptional Ejinn lung capacity, she's a decent singer despite lack of practice.

Clothing: Khalun tends to prefer bright colors and fashionable, feminine clothes. Back when she was with her amphibian tribe, Khalun usually wore a couple of strips of cloth across her chest and waist, or less. She's far more modest now that she's in the city states, though that's more to do with a desire to fit in or try new things than any kind of shame.

Khalun is generally a bubbly, friendly young woman, though years of interaction with some less-than-honest individuals have prompted her develop a healthy amount of cynicism. Still, she remains eager to help people where she can. Due to her upbringing in the nomadic Ejinn tribe, and her arrival in Eorzea only a few years ago, Khalun often has difficulty with Eorzean customs and conventions, and sometimes gets tripped up by slang or sayings. Like many Xaela, she's rather cavalier about death and combat, understanding that this is what they were made for... even if she doesn't really like it. For whatever reason, she tends to fret over the safety of non-Xaela more.


  • Swimming
  • Othard
  • Fishing
  • Pretty clothes
  • Studying healing techniques


  • Snow
  • Being fooled
  • Smoke
  • Complicated machines
  • Staying in one place for too long


  • Being abandoned
  • Voidsent possession
  • Letting a patient die
  • Dragons
  • Garleans


  • Favorite Food: Any kind of fish
  • Favorite Drink: Doman Tea
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • MBTI Type: ENFP


Khalun is a full-fledged Astrologian, currently studying the upper levels of astromancy. She took to healing magic easily, though she still struggles with the more metaphysical and fortune-telling aspects of the craft. In the interests of becoming a more holistic healer, Khalun also studies non-magical methods of healthcare and mending. She can mix a variety of basic salves and potions, as well as sew stitches and make splints.

Combat is not Khalun's strength, but she's not a complete pushover either. In addition to the few offensive astromancy spells, she also knows some basic elemental spells and can wield daggers well enough that she's more of a danger to others than herself. She prefers to take up a supportive role, doling out shields and cards to better combatants as needed.

As far as non-combat talents go, Khalun is an accomplished fisher. She's most proficient at spear fishing, but she's gotten more practice with line-fishing in recent years. Part of her exceptional skill at spear fishing is owed to her excellent lung capacity, a hereditary trait among the Ejinn tribe. She's also very skilled swimmer, using her long torso to glide through the water and her tail to help steer.

The Ejinn Tribe

Khalun was born into the Ejinn tribe with her exact parentage unknown. As was custom with this clan of Ejinn, children in the tribe were raised communally, with whoever was willing and able taking on the role of parents. She was taught to swim before she could properly walk. Being able to move through the water was of utmost importance to the Ejinn. Their lives revolved around it. While nearly all Xaela tribes are nomadic to some extent, the Ejinn were one of the few that traveled mainly by water, and with only limited aid from boats or rafts. This allowed the tribe to remain mostly untouched by conflict since chasing them was an exercise in futility for the larger and more violent tribes. They kept to the One River and its offshoots primarily, and sometimes went as far as small islands in the Ruby Sea as currents and fishing seasons permitted. Their diet consisted primarily of seafood and foraged plants. The Ejinn were extremely skilled at spear fishing and the best among them were the most respected in the tribe, aside from the elders. What they didn't eat of their catch, they would trade for whatever was immediately needed--no room for storing much in a tribe that let the waters carry them to their next destination.


Thanks to their frequent ventures into villages to barter, the Ejinn were not as isolated from the ways of the rest of the world as many other Xaela tribes. Khalun learned the common tongue along with their native language, learned to read, and learned enough about various social customs to be able to interact with traders from the world over without too much awkwardness. Her interactions were rarely more than surface-deep, however, and she remained ignorant to many of the intricacies of relationships outside of what was effectively a commune. She would have little understanding of things like dating, marriage, or other familial structures for a very long time.

Khalun's place within the tribe was one of mediocrity. She swam in the middle of the group. She cooked palatable meals. She met her fishing quotas. She was pretty, but other girls outshone her. While she didn't complain about her lot as she knew it could be much worse, Khalun developed an itch to escape this "good enough" life. This desire started to drive her away from her family, and as she grew into a young woman, she spent more time off on her own, in quiet contemplation.

This came 'round to bite her on the tribe's last trip into Doman territory. Khalun was fishing much farther down the coast from the rest of her tribe, admiring some handsome young Garlean conscripts from a safe distance. When she went to reunite with the other Ejinn, she encountered a Garlean roadblock. With no way through, she decided to lay low and wait in hopes that the roadblock was only temporary. Unfortunately, it was not. As the days wore on, she became increasingly worried about her tribe. Why had they not come for her? Were they unable? Had they been captured? Eventually, her anxieties spurred her to action. With the help of one of the conscripts she had been watching (or more accurately, stalking), a miqo'te called Nadi'a, they both made their escape just before Doma went up in flames. Crammed together on one of the many refugee boats bound for Ul'dah, Khalun wondered if she had abandoned her tribe... or if it had been the other way around. She had never been that important or memorable, after all...

A New Life in Eorzea

About a year after arriving at Ul'dah, Khalun and Nadi'a parted ways due to a difference in the sort of lives they wanted to lead. Nadi'a wished to be an adventurer, and Khalun a simple fisher. She was heartbroken to see him go, as she had long harbored an unrequited crush. Not long after, a chance encounter inspired Khalun to make the long, cold trek to Ishgard to learn to be an Astrologian. She had always been told she was one of the few in her tribe with an affinity for magic, and realized she ought to do something with it. She hoped she'd meet Nadi'a again someday and could show him what a useful adventuring companion she could be. In due time, she got her wish. They met again in the city they had parted from, and Khalun was determined to stay by his side now, even if her feelings had cooled somewhat. She decided to join the free company Nadi'a had found lodging at, Might & Magitek.

Might & Magitek Estate

During her time with Might & Magitek, Khalun learned a great deal about the art of healing under Kiipa Nulstat, and was even promoted to manage the clinic when her teacher fell ill. She made many enduring friendships there, and even found family in another displaced Xaela. Sara and Khalun bonded over their shared experiences and tendency to misunderstand Eorzean customs. Missing their own families, they decided to count each other as sisters. Khalun's bond with Nadi'a also deepened in a way she had only dreamed of a couple of years past, and the two became lovers.

By sheer bad luck, Khalun became the target of some very traditional Sharlayan astrologians who wanted to teach the Athenaeum Astrologicum a lesson through her. She was kidnapped, with letters sent out to Nadi'a and his sister, Khyra, asking them to participate in a cruel game with the odds stacked terribly against them, with Khalun's freedom promised should they win, and all their lives lost should they lose. With the aid of the Athenaeum's astrologians and pyromaniac friend Tikka, the siblings mounted a great rescue effort, killing or routing the Sharlayans. The incident left Khalun shaken, and she began learning how to wield daggers from Nadi'a to better defend herself when magic wasn't an option.

After spending about a year with the free company, Khalun decided to part ways. She missed her nomadic life, and while she had no tribe to travel with, she could still wander across Eorzea. She felt too tied down as the head of the clinic there. She still maintained an apartment in the Mists and kept in touch with the friends she'd made. She still had a home, but she would roam as she pleased.



Studying hard!

πŸ’• Romantic Love
πŸ’“ Desire
πŸ’— Platonic Love
🌟 Best Friend
⭐ Friend
πŸ’” Former Friend
πŸ’Ό Business
❌ Hated
● Positive
● Negative
● Neutral
❔ Unsure

Family & Close Friends

Nadia icon.png
Nadi'a Lamore πŸ’• πŸ’“ 🌟 ●

Khalun's long-term lover. Nadi'a loves to trick and tease, but he always comes through when it counts. Opposites in almost every way, the two of them are somehow making it work.
Sara icon.png
Sarantuya Avagnar πŸ’— 🌟 ●
Soul of the Sword

Khalun's sister, by mutual declaration. The two are very loyal to each other, except when having petty fights. They seem to get dumber when in proximity.

Friends & Acquaintances

Leroy icon.png
Leroy Murrand ⭐ ●
Might & Magitek

Leroy was often the voice of reason in Might & Magitek while Khalun was there... until he got himself a pretty young girlfriend. Then, she found herself chasing out her most frequent "customer" in the clinic. She still respects him, but now she's aware of his perverted-old-man side.
Mana icon.png
Mana Kami ⭐ ●

They got off on the wrong foot... many times, but eventually the two of them moved past all the miscommunication and became friends. Somehow. Conversations are still risky because if there's a way to misinterpret something in the worst way, it's probably gonna happen. Even so, Khalun recognizes Mana as someone who sticks to their principles.
Crista icon.png
Crista Murrand ⭐ ●
Might & Magitek

Khalun and Crista developed a friendship after working in the M&M clinic together, and bonded further over being slightly exasperated by her father's reckless actions. Khalun thinks of her as someone who is very dependable, but could afford to cut loose a little more often.
Nicky icon.png
Nicoletta Dalach πŸ’“ πŸ’” ●
Might & Magitek

After meeting in... poor circumstances, Khalun and Nicky later made up, agreeing that the first impression wasn't great (understatement) but that they could move past it. And they did... for a while. Like Nadi'a, Nicky is a trickster, but her tricks are cruel. Khalun has a lot of regrets about this girl.
Khyra icon.png
Khyra Luriihn ●
Might & Magitek

Nadi'a's estranged sister. A source of jealousy for Khalun for both the size of her chest and her maturity despite being younger than the Xaela. Khalun can't remember how many kids she has.
Need an excuse for your character to bump into Khalun? Or how about a way for them to have met in passing? Well, here you go! If you want to arrange some kind of specific past event, contact me.


β—’ Common Hooks - Anyone can use!

    β–  Khalun is a traveling healer and stops by most settlements she passes by to see if they need help.
    β–  She often checks out books from various libraries and healing guilds on practical medicine.
    β–  When not doing either of the above, she spends most of her time fishing.

β—’ Specific Hooks - Use if they fit your character.

    β–  As an astrologian, Khalun makes frequent trips to the Astrologicum Athenaeum to study.
    β–  Now that the Garleans no longer occupy Doma, Khalun regularly visits Reunion in the Azim Steppe.


β—’ Common Hooks - Anyone can use!

    β–  Her Ejinn clan traveled up and down the One River, going as far as some islands in the Ruby Sea to trade and fish.
    β–  Khalun left Othard with the bulk of the Doman refugees, on Yugiri's ships.
    β–  For a year after arriving in Eorzea, she scraped by in Uldah by fishing and doing odd jobs.



Personal RP Limits

β–  I will play pretty much anything as long as it makes sense for Khalun to be doing. Temporary injuries/effects and incapacitation lasting a day or less is fine.
β–  Ask about any long-term effects, including injuries, marks, or curses. Also let me know if she's healing your character and you want it to go a certain way or want her to find something!
β–  I won't play permanent character death or creepy/non-consensual sexual situations.
β–  Please hit me up OOC if you think I hate you/I'm mad at you/I'm ignoring you/etc. It's probably an accident or a miscommunication. I try to be as considerate as I can in RP but I'm liable to miss or forget things sometimes, especially if I'm tired. Maybe it'll feel uncomfortable to approach me about it but I promise it will be way less painless to rip off that bandaid and work things out than to stew on it.
β–  I have my own headcannon for the Ejinn tribe since SE gives me a couple of sentences. If your Ejinn wants to meet up with mine but their backstories might make it weird, talk to me and we'll work it out.
β–  CT (UTC - 6)
β–  Often online in the evenings, otherwise it varies. I love schedules so if you want to catch me, just ask and we'll set something up.
β–  Balmung

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