Mizuki Hagane

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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doma -> Mor Dhona
Age 20
Marital Status Single
Occupation Healer/Fortune-teller/Astrologian
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Element Ice

Mizuki Hagane is a young Au Ra Doman refugee living in Revanent’s Toll. Some words to describe her would be: kind, gentle, bubbly, naive, optimistic, giggly, friendly, loyal, open.

Mizuki is the type of person to be concerned over everyone’s well being. It is nearly impossible for her to not want to help someone, even if they have wronged her in the past. She is able to turn the other cheek well, in the moment. However, she is sensitive, so harsh words can be taken to heart easily, even if she does nothing about them.

This Au Ra doesn’t take too much seriously, except her work. She is exceptionally devoted to her own personal causes.

Mizuki's given name means "Beautiful Moon." (美月) Her family name, Hagane, means "Steel." (鋼)

Basic Info


Helping Others
Romantic Tales
Hot meals


Meaningless Violence
Hot Tempers
Blind Hatred


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): None known at this time
Favorite Food: Gyoza & Pickled Anything
Favorite Drink: Green Tea
Favorite Color: Lavender

Appearance & Notable Features

Mizuki's most notable traits would be her magenta eyes and silvery blue hair. She stands 5 fulm and weighs 105 ponze. Her build is pale and slender, almost too slender. It's clear she hasn't eaten enough for some time. (But surely wants to!) The scales on her skin, as usual for Au Ra, cover her body in various patterns. She bears very faint scar marks on both her wrists, but they are covered by her natural scales unless closely inspected.


Others may have seen or heard of Mizuki if...
They were often at Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona.
They are a Doman refugee.
They are of noble/royal Doman lineage.
They often did Leves in Mor Dhona.
They desire any form of divination or crystal healing.


Before Life in Eorzea
Mizuki is the daughter of two members of the Doman nobility, Akimasa and Kohaku Hagane. While her father comes from an influential and venerated lineage, her mother was the Doman nobility. With disappearance of her father, the demise of her mother, and the destruction of her entire nation due to Garlemald's invasion, her name and former status no longer carries any weight. Currently, she is very poor and never possesses much money of her own. She doesn’t value gil much, save for using it to keep funding her healing materials--therefore obtaining it rules her life in a large way.
Her father is the divinator, and taught her all she knows about reading the stars and attuning to the constellations. It broke her heart when he abandoned her mother and her years ago to go live in the wilderness after he took a vow of contemplative silence. Though her mother harboured a lot of anger towards him and things he had done, her daughter chose to believe in the fact that his path was written long ago. She bears no ill will for his decision.
Her mother has been a part of the Doman Army against the Garleans taking over their home. With their defeat, her mother lost her life, and Mizuki could either stay and become a citizen of Garlemald’s Empire, or find a new life somewhere free. She prayed on this for suns while in hiding, but through her prayers and personal readings, she chose the path of the refugee and fled to Eorzea.
Prior to leaving her home, she had heard tales of Eorzeans, and their abundant magicks and barbaric Primals. It intimidated her. Despite this, Mizuki traveled with a small caravan across the sea to Eorzea. After they were attacked over and over again by scared natives--even though they insisted that they were harmless--she chose to cover herself from head to toe with clothing. She lost several friends to ruthless slaughter, and her heart became torn with grief, wondering if she chose correctly. Again, she prayed, reaching out to the heavens to guide her.
Once reaching Revenant’s Toll, her hope soared. Seeing so many of her kind showed her that she had chosen right. Immediately, she set to work, doing whatever she could to help. Eventually, a talented hyur alchemist named Dunstan Chaucer took her in. At first, she helped him with experiments, but her daydreaming and questions about near-to everything annoyed him, so she became a sort of errand girl and representative of his business.
The gil she earned from Mister Chaucer was very little, so, in her free time, she used to take on leves offered around the Toll. The area is quite dangerous, so she wasn't able to do many of them, but she managed a small amount of money. Using this and her earnings from the alchemist, she funded her “healing room”, where she offers services of tarot readings, dream interpretation, astrology readings, and physical and mental healing to anyone free of charge. This is her true passion--and she will do whatever she can to maintain it.
Unfortunately, unbeknownst to anyone, Mister Chaucer turned out to be plotting something truly heinous all throughout Mizuki's employment. After waiting for the opportune moment, Chaucer made his move after poisoning the Raen for nearly a full cycle. Though Chaucer had his reasons, Mizuki ended up nearly losing her life to a renegade Garlean scientist in exchange for Chaucer's wife. Mizuki was to be the bargaining chip, but the deal never played out. The 81st Foreign Levy was able to stop the kidnapping and experiments, and saved Mizuki from a fate worse than death.
Though Mizuki still doesn't know all that was done to her, she was traumatized, and is, for the time being, a selective mute. With time, Mizuki will confront her fears, and hopefully conquer the memories and nightmares plaguing her waking and sleeping bells.


Combat Experience
Mizuki is very experienced with battle, but she is by no means a hardened warrior. She has trained with a sword and firearms, as well as her specialty in healing magicks. Up until coming to Eorzea, one of her tasks was to heal the wounded on and off the field when battling Garleans across their home in Othard.
Her strengths lie mostly in healing, astrology, dream interpretations, and tarot and rune readings, but she can at least hold a sword and firearm, thanks to her mother’s Doman army training.
Mizuki is much more confident at range than melee when fighting, so she only uses a sword if she must. Battle does not come natural to her, as it does for many other adventurers, so she uses and wears her charms and crystals to keep up her strength and courage. She has more faith in them than she does herself.
If she had to choose, Mizuki would always rather be a mender than a fighter during an altercation. However, personal circumstances have lead to hard decisions. She chooses to only use her healing magic in cases of life and death. Ever since shortly after coming to Eorzea, using her curative magicks has been extremely draining. Her powers themselves seem amplified when cast, but if she uses them for too long, it can take days for her to recover from what seems to be an extreme case of fatigue. Too much expenditure can cause her to fall unconscious, resulting in a coma-like state until she wakes.
Mizuki is an amateur botanist, so she is also proficient with herbs, stones, and other ways of healing than just magick. Unless the wound is critical, she will likely use more earthly methods first.
As previously written, Mizuki's curative magicks are both a boon and a weakness. While powerful when cast on herself or another, using too much aether will leave her incapacitated for an unknown length of time, likely dependent on how much was used.
Otherwise, Mizuki's form is rather fragile, especially due to lack of proper nutrition lately. Without her magicked barriers or shields up, the young Au Ra is quite susceptible to physical or magickal injury.
A lack of confidence in her ability to fight should also count as a weak point, but now being on her own, Mizuki is doing her best not to let this stop her from succeeding.

Abilities and Skills


Curative and offensive magicks used both in and out of battle by Mizuki.

◢ Astromancy
Mizuki's most used and familiar form of magicks.
Taught to her by her father, Akimasa.
Can be restorative, but is used primarily for shielding herself and allies.
Can boost others' natural abilities.
Knows only a few offensive attacks.
◢ White Magicks
Can only perform during times of extreme duress.
She doesn't know that she can conjure or what type of magick this is, but knows the aether is different than that of astromancy.
Usually comes in the form of offensive attacks rather than healing.
After using white magick, her mana is usually spent and she ends up falling unconscious.
◢ Crystal Healing
Mizuki's go-to for minor aches, pains, illnesses, and ailments.
Given for assistance with mental obstacles, as well.
Given as wards of protection against "evil" forces.
◢ Herbalism
Mizuki's newest skill, as she learns all of Eorzea's flora.
She can create and combine items to create salves, balms, potions, and powders to help others.
Used for exterior physical problems, mostly, for now, until she gains more experience.


Abilities and styles of fortune-telling that Mizuki most frequently utilizes.

◢ Tarot
Given her first deck by her father and carries it with her.
Typically uses a 3 card spread to assist others and for personal readings.
Does not give readings to others without cause or intention.
Has immense respect for the knowledge shown to her.
◢ Runes
Her rune set was lost back in Doma and needs to be replaced.
Usually uses this method by gently tossing the stones in the air or by hovering her hand over a spread to seek answers.
◢ Astrology
Attunes with the cosmos to read the stars to help others.
◢ Dream Interpretation
Helps others determine the possible meaning of extremely poignant or recurring dreams.
Often combines another method of divination when interpreting, depending on the circumstance.


None Yet :(
Random Tidbits
She is not bothered by the cold and prefers it over very hot temperatures.
She was nobility in Doma, and she is sheltered to many aspects of living entirely on her own. Even so, she never thinks herself above anyone, and values every life equally.
She loves food, but rarely gets to eat actual meals, due to not affording ingredients. Her primary go-to’s are fruits and vegetables, raw and steamed. Meats are a rarity to her now.
Her healing techniques include magicks, crystal-healing, and herbalism.
She is deathly afraid of snakes, and considers them an ill omen.
The only parts of Eorzea she’s been through/to are Gyn Abania, The Black Shroud, and Revenant’s Toll.
She loves animals, and would love to have one for a pet, but she knows she could not care for it well right now.
She is always wearing jewelry or has multiple crystals/stones on her somewhere.
She is slowly learning about the Twelve Gods and Goddesses. She prays to Nymeia, the Spinner, out of all of them.
She believes heavily in Fate, but also recognizes that it can be challenged and overcome. To do this, one must be prepared for the Universe to fight back.
She does not see her services as a ‘duty’ so much as a responsibility. Her father once told her: “Those who cannot see must be lead.”


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
“Her? She’s all over the place. Spends a lot of time with that alchemist in town.” - Tavern Barkeep
“A pure Godssend! She told me of my son’s illness before it could claim him. I’ll never forget what she’s done for our family.” - Doman Refugee
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
“Honestly, she’s a bit of an airhead. I’m not sure I’d want to trust my future in her hands. Good healer, though. Always willin’ to help.” - Revenant’s Toll Worker
“The lass is kind as can be. I worry for her taste--that Chaucer seems to collect pretty things. I’m not sure if she’s one of them or not…” - Gossipy Innkeeper
“She’s one of those kind, end of discussion. Anyone who associates with those dragonkin are bringing misfortune upon themselves. They should leave, immediately.” - Traveling Ishgardian
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
“That man is evil, and by association, so is she. Whether she is ignorant or not, she is carrying out his will. I’ll never do business with him. Not after…” - Worried Researcher
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"She is...dangerously - and infectiously - bubbly. And I still don't know how to say her name! Miz-uki. Mizzzz-uki. Mizu-ki. Oh, I swear by Menphina's love..." - Onuma Ahntifi
"I cannot recall meeting a more generous person, at a moment when I was in greater need of a like-minded friend. Certain, I hope I've not introduced her to a series of events that will overtax her kindness." - Y'lyfriel Sikah
"What a sweet lass, but ah'm afraid fer 'er. She seems t'be in a bubble where nay ill occurs, least where she does nay wish t'see world as bein'. Endearin', but sad in tis own way. Ah reckon ah'll take 'er somewhere better next time." - Ferai Caolann
"Like everyone else, you have no doubt observed her sugary-sweet exterior. There is love, and joy, and light, and laughter, and compassion there. I count myself supremely fortunate to be counted amongst her friends and compatriots. That being said . . . I don't want to be the one she's aimed at when she finally decides to let the dark in, even if it's only for a moment." - Tahla'ra Molkot


Romantic Interest     Crushing      Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Tahla'ra Molkot: After her ordeal with Chaucer and the scientist, most of the 81st has treated Mizuki almost like a mental patient. And for a time, she really was. Even so, Tahla'ra never spoke to her in a way that made her feel more fragile than she already felt. Through his kindness and understanding, Mizuki's mental recovery has almost hastened, in a way. Their time spent together has been very precious to her, even if she has still not opened up completely.
Auriana Wynter: The Highlander clearly has a soft spot for this Raen, but Mizuki is so unclear as to why! Even so, Mizuki appreciates the sergeant's understanding and tenderness, and tries to always show her a cheerful, loving smile.
Y'lyfriel Sikah: Mizuki’s first acquaintance within the 81st Company. She was taken very quickly with Miss Y'lyfriel and sees her as a wise and beautiful lady of her "house." Mizuki will help anyone, but especially those who Lyfriel likes best. She was extremely saddened to find out the news of her friend's death and mourned her for quite some time.
Onuma Ahntifi: The Raen admires Onuma, and notes the knight's fierce aura about her. She is also quite thankful for the woman's kindness. It is because of this that she will brave all uncertainty, in order to emulate the Lieutenant in a small way.
Ferai Caolann: Despite knowing of Ferai's job as a "shadow," Mizuki bears no ill will against the man, and actually likes him quite a bit. She looks forward to speaking with him again on less dire terms.
Ralamano Nulumano: Mizuki really adores Ralamano, especially the way he speaks. His seriousness reminds her of many important people in her life, past and present. She hopes and prays he is doing well, where ever he might be now.
Zarek Earthshaker: The Au Ra she spotted at the 81st's estate filled her heart with both joy and, oddly, fear. She has not known many Xaela, and those she has known were not the friendliest. Still, she hopes to see the man again. He seemed nice enough!
Z'koa Rhiki: Mizuki enjoyed meeting Z'koa, and was even happier to help the miqo'te. She finds her appearance lovely and exotic.
Dunstan Chaucer: (NPC/deceased?) Mizuki’s part time employer. He is a well known alchemist from Gridania. Though his primary market was in Ul’dah for many years, Chaucer relocated to Revenant’s Toll during the beginnings of its creation as a main hub. He has helped Rowena, the Sons of St. Coinach, as well as Garlond Ironworks with many of their arduous endeavors where his services have been needed. He is a shrewd man, and not extremely approachable. Mizuki finds his vast knowledge fascinating and is indebted to him for allowing herself, as well as many other Doman and Othard refugees, to be employed and taken under as apprentices upon arriving to Eorzea. Mizuki's opinion of Chaucer has changed in recent times, due to the trauma he has put her through. Even so, she is still not clear on the 'why'... Mizuki hopes she can find out someday.
Teruharu Tsurugi: (deceased) Mizuki and he grew up together with Kaede. One year older. They were best friends and shared everything that children do. When he was 10, the three stumbled into a Garlean scouting group. Teruharu was executed in front of the girls, but they managed to escape.
Kaede Takeda: (deceased) Mizuki and she grew up together with Teruharu. Two years older. She was never quite the same after Teruharu was killed by Garleans, and withdrew into herself. After her beloved and family were killed in the war, she committed suicide at age 19.
◢ Relatives
Yomei Hagane - Brother: Yomei disappeared when Mizuki was very young, so she does not know him well. But after their first reunion, she immediately bonded with him. The Raen man is the only family she knows she has left for sure, so she treats him like the treasure he is. While Yomei is extremely kind and doting to Mizuki, the girl worries that he worries too much! She only wishes him the most happiness, and in her heart she knows that he must leave her side for longer than a few nonce in order to find it fully.
Akimasa Hagane - Father: A very serious, spiritual man. He has descended from a long line of Au Ra with the gift of foresight. His light eyes and hair, carried down through the generations, suggest that his lineage did not begin in Doma, despite his high ranking status when Doma was a nation. He has a natural attunement to the Universe, especially the Stars. Though, before he met Mizuki's mother, he would use his gift to assist his fellow Doman nobility, especially when dealing with potential conflicts. Eventually, this changed, and he used them only for himself, and thought himself a sort of prophet. His words were not spared often, and when they were, it was usually something negative about ill omens or poor judgment. He left when Mizuki was 14 cycles old after taking a vow of silence, and she has not seen or heard of him since.
Kohaku Hagane - Mother: (deceased) A hardworking, powerful fighter and part of the Doman army, Mizuki's mother was a fighter through and through. Her knowledge of combat was unmatched, and she was stubborn to the last. She could not use magick and did not have any Gifts. When she was not training or involved with war, she spent time with Mizuki as much as she could, though a "normal" noble life was never for her. Eventually, her husband’s withdrawn and often strange nature also drove her inward, turning her rather callous towards strangers and even people she knew. Her soft spot, however, was always Mizuki. It was only in her daughter’s presence that she felt something other than anger, depression, and frustration at the world and her situation. Mizuki gave her hope. She was killed during the Garlean occupation of Doma.

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Image Song: Planetarium - Ai Otsuka
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