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Tengri Moks, commonly known and referred to as Tengri Geneq....


Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily Overheard)

  • "Showed up one sun, out of the blue, wearing naught but rags. Him and his sister both."
  • "That damned Auri male talks too much, and when he ain't yappin' his gob, he's whistling or hooting or some such nonsense."
  • "Travels a lot, from what I hear. To the Shroud and Coerthas beyond, then back to Thanalan. Frequently."
  • "Him and the other, they're disturbing, is what. Sometimes you'll catch them just staring at each other for what seems like bells on end."

Moderate Rumors (Moderately Difficult to Overhear)

  • "Yes, yes yes yes, Tengri's the one you want! The tall one, yes? Yes! Did you know he gets flustered when you grab his tail? He does! Yes!"
  • "They tell me the two Geneq are somehow paying for room and board at the Hourglass. You'll find Tengri there, if you've a need to call on him. "
  • "Never seen him reach for liquor, nor ask for it. Told me once that he'd quit long ago. Says he finds peace in tea."
  • "Saw the brother get into it with some highlander fool over his sister. About to kill the Hyur, he was. Had I blinked, I'd have missed it, but her hand twitched and her fingers flexed... and he stopped. Let the bugger go and everything."

Rare Rumors (Very Difficult and Rarely Overheard)

  • "Crow is the word. Crow is the word for rot and for undeath. Gods damn them all."
  • "We worshipped the dual divinity, yes. Coin for Nald, Blood for Thal, and Glory to the Voice. But the Voice fell silent, the Scales were broken, and the Dagger slid free."
  • "I've heard names, I have. I've heard the little one call him Adin. Slip of the tongue, I think."
  • "Watched a man and a woman enter Thal's Respite not a moon ago. That very night, saw two demons leave it. Never saw the man and woman again, and they weren't still back there in that cave. Believe me, I checked."

PC Rumors (Add Your Own)

  • "Is that his name now? There seems to be so much to discuss these days." - Franz Renatus
  • "Eh, uh... M-my brother? I'm sorry, I must go..." - Sarangerel Geneq
  • "Just like so many before that I have encountered.." - Mask of the Seven Horrors Hidden in Nald'thal's Mists
  • "I dun like that man. Summit ain't right an' 'e's dun stepped on me toes. So I'll step on 'is ten times harder." - Nahare Mergrey
  • "That which he seeks to claim shall pass as all things do. Behold, naivety." - Jin'li Epinoch
  • "The only good thing you did in your life was love your daughter, and that is not enough to absolve you of your sins. Go back to being dead. The world has enough puppet masters." - Askier Mergrey
  • "Someday I hope to persuade him that no matter how shadowed the path he may have walked, the light has ever waited to find him. He is more than where he has been." - Liadan Summerfield


  • Camaraderie.
  • Sensations: touch, taste, and smell in particular.
  • Discipline and regimen.
  • Chill winds.
  • Mulled tea.


  • Incompetence.
  • Insouciance.
  • Insubordination.
  • Impertinence.
Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral     Poor Standing
Sexual tension    Deceased

Franz Renatus
"The sum of that man is greater than his parts. Born of two worlds, he has since made peace with himself, found his balance. He is an ideal to aspire to."

Jin'li Epinoch
"Death is but the end of life, rebirth but a new beginning. Some choose to step outside, to violate nature, to defy order. These, I name monster."

Leanne Delphium
"Tragic, how troubled she seems over past dalliances. That is not to say that I do not appreciate the advantages; the more distraught the individual, the easier to manipulate."

Liadan Summerfield
"There is potential in that one, for good and for ill. We must tread carefully, lest Lady Conjurer waste her talents on lesser works. Those with vision must guide those with gifts."

Mikh'a Korofi
"The young are so optimistic! That one in particular has such hopes and dreams. 'twould be a pity if the ambitious were to dash them against the rocks."

S'Kiear Grimsong
"He has his uses, and I reward him generously for his services. So long as our mutually beneficial arrangement persists, I foresee prosperity for both of us."

Sarangerel Geneq
"We have been through much together, she and I. Her moods are as quicksilver, yet her thoughts as plain to me as Dawn Father's sky. So turn your attentions elsewhere. She is mine."

Zanzan Yanzan
"The little thaumaturge is a pleasure to know and a delight to work with. Well-kept, well-spoken, good intentions and a good heart... and above all else, competent."

They may not have come into this world together, but they came to the same parents. Their father was Geneq, their mother Moks. To him, they were his blood and his tribe. To her, they were but tools.

As Tengri grew, their mother taught him the ancient signals and swore him and his sister both to secrecy. What he learned, he passed onto his sister long before their mother deemed Sarangerel ready. From their father, they learned the calls of the birds, learned to mimic them, to communicate as few other could.

Five and nine they were, when their mother passed away due to complications in childbirth. Both mother and unborn child perished, leaving behind two Moks children who had yet to come to terms with and accept what their mother had always impressed upon them as sacred duty. Rather, the pair took their secret and revealed it at long last to their father and the tribal head.

Suns turned to moons, and moons to cycles. Tengri came of age, and was beset by an idea: that by offering up his unique set of skills in service to the Empire, he might win lenience and preferential treatment for the Geneq. Though he thought his new course best, Sarangerel did not wish to lose him to the Empire, and beseeched him to not go. He was dead to her pleas, and for that he earned himself and the Empire her bitter resentment.

Brother and sister both went missing recently, only to turn up moons later in Eorzea, sporting rags for clothes and little else to show for their past....


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