Sarantuya Avagnar

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 Sarantuya Avagnar
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 24
Occupation Mercenary
Height/Weight 4'8"/95lb
Orientation Unknown
Relatives Khalun Ejinn(Pretend sister, like a real sister to her still.)

Sarantuya Avagnar, an Au Ra Xaela woman who was originally from the Avagnar tribe at a young age. Her original tribe was attacked and forced to assimilate with another tribe, or were murdered instead, she escaped the brutal onslaught of her tribe getting murdered, leaving with only a small group of Avagnar members, barely escaping with her life. The small group travelled with together until they met another tribe in the desert lands, the Bairon tribe. They were friendly and offered their hospitality, even though it was small, they joined with them, roaming the deserts. A life style she got tired of as she got older, she split apart and ran away, fleeing to Eorzea. Once she adjusted to these new lands, after a long conversation with her pretend-sister, the woman decided to pick up the Avagnar name once again, using it with pride like she knows she should, uncaring, and unfearful of any consequences it may bring. Her extremely curious self has her asking questions often to learn about the new lands, her ignorant selfs show rather easily, though she tends to almost always have a rather cheery attitude.

Basic Info


Fluffy, comfy beds and couches


Being in deep water
Being made fun of
Being left out/Secrets
Disgusting monsters


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favorite Food: Anything Sweet
Favorite Drink: Anything Fruity
Favorite Color: Red


Sarantuya is short, barely standing at four feet eight inches. Her face is rather smooth, despite the scales along her cheek and neck. Her hair is violet colored, though in a new land where she can easily get it changed, it is subject to change often. She possesses white eyes, along with a bright red limbal ring around both eyes. The horns that grow on the side of her head are curved to point forward, ending near her mouth. There are two silver bands on the ends of them, ones she found in the desert. Her voice is rather light. Her body is slim, and lacks much of a 'figure', though she haves muscles from constantly travelling, and using a spear long ago. On her right hand, she is missing her pinky finger, generally she has gloves on hiding the fact, though. When Sarantuya speaks she's rather slow with her words, still not used to using the common language in Eorzea, she finds herself still having to think over how to say and pronounce words, so she tends to be slow while talking. In her natural language, she speaks rather quick.


Sarantuya was apart of the Avagnar tribe when she was born, a tribe that was defeated by the Adarkim tribe due to their large amount of numbers. While a few amount of people managed to avoid the conflict, Sarantuya being one of them with a small group, they left and explored elsewhere, hoping to possibly find others from their tribe, but instead hit desert lands, where they ran into another tribe, not the Adarkim thankfully, but the Bairon tribe. They were to low on supplies to continue alone, and shortly after would of been assimilated into their tribe, where Sarantuya learned how to survive the harsh desert lands. Many years passed until she was twenty-four, where she then decided it was time to start a new life. Her, and a small group of others from the Bairon tribe, would split off, taking their leave from the desert, and found themself a port that traveled to Eorzea, Limsa Lominsa more specifically. Once there, the group she was with split up, all leaving on their own to explore these new lands and learn about them, hoping to one day meet again and share their findings.

After her close friend Glory went missing, the girl spent quite the time with her Company looking for her, until they finally found her in Ishgard. While Sara was hesitant on actually going there, she's been there quite a few times now, finally associating with the Machinists guild and furthering her knowledge with their weaponry. While she still uses her shotgun and revolvers, she now has even more tricks up her sleeve for combat to keep her safe. In an attempt to help free her friend from being stuck only in Ishgard, a Trial by Combat was held, and Sara was chosen to be her friend's champion. With a grin on her face the woman accepted, knowing this was a good way to prove her skills in combat. As she fought, her legs were sliced, and she ended up with a sword wound through her stomach that was twisted some before the girl shot her gun between his armor into the knight's neck, ending him. The girl passed out from pain and blood loss, though was saved thankfully by the magic of her healer friends. Despite a close call with death, the girl was simply happy with the fact she won.

After a long time being in these lands and using guns, Sara's changed her lifestyle, going out to search for a close friend who is teaching her how to use her emotions for strength, to be like a Dark Knight. The girl's training has gone fantastic, Sara picking up on things rather quickly. She's mostly sworn off using her old guns, now sticking with her greatsword, and plans to only get stronger to be a true hero like she truly desires! Sara's moved off to live in the mists, despite hating the fact she lives near the water, she does enjoy the people she lives near.


Some of these rumors may be false, feel free to add your own! (Currently WIP)

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"That woman doesn't even realize I've been flirting with her..." -Drunk Patron
"She's got more guns on her then I've seen a normal person have." -Aspiring Adventurer
"Pretty sure that's the lass who wrestled a bear." -Old Hyur man
"Does this girl even know what manners are?!!" -Angry tavern owner
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She seems afraid near her own kind... Like she's just waiting to hurt them outta fear.." -Travelling Au'Ra
"Sara shot first." -Hyur Merchant
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"She's murdered Au Ra just from speaking their tribe.. She's quick to the draw, and walks away like nothin's happened... I'd be careful 'round her. That shotgun of hers is a nightmare." -Weary criminal
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Sara? Yeah the girl's great,a hard worker. But.. I'd best remember never to leave her alone with Glory. -Gen Quickpaw
"She's extremely cute and innocent, but it seems sometimes that could get her in trouble. Wouldn't want to get on her backside though, I've seen that gun..." -Fhilwyda Eyrihaerzwyn


Romantic Interest     Good Standing     Poor Standing

Gen Quickpaw: Gen always has been nice to her, she can't remember a time whe he hasn't been. Kind, and looks out for the girl, certainly someone she enjoys working for and with. She considers him a close friend.
Anton Borneheld: Another company member who has always been nice to her. He's helped her learn quite a bit about the new lands, and made her some of the tastiest things she's had since coming to these new lands! She always enjoys his company and their talks.
Sherem Shaw: While he may tease her rather often, she still likes being with him. She likes training and shooting with him.
Vanilla Wayfarer: One of the most trustable people there are, she really enjoys being with Vanilla and is close with her. Vanilla's helps her out often, and has even been teaching her to read and write!
Khalun Ejinn:One of the nicest people she's ever met, they've both even agreed on calling eachother their pretend sister! While Sara most likely forgets the 'pretend' part, she likes her company either way, and is really glad to of met her.
Nadi'a Lamore: While he may be a scoundrel, he's only been nice to Sara, helping keep her sanity and happy when injured by going shooting with her to talk, and even go on adventures together. Certainly a great friend to her.
Mana Kami: A woman she found herself travelling with for quite some time for work. A strong Paladin who always seems to be good company to speak with.
Glory Delmyr Sarantuya's ex-love. She still isn't sure how she feels about her after Glory abandoned her, and isn't sure what'll happen if the two ever speak again. Secretly she hopes not just not to suffer the pain that will follow it with them talking again.

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