Nanamimi Nanami

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Nanamimi Nanami
Madam Quill

Name... Nanamimi Nanami
Alias... Madam Quill, Nana
Age... Deceased (28)
Race... Lalafell
Clan... Plainsfolk
Orientation... Asexual
Marital... Single
Deity... Rhalgr
Nationality... Lominsan
Occupation... Merchant, Thaumaturge
Alignment... Lawful Evil

Standing at an unusual height for most lalafellin, Nanamimi stands at 46 ilms and carries added weight onto her form, leaving her rather chubby. Her skin is almost as dark as her ebony hair, flecked with freckles across her cheeks and shoulders, and her hair kept in braids and ponytails merely for personal style. Azure eyes studiously peer out about the world, though her left has been clouded over as if it lost its sight though it continues to function as if it were normal. She walks with that typical waddle most lalafell have and adds in a determined stride. Her partaking the joys of Eorzea's treats has left her belly protruding forward, hiding no shame in enjoying such luxuries.

Scars & Markings: Due to an unfortunate event of trying to dispel a curse only to have it end up in an explosion, Lydix's left eye had to be removed due to irreparable damage and is covered by an eyepatch. Her hands are calloused and minuscule scars etch along her body, woven around the much larger scars. From her left shoulder to her right hip is jagged scar, a past axe wound - From her left shoulder vertical to her armpit is another scar - Horizontal beneath her breasts is a line from being stabbed connected from either side of her ribcage - Approximate area of her right kidney is a gouged scar - Right leg is a bullet hole scar.

Voice: Kelly Macdonald - Nanamimi has a thick Limsan accent and sounds much like a child.

Clothing: Her clothing options are kept limited by choice, always complete with a large hat and a long coat, though she likes to sometimes venture from the norm and wear furs and masks. Often found hanging off her body or clothes are trinkets and jewelry, Nana having a certain fondness for treasure. If someone is lucky enough to catch her in her nightwear, she dons a fluffy black robe, slippers, sleeping pants, and can be found wearing thick-rimmed glasses.

Secretive, Stubborn, Naive, Lonely
Nanamimi, upon first meeting her, comes off as a sweet and gentle soul that only wishes to share her business with others. She's an opportunist and takes any chances she can get to convince people to become returning customers. Despite her innocent appearance and happy-go-lucky attitude, there's something off about her, a sort of ominous feeling when idling around her too long.

As a businesswoman, she can come off as nosy once hearing a topic of interest but otherwise tends to keep to herself in public. She's blunt which often comes off as rudeness but doesn't outwardly harm. Every so often, she'll put herself before complete strangers but when it comes to her comrades, she tries her utmost best to look out for them. She's attentive and often curious, questioning subjects when she's not familiar with them, and she's a bookworm that doesn't always understand humor. If a business proposal is declined, Nanamimi will remove herself from the premises, bemused and uninterested in any further interactions.


  • Things and stuff.
  • Things and stuff.
  • Things and stuff.
  • Things and stuff.
  • Things and stuff.


  • Things and stuff.
  • Things and stuff.
  • Things and stuff.


  • Favorite Food: Things and stuff.
  • Favorite Drink: Things and stuff.
  • Favorite Color: Things and stuff.
  • Vice(s): Things and stuff.

A Brief History

A woman of many mysteries, Nanamimi Nanami suddenly emerged from ruins of Sharlayan as an up-and-coming thaumaturge and merchant of the north. Any documentation claims that her family is deceased and she was born in Sharlayan, the lalafell claiming to have been raised elsewhere and recently returning after many years of travel.

Currently, she's formed a business company known as the Haunted Quill, a traveling apothecary that offers other services such as protection and deliveries, wanting to get their name known so that they may grow.

Before the Calamity

Once a lalafell named Nanarou Garnin, she was born a citizen of Limsa Lominsa and raised on the seas of Indigo Deep. At the age of ten, herself and her mother Shashanou Shanou were forced off the ship by her father Wyatt Garnin because of Shashanou's temptations with the other men on the ship. When her mother couldn't afford to keep her around, Nanarou was given off to a man named Sven Volkorus, where she was raised and taught the ways of black magic. Corrupted by his teachings and way of life, she had given into the way of the void and offered her left eye in exchange for that of a voidsent's, allowing herself to see other voidsent lurking in the land of Eorzea. Either by accident or corruption, Nanarou's last visit with her mother ended up in an explosion and her mother caught in the crossfire. With Shashanou's death reported, the secret would be forever kept by the 16-year-old Nanarou.

Post Calamity

At 25, Nanarou traveled to Ul'dah once gaining word that her teacher Sven had retreated there for reasons of his own, and always a loyal student, she promised to never stay too far behind. There, she met up with her younger brother Xaxareaux and the two of them began to plot a Free Company that would come to be known as the Order of the Compass, created with their friend Lupine Wulgriff. Funded by Sven Volkorus, it allowed the company to grow and thrive much larger than they had imagined and was even granted a small estate within the Goblet as their headquarters. Everything seemed perfect and the company thrived.

After several long years, soon the voidsent that inhabited her body began to take control and she descended into utter insanity and eventually allowed the beast to control her mortal vessel. With the help of Matahina Umigame, Xaxareaux Garnin, Alcaid Ylgir, Eravul Adamant, and a few others, the voidsent had been exorcised and removed from her, leaving her drained of all aetheric abilities and bedridden for several moons.

From there, Nanarou truly attempted to change her lifestyle and ways, trying to help out in the Free Company known as the Order of the Compass, becoming second in command. But as time passed, she became distant to the company and its members, focusing more on her work for the Maelstrom and other illicit activities. She'd soon disappear, only to be found by several company members to have her return, though things didn't remain the same.

It is unknown whether or not Nanarou had turned herself in to the authorities of the Maelstrom, but an officer showed up for her arrest and she obliged without lifting a single finger. Arvic Ryne and Kormac Fidaris were the only two to deny the officer's claims of her crimes, but Sven Volkorus didn't once attempt to save her. Her crimes included: falsifying legal documents, forging the Admiral's seal, several accounts of murder, and suspicion of using void and black magicks. And there, Nanarou spent her time in the Maelstrom goals, allowing herself to waste away.

Though, that wasn't entirely the case for Nanarou Garnin, having planned with several comrades of her escape and death. Raxephlonn Dechamberres, Allister Dedrick, and Sicha Kochinua took part in helping the lalafellin escape: Raxephlonn taking her remaining funds to switch out her aether-devouring shackles with lookalikes, bribing the other magi with promises of escape; Allister retrieving a lalafellin corpse similar to her own appearance and hiding it within her cell; and Sicha with delivering her to safety.

It was after her trial, which sentenced her death, that the plan had gone into action. With the mimic shackles, Nanarou was able to build up enough aether to cause an explosion in the gaols and as the part of the building crumbled, those promised with freedom were allowed to escape. The corpse tossed into the cell was crushed and the real criminal was retrieved and given to her miqo'te companion, and there the two of them fled to the north. Nothing has been heard of them since and Nanarou Garnin's obituary was mailed out to old friends and family.


Emerging from the ruins of Sharlayan was an up-and-coming thaumaturge known as Nanamimi Nanami travelling with her au ra companion. A nomadic business, she claimed to have, called the Haunted Quill is a small apothecary that offers medicinal and alchemic reagents and it recently became known to offer protection and delivery services. Standing strong with only four known members, Nanamimi seems very particular about whom she hires. She's often found in the three city-states, always scouting for interesting information and people looking for work.

Before the Storm

A Mission Gone to Shite

  • Recently hiring a lalafell by the name of Nananomi Nomi, Nanamimi had given him his retrieval mission: to steal a book from the Free Company known as the Order of the Compass. Nomi had been caught by several of its members and Nanamimi had to step in once she got word that he was injured. After failing any sort of attack, Nanamimi was also shot and impaled by an ice shard, and with almost no time left, they escaped the clutches of the Compass. Bleeding and dying out, the two didn't exactly end up where Nana had intended and as a desperate cry for help, contacted Allister Dedrick through linkpearl to save them. Luckily for the two of them, Allister knew what to do, and the two of them were saved though permanently scarred from the event. It was decided that the book was to be forgotten and Nomi have a partner for his next mission after their recovery.

On the Rise

  • The Haunted Quill had become dull, its members falling quiet for several moons after their last mishap. Nanamimi laid low, spending her time keeping an eye out for any opportunities to arise that would allow the business to boom again. With the help of Gus Pumpkinweed, confidence returned to the woman and she's set out to sell her wares openly. Soon enough, business started coming to her, first with a man named Eligor Abigor selling questionable potions to her to offer to the public, then a lovely couple that owns a company known as the Middle Men seeking strange wares that aren't often for sale in populated areas... Especially with ever-watching eyes.

Starting Anew

  • As if the Gods themselves have given Nanamimi a sign or blessing, she had come across an auri couple known as Kaiten Tobukizu and Chise Tobukizu looking for ingredients of question, such as imp tails and vats of voidkin blood. Eyes narrowing and lips curling into a grin, Nanamimi explained her business, a black market, known as the Haunted Quill could provide them and their company with reagents and items not normally found in markets. After completing their grocery order, she was invited to their shop Trinkets and Tonics, and from there was invited to join their gang. They allowed her to keep her Headquarters there with her own stockroom and offered her side employment.


  • With the dispersing of the Middle Men, it was as if Nanamimi had become a peddler of wares. Alone and hungry for money, she was desperate in giving anything as long as they offered the right price. But she found yet another home of ragtags and criminals, leaving her unafraid to be open of her actual occupation. The Black Chocobo Gang welcomed her with opened arms, although rarely saw her. She was becoming unstable and sparse.

The End

Color Key
In A Relationship - Romantic Attraction - Sexual Attraction
Platonic Love/Family - Friend - - Friendly Acquaintance
- Good Standing - Neutral - Bad Standing - Dislike - Hate - Fear Rivalry
Family Member - Business - Deceased - ? Hidden Feelings/Unknown


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