Natalie Mcbeef

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 Natalie Mcbeef
Ffxiv 05192014 220802.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah, Member of the Sultansworn
Tribe Unknown
Age 24
Height 5' 6
Date of birth Unknown
Server Balmung
In game Varies, in PST Zone
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Natalie Mcbeef is a mentally challenged, yet battle hardened Miqo'te who resides in the City of Ul'dah. She grew up alone on the streets of Ul'dah after fleeing her tribe (very unique). Her rather unique name comes from choosing a hyur name (that doesn't actually fit as a hyur name) in a fit of teenage rebelliousness, an action she now regrets. Because her upbringing she is culturally distant from the people of her race (unique), and has a dim outlook on most traditional Miqo'te customs (I am NOT A SLUT!!). Despite her difficult childhood she has grown to be a proud daughter of Ul'dah, and loves the city dearly despite its faults. In her late teens she trained tirelessly to join the ranks of the Sultansworn (conflicting reports later in the article), and although she often acts independently these days, she still takes her duties very seriously (by hanging out in the adventurers guild in which she has literally no business).


Natalie is quite tall for a female Miqo'te, taller than many males, and standing eye to eye with some Hyur as well. She is very athletic, with good reflexes and endurance, but still her face is covered with scars from her many wounds. She takes little care in maintaining her appearance, and never wears cosmetics or attempts to trim her bushy eyebrows. Her hair is cropped close and short, in order to prevent an enemy from grabbing onto it. Her most striking feature are her piercing green eyes, which she often uses to stare down the enemies of Ul'dah. She eschews clothes and fashion, and can normally only be seen in her full combat armor, or a lighter set designed for patrolling the city (even though the sultansworn don't patrol the city.).


Natalie views herself first and foremost a protector of Ul'dah and it's citizens (presuuuuuuuumptuooooooooooous), and most of her behavior is based around that fact. When she is off duty she is friendly (ERP), playful (ERP), and warm (ERP), however under her warmth lies a core of steel (woah), always ready to defend her city. She frequently questions those who she suspects to be involved in various misdeeds, mixing harsh questions with a friendly demeanor that often puts people off guard (If they're fucking stupid). She is often seen hanging around the Quicksand in her off duty hours, where she is quick to strike up a conversation with any that approach her. She is notorious for pushing those around her, trying to make them reach what she sees as their full potential. This process can sometimes be quite dangerous, and her friends curse and praise her in equal measure for such acts.



Natalie can almost always be seen wielding a sword and shield, and she is out of her element when using other weapons. Her standard fighting style seems to be cautiously offensive, attempting to pressure her opponents and cause them to make mistakes. While she likes fighting, especially in the Arena (Sultansworn are big arena fighters obviously), she does not like hurting or killing people, and makes every effort to resolve situations without using violence (This is especially important when she does supposed public executions. WAAAAAAR CRIMESSSSSS).



  • Ale, Rum and Alcohol of any Sort
  • Meeting new people
  • Fighting (Friendly Matches, The Arena, Killing Primals for the 30th time, despite the impossibility of that prospect)
  • Keeping the city safe from black people


  • Killing or Hurting others, Physically or Emotionally
  • Being lied to
  • Dealing with her feelings
  • People who take advantage of others


  • Fighting
  • Investigating criminal matters
  • Making friends.


  • 'Nat' by her friends
  • 'Sultansworn' Often used respectfully, but sometimes said in a sarcastic tone



Natalie has fully distanced herself from her original tribe. Despite that, she's found new family, helping to create an 'Urban' version of a Mi'qote tribe.


Until recently, Natalie's duties had left her little time to spend inside the city, however now that events with the Garleans have calmed down slightly, she has been able to develop a social life within the city. Some people she calls friends are: (descriptions and links coming soon)

-Amaderuil Graham:: One of the first people Natalie met after returning from the Garlean campaign, Amad helped the stiff Natalie relax and learn to have fun again.

- Kage Kiryuu:: Natalie originally found this shy lalafell hiding behind a pillar in the quicksand. Since then she has supervised his training, his trials, and his duties as a Sultansworn. She considers him her greatest friend, and her staunchest ally.

-Marrow Ochi:: While Natalie was originally dismissive of her Primal origins, the two have grown very close over time, and now Natalie views herself as something of a big sister.

-C'kayah Tia:: Kayah was the original focus of Natalie's longest and most painful investigation, and throughout it personal feelings developed in between the two. Though since then, they have put each other through enough pain for 10 lifetimes, they only grew closer with time. For a time Natalie called him Nuhn, and built an urban tribe in Ul'dah. They have since split.

-Salem Nuhn: Natalie often teased Salem for his near constant presence on the quicksand's railings, however as time went on they began to become fast friends. Natalie agrees with his self given title "Master of Relaxation. Though currently Salem has been busy with tribal matters, Natalie still considers him a close friend.

-S'rahvi Khai:: A close female friend, Natalie and Rahvi have strong affection towards each other, and mutual affection toward C'kayah.

-Roen Deneith:: Natalie's apprentice of sorts, Roen is calm, collected, and restrained, everything that Natalie is not. Roen often ends up as the voice of reason to Natalie's more reckless actions. Currently Roen is a full fledged sultansworn, and their relationship wavers between familial and professional.

-Osric Melkire:: This brash flame sergeant has many times been a thorn in Natalie's side. She is not sure of the reason for his emnity, but it certainly isn't because she punched him in the face.


While Natalie has no specific enemies, she often finds herself at odds with various people during the course of her duties.


Common Rumors

  • "She's one of the Sultana's sworn (sic)... why is she wearing Brass Blade red?"
  • "That woman was quite the harlot, thankfully she seems to keep to herself these days" - Snooty Woman
  • "If you speak to her, the only think you'll get is a lighter coinpurse" - Quicksand Patron
  • "Her blood is made of gravy" - Chicken Strip Dan

Moderate Rumors

  • "She robbed my caravan dry for her 'Donations', was polite about it at least" - Merchant
  • "Such a queer name she has, I heard she chose it herself" - Guard
  • "I used to think her honorable, but she takes to Blades work like a fish to water." - Sultansworn
  • "STRONG CUM" - Sultansworn

Rare Rumors

  • "The monetarists have some sort of dirt on her, whatever it is must be bad."
  • "I've heard she consorts with Garleans... and worse"

PC Rumors

(Feel free to edit)

  • "I loved her like a sister. I trusted her with my life. I will never be so foolish again." - Roen Deneith
  • "Tails is probably the best of the sorry lot. She's actually fair, honest and actually interested in justice. But you didn't hear that from me!"~ Torken Queb
  • "She says otherwise, but she loves attention. You don't get into that position without a taste for it." - Uuuh, no one, never mind!
  • "She knows how to play the long game, yet she always manages to get in her own way. I fear for her life, and I desperately hope I'm not going to have to be the one to release the arrow." - C'kayah Tia
  • "She is the best thing to have ever happened to me. I love and cherish her more than all. Always."- Kage Kiryuu
  • "Y'wantin' t'know what a fall from grace looks like? Look no further." - Osric Melkire
  • "Normally I'm of a mind that revenge is a fools game. What that woman has done has made me feel very foolish indeed." - Obsidian Hornet
  • "Another example of what happens when you place personal feelings above your sworn duty. I pity what she has become." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "She and I are going to have a little chat. She owes me my payment and I mean to collect." - Askier Mergrey
  • "Cowardly. Unthinking. A child playing at games she cannot understand. I warned her before. It does not matter. I will see her strangled with her own entrails." - Delial Grimsong
  • "I wanted nothin' more than to wring th' life out o' tha' well meanin' fool, cloakin' her actions in good intentions despite the lives ruined, but tis nae my place te hand down punishment, tis my sister's." - Gharen Wolfsong
  • "She's making a name for herself. And quick." - Oscare Iono
  • "I can't tell if the Brass Blades changed her, or if she has always been like this, but it seems to suit her." - Aya Foxheart
  • "That lively miqo'te really knows how to make my blood boil. Ul'Dah isn't boring with her around." - Franz Renatus



Natalie was born 20 years before the battle of carteneau as N'natli M'kbeff, in a small miqo'te tribe to the east of Ul'dah. At the age of 16 she left her tribe, and traveled to Ul'dah, where she lived on the streets for a time. Eventually she before involved in the coliseum, changing her name to something more like a mcdonalds sandwich, "Natalie Mcbeef". She fought in the Coliseum for several year, eventually being picked up for her skill by the sultansworn, as they gathered strength to repel Bahamuts fall (Despite their complete lack of participation in the conflict). Natalie played a minor role in the battle (impossibly), and spent the next five years guarding Ul'dah and honing her skills. Five years later, she once again went into battle against the Garleans (because sultansworn don't do that but FUCK LORE right?), this time on the front lines, taking part in most of the major conflicts of the war. After the war concluded, she returned to Ul'dah, where she primarily maintains security in the city (once again discarding all known information about the Sultansworn), although she still ventures out to put down the occasional primal (even though they've only been summoned a few times, and taken out by the Warrior (singular) of light each time, leaving no room for Natalie to have even been there).

Recent History====Recent History

(Events are not rigidly attached to a timeframe)

Natalie has been through quite a few events, most of them her own fault. A brief listing follows: \

1) Helped Salem Nuhn (ERP master) exorcise the spirit that had been haunting him since the battle of Carteneau.

2) Was tempered by an artificially constructed primal (Impossible), thankfully it was not as thorough as that of a full primal, and was reversed (Also impossible).

3) Joined the Night Blades, helped stop a voidsent that had possessed one of it's members, and was rampaging through the streets of Ul'dah (I wonder how come nobody has heard of this).

4) Was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the Sultansworn, began to train apprentices who eventually became full Knights (Remember, Sultansworn aren't knights). Past Apprentices: Roen Deneith, Kage Kiryuu, Lambert Arkwright. Current Apprentice: Scumm Buskerbagg.

5) Was involved in a mission to retrieve a stolen Cerulean core from an Al ahmigan resistance group. Went poorly.

6) Had a long and tumultuous relationship with C'kayah Tia, in which they started a tribe together. It has collapsed since, and Kage Kiryuu (anime) has taken up the mantle of leadership from the Tribe.

7) dipped a stick in the river and got real scared

-- More to Come --


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