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Garlemald Flag.jpg Askier Mergrey
Askier LARGE.jpg
"I always have a plan B. The fact that plan B stands for 'bomb' is intentional!"
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Garlean
Place of Birth Garlemald
Nameday 32nd day, Sixth Umbral Moon
Age 36
Sexuality Heterosexual
Marital Status Married
Occupation Mercenary/Explosives Expert


Quick Facts

((Askier was part of the Garlean Army the day of the Calamity, and as a result, was not sent forward in time.))
((He is particularly gifted at building explosives.))
((He did try to blow up Ul'dah once - see "Saga of the Wind Swept Sands" for details.))
((Has since been pardoned and is living in Ul'dah as his new home.))
((His entire left arm is a Magitek limb with a gun built into it.))
((On that same token, his tail was also cut off to prevent PTSD flashbacks and replaced with a Magitek one.))


Given his mixed heritage of Keeper and Seeker blood, he stands taller than your average Miqo'te at around six fulm even. His body, with taut muscles from years of military service, harbors numerous scars. The entire left side of his torso became scarred from falling off his chocobo and onto a whiskey bottle inside his coat. Across his chest lie tribal tattoos, along with another tapestry of scars, all garnered from weeks of being tortured and skinned by the Roegadyn, Crimson Mountain. The man's ashen skin is a stark contrast against the chestnut-brown hair he has grown to let hang loose and messy, feeling as if the change of style reflected his current station in life at that time. Peering out from beneath those dark locks shimmer bright gold eyes. His face, narrow and angular in shape, have their own set of war wounds, as well as tribal paint that possesses no real meaning other than he enjoys the aesthetic.


Askier is a bizarre sort of character, often perceived as a naive individual. He is quick to give a smile and even faster to offer to buy someone he has just met a drink as he tells terrible jokes. He feels the most alive when other people around him laugh at something he has done or said. He tries see the best in someone and is fanatically loyal to those he calls his friends, and expects the same dedication from them in return.
Askier will be the first to admit he relies a great deal on luck and refuses to think himself as an intellectual since he has trouble containing his volcanic temper, which is easily set off. However, for all his apparent absent-mindedness, he is a reasonably intelligent being, often able to win word games and riddles quickly and can construct explosive devices with relative ease and knows a lot about them.
Askier views the world as one giant experience waiting to happen and that gods, spirits, and mortal races are all subject to no greater end than what they try to achieve for themselves. He believes that everyone acts for reasons that are logical to themselves, and, as such, calling someone good or evil is pointless in Askier's mind. He sees all things as equal and would gladly help out a stranger. But, because there are those that would harm what Askier chooses to care about, he finds no qualms in killing, viewing it as a normal part of being alive and that the act of killing isn't to be viewed as vile, but that the intentions behind the act certainly can.


Askier has changed his fighting style. He will start by trying to throw grenades, shoot his opponent with his gunarm, or hit them with his fie spell, the only magic he knows. Should these fail, or the opponent gets lose, Askier will fall back on his years of brawling experience and is a tough melee opponent who will bite, throw dirt, and his below the belt to win. His left, Magitek arm makes him slightly clumsy though in hand to hand combat and tries to avoid it if possible these days since he is still adjusting to the metal limb.


  • Making explosives
  • Engineering
  • Using firearms
  • Making explosives
  • Surviving
  • Speech
  • Making explosives
  • Whiskey
  • Making rash decisions
  • Explosions
  • Fireworks
  • Thunderstorms
  • Being with friends and family
  • Coeurl Steak
  • Sitting around doing nothing
  • Arrogant people
  • Torture
  • Roes
  • People who talk too much when they should act
  • Dying alone
  • Never building the ultimate bomb
  • Not making his father proud


  • Ven'li Mergrey - "I tried to live a life you would have approved, dad. Seems I fucked that up."
  • Unknown - "I hate you more than you will ever know, mother."
  • Saravena Ancariis - "My dearest sister. My love drove me to be a monster. Freeing you and making you safe is the only good thing I've done in my life."
  • Delial Grimsong - "That woman is my dearest, adoptive sister. I would kill for her. I'll die for her. Don't you forget it."
  • Mikh'a Korofi - "My son. I know I don't tell him this, but I'm damn proud of the boy."
  • Nahare Mergrey - "You want to cut off my fingers and send them to her? AHAHAHAHA! Have fun signing your own death sentence."
  • Osric Melkire - "Beardy's a lot of things. My best friend is one of them."
  • Kanaria Melkire - "She's a hellofa woman. A better fighter, friend, and ally would be hard to find."
  • Siha Xinkei - "That girl hates me and she has every right. Hells know I still smile knowing I made her nearly kill me. Pacifist my ass."
  • Grieving Hound - "First Eorzean I called friend. And one of the few who got how the world worked. Still surprised death was able to take her."
  • Raven Gorehand - "Yeah, don't piss her off. you won't live if you do."
  • Roen Deneith - "I admire that girl. If the world had even fifty people like her, it might not be a total shit hole."
  • Memith Ganajai - "Girl is a hella a woman. She has so much potential. I mean a crime boss at seventeen? That's skill. To bad she wants to have kits and throw it all away for 'love'. Women. -snorts-"
  • Orenji Kharn - "I don't care if we are related via law now, I think the bastard needs his teeth punched out."
  • Itarliht Syhrkoensyn - "You tried to break me. To ruin me. To destroy me. You almost won. But in the end, I won. You were my friend. Delial's lover. You betrayed us both. Rot in the hells where you belong
  • Adin Adonis - "The only good thing you did in your life was love your daughter. Go back to being dead. The world has enough puppet masters."
  • Drumstick - "He's never judged me once and he's always been there for me. He's the truest companion a miqo'te could have."
  • Ashwynn Adonis - "I failed you. You suffered because of me. You were always too good for me. I don't know if your soul can hear me, but if it can, please forgive me.


Common Rumors

  • "Askier can't read." It's a lie Askier tells about himself.
  • "How can someone drink that much and be okay with themselves?"
  • "I'd say it's not normal for someone to always be this much fun to be around, but I'm having such a good time!"

Moderate Rumors

  • "I can't keep straight which color is his real hair color."
  • "Don't make him mad, he'll snap your neck soon as look at ya."
  • "The man faked his own death and went into hiding because some Garlean spy master was trying to kill him and his friends that he set up that bomb in Ul'dah to save his sister for them."

Rare Rumors

  • "I heard Askier knows how to destroy a city with a device of brass and magic."
  • "More than one of that man's drinking buddies have been found dead the next morning."
  • "Word is he killed some of his own friends the day he deserted the Garlean Empire. "

PC Rumors

  • "Look upon his maimed form and know that every lapse in thought and judgement has taken from him some piece of his body, some piece of his mind. A man who cannot think through action is not long for this world, particularly a man in a profession such as his. I want to pity him. I cannot." - Delial Grimsong
  • "I blame Askier." - Osric Melkire
  • "Grab this box, bring it back to Ul'dah," he said... Askier started this rock rolling and it has not quit! I'll never forget the change that he brought out of me, he's helped me become more than I ever thought I could be. For this, I will always be grateful. Dinner? What about dinner? Oh... Sorry I don't kiss and tell.~" - Kanaria Galanodel
  • "He has suffered for one of my masters before, and he shall do so again in time." - Jin'li Epinoch
  • "Askier.... Askier.... Askier... He's lied to me. Used me. Betrayed me. In return I did the same to him. Or so he thought. I did what I had to do to save his life. Not that he deserved it. If the courts decided he would be executed I would have offered my axe to do it." - Grieving Hound
  • "Ever since I've heard of this guy trying to invade Ul'dah, the things following it haven't been good. He brought his baggage with him and it has been nothing but one event after another that have put lives of those he calls friends in danger. Call me unfair all you want, I'm pinning all this shite that has happened thus far on this guy, and I don't see how his -friends- can't see that." - Sizha'to Chalahko
  • "Aye, he has done me wrong. But when I asked him not to die, he promised me he would live, even when death was the easier choice. He has suffered enough in my eyes." - Roen Deneith
  • "Squawk!" - Drumstick
  • "Is closest and dearest friend. Vorry about him because alvays is getting hurt. Hope can alvays be there to put back together. Is nothing that vould not do for him." - Alexei Volkov
  • "He's too trusting, something I didn't even think was possible for a Garlean. It's a shame it keeps biting him in the ass... though I suppose I've had my part in that as well." - Natalie Mcbeef
  • "He's a good sand moogle .. aside from that I'll have to let you know once I get to know him better.." - Leilani Belle
  • The Mergrey guy? I think I met him once.. he seemed kind of skittish, and like he needed some friends!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "I owe him. More than I can tell you." - Warren Castille
  • "I do not appreciate how his little 'toys' keep getting where they do not belong." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "He smells... Odd. However, he did get me out of a bad situation, so I am in his debt. I also find myself curious about him; I may be seeing him again." - Kiht Jakkya
  • "I am happy he joined us, I really am. Part of me regrets it though. Before, despite the situation we were in, I was able to be myself with him. It was the closest thing to a friend I've had in a long time, a friend that knew the real me. Now our rank in the unit blocks that, I regret that greatly." - Erik Mynhier
  • "I think I've broken something between us, but I'll never not consider him another brother to me. Askier has been a lot of things to me, charmer, enemy, friend and now finally family. It kills me to see him broken and I only wish that I could fix him. But singing won't fix him this time, hopefully someday he can accept my apologies." - Siha Xinkei
  • "The man is dead and gone. Unless his ghost begins leaving me presents, I'd rather leave him buried in the past." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "Scum like him killed a brother of mine. Scum like him destroyed my old family. Scum like him took my mate from me...No ties of family will make me forgive his idiocies and ilk. Only his own tongue can save him or condemn him." - Orenji Kharn


Birth and childhood

Askier was born in the Garlean Empire to Ven'li and a female he knows nothing about. His mother stuck around long enough to birth him and recover before leaving Askier with his father. Ven'li was stationed in an open plan and was responsible for taming chocobos. Ven'li was a distant father and Askier only remembers him from his smell of booze. Askier's sister, Saravena, was born five years after he was to another female. Askier's father was killed when Askier was six. Askier was sent to live with his father's brother, who was a woodcutter near a river.

Life in the Garlean Lumber Camp

For the next 10 years, Askier and Saravena lived relatively uneventful lives. They helped their uncle deforest large swathes of the land to send the lumber down river for the Garlean war machine and learned simple schooling from travelling scholars.
This simple life was violently interrupted when a group of anti-imperial soldiers assaulted the camp and burned many of the workers and the woods in an attempt to hurt the lumber supply to the Garlean military. Askier and Saravena escaped but their uncle was lost in the flames.
Lost, the pair eventually reached a city. There starving, and forced with some unpleasant options, Askier enlisted to serve the army to earn money for his little sister to eat.

Life as a soldier

Askier would spend the next four years being bounced around from one tour of duty to the next. During that time, he took to learning about magitek and started messing around with spare parts he stole. He discovered he was rather good with making random parts work together and his tinkering eventually caught the eye of an officer in the engineering branch. The officer had Askier transferred to his unit and Askier quickly excelled in his new job, causing a good amount of interest amongst the military brass when it came to new explosive devices. One such device of Askier's was loaded aboard a Garlean airship and was planned on being us the day of the Calamity, destroying his device before it could be detonated.
At seeing the immense power of the primal that day, Askier deserted his post, concerned only with keeping his sister safe. He returned home and fled with her south till they came to Eorzea, where they lived as traveling mercenaries for three years.

Life as a freelance mercenary

Life as a freelance mercenary was good for Askier and Saravena. They travelled and used their coin to live well. Askier began drinking more and more heavily during this time, much to the concern of his sister, who was unable to stop him. Askier used the money he made to keep his sister well taken care off as he spent the left over research what few books he could afford, trying to better himself.
Askier also tried to put his past behind him, and, while he still continued to study bomb making with the few books he could find written about Magitek, it was simply for academic reasons.
He was enjoying his life and considered himself extremely lucky.

Life as a Garlean Saboteur

But the good luck ran out. Askier was recognized by a Garlean spy near Ul'dah and, after tailing Askier, came up with a plan. He forces Askier to build another bomb, in Ul'dah. Askier refused initially but the agent took Askier's sister hostage and made the demand: "Destroy Ul'dah or she dies". Askier gave in immediately for his sister and has been working on building his bomb for over a year and a half, shipping in the needed parts slowly and piece by piece to avoid attention.

Saga of the Wind Swept Sands

((Askier's IC summary of Saga of the Wind Swept Sands))

To whomever finds this, This may be my last time sitting down to write, and I will be considering this as my last testament. The purpose of this testament is to chronicle the past two years, and, more specifically, the past few weeks that have led to me sitting in this cell.

I begin when Saravena was taken, as that was the catalyst for all of this. Saravena and I had been wandering and working as mercenaries for the three years after my desertion from the Empire following the calamity. It was a good life. However, my drunkenness proved our undoing. Like my father, the drink is my vice and I was drunk and loud too often back then. A servant of my former captain during my years in service to the Empire, hence forth referred to as “my employer”, recognized me. I do not know how long they followed after us, or planned, but they struck without warning. Saravena found a knife to her throat and I with a choice many say should have been harder to make than I found it to be. I agreed to save Saravena’s life by destroying Ul’dah with a bomb of my own creation.

For the next two years, I moved in secret, slowing shipping in my needed parts a few at a time to keep myself from drawing unwanted attention to myself. I joined the Harbingers of Dawn during this time, hoping to find companionship to distract my mind from what I was doing. Although I found most inside the Free Company to be as full of schemes as I, I did find a few genuine companions, though only one I felt comfortable telling everything to, which I did. Hound, I know you cannot read and I apologize for lying to you about me not being able to do so for so long, but if this should ever be read aloud to you, know you are more than a friend, you are family.

Hound hinted I should stop and try to find another way, but I dismissed her. What could the two of us do against “my employers” shadows? I was afraid and continued on, though I regret now not heeding her.

I was allowed to see my sister during these two years on rare occasions. Always at a location “my employer’s” slave, Jin’li, picked, and only for a few moments. I began to grow impatient, wanting her back.I started making ripples in my haste. Ripples Erik Mynhier began to detect. I realized this and grew angry. I was too close. So I made a move that, in hindsight, saved both Saravena and all of Ul’dah: I confronted Erik.

Erik, should you see this, know that I have always judged a leader by how his enemies view him and his men revere him. 'A friend to all' is the title I bestow upon you. I came to you, trying to trick you into playing this game by my rules, to bend you to my will. But even then you showed me respect as I revealed half-truths to you. I should have realized then, when you let me walk away, that you had already won. You had already placed your prize pieces upon the board,

Kahn'a Ohditra and Osric Melkire.

Erik, I don’t know how many moves ahead of me you were or how you intercepted Jin’li’s letter to me, but you played it all so well. There I stood, in Vesper Bay, waiting for the shipping manifest from Jin’li that would reveal where I was to find the final three parts for my device. I recall how my allies and Delial Grimsong… I do not call Delial an ally because she is something more, a schemer as great as myself and as close a friend as one can have with such a dangerous creature. She was using me to help her own ends as much as she aided me out of a kindred bond to save our siblings. I have digressed.

There we stood, with the manifest in hand, my eyes reading over it greedily, when Kahn’a and his allies attacked us. Looking back, I realize just how far Kahn’a has come since Vesper Bay. Back then he was just a scared kit while now he… during Vesper Bay, he was no real threat. The only reason I lost the manifest was a result of the hyur the woman, Daphine, smashing my eye with her book and Osric attacking my flank while I recoiled in pain. Osric certainly would have captured me and ended it all then and there had my chocobo, Drumstick, not come to my aid.

After Vesper Bay, I nursed my wounds in secret. Delial did what she could for me, but my eye never healed properly, and even now, bright light causes it to weep blood profusely. I wanted revenge and so I hunted for it during the week until my last three parts would arrive. I found Kahn’a in an alley and thrashed him violently, hoping that my assault would stop Kahn’a for good. Instead, my violence caught the eye of my Harbinger of Dawn superior, S’honji, and his friend at the time, Kanaria Galanodel. Eager for more guards to help me recover my packages, I lied to them both, pleading for help recovering my shipments for “my employer” saying they were harmless artifacts. S’honji immediately mistrusted me, but Kanaria seemed to be eager to help a man in need.

My allies gathered at the “Coffin and Coffer”, being Delial, Hound, Siha, Kanaria, and S’honji. Everything should have been easy. We split into two parties. Delial, Kanaria and Shonji went to The Silver Bazaar. Hound, Siha, and I went to Crescent Cove.

But Hound betrayed me.

Just as I had recovered my second part and planned to kidnap Siha, Kahn’a arrived. Hound then stepped forward and raised her axe against me. Outnumbered four-to-one, I was forced to swim for it with my part. Wet and half-naked, I rendezvoused back in Ul’dah with Delial’s team where we secured the two parts we had recovered and then proceeded to location number three, the graveyard near Camp Drybone. Osric,Hound, Siha, Kahn'a, Daphine, and Jana were waiting for us. After a stand-off, we came to blows, though it was my party that was forced to yield, all of us bloodied and beaten, save Kanaria, who proved to be a more dangerous combatant then I had ever expected,certainly more than S’honji, who fell to Osric’s blows swiftly. I broke Osric’s knee before fleeing on Drumstick once more, a battered Delial thrown unceremoniously across my saddle.

That night, I finished the bomb, even without the third part. As my lethal creation hummed intolife and the sinister glow burned into my eye, I will admit I felt pride at all I had accomplished. I had almost, single-handedly, done the impossible, something the might of the entire Imperial military had not been able to do: I had Ul’dah by the throat. In that moment, I was akin to Bahamut, a force of sheer destruction unable to be stopped. The timer on my bomb was ticking and would detonate in one week.

Then my heart sank and my stomach twisted into knots as I realized, without a shred of doubt, I didn’t want to go through with my plan. The reality of what setting the device off would do, and what would happen to Saravena if I didn't let it go off, slammed into me. Depressed and confused, I started to drown my emotions in alcohol.

For the next week, a war raged inside my mind, part of me playing the demon. I encountered Kahn’a in the streets of Ul’dah and my companion Raven and I tormented him, trying to break him of his will to fight. But I saw in his eyes he wasn’t afraid anymore. He was fighting back and I felt fear. I began to grow confused, and in my confusion, I acted, proceeding in an action that had repercussions in my mind and added fuel to my doubt. I might have even killed Kahn’a at that moment had Kanaria not intervened. I left, my mind wrapped in the fog of doubt and no amount of fiery liquor could burn the fog away.

My conscious rose up in me, begging me to seek help. But from who? Hound had betrayed me and it would be some time till we mended our relationship. I thought I was alone again.

I wasn’t. I know now that Kanaria was working with Kahn’a, but she found me sitting on some crates and managed to wring the truth of my goals and who I was from my lips without a bit of force. I was so desperate and wrecked by guilt I needed to confess. Kanaria’s response amazed me. She did not shun me, but offered to help me to the bitter end. I left her, still confused but with the realization I wasn’t alone. I wanted to see Kanaria again, to talk to someone. She used this desire to break down my defences and convinced me to meet with Kahn’a and Osric. During the meeting, I gave them a copy of the book I had written on explosive Magitek as a token of good will. In return, Osric offered a plan:

Ask "my employer” to let me see my sister one last time, but instead of me going, he would and free my sister while I waited with my bomb, swearing to disarm it the moment Saravena was safe.

That night, after the meeting, as I drank by the light of my bomb, I smiled. I remember it. For the first time in a long time, I saw a light at the end of this tunnel and it wasn’t a light of destruction.

But the truce nearly failed.

I had gathered my allies and Delial, still not entirely trusting Kahn’a and Osric. Kahn’a arrived with his troops and my mind immediately took it as betrayal but I waited. I was willing to humor them as they looked on at my bomb with terror. But then I heard Kahn’a say the words that broke my will that night. He looked straight at me and uttered: “Saravena is dead, Askier.”

My mind snapped, I started dancing around, cackling, wanting to kill everyone and everything, wanting to set off the bomb, and I know I would have, had Kanaria not held me back. My allies and Delial refused to fight, they heard Kahn’a as he tried to explain Saravena was, in fact, still alive; that Osric had saved her after all. In my grief I failed to hear, and I was shot by Kahn’a’s arrow. After that, I remember very little as Daphine drugged me. But I know the bomb was disarmed and I was taken to this cell, where I have resided this past week, thinking.

I was visited later by Kanaria and Kahn’a, who brought in an unconscious Saravena and placed her in my arms. Osric had kept up his end of the bargain, though they had almost lost her. I confess I wept for hours, both relieved that she was safe again after two years and ashamed for nearly breaking my end of the truce.

But Jin’li isn’t done with me it seems. He still lives and conspires for “my employer.” If I ever see that runt again, I’ll sink my teeth into his throat and tear it out. Kahn’a and Osric tell me that Kahn’a is being forced to play a game for“my employer” much like the one I was forced to, though this time, it is not Ul’dah he wants destroyed, it is me for failing him and letting Osric make a fool out of him.

I feel no hatred for Osric, Kanaria, or Kahn’a. Rather I view them as family. They simply tried to keep what they cared for safe and they were willing to help out a total stranger and his sister while doing so. How could I ever judge someone for that? Kahn’a especially has gone from my greatest foe to something I find myself surprised by. Raven, Kanaria, Osric, Hound, Kahn’a, Vali, even you Delial, I owe you all a debt I can never repay but will try.

I have one last scheme to play. One, that if all goes well, will free me forever from this madman, though the price will by high for some near to me, but they have agreed and once again I am left in awe of their selflessness. I will stand trial soon and accept my punishment, be it acceptable to me. S’honji plans to convict me and execute me, but I have no plan on dying. Not until I return “my employer” for his years of kindness.

In conclusion, I did not write this for pity or forgiveness. In truth, part of me will always be proud of what I have accomplished, though I am grateful that I never had to set off my device. No, I write this so that, no matter how history remembers me, there will always be a record from my own pen that proves that I am nothing more than a simple Garlean Miqo'te, whom was fallible, foolish, and devoted to those he loves.

Askier Mergrey.

Trial by Gunblade Fire

Askier went to trial for his crimes during the "Saga of the Wind Swept" but he went to live and be free, not suffer S'honji's punishment. Kahn'a was confronted by Jin'li and forced to play the very game Askier had been. This time, however, Askier was the target, and those Kahn'a cared about most were the hostages. Kahn'a came to Osric and Kanaria and told them, and the three worked out a way to trick Jin'li and free Askier from Jin'li's master. They would fake Askier's death in front of everyone. Askier was asked to trust Kahn'a to shoot at hi with the gunblade Jin'li had given him. Askier, seeing the young male forced to make the same type of choice he was and realizing the risk Kahn'a was taking to spare his life, agreed without hesitation, having come to trust Kahn'a, Kanaria, and Osric completely. The only other person who was to know was Saravena. During the trial, Askier stood mostly silent, letting those who would speak for him do so. They added to the plan. Then Askier stepped forward, giving Kahn'a a shot he couldn't miss. The other male took it and hit the metal covering they had slipped under Askier's shirt. Askier flew backwards into Osric, who pinched a set of nerves, sending Askier into a state of near death. To add to the effect, Askier bit a whole in his tongue to let blood ooze out. Osric rushed Askier away and revived him, though the bruising from the shot forced Askier to limp. Osric escorted Askier to an airship and sent him to Limsa. Askier, in immense pain, passed out aboard the ship, a free man for the first time in years.

Life After Death

Askier arrived in Limsa and kept a low profile. But Adin and Jin'li were no fools. They hunted Askier down and shot Askier off a cliff after tricking Osric into revealing Askier was alive. Askier fell from the cliff and saw the starry heavens and during that moment, a mark was burned onto the back of his neck before he slammed into the ocean and lost consciousness for several days as Osric's siblings saved him and took him to Lady Grace for healing. During that time, Osric, Kahn'a, and Kanaria hunted down Adin and Jin'li and killed them both. When Askier awoke, his ruined eye was fixed by Lady Grace's healer and his wounds as well. He rejoiced when he learned he was a truly free Miqo'te. He returned to Ul'dah, where he encountered Adin's replacement, Rema, briefly as she told him she was calling off the attacks on Ul'dah for a time. Askier now calls Ul'dah his home and was looking to relax.

Slipping into old ways

But that was not to last. Askier encountered the massive Roe Itarliht Syhrkoensyn, who mentioned the mark on Askier's neck and explained they were both part of a small collection of similar fellows with similar marks. Askier has agreed to help his new allies discover the purpose of the marks. But Itar was not done with Askier. Itar informed Askier there were several old allies of Askier's in need of aid and Askier offered to help without hesitation, even if doing so might reawaken his negative image amongst certain people.
Meanwhile, Askier was contacted to identify the explosive used on Lady Grace's ship. Askier agreed and determined the device but was accused of setting it himself and snapped angrily, viewing the cheap explosive beneath him. Askier has sworn to prove to Lady Grace how talented his skills are one way or the other.

Time as a Terrible Kidnapper and Torture and Freedom

Askier worked odds jobs for awhile, growing bored and listless, wanting the action he had come to enjoy, almost crave like a drug, during the past five years. Osric kept telling him to stay out of trouble, but the problem was, Askier wanted trouble, wanted the trill of being at the edge. And Askier finally got his chance and he pounced on it.
Askier was approached by a member of the Brass Blades to abduct Roen Deneith and detain her long enough to draw out a wanted fugitive so the fugitive could be killed. Askier pretended to take the job for the massive amount of gil he was promised, but, in truth, Askier really just wanted the job to make him feel alive.
Askier had planned to take his time organizing and setting up a proper job, but while Askier was trying to recruit the first of his hired muscle, Itar, Roen walked up to them and the pair of males tricked her, hit her over the head with a shovel, drugged her, and rode north to Coerthas to hide.
Askier had planned on the kidnapping being a rather pleasant affair, even going so far as to purchase whiskey and books for Roen to pass the time. But Crim had other ideas. The Roe proved merciless in his actions, forcing Roen to engage in acts that borderlined on torture, acts that left Askier uncomfortable. Askier attempted to repair the damage done by Crim by offering aid to Roen's brother but Crim snapped and took to punishing Roen. Askier reached his limit, furious at the way Crim was treating the Hyur female and threw a bottle at Crim's head. Crim turned on the miqo'te and the two males fought, parts of the house being blown to bits by explosives.
The fight ended with Crim, Roen, and Askier outside the house in the whirling snows, Crim pressing a sword to the female's throat, swearing to kill her if Askier did no drop his explosives. Askier had his mount, Drumstick, flee to act as message to anyone who would look for him before he took out a linkpearl from his ear and removed all but one explosive from his person. Askier then pulled the pin on the last explosive and blew his left arm off to the shoulder, doing so for several reasons. Crim was forced to abandon the building and took a wagon loaded with Askier and Roen south where they stole a boat.
The three sailed for a couple weeks, during that time Askier was violently tortured, an experience he will never forget. Askier and Roen were rescued and Crim slain during an exchange on the docks of Crescent Cove. Askier was healed over an extended period of time, though his mind is still suffering as he tries to come to terms with what happened to him.

Joining the Red Wings

Following Askier's release, Kahn'a offered Askier a chance to keep himself busy by joining the Red Wings. Askier agreed to do so, so desperate to find a means of work to keep his brain off the memories of the boat.
During the past months Askier has been slowly recovering mentally and has generally regained full, functional mental control over his mind.

Blood on the Sands

However, Askier's recovery coincided with the return of Jin'li and his revenge upon the city of Ul'dah. Askier watched, almost helplessly, as his "family" was ensnared in Jin'li's plots and plans and he saw Osric forced to turn on the city he loved. Feeling powerless, the half-crazed miqo'te formed a plan to slip into an Imperial Castrum to steal a special tool he needed to disarm Jin'li's Magitek collars and free his family. The plan was a success thanks to his allies and he disarmed the collars and removed Jin'li's grip over Ul'dah. He also stole a Magitek arm from the Castrum.
With Jin'li's death, however, all was not well. Askier learned two things. First, Jin'li had been his half brother and feels forever tainted by that knowledge. Second, he received a letter Jin'li had desired sent to his former fiancée, Ashwynn Adonis, a woman he had not seen in 5 years and daughter to Adin Adonis.

A New Arm, a rekindled love, and a new outlook on life

In the following weeks after Jin'li's death, Askier became incredibly close to his friend Alexei Volkov, confiding in the hyur a great deal and seeking his advice about how to proceed with his life. It was Alexei who attached the mechanical arm to Askier's body and he continues to tweak it and check in on Askier's physical and mental health.
Askier was there for Alexei when his own mental conditioning began to decay and Askier has promised the Hyur he will help him however he can.
Meanwhile, his former fiancée, Ashwynn Adonis, was run off from the Empire, her father's dead enemies nipping at her heels. The female was forced to flee and encountered Alexei by chance while looking for Askier. Askier went to her, confused, scared and wanting to see her after so long apart.
Their initial encounter was far from pleasant. Both blamed one another for the separation and five years of confused emotions tore into one another. Askier almost stormed out. But couldn't make himself. At last they agreed to see what would happen now that she was here and in need of a safe place.
Since then, Askier's dormant affections for the female of come burning out and he is eagerly spending as much time with her as possible when able. The female is a bit distant at times but seems to be reciprocating the emotions and they have resumed sharing the same bed.
Ashwynn recently learned of the horrors committed by her father, and his servant,, Jin'li. She had been blissfully separated from her father's dark ambitions and, while hurt by the news she didn't know her father entirely, bears no ill will towards Askier or the others for his death.

Marriage and Death

But it was not to last. Askier was still haunted by his mental demons and it began to cause him to recluse, drawing deeper and deeper into himself. Eventually a mission, one Askier lead, resulted in the death of Alexei Volkov. Destroyed by his dear friend's death, Askier began pushing everyone but Ashwynn away. he became bitter and hurtful. And violent. Hurting several friends a few times.
Eventually he and Ashwynn left. Askier and Ashwynn married alone and went to start a new life away from all the problems of their past.
But the past would not leave Askier alone. Jin'li, somehow, returned, from beyond the gates of death itself. And the insane miqo'te killed Ashwynn before Askier's very eyes. In anger, Askier used a grenade to blast himself, Jin'li, and the corpse of his bride into the afterlife, leaving only a mechanical arm behind.

Deception and Discovery


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