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To merely exist is simple and void. To find life is where one faces suffering, and in time, peace.

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Vital Information

FULL NAME... Carina Allegra de Bayle.

NICKNAMES... Rin, Seared flesh, Crisp One, Beast Girl, Mommy/Mother.

RACE & CLAN... Midlander Hyur.

GENDER... Female.

AGE... Twenty and five Summers Old.

NAMEDAY... Sixth Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon.

ORIENTATION... Heteromantic, Demisexual.

MARITAL STATUS... Married to Armont De'bayle.

Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Gridanian


FAMILY... Roussos|Van Cormellis|De'bayle.

RESIDENCE... Dawn Vigil, Lavender Beds.

OCCUPATION... Alchemist, Beastmaster, Visountess of House De'bayle.

PATRON DEITY... Nophica, the Matron Nophica Icon.png, Non-observant.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms, 2 ilms. 138 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral | The Hedonist.

General Information
Deep down, I know we'll always be together.
Hair & Eyes

Carina has light blonde hair and deep dark brown eyes. Eyes ever so slanted from her Doman heritage, the woman otherwise avoids wearing makeup over them as she finds decorating her eyes very time consuming for the day-to-day, and difficult to work around her scars. As for her hair, while the length of it can differ, Carina tends to prefer it short. It is currently rather scrappy short, as with her daughter still young, she believes long hair might be troublesome with grabby hands. Her hair, while brushed everyday, always appears to be in a perpetual state of messiness, a few strands poking out along with one noticeable cowlick on the very top.

Physique & Markings

Covered with freckles/birthmarks/moles, most of all would be difficult to see past her heavily scarred body. Carina is covered head to toe in old burn wounds, her back scarred by electrocution with a mark in a Lichtenburg figure. She also has a stab scar just under her rib cage and on her thigh.

As for her physique, Carina is a Beastmaster, thus she is quite fit. Her breasts on the larger side due to her birthing a child and wide hips, she may be small in stature but her body type is by no means childish. Arms and legs thick with muscle and strong, her hips and belly could be seen as a bit pudgier from a little extra weight. She is not very graceful, actually very clumsy really, but she is quite flexible.

Hygiene & Attire

Despite looking like she has a dirty face, much to her own dismay, Carina is very cleanly. She tends to wear anything from robes to hold her journals and potion-wares, to just a plain shirt with some pants and boots. While not having been one to wear dresses or skirts unless on special occasion due to their restricting nature, Carina has begun to stray from that from her family's Ishgardian influence. While certainly not the most combat ready attire, she has grown a certain fondness for at times showing off a more lady-like side with skirts. She also always carries a satchel on her to hold her needed materials. Along with being an alchemist, she creates her own perfumes and shampoo's for both herself and her family. She always has the lightest scent of white tea and citrus.


Carina's personality can really only be explained as neurotic; even after plenty of time passing, she still finds herself on a wide spectrum of emotions. Previously under heavily influence of her own personal tonics to subdue her feelings of loneliness and anger, her typical persona was seen as very happy, up-beat and polite. Never triggered to tears by anything, even in the midst of violence or horrors, it took very specific circumstances to break her down. If she was ever seen sobering, Carina had a tendency to talk to herself incoherently, and scratch at herself anxiously. Being a premature baby, she had always been small and weak; susceptible to getting injured and ill. Her pathetic composure lead her to self-deprecation after the Calamity and she had little to no self-motivation, only to live her life to serve other people. She had spent the past couple years following the fall of Dalamud drowning herself in her alchemic studies, and researching the disaster extensively. She lived in denial over death, as could not accept it as an end.

Aside from those traits she could get rather mouthy and didn't know how to pick her fights. This went in line with the fact that she did not fear getting injured or hurt, seemingly believing she deserved such treatment, which led to her getting taken advantage of on several occasions. She excelled in alchemy and is actually very intelligent, although this would often be over-shadowed by her childish tendencies. Although her appearance made people think otherwise, she did and still does not, enjoy leisure reading.

Pre-Calamity Carina was actually very different. Overly emotional and seen as both bratty and a cry-baby. She always had a foul mouth and was very crude and never afraid to voice how she felt on something. She dreamed highly of becoming a great healer to help people, but often slacked off and never worked towards that goal due to the lingering feeling of deprecation. She was known to easily become jealous of anyone who took away the attention of her brother from her. This alienated herself from other children, where the only person who tolerated her antics was said brother.

Carina has hugely improved from where she used to stand socially and mentally. Having moved off the mainland of Aldenard for a long while, she overcame a physical and mental barrier that allowed her to mature greatly. Meeting new people and gaining a greater insight and appreciation for life, her demeanor in how she handles things greatly improved. Far more patient and calm, having removed herself completely from her old addictions, she finds herself to be in a far more genuine state of happiness. Despite this improvement, it often can be easier to set her off into bouts of rage and other emotions due to no longer having any mental inhibitions; she is also far more physically aggressive, and does not hesitate to fight back when felt she is approached with injustice. Though troubling, it has allowed her to share more with others the scars of her past, something she felt to be nearly impossible beforehand.

Her ability to fight also greatly improved with her training along side beasts and Hitokiri, something that improved her physique and raised her confidence. She used to frequently wear glasses that brought her comfort, however after returning back to the mainland, she has started to wear them less if ever any at all anymore. That being said, the woman has ironically began to notice the slight deterioration of her ability to see, thus implying she might need to look into an actual pair of real glasses in the foreseeable future.


Carina has a higher pitched voice. While not ear piercing or overly eccentric despite all things, it is also a bit hoarse from smoke inhalation. She can speak in an upbeat fashion, but her words always come out in a tone as if she meant more than she is letting off. She may or may not let off and occasional snort when doing her ridiculous laugh.

Carina typically has a very clean mouth, and refrains from cursing, however if angered or pushed far enough, she can show just how filthy her mouth can be. Something people have described to be "frightening".

An audio example of what her voice would sound like here.

Philosophy & Mannerisms
Carina by gastrodonz.jpeg
While far kinder than what she once was many turns ago, compassionate and sweet are not words typically used to describe the woman on a normal basis. Certainly kind to those closest to her, Carina can actually be very callous to those she hardly knows, very distrustful of strangers. However, any sort of genuine emotion she may express toward Elezen can be said to be actually genuine, as she has a soft spot for the race. Aside from that, any kindness she does show toward new people is typically mostly of her own curiosity in something about them striking her interest, a faux expression of welcome, despite being rather difficult to tell. That being said, Carina wishes for good things, just mostly for herself. Her selfish desires are almost strictly reserved for her and her created family, as she goes out of her way to insure freedom is a right they have. This can often lead her to being a bit more disorderly, as she thinks people should follow their desires and not be bounded by the chains of society. Despite this, she would never go out of her way to do evil things. Certainly willing to go far for her own benefit, she would not do so if it meant killing an innocent or destroying something meaningful along the way. Carina does not consider herself to be a hero, evening finding it rather distasteful when people try and proclaim she do heroic actions. They're not a part of her agenda, they simply tend to coexist within the moments.

Could she be described as a liar? To some perhaps, though not with the intention of injuring people, but more so to protect herself. Dishonorable? Potentially. While she is very disapproving of ever having affairs on romantic partners herself, as they take up a great deal of emotional effort that she truly only has the stamina for one, she feels no real ties to any government or authority figure. If asked to work under such, she does so with very little remorse over the likeliness that she may some how betray or leave them casually along the way. While Carina now works as the Viscountess of a Minor House of Ishgard beside her husband, she still feels not inclination toward the goddess Halone or even the government of the Holy See, even if she does follow it's laws in public to a degree.

Carina tends to scratch at herself when nervous and become overly bubbly when feeling especially upset; she is also very easy to shut off, as she still fears exposing her past to those nearest to her, thorns still wrapped to her heart, probably forever. Very few people are able to truly get her to open up entirely.

Behemoths and other beasts.
Reading for knowledge gaining (textbooks, old scrolls, non-fiction etc.)
Forests and temperate climates.
Sweet Foods
The color Gobbiebag brown
Loud noises.
Reading for pleasure (novels, storybooks, fiction, etc.)
Spicy Foods.
The cold.
She knows a form of Eorzean sign language.
Highly trained alchemist.
Rather good baker.
She can charmspeak beasts, although this highly varies on the toughness of said creature.
Worked at the Seventh Sage for a good while when still with her old company.
Will never refer to anyone by a nickname, always uses full names, no matter how long.

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Speed, Flexibility
Above Average: Strength, Dexterity
Average: Stealth, Piety, Constitution
Low: Aetheric Abilities, Faith
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: None
Expert: Charmspeak
Average: Conjury
Novice: Thamaturgy
Weapon Training
Mastery: Axe
Expert: Sword and Shield
Average: Daggers
Novice: Bow, Lance, Magical Peripherals
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Reaction, Riding
Above Average: Pain Tolerance
Average: Intimidation [Differs when using beast]
Low: In-Combat Thinking
Non-Combat Abilities
Charmspeak: This is only effective on beasts and animals alike. The smaller and/or unhinged they are, the easier it is for her to charm them. Undomesticated beasts are the most effected by her charmspeak, and even transformed people. (ex. Someone is turned into a frog, or any other creature, they can be effected)
Suspicious: Carina has many reasons to not very openly very trustworthy of people, despite her rather calm and accepting demeanor. She is more likely to dig into someones alternative motives, in a desire to not be taken advantage of.
Acrobatic: Despite her clumsiness, which certainly doesn't make the feat and easy one, Carina is both strong and flexible. She is able to carry her body rather easily. Now whether she can carry it gracefully is another story all together.
A Form of Eorzean Sign: Taken on to learn in the midst of her old partner, Serick's, muteness, Carina learned a form of sign in order to easily communicate with him. While there are many different versions of sign language, not necessarily one that is universal, it has come in handy with her on occasion.
Combat Abilities
Alchemy: Whether potions for poison, paralysis or sleep, Carina has something to help gain extra footing in a fight. While also used against enemies, she also has potions to help heal her allies. While their taste in debatable in that they are awful, they do get the job done.
Handle Animal: Owning up to the title of a Beastmaster typically means Carina is avid in her ability to command beasts under her order. What this doesn't normally also imply, but is certainly the case when fighting against her, is she is also able to ride her beast into battle. They are both their own threats, not ones to be taken lightly.
Beserking: Awaking the beast within to deepen her connection with her wild friends, has also left Carina vulnerable to fall prey to her own unhinged instincts. If pushed hard enough in a battle, Carina will infuriate, not only increasing her constitution temporarily but also her strength. Her actions will be haphazard and lack organization and thought, making it easy to predict what she will do. While she might be avoidable, being hit by her in this state is something most should strive and avoid.
OOC Note
(Outdated)Carina's Pathfinder Sheet Joseph's Pathfinder Sheet | Grindstone score: Battles Won: 3 / Battles Lost: 5 / Overall Victories: 0

Disclaimer: Anything written here are things that have occurred in-character, pre-written history and are heavy spoilers. Proceed with caution after reading this information and roleplaying! Any and all forms of meta-gaming with such information without gained through RP will be cause for immediate cut in communication until further notice.
Sixth Astral Era
Lessons With Yarzons

“...And this is a Yarzon. You can tell because of its long legs, see, and its tiny body,” the blonde teen boy pointed to the small book in his hands, an equally as blonde little girl sitting in front of him with wide brown eyes as she looked at the picture on the page. After a short moment of inspecting, she stuck her tongue out in a small wiggle followed by a ‘bleh!’

“It's gross CJ! Look at it!” she frowned backing away from the the picture with a shake of her head, her choppy cut blonde hair swaying with the motion. “Yeah I guess it is pretty ugly isn't it,” he laughed, taking the book back to look at it himself, “ah but Rin, you can't judge things by how they look. The big guy may look kind of nasty, but maybe he's got a big heart?” the little girl gave her older brother an incredulous stare before sticking her tongue at him, “you're silly CJ, look at him! He's a bad guy… see,” scooting up to her brothers side, the little pointed one of her small fingers to the page and the picture. “Sharp teeth there, to bite. Mean guy… what this say?” her point lowered to the text below. Grinning to her, the older brother closed the book gently on her finger, causing her squeak out in fear. “Hahaa! Gotcha you big baby,” he laughed, slipping her finger out of the pages and setting the book down so he could grab his little sister and plop her on his shoulders. “We are going to find out, the Yarzon are native to this part of the Shroud,” grabbing to her legs so she wouldn’t slip off when the girl began to throw a fit, she cried out and tried to escape his grasp. “Noooo NOOO, I don't wanna goOoo Corbin,” she screamed out, wiggling as the teenager began to trek forward through the woods. “Carina stop it, you can't just run and away from things because they are scary or unknown to you, you have to at least give them a chance. It is my job to teach you, so that is what I am doing!” the older boy scoffed out as his sister kept up her shrieking for the next fifteen minutes.

“Coooorbiiinnn I dun wanna see the big stupid Yabon, please dun’do this. I'm your sister CJ! I'm too young t’die... Why can't we j-just catch more b-bugs...” she cried out in a garble, wiping her snotty nose in his hair much to the boys dismay. “Bugs can't teach you all of your life lessons,” he grumbled, tilting his head back to her, ”Say Carina, I tell you what,” he said, finally plucking her down to place her on her feet, “you at least get close enough to inspect the Yarzon, and I'll make you Baked Onion soup tonight. How's that?” the girls tantrum nearly immediately halted as she looked to him with puffy red eyes, a few sniffles leaving her nose as she brought her wrist to wipe at it. Sticking her hand up with her pinky out stretched, Carina mumbled, “promise me…” Wrapping his pinky to her, he shook their hands as they both started to chant at the same moment, “promise, promise on this tie, never to break these words or lie, for if I do that would be rude and trust will surely die.” finishing off her mumbling attempt of the promise song she made up, Corbin laughed at her before releasing her pinky. “I still think your choice of wording is a bit morbid Carina…” he shook his head, patting a hand to her back to lead her along. “Corbin! You were the one who helped me make it, you said that… that the sound was better. I didn't want die to be in it,” she huffed, the elder boy ruffling her hair, “yeah, because explode didn't rhyme with lie, Carina,” he chuckled more before eventually they arrived at the edge of the river bank.

Scanning the environment, eventually Corbin spotted the dangly nature of a Yarzon just a bit into the water. “Hah, it nearly blended in. There it is Rin. Surprising there is just one, maybe because it's getting colder… alright you want that soup don't you?” the girl tugged at the hem of skirt nervously, a hand moving up to scratch at her head. “I don't wanna…” she pouted, her hands moving up to cover her face. Sighing Corbin squatted down to her eye level, a hand patting her shoulder gently. “Rin listen, look at me,” the girl lower her hands from her welling eyes, sniffling some as she looked into her brothers light brown eyes. “Trust me, that if anything happens, I will be there to save you. Alright?” he smiled softly. Looking to him for a moment, Carina exhaled deeply before nodding. “okay…” turning back out to look at the Yarzon, the girl bobbed on her feet anxiously before hopping onto a nearby rock, then hopping into the stream part of the river with a splash. “CJ it's cold!” she cried out, lifting her skirt up to tread slowly through the water toward the creature. Sitting with legs crossed at the bank as he watched his sister patiently, the boy called out to her, “don't be too loud Rin. You don't want to startle it,” he smiled, placing his hands to his legs. Watching her feet as she walked through the water, careful not to step on any sharp rocks, the girl looked back as she continued forward, “what?!” she yelled out, farther out from him. “I said not to be too…” Corbin is caught short as his sister was looking back to him, knocking into one of the Yarzon legs with a stumble back. “... oh boy…” Gasping out sharply as she turned back to the creature, the fiend turned quickly to whatever bumped into it with a hiss as it opened it sharp toothed maw toward the girl. Screaming out in terror, the little girl quickly turned around in a panic as she began to try and run back to her brother with arms outstretched as the fiend shifted after her, “Corbin! Corbin help me! Corbin!” she sobbed, out as the Yarzon quickly shifted after her, snapping it's mouth at hungrily. Slipping out from her feet, Carina fell face first into the water as she waved her arms and legs around, choking on the water. Eventually sinking into the stream, the girl whimpered out as she closed her eyes tightly, bubbles escaping her nose. After a few seconds a strong grip tugged her up by the back of her dress, back over the surface. Coughing out any water that she might have inhaled, the shivering girl looked to her brother who hefted her up into his arms and carried her back to shore. Glancing behind them, Carina noticed the Yarzon was gone. “Wha… where…” she asked out shakily as Corbin looked down to her with a sympathetic smile, “ah, don’t worry about it Rin. Turns out he's just as much of a big baby as you. I’m sorry for pushing you to do that. I should have just respected that you were afraid... Though despite the outcome it still serves to be a valuable lesson.”

Looking to him as he sat her down on the shore and removed his own shirt, sliding it on over her head so she had something warmer to wear, Corbin picked her up again and held her close to him as they continued walking. “Even people we want to trust, may try and hurt us in the end. Remember that always, Carina.”

Seventh Umbral Era
Journal Entry: 00


In the beginning of the seventh Umbral era the unthinkable happened. Fire rained down from the sky, as if the world were falling apart right before us. The chaos of the great primal Bahamut surrounded us; and for a second I thought we had already perished and by some cruel fate of Hydaelyn, we were sent to hell.

“What have we done to deserve this,” I whispered out, being carried away into a non-ablaze section of the woods.

A mere fifteen turns of age, it was almost like a nightmare, a sick dream. Just suns, moons, turns before...nothing could have shown something like this happening. Tensions with the Garleans had grown with the alliance, but such events of that of a primal summoning were not even thoughts of mine… they didn’t matter to us.

I spent those longs days, within the woods of the Shroud, studying and collecting herbs and bugs with Corbin. My brother, my best friend, the only person who ever gave me the time of day; probably not because he wanted to, but because if he didn’t who would? It was selfish, but that didn’t change that I loved every moment I was with him. Enjoying those days, never did I think they would become distant memories so soon. If I had known I would have cherished them longer.

“Rin, sit here. Sit still and stay here, please,” Corbin breathed out haggardly, coughing from the suffocating air. “CJ, don’t go, don’t leave me here,” I gripped onto him for dear life, crying out like I typically did. Though this time I had an excuse, this time I had a reason to cry. I wasn’t ready to let him go…

What if I never saw him again?

“We can still get away, maybe we can run far enough, maybe-” I stop short, choking on my own dry throat. I sobbed out some more as he struggled to pry my hands off of him. “We were going to get ourselves a baby behemoth… we can still do it… maybe this will all…”

Carina!” he shook me frustratingly

Why was he doing this, why did he want to leave me...

I knew why... I knew why he wanted to go back...

“There are people suffering, and people who are dying. Lots of people. Someone has to help them,” he holds onto my shoulders tightly, I could see the fear in his eyes, “I need you to understand that I have to do this,” he leans down, kissing my forehead softly, then staring at me with despair, “sitting around crying... it won’t fix anything, it won’t change what’s happening.” Taking the glasses off his face, he peels my weakened hold off of him, and places them in my hands, wrapping my fingers gently around them. “Hold on to these for me okay, I promise you I’ll come back for them,” he smiles bitterly, as though part of him knew that was a promise he couldn’t keep. As if he knew it was the only thing that I would hold onto. “I promise, I’ll see you again,” I watched dazed, as he stood off and ran off. Before I had a second to latch back onto him, he was running back down to where the homes used to stand. I tried screaming out to him, for him to come back. What would he do if he couldn’t see clearly, if I hadn’t been so upset… if I hadn’t cried so much… he wouldn’t have given them to me to hold onto.

Watching it all burn to nothing was the hardest part.

I ran back in, as if there was anything I could do…

I had to take him back, I couldn’t leave him there to…

The flames surrounding me flared at my skin, biting me harshly and leaving painful marks.

I never did find him.

Eventually I succumbed to the heat. The unbearable suffering of my own skin feeling as though it were melting off my bones.

Would it be over soon?

Carina R.

Journal Entry: 01

What seemed like years was only a month or so when I awoken to find myself in the care of a shelter. After the fall, and the disappearance of the great beast, it is said people came together to help one another in this catastrophe.

I couldn’t care either way.

He isn’t with me, and I am alone.


My long hair, singed off from the flames of that bastard monster. My skin that was once so clear, other than the small freckles from the sun kissing me, was now destroyed.

It should have been me.

He was… no he is stronger than me, why would this happen to him, why would he do this... why would he leave me.

What am I saying… he said he would come back to me. He said he would see me again. He would never just abandon me, I just have to be patient.

It’s been fourteen months. I’ve been here wasting my life away instead of out there looking for him, what would he say if he saw me like this?

What would he think?

No, I can’t let him see me like this, I am better than this. When he sees me again, I will be what I wanted to be. The greatest alchemist in all of Eorzea! I will find out how to kill the vile creature Bahamut, damn him! Things will be different, I will not be the same person I was…

I will live just as he would have, I will not let what he stood for go down with that creature. He is better than that.


I wonder if he ever found her. I wonder if he held her in his arms during the end.

-Carina R.

In Recent Times

Journal Entry: 02

It has been nearly six years since the Calamity has struck, since the Battle of Carteneau happened and the great beast Bahamut appeared and was brought down.

Nearly six years since I lost him. Corbin. My brother. My first love.

Months and months ago I may have never been able to admit such a thing to myself. Lost in a sea of denial and pain, I wished to believe there was still a way for my dear brother to still be with me. The one whom I loved, and who loved me so. Who took care of me and gave up everything to make sure I was happy and safe.

Holding on was so much more painful than finally letting him go. Even with Joseph by my side, there was no way I would have been able to have accomplished such a thing on my own.

I found myself a new family, people also broken and rough around the edges, meeting half-way to be there for one another. I had watched them from afar, and over time I found myself joining them.

It put off my plans to journey around Eorzea, but alas I am only twenty years of age. There are still many moons ahead of me to explore every mysterious and wondrous aspect of life.

In time before finding them and after, I have suffered through much, gained a great deal, and found myself both happier and sadder than I have ever felt in my life.

It is truly remarkable.

After I had recovered enough strength to leave the shelter I was in, months after that terrible day, I returned back to stay with my aunt Muriella. I had only spent time with her a few days in the past, often for outings with our parents or if she ever came to visit us. She would bring me gifts and treat me well, and so I thought she was family I could trust and confide in.

The suffering she wrought on me for three grueling years was, indescribable. Her business and actions are less than pure to say the least.

No... here in these pages is the freedom to speak how I truly felt and feel.

That woman is pure evil.

I had learned in my time with her why Corbin had taken me from my parents all those years ago and ran. Why he told me I was nothing but a tool to them and not to trust others who wanted me for my magic.

The magic I can no longer cast.

It still brings me great sorrow, but it seems it is both a blessing and a curse. I did not survive the burning hell of the Calamity by chance; and with that grace came these years of hurt, of learning how to be an alchemist to substitute what I lost, of living alone.

I managed to escape my Aunts grasp for some time, her disgust and disappointment in my new face and lack of magical abilities brought her sadistic fist upon me with great force. It was then that I managed upon my new company.

I really did not think much of this place, of the Infirmary I eventually built here with the empty dreams I used to have of being a healer, someone who saved lives. I made unlikely friends, some annoyances as well, but even some company is better than nothing at all.

I met him.

I was very reluctant at first with my kindness, even then while still under the influence of my tonics. He was a rather rude and terrible person to be around. Foul to others and myself, and violent as well.

Over time I got to be with him, whenever small moments he was at the company home, I could see there was something more behind those thorns he wrapped around himself.

And while those thorns made me bleed as I reached in to learn more, I wanted so desperately to be a hand for him to hold during whatever he was suffering from. I knew pain, and if I could not save a hundred lives.

Perhaps I could at least help one.

Things changed, I learned a great deal about him, some words we spoke I wish to keep in my heart than write here. I felt that by some strange event I had found a friend.

And just like all good things to come to me, he eventually suffered at the hands of my Aunt, at my expense.

Something even now I don’t feel I can truly forgive myself for letting happen.

No longer can I hear his voice, who while pierced others and even myself, also brought kindness and saved me from taking my own life.

But even so this changes nothing. Whether I can hear him or not, it changes nothing.

If anything this loss has brought us closer, something not even I could have ever dreamed of.


I think I understand now, how Corbin felt when he went back into the fire for her.

For the person I knew he loved more than me, for the person he wanted to hold and be with till the end.

I know because I would do the same. I would return to the fire and take from my Aunt what she stole from me and what she stole from him.

Could I have said the same Corbin, to you? I loved, I tried, but with him...

I would have bitten the flames till my bitter end if it meant I could hold him another day.

I know you understand that.

Thank you, for your love brother.

And for you and me. For him, and my new family,

I won’t run from my fears anymore.

Thank you for giving me this time to learn and experience.

I just hope that in the time we were together that the smiles you gave me were real.

I know mine were.

Carina & Joseph

Journal Entry: 03
Despite this being my personal journal, it appears I do not write in this thing until after significant events. Thus writing in it it seemed warranted.

I have been home away from Eorzea for a year now, having travelled to a strange world known as Vana’diel in order to become a Beastmaster.

The reasoning behind this journey was a simple one, but one that most do not realize. When my now dear friend Saiya had come to Eorzea on her first trip, that being a short lived one to my dismay, she had informed me that my relationship with Joseph put me on levels of that of a natural Beastmaster.

Striking my curiosity, I pried into the matter, wanting to know of what it took and meant to be this “Beastmaster”.

Not surprisingly sticking close to the name, it is quite simply means how it is read: one who masters beasts.

Even to my surprise however, it is never so simple as to just master a beast, and so I wished to go to where I could learn this properly.

The details on how I came to arrive in Vana’diel are convoluted indeed, and better to not write on paper, but I did make it there by a stroke of fate. Upon my arrival, it took the party I was accompanied with three days to arrive in San D’Oria. This place reminds me quite a bit of Coerthas’s Ishgard, although not quite as cold and snowy. The people there are just the same, xenophobia seems to run strong with the Elezen of all places. When there I was introduced to a man known as Hitokiri, who proceeded in being my instructor for physical combat and mental training until my time to venture out and learn the trade of mastering beasts on my own.

I had met my friend Saiya again as well, after having not seen her for a short while, and although she did not know who I was, and was rather rude, I was happy to see she was well.

Staying within a member of my current party's home for perhaps a month, I had become accustomed to the strangeness of this land and had already grew more in my training. Roegadyn with tails, and not a single female one in sight.

Male Mithra seemed to be but a myth.

It was strange indeed, but I became used to the fact that this place, although similar, was also very different from Eorzea.

Along this year, my party had decided to take a trip to a city called Kahzam, located in a jungle. It was a wild trip, that opened my eyes to many possibilities of… perhaps freeing myself of my sufferings. Over the past two years, back in Eorzea, while my relationship with Serick and new found home did bring me happiness… I still was at a lost with peace. As though my mind could not physically move on from a single point in time.

That statement not being too far from the actual truth.

My time there was spent mostly training with Hitokiri, journeying through the jungle and some attempting to swim. I didn’t quite succeed, but at least I managed not to drown. The ship ride home was pleasant enough, though as usual I did not get much sleep. Sleep never did come easy to me.

The month passing the trip, I continued living within my party’s home. Saiya typically never appreciated my sleeping in the corner of her room, but I was just happy to see her alive and well. When I wasn’t inside the home, I had branched out to work more with the beasts outside the city, although even then my own personal motivation lacked tremendously.

Without professional help, I was unlikely to get far in these endeavors. Most days upon returning back to the house I typically would sit outside and rest in the yard. It was less cramped there, and when I looked up into the day or night sky, it often reminded me of back home in Eorzea. I suppose despite the world's differences, they were never too far apart.

In time I was offered to come live with Hitokiri, where he offered to continue training me. While I had no desire in becoming a Samurai, such as himself, I could see there were things to be learned in his teachings. Not wishing to be a burden upon Saiya and her partner, I went to live with him.

Our time spent together was certainly pleasant indeed. While I might come to say the man is handsome and kind, and in time came to help me a great deal… it was best the two of us stayed on a relationship that was neutral. For as much as I came and have come to care about him, he will always be a dear friend to me. That in which I never want to see broken.

There came a time when, my travels to Vana’diel began to erode on my memory. In time, Eorzea started becoming but a faint dream, I having to be constantly reminded that that was not my home. It hurt a part of me, to know I was forgetting where I truly came from. A part of me knew it was not normal, that something wasn’t right. Perhaps coming to a place where my skin was washed clean of burns, like a new slate, buried the horrid memories of Eorzea.

And yet I still remembered some things. I still could not sleep in a bed. I still was haunted by those nightmares, every night. Watching as Corbin ran from me, feeling the skin burning off my bones. Something was not right. Hito grew concerned for my wellbeing. He knew from the start I was prone to impulsive and destructive behaviour, but in light of my forgetfulness is grew increasingly worse. Sleep came less, as did any sort of appetite. I did not know which was worse? Forgetting who and where I came from, or slowly killing myself from the sheer sadness of it all.

The only things that jogged my memory, were these journal pages, these writings to remind myself of the place I come from.

I was a mess.

An a mess my then instructor fought to help at any cost. Bringing a friend of his, Lady Myrrdral, a Scholar Lala… Taru woman. After studying me for some time she informed me that I was brimmed full of corrupted aether, something that only by the small grace of Hydaelyn… or whatever god resides there, I was some how able to survive. It was clear though that it would not last, unused to such physically exhausting training, my body was draining. Unless something was done with this aether corrupting me, I would surely die. All that kept me going was my life spark, the single drop of life that allowed me to hold to my will. To my soul.

I did not wish to suffer anymore, I did not wish to be plagued by nightmares or to watch myself wither away. I wished to be strong! For Joseph. For Corbin! For Serick…

For Hito.

I didn’t want him to be alone again. Not again… when I first saw his home. A state of disarray, no love no warmth. It broke my heart.

I was his family, I didn’t wish to fall so easily. And so it was decided, Myrrdral assisted in making me rest in a bed, much to my own dismay before using a crystal known as Magicite to extract the aether. While in theory doing such too quickly would end in the taking of a person's life quite easily, it was done over hours… as the normal flow of Vana’diels aether flowed into me, replenishing what was lost in time with clear clean aether.

The dreams I had that night were not only the most horrifying, but also the most satisfying. I finally grasped my peace.

At least for then.

I still remember the sea that surrounded my boat, the stars above my head as they reflected down on the pitch ocean water.

I wondered how many other worlds there must be, how many other people to meet and explore... there was still so much for me to explore here.

And I couldn't wait to take part in it.


Relationship Status Legend
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❤️ Partner
🌷 In-Love
🌱 Romantic Feelings
Physical Attraction
💔 Former Partner
🥀 Erstwhile Love
🍂 Away

? Unknown
Non-Player Characters
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🥀 Corbin J. Roussos
Associated Song: Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey

"Once upon a time... Corbin was my everything. While he always lives on in my heart, I have learned to let those thorns go..."

Also known as CJ, Carinas love for her brother used to be unsurpassed, that was until she found ways to move past her anchored feelings. There was little she wouldn't do to be with him again, even at the mercy of believing him to still be in the realm of the living, even though she knows this to be impossible. She's started coming to terms with the fact he is gone, and has started to move on. Not much is known about him besides what Carina praises him over. She used to be romantically in love with him, but has since gotten over that.

While Carina still deeply misses her brother, she is able to talk about him an reminiscence on the past. When a part of her began to question her brothers motives, despite the remorse in doing so for strong care for the man, Carina finally went to visit her parents in search of answers. In speaking with her father, Carina came to learn that Corbin misunderstood her parents actions, assuming they would hand her over to Muriella willing and out of fear for her life took her away. While this disheartened Carina to find out, she held no hard feelings toward her brother for his actions.


"He means well, really... well sort of. I can't really help his mass hatred of most people other than myself. You may want to not get too close actually."

Carina's beloved behemoth runt. Bought with the money given to her by her brother almost a year after the Calamity struck from some poachers looking to sell his hide once he died from his weak state, Joseph has been her only confide and friend for years. The two of them had a rough start, even after Carina nursed him to better health. With their less than improving relationship, the then sixteen year old Hyur told the beast he was free to be on his own, and that she wouldn't force him to be by her if it truly made him so upset. Eventually following the little creature out of worry for his health when he blatantly left her company, much to her own dismay, the woman ended up saving him from the ruthless pecking of a peeved Dodo. Still just a baby, Joseph was thankful for the Hyur's help, even if it was a slight dent on his little beastly ego. The girl once more gave him the option to leave or stay by her side, claiming it would be his choice alone. They have been inseparable since.

Carina frequently talks to the beast as if he could speak back, and never refers to him as her "pet", claiming it would be disrespectful to claim she owned him. Joseph is a rather grumpy and stubborn behemoth, but always constant source of happiness for the young Hyur. Although the two started out with a difficult relationship, it is assumed he cares very deeply for Carina and her safety, even if her often foolish antics annoy him to no end. She named him after her brothers middle name.

In Josephs mind, Carina is more of his pet. He often gets easily jealous of her attention being taken away from him, and unless asked, never leaves her side. He would do anything to make his Hyur happy, due to love and affection she has shown him over time, even going as far to kill for her.

As for most anyone else, Joseph hates every and anyone, whether or not Carina likes them or not. He is mean and he is violent, not being afraid to show that to people who test what little patience he has. Interestingly enough, Joseph holds a very protective fondness over Hestia, as she seems to be the only person the little beast genuinely cares for, even more than Carina.

Physically, Joseph always has his hair done up in a ridiculous pompadour by Carina's request and hands. He also has a braid on the left side of his head held with different bead colors, depending on the day. Seals on his back and a single earring hanging from one of his ears, he is quite the ornate little guy. Not that he'd like to hear anyone tell him that.

Kenta Roussos
Carinas Papa.png
"My father is a kind soul... during my reunion with him, it was clear to see the pain and happiness in his eyes. Knowing what he lost, knowing what he would lose once more."

Carina's father, and a skilled Geomancer who hails from Doma. Never talked about for many years, between him and her mother, Carina held a good relationship with her father and loved him dearly. He always wanted to share the wonders of the world with his daughter and supported her with her ability to cast magic and even her secret desire to dance, even if she was a bit too clumsy for it.

After finally reuniting with her father once more, Carina had come to learn much of what her brother had told her had been misunderstandings on his part. Her father, having spent the years after his wife's capture and children's disappearance, lives in South Shroud, taken up carpentry from Gridania and spends most of his time carving. He was overjoyed to have his daughter and wife back in his life, despite having lost his son.

Edlyn Roussos

"I can't really tell you what my mother will be like... I don't know her very well myself. From what I have been told though we are rather similar, just as hard-headed apparently."

Previously never spoken of, or seen in almost nineteen years of Carina's life, she was rescued from the clutches of her sister, Muriella. Having been held captive all those years after Carina's disappearance, her mother was finally reunited with her husband.

Carina remembered very little of her mother, but upon being reunited with her, she had come to learn the two were very similar in many aspects. Head strong, and if not a bit immature at times, the mother and daughter hold a similar fiery spirit to protect those close to them, even at the cost of their own well-being.

OOC Information: Lux Edlyn Van Cormellis was a Primus medicus, having served a surprisingly high rank within the Imperial army at the inspiring age of twenty summers-old. A renowned first medic she was stationed in Othard in the year of 1552 during the Imperial Army's conquering and annexing of Doma, along with her older sister, Muriella. One a talented medic and the other a magitek engineer, they were both sent in due to their specialties, to help subdue the turmoil brought over the Doman people to their new subjugation and begin rebuilding their land in Garlemalds image. Unable to prevent and not necessarily willing to bring an end to the mass exodus of Doman's fleeing their now taken land, both the sister made a choice on their differing paths. Edlyn saw the suffering of the people around her, those who were oppressed by her own and the dawning of the actions of those who governed over her. Unlike her older sister, who was ruthless and determined in her actions to uphold the nature of her job, Edlyn felt remorse and sympathy.

Choosing to abandon her position as an Imperial Primus medicus without her sister's knowing, she began to interact personally with those who still inhabited Doma over the next years, in hopes of helping keep the flame of hope alive in someday regaining their old lives. During her efforts there, she met an artist and skilled Geomancer named Kenta who taught the Hyur woman of his culture's beauty. Finding herself attracted to the pure and beautiful healing nature of the man and what he offered her, she willingly took his hand in being his lover, their relationship still hidden under her guise of her job.

Upon eventually learning of her younger sisters relationship, Muriella was furious and thoroughly disgusted. Ordering that the man be immediately executed, a then twenty-six summers old and pregnant Edlyn manged to flee from Doma with her husband, making way for Aldenard.

After their first child, Corbin, was born within the tree's shade of the Shroud, Muriella never ceased the manhunt for her sister. Eventually finding her on her own accord, Muriella told her sister of her own failing health, among other things. In warning, she told her that if Eldyn were to ever birth a daughter, that she would be her property in return for her sisters betrayal. Promising this to her sister in her own recklessness, in belief of such a thing never happening, the two parted.

Shortly after having turn thirty-summers old, Carina was conceived and birthed. The couple desperately attempted to conceal their daughter from the ever looming eyes of Muriella, though their efforts only managed to slip past her for two turns. The woman always kept watchful eyes of her traitorous sister, and in time made visits to groom the young girl to be taken from her home.

When the time came, and Muriella told them of Carina's eventual leaving, their only then seven-springs old son, Corbin took it into his own hands to save his sister, out of fear that his parents would willing choose to hand her over. Upon Muriella finding out the girl was gone, Edlyn offered her return with her sister as a prisoner, in order to spare the life of her husband and quell her older sisters ire. The following years spent were that in shackles, helpless to do anything. When Muriella told Edlyn of her daughter willingly coming to see her after the Calamity, she made sure to torture the woman with every last detail of the suffering she put her daughter through.

"Iforo sacrificed much. While he never regained what he lost, he forever lives with what he has done."

One who works closely in the mastering of mostly arcane and Thamaturge magic, Iforo is an older gentleman and also an occasional business partner of Carina's. Being the one she goes to for Joseph's seals, he has helped her from time to time with issues a bit out of her expertise.

OOC Information: Strictly going by his forename, Iforo, his last name never told to anyone, the Lalafell has been a researcher of the strange and fascinating all his life. Often pushing his limits as a mage, Iforo was always a star pupil in his golden years and had big dreams of changing the world of magic for the better. While his dreams did lie in bettering the world he submerged himself in, the mans prowess for power and seeking of knowledge in time tainted his mind, blurring his vision on what was truly right, and what was wrong. When the young Lalafell reached his early twenties, he was met with the woman he pronounce the love of his life, Susuko Suko. A feisty woman with dark blue hair and sun kissed skin, Iforo found his other half in the woman. It wasn't until a few years came to pass that the man would come to see what pushing the bounds truly meant. The two of them worked side by side, him with his own students and her with one of her own: a young Elezen boy named Guillemont De'bayle.

In an act of recklessness, taking steps into Black Magic along side the help of his beloved wife, the woman fell prey to a dangerous spell he tried to conjure up. In the midst of desperately trying to help her, Susuko ended up dying from her injuries. Devastated and horrified by his actions, the man nearly vowed to never pick up staff nor book again. Rather than taking a route that might have initially been seen as drastic, the man instead chose and even worse path, in attempts to venture into the Life Stream and bring Susuko back to him.

While such an action led to failure, injury and even more trouble for both him and the apprentices under him, Iforo decided to never again work with such dangerous magic and vowed to return to his goal of improving the name of Thamaturgy. Truly for the better. After about a year without his wife, a woman had come and planted business in Ul'Dah's darker parts. A mage by the name of Muriella. The man soon came to learn of the woman's dark intent, and watched in bitter silence as she sowed her webs of lies and hatred silently throughout the guild. Not wishing to see anyone suffer at her hands, Iforo remained silent in her midst, working along side her only in attempts to gain as much knowledge as he could of the woman in the hopes of removing her some day.

In the course of the next couple years, as the man waited and plotted at the mercy of a Garlean in the guild he once called his home, the woman dumped a child on his doorstep one fateful day. Telling the man and his students to "burn it alive" Muriella left without little other comment, those she left the child with horrified. Remembering both his promise to himself, his wife and the fact that his actions prevented him from ever having a family, the Lalafell man took it on himself to go against the Hyur woman just this once and raise the baby boy as his own. The Elezen boy he named, Tofault.

Tofault and Iforo grew to have both a loving and tense relationship. While the boy knew the smaller man was not his father, his hatred toward his mother and her actions only made him fonder of the man who took him under his wing and taught him all he knew.

A day came where a young blonde girl, about six-teen years old at the time came to Iforo with a small runt of a purple pig. Asking the man for help in both nursing the small creature and preparing for its inevitable growth, Iforo realized who the girl was in the time he spent with her. The young niece of Muriella, the mans heart went out toward the girl in which he heard so much of from the older Hyur. Words in which were never positive. He knew his adoptive son had hated the girl due to his own mothers obsession with keeping her as property at least, and decided to keep his working with her a secret from the boy.

Iforo has faced a great amount of scrutiny from his family, all mages in their own respect. His brother excommunicated him from speaking to him and his family after the death of Susuko. Though shunned from his family, this did not stop his interactions with his own nephew, Vevekera Lelekera.

Nuarmac De'bayle
Nuarmac De'bayle.jpg
Uncle of the D'bayle family, Carina first met him upon venturing to his home in Coerthas with the three brother and Denz's friend Jancis. It was there that the man was told of Carina's pregnancy and was asked to check up on her. Upon learning from him that their child's corruption was slowly but surely killing Carina, he went about imprinting the aether of the De'bayle symbol to her head, allowing countless centuries of aether to help replenish and nurture her back to health. He is a bit neurotic on his own, liking to thwack people with his cane. He also has a dragon named Jadea, that in which Carina obviously has taken a liking to.
Tofault Van Cormellis
"If only I had known sooner... perhaps things would have been different."

Having originally given Carina a terrible impression of himself, arrogant and rude, the Elezen proved his worth up until his own bitter end to the Hyur. Finding out before having given his own life to help Carina save her mother, Tofault was her cousin from her mothers side, the bastard child of Muriella that was abandoned at the Thaumaturge guild for many years of his life. After his death, Carina personally handled his memorial, wanting everyone to remember him as the hero he was and the great sacrifice he made for her mother.

OOC Information: Muriella's failing health due to her own horrid misuse of her body and the loss of her sisters alliance, caused the woman to grow ever uneasy with what time she had left. Craving power and praise for her efforts in Othard, she felt the only way to manage herself more time was to continue in her lurking of dark arts to try and find a new vessel to carry her soul. Still relatively healthy for the time being, she began touching subjects intertwining with the void. Figuring a body infused with voidsent-like abilities would make for the most optimal host, she proceeded in procreating forcibly with a possessed Elezen man and getting herself pregnant.

Upon the childs birth, in realizing it was a boy, Muriella was beside herself with fury. Quite literally dropping the baby on the steps of the the Thaumaturge guild within Ul'Dah, her current station, she told those there to "burn it alive."

Unable to bear such a thing, despite being under the thumb of the woman and her malevolent ways, a Lalafell mage named Iforo took it on himself to raise the young half-breed. Eventually coming to know that her son still lived, the woman felt such repulsion at his existence that she refused to acknowledge that he was even still alive, even in his presence as a young child. She took no interest in him in the slightest after learning of her sisters newborn daughter.

Tofault grew to hate his mother when he was able to have the thinking capacity to do so. Of all the things he hated her for, he most of all hated her for never loving him, even with all he was capable to bring to her. Working with the guild to become a great mage on his own, he would act impulsively and venture out alone often, trying to find himself and his value. Of all he hated as well, he hated Carina the most and how much his mother gave the girl her attention. During their interactions years later, he always displayed his disgust for the Hyur; up until the end were he gave up his own being to make amends with her, under mutual understanding of their equal suffering under Muriella.

The only people who ever showed Tofault true compassion were Iforo and Edlyn, Carina's mother. His aunt's love for him is what gave him the strength to do the right choice in the end, even if it meant his own death and the death of his own mother.


"Wha...C-Corbin? No... it's... not possible? Not here..."

A mysterious man Carina bumped into while visiting the Alchemist guild in Bastok. He bore a frightening resemblance to her brother, minus a few features. During a trip to the market area one evening back in San d'Oria, she found a thief running off with something from one of the stalls. Pursuing it, the man turned on her and beat her down, poisoning her as well. Carina would come to find out later after Hito cut the man down once imprisoning him, that the man was actually a Voidsent that had been with Carina since the start of her time living with her Aunt. Hiding within the layers of corrupted aether in the girls body, once having it removed from her, he extracted himself and attempted to force her life by tainting her blood. It is unknown if he still lives or not, despite being cut down.

Muriella Van Cormellis

"Muriella is dead. I killed her. I would not have brought a child into this world with that woman still alive."

Carina's aunt from her mothers side who lives in Ul'Dah. Little is known to others about this relative of her, in fact she rarely ever speaks of her. It is implied that she lived with a relative at some point, assuming to be her aunt. Though when hinted at, Carina's typical response is that "I'd rather never be in the presence of that person again" hinting at a poor standing. It was brought to Carina's attention that her Aunt had passed on. She cared very little of this, and considers it a weight off her shoulders.

Close Friends

🌷 Armont De'bayle - Viscount

Eldest De'bayle brother and Carina's husband, Armont is both stern a zealot in terms of his beliefs toward his goddess Halone, and his position as the head of House De'bayle at Carina's side. While the two often times butt-head on subjects regarding faith and nature, they find a bond between one another tied by a mutual desire for knowledge and passion. On a psychological level, they could both be considered just as beastial and feral as the other, though for different reasonings. Serving as a balance on their metaphorical scale, the two provide logic between one another that the other may lack due to their own clouded beliefs. The two share an equal hand in protecting one another, although Carina is sure Armont would rather she remain out of harms way, due to his knightly demeanor. Their differences only serve to strengthen their bond and friendship with each passing turn. The two currently reside within the Shroud, working with their House's embassy. She is the mother of his daughter Hestia, an his son, Aegisan II.

Carina and Armont were wed on the Third Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon, their close friends and family attending.

Quotes In Regard To
  • “Our relationship still grows and blossoms like a field of flowers. Some days are dryer than others, but they always regain their color when the rain falls...”
  • “I can’t help but say I am curious. Perhaps your devout nature will rub off on me… though perhaps not. That is alright though, I wish to see why you are who you are. I wish to know every part of you.”
  • “I wished I could have helped him, but I realized soon enough there was no saving for those who deemed themselves unworthy of saving. He treated those around him exactly how he wished to be treated, it was… terrible. You treat me… so much better than that. Like I actually matter, like you… actually love me.”
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Carina: 8 | Armont: 3

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  • Newly Weds and Their Guidance to Denz:

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  • The Establishing of House De'bayle:

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  • Hestia's Leaving & the Second Pregnancy:
Random Information
  • Is left-handed.
  • Enjoys Lominsan wine.
  • Has a secret love for hot-cocoa.
  • Is not a good swimmer.
  • Struggles at Triple Triad (at least against his wife.)
Aegisan C. De'bayle - Lord
Carina and Armont's son and second child, Aegisan Corbin De'bayle II is half-Hyur and half-Elezen. Born healthy, unlike his sister, the baby has been nothing but a soft and obedient bundle of joy.
Organic Namesday

27th sun of the First Astral Moon (JAN 27, 2018)

Associated Song
Quotes In Regards To
  • "Aegisan does not replace the void Hestia left within my heart. Rather, he has taken another piece of it, and reminded me of the warmth motherhood brings."

Nothing yet!

Random Information
  • Nothing yet!
Áine de Bayle - Granddaughter
Hestia's daughter and Carina's granddaughter. One night after being left with both twins for the evening, Hestia left the estate to never return. Since then, Carina has cared for the twins as though they were her own.
Organic Namesday

3rd Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon

? Hestia De'bayle - Viscountess
Carina and Armont's daughter, Hestia Adelise De'bayle is half-Hyur and half-Elezen. Once Carina's small child, the girl was sent off to a location unknown to assist in her reoccurring illness that killed her at a seemingly rapid pace. It was a sacrifice, as when Hestia returned she was no longer the child Carina remembered, rather going by the name 'Adelise' as an alias, to hide her identity from those curious of her condition and sudden change. As time passed, then Adelise proved that despite her numerous differences, she was still the daughter Carina loved. Having to watch from a distance as the girl loved and lost, experiencing her own trials as a now grown woman, Carina tries to offer what assistance she can. Even if she knows the girl might still feel estranged from the family at times.

As it stands, her daughter returned to being called Hestia once more. Her previous middle name, Adeline, being changed to her already close alias as a reminder of the woman she grew up to be and the name given to her by her long time instructor, Hitokiri. Hestia in time bested her father in battle and took his mantle as viscountess of the House. After a turn of hardship, following her daughter's twin pregnancy, Hestia all but vanished. Having left her two children in her mother's care one evening, the woman set out and never returned. Carina is devasated by the possible outcome, but does all she can to not consider the worst.

Organic Namesday

26th Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon

Associated Song
Quotes In Regards To
  • “My daughter’s life is everything to me, she is my light and my reason. She is the one who has made everything I have gone through worth every second of pain, of blood and torture...”
  • “I’m proud of you Hestia, for handling yourself well… even if you were a bit on the harsher side...”
  • Post Birth & Her Brand

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  • Hestia's Strength

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Random Information
  • Has a plushed toy named Tom-Tom that is a Tonberry.
  • Has a Lyre, given to her by Serick when she was young.
  • Fond of animals
  • Enjoys singing and playing music.
  • Bad at drawing.
Denz De'bayle - Baron
Carina's brother-in-law and friend, the man often comes to her for advice or business. She gets along well with him, as he is close to his older brother, Armont. He was the first of the brothers she met.
Associated Songs
  • None
Quotes In Regards To
  • "You are a person Denz, with humanity. Ishgard does not have a hold on the desires of your heart, nor is there anything wrong with that."
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Carina: 1 | Denz: 1

  • Meeting & Finding Armont

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  • The Pregnancy

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  • Jancis

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Astrelle De'bayle - Lady
"We numb ourselves to the feelings of others, because in our own selfishness, we only wish to see an end to our own pain. I know that feeling full well. I felt no scorn in your stare, only a frigid fortress."

Middle sister of the De'bayle household, and twin to Guillemont, Astrelle was the last of the siblings for Carina to meet. Having met her when Denz brought her home from finding her La Noscea, Carina had only a few times to interact with the woman. Coming off as very refined and for the most part kind, Carina could practically feel the judgement that burned from the woman's deep-cerulean hued eyes. In time, a certain tension arose between Carina and Astrelle, that the Hyur knew would need to be addressed. Despite the Elezen's cold nature, Carina found a certain similarity in her icy glares. Bringing Astrelle to speak to in-private, it started out in typical fashion with the Elezens patronizing; slowly growing more serious as Carina was curt and to the point in her intentions, the two eventually sat and dream-walked with one another, sharing their most dire moments. What came from such an event was a great understanding between the two, leaving them with an improved relationship.

Jancis Milburga - Healer
Associated Song: One Summer's Day - Joe Hisaishi

"...Your presence comforts me. And while Armont’s does as well, it is… different. You are gentler.”

Denz's wife, and Carina's friend and sister-in-law. Carina finds a certain peace being around Jancis that she has never truly been able to find in most others. A kind woman and sometimes a bit oblivious, Carina finds Jancis to be endearing.

Carina first remembered seeing Jancis at a tournament she attended with Ceonix. While having not interacted with the woman, she recalled the cousin giving her a flower in Denz's place (while the man may or may not have been passed out somewhere. Definitely not of Carina's doing). Farther down the road, Carina officially got introduced to Jancis when the two of them, including Denz, went on their successful search for Armont in the snowy tundra of Coerthas. Carina had very little opinion of the woman at first, considering they hardly interacted even when near each other, but she found Jancis kind enough. The two of them found themselves meeting face to face more often with them both being involved with the De'bayle brothers, and their interactions grew from there.
The Preganancy
Besides being the younger Elezen brother's companion, Jancis ended up being there for Carina when first finding out she was pregnant and even when the blonde got her De'bayle insignia branded onto her forehead. These interactions with one another began to pave out the slowly building friendship Carina eventually longed to have with the other Hyur; a desire to have a female friend who she felt perhaps someday she could go and talk to privately about the things she felt brewing in her heart. While Carina understood her attendance was mostly due to Denz, the Hyur felt a certain sort of honor that Jancis would partake in these activities involving her. [Log I Log II]

About midway through Carina's pregnancy, the two went on a double date more or less with the De'bayle brothers. During such, Armont teased Denz's on his kiss with Jancis that the younger brother told to him in private, bringing up the tension that came along with such actions and the woman's torn heart. Upon Denz excusing himself from the table in frustration, followed by his brother, Carina had a heart to heart with Jancis who was furiously apologizing for her actions. Telling the woman she needn't apologize unless she caused some sort of injury, the blonde Hyur assured her that no matter her choice, if either of the people she cared about were any of her friend, that they would still stay by her and that she deserved happiness. While Carina knew it was never as easy as telling someone to just be happy, she hoped Jancis was able to make right by herself. [Log]

During this time, she also helped Carina in setting up a surprise party for Denz's win at the 150th Grindsone at Costa De Sol; much to Jancis' own stress of keeping it a surprise. [Log]

Adventures & Dealing with Denz
Sometime after her marriage to Armont, and having let Hestia spend the day with her uncle Denz and Jancis [Log] Carina and her husband had Denz come upon them in a distraught state. After finally clearing the situation enough, the woman managed some encouragement to the younger brother, but was left to wonder if her words did any to mend this mysterious rift he felt he tore between him and his lover. Having arranged a meet-up with Jancis to plan a get-together that was overdo from before the wedding, she finally got the chance to ask her about her feeling and thoughts on what happened. While this was certainly what Carina had hoped to discuss with Jancis, the other woman also managed out some of Carina's more hidden scars, some that still lie beneath the surface. [Log]

Following their meeting in the days shortly after: Carina with Hestia, Jancis, Percelle, Uyraies and Guillemont all got together for an exciting adventure in the Shroud. The time brought on by the memory filled forest of her childhood did much to spark a feeling of joy and wonder in Carina's heart. One that she thought to be all but long passed. As the night carried on and more of their guests began to leave, the two got into discussion over more pains of their past and future wonders, Denz having joined their party later into the evening. In the end, Carina left feeling as though she had managed to finally see Jancis as someone she could truly call a friend of hers, and was so grateful for what she gave to her in their time together. [Log]

Post-Pregancy Hardships
Joining the De'bayles to visit Nuarmac's dilapidated home for Hestia's branding a few weeks after her birth, Jancis had taken care of Carina's dear baby while she tried to subdue Therron during a heated moment. After, when the mother was wounded from overexerting herself too much so shortly after giving birth and bleeding, Jancis offered her sincere words of encouragement in the midst of Carina's sadness. [Log]

The days after Therron and Armont's spar, Carina finally went to go visit Jancis at her home in seek of some comfort. Carina told Jancis she considered her a friend and thanked her for all her kindness. In addition to the food that she offered the mother and daughter, Jancis offered the two to spend the night, saying they could talk more in the morning while watching the sunrise. Despite her generous offer, Carina left before sunrise came, feeling remorse for having what she considered "burdened" her with her own issues. Figuring the woman would dislike her for having abruptly left, Carina was rather accepting of Jancis potentially being upset with that, claiming that there were already plenty of people who disliked her. [Log]

Despite trying to tell herself that, Carina truly does wish for Jancis' friendship, and even asked in embarrassment after her spar with Armont and Denz if she might wish to spend time with her again.

Loth de Bayle - Grandson
Hestia's son and Carina's grandson. One night after being left with both twins for the evening, Hestia left the estate to never return. Since then, Carina has cared for the twins as though they were her own.
Organic Namesday

3rd Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon

Character Relationships

Close Relationships
🥀 🍂 Hitokiri
Associated Songs: I See Fire - Ed Sheeran | Never Forget You - Zara Larsson (Cover by Sonna Rele)

"And yet I always feel as though a part of me… would never forget the love I held for the man. Even if it was never meant to be. I had hoped I could be of use to him soon, I wanted to see him have a happy ending as well. He deserved that most of all."

Hitokiri is one of Carina's closest friends. A man she met on her adventure to be coming a Beastmaster. An intelligent and skilled man, Carina held great respect for him upon their meeting.Being her instructor in both physical combat and meditation of the mind, he helped guide her to bettering herself.

Spar Score: 3-8

OOC Note: Much of Carina and Hito's interactions are meant to found out ICly, have spanned a few different arks that equated to a lot of the woman's character development. Therefore his tab does not hold all of their many interactions.

Trip to Kazham
Their first real time spent together was during their party's trip to a jungle, where they spent three days exploring and telling one another about their different lands. In a moment of peace there, Carina outreached her hand to touch a blazing flame, causing Hito to retract her arm back disapprovingly and threaten to not teach her if she continued her self-destrucive tendencies. She claimed seeing herself so clear of scars made it that she almost forgot who she truly was. After returning back to the main city she was staying in during her travel away from Eorzea, Hito invited her to live in his home since she had not many other places to stay.
Hito's Home and Carina's Corruption
Carina and Hito became good friends in the years of her living within his home. Helping to upkeep his home and continue with her training, Carina was happy with the mans kindness and patience with her, along with his sternness to see her improve. His concern for her well being and the measures he had gone through to try to find her help with her issues, that being the aether corruption she held from the Calamity, only pushed her to feel more content with his company; almost making her not want to return home. Consequent to Hito bringing help to Carina finally by the hand of a Scholar friend of his, and easing her mind of her past troubles and pains that seemed to endlessly torture her. Him and the girl along with their party made a trip back to Eorzea, so that Carina could finish the business she left unattended. Upon their arrival, Hito took it upon himself to explore parts of Thanalan on his own, and left the company home for a couple of weeks to allow Carina time to deal with her issues herself. In her early times living with the man, Carina gifted him with a small blue shell she found on their trip to Kazham. The man made it into a necklace the he used to always wear when she was around. She is unsure if he still dawns the gift, though hopes that it did not lose its meaning to him.
Things had their ups and downs around the two, but they, along with old friends and newly acquired ones, always found a way to work through it. Carina previously lived in the mans house, where she trained and worked on her alchemy. During her time there the two did have romantic interactions with one another on occasion, but never pushed it toward an official relationship. While still presumably having a room there, she now lives with her husband Armont and daughter in the Shroud. Despite being with her current partner, Carina understands she will always hold some romantic feelings for the man who made such a large impact on her life and that in whom she has shared quite a few intimate moments with. She knows they will never be together, even if her and Armont hadn't gotten with one another, part of her fears she injures him with her current relationship. Another part of her also feels the pang of remorse over what could have been.

Hito came to see Carina shortly before she gave birth to her daughter, expressing that he was happy she was able to have a child of her own as he knew how much she desired one. Although she knew his words were that of encouragement, it did not stop the heartache it brought on from knowing he would never have children of his own. [Log]

Before her marriage to Armont, Saiya attempted to comfort Carina in that fact that she knew how much Hito meant to her, and that "Life with him would not be what you think it would be. He is a man who still hates himself. I don't know if he will ever gain the redemption he seeks..." While Carina knew the woman was only trying to make her feel better, knowing that someone she once held so close to her heart felt the way he did, only brought more sorrow to her. She hopes she is able to return to his side as an ally when the time is right, but understands her duties to her new family are now a priority.

🍂 Saiya Hailene

"You are my family too Saiya, same as Hito. I would never forget that. Not as long as I live "

One of Carina's best friends, a brash and snarky woman. Despite her snappy attitude though, she has shown to Carina time and time again the value she holds in their friendship.

OOC Note: Much of Carina and Saiya's interactions are meant to found out ICly, have spanned a few different arks that equated to a lot of the woman's character development. Therefore her tab does not hold all of their many interactions.

Saiya came to the then alchemists old free company home under strange circumstance. A highly skilled bard, also wielding a spell or two, she is a snappy woman and can be a bit condescending at times. Despite her occasionally crude and off-putting attitude, Carina can see she has a big heart and that she tries hard. Parting with one another on good terms, and making a promise to the woman, Carina eventually saw Saiya once more on her trip to becoming a Beastmaster. While the woman did not remember her and Carina's previous interactions, and was more inclined to berating the girl, Carina found a comfort in the woman's presence and was happy to be around her once more.
Lost Vision
During her time away from Eorzea in the midst of an ever growing crisis at her new home, Carina threw a tantrum at the sight of Hito's injury and lack of contact with her during a frightening situation. This caused the woman to go off on her own and recklessly attack the people she knew were responsible, that in which could have potentially caused a great deal of trouble or even potentially have killed the Hyur. Saiya came to Carina's aid, despite the girls harsh words to tell her to keep away. In the middle of everything, Saiya ended up getting herself badly wounded trying to protect the blonde, causing her to go blind in one of her eyes. This brought Carina out of her enraged state, causing her a great deal of remorse and allowing her to reflect on her choices. The feline woman still kept her snarky humor even after everything was said and done, but Carina could not bear the heartache it caused her knowing she had put her friend in such a situation and vowed to make it up to her someday.
In her time living with Hito, Saiya and Carina both shared some interesting moments with one another. Something Carina came to believe is what brought them closer as friends and allies, holding a special fondness for the Mithra.

Carina saw Saiya again after a near year of being apart from Carina's end during the late term of her pregnancy. Carina was overjoyed to Saiya again, having missed both her and Hito tremendously. [Log]

It was clear to Carina that Saiya harbored more feelings for the Hyur than she returned, that much displayed before her marriage to Armont as the feline expressed some frustration in her own Saiya way. While this certainly didn't make the day much easier, Carina know's Saiya is chaotic in how she represents herself, and knows in time she will be alright. Saiya was Carina's Maid of Honor, as to her the woman is considered to be her best friend.

💔 Serick
Associated Song: Comes and Goes - Greg Laswell

"I am always relieved when I see you again, as every time you leave... I fear it will be the last time I will. "

Also now known by his alias, Rorick Aster, Serick is a cruel self-deprecating man, who once Carina's romantic partner. While the two weren't on speaking terms for awhile, they have begun meeting up with one another again, becoming better friends again. They have far more similarities than Carina would have liked to initially admit, but having realized they shared a similar situation at the hands of Carina's aunt, their equal drive for freedom doesn't seem so far fetched. While she finds their past fond and views it in a mostly positive light, she has no drive to be with him in such a fashion again, believing them to be better off that way. They both once upon a time promoted each others bad habits, and despite Carina not wanting to think about it, he was very violent toward her during many of their early interactions. Serick has a special fondness toward Carina's daughter Hestia, probably one of the few time's she see's the man act appropriately.

Spar Score: 1-0

A rather crude and self-destructive Miqo'te. Always getting himself into trouble, Carina and him hit it off sourly to begin with. His rude behavior put her off, and mostly annoyed her and although she still made the effort to be polite to him, his company usually caused her a great deal of stress. After some time around him, she began to warm up to his antics, and empathized with how he felt he deserved how people treated him. After seeing other sides of him, Carina felt a very strong urge to want to spend more time with the Miqo'te and be closer to him. She often brought him food in hopes of cheering him up, or making him think better about himself. Although he typically brings it on himself, she hates how others treat him, and will often snap at people who speak poorly about him in front of her.
Her and the Miqo'te had grown quite fond of each other, sharing special moments and appreciating one an others company. While it was never directly spoken or requested, it was assumed that they were going steady. After Serick lost his voice at the hands of Carina's Aunt, devastating the poor girl, the two of them were near inseparable. Always spending time together, and her teaching him how to read and write. After months without his voice, and her finishing her travels for the time being, Carina returned with new found practices and potions, and managed to help Serick regain his voice again. After returning back home and staying for a couple of weeks, Carina's uneasiness about their relationship grew. Upon Hitos return back to their company home in Eorzea, the two got into a fight where Carina told Serick she thought that he would be better off without her. After informing him of her wishes, he left behind the ring she had made for him and left.
Rekindling Friendship
Carina in the passing year after not seeing or hearing from Serick, had sent him a letter in hopes of reaching him. Receiving one back, poorly written and on a crumpled sheet of all things, she had requested she treat him to lunch for old times sake. Seeing him again, his condition having clearly deteriorated, by the end of the lunch after some embarrassing interactions with the Miqo'te and other patrons, Carina offered him a gift. The Hyur coaxed the man into intentionally taking a potion that would improve his mood and state of mind, a blurring of ethical morals, but something Carina felt had to be done before the man washed up dead on a shore somewhere.

Carina eventually met up again with Serick some time after her daughter Hestia was born. It seemed the man was in better health and had abandoned his ventures with dangerous pirates to actually do something with himself. This brought relief to the woman as they also seemed to be on better terms with one another. [Log] A few moons passing, Carina found Serick barging into her home one evening, while Armont and Hestia were out of the house. While initially a bit taken back by his intrusion, Carina eventually came to realize he probably wished to see her again, and instead kept him company. He played his lyre for her, causing her to reminisce on the times he used to play the piano for him, and the two even sparred in light of Carina's discouraged confidence. In the end, while she was left with a broken collar bone and him some ribs, she felt better and it left the two on better terms. He bet and entire cake while she bet him coming to see her again before Starlight. She hopes he will keep his end of the deal after crashing on her couch for the evening.

Acquaintances & Contacts
Friend of Denz and Armont, a Dragoon of Ishgard. On the more softer side, and certainly kind to say the least, Basque as Carina calls him came to her looking for help in a problem he was having. Figuring her alchemic abilities could do something, the woman agreed to secrecy and trying to assist him. Having taken her out into the middle of Coerthas to show Carina just the sort of beast he had become, the woman managed to soothe his pain using her Charmspeak and decided she would be able to find a solution.

Unfortunately, in the time passing, Armont and Therron had a duel with one another after Hestia's tattooing. After such, Therron began to change due to his injuries causing both Armont and Denz to nearly panic. Attempting to quell the panic and save Therron from being killed, Carina put herself between him and her husband. While it brought her pain to decieve Armont and then follow up with taking Therrons side, Carina had done what she had to try and help the sorrowed filled Elezen man. Despite the tension it put between Armont and Carina, the woman still plans to help him.

The man attended Carina and Armont's bonding, crying while there.

Catching Therron about Ishgard one afternoon, the two got to know one another more. Sharing with the older Elezen some of her more hidden secrets, the man took them surprisingly well, despite being if not a bit afraid of the Hyur. The woman trusts Therron, to an extent, but always stays weary. If not for her own sake, but for her husbands who desires her to do so.

A man with a great deal of etiquette, Carina met him by chance when venturing into Ul'Dah with a group of House members. Very polite, even in the face of the woman having to turn her attention away from him for some short moments in the middle of their conversation, she returned to discuss how he hadn't seemed to find a permanent place or goal for himself, even with working for the Adders. Finding his position with the Serpents to be one of great use, the Hyur hinted at employment under House De'bayle as an emissary. Seeming more enthused on the offer then she might have initially thought he would be, she left him with the handbook and pearl before making leave. Once meeting again, he was officially inducted within the House as a link between the Adders and House De'bayle, two groups that already worked hand-in-hand with one another.

Siovant appears to be fitting in with the House just fine, from what Carina can tell. Spending time with the group and even partaking in spars. The two saw one another again at a cat cafe that many of the House members came to see. It was there Carina saw the rather adorable interaction of her little daughter seemingly crushing over the poor man. While Carina expected the man to gently steer the girl away, she respected that he treated her with such kindness, regardless if he obviously did not share her feelings.

He was in a romantic relationship with the House's Viscountess, Adelise, for some time. While finding out of their relationship after it being under the guise of a lie she enabled unwillingly, her relationship with the man was reasonably injured. After they went seperate ways and he took his leave from the House, Carina is not particularly worried of what became of him.

Yvain Dulimont - Ward
Past instructor of Armont and Denz, Carina had a far different impression in her mind from their speakings of him.
An Elezen Carina happened upon wandering through Pearl Lane to get to Thal. The woman was immediately interested in the man, finding something peculiar about him. Whether that be bad or good was yet to be known, but she did insist to him that when someone crossed her path she found intrigue in, she never hesitated to take that chance. Occasionally seeing him around whenever she was in town, her usually managing to find the time to stand and talk with him for hours, Carina considers him to be one of her few friends left in the mainland of Thanalan. He bears a very striking resemblance to Hito, minus his peridot hued ireses; this being something she brings up to him in frquent, despite him most likely not preferring to be compared to another persons friend.

Having spotted him on the road toward Dry Bone, Carina followed the man to a secluded area just outside of the Burning Wall. Talking through with him in a rare moment of silence, away from prying ears and eyes of Ul'Dah's citizens, the two shared in a more personal moment. Him explaining to her his responsibilities and his title back from his home in the North and of his soon return there, Carina wished him the best of luck in his task and a safe return. He left her with a linkpearl and the promise that his life would not be taken so easily; she a potion to him in good health.

Felix Cyprus

An Elezen sword fighter. He was Carinas gladiator teacher and had been helping her progress in her sword-fighting abilities when she was originally seeking out combat training. Upon returning and hiding within her company's house in the Goblet, she had been unable to continue on with that training and had last saw the man at a theater event that the neighbors in the Goblet were throwing.

Up until recently she had gone without contact to the man. While sparring with Armont in Costa del Sol, the man was present during their back and forth and Carina nearly drowning, much to her own embarrassment. Catching up with him, and Felix commenting on Carina's growth, the woman properly thanked him for his teaching before he offered to take up his own weapon some day and really test the extents of her prowess now. While Carina had very little reason to contact the man before, she looks forward to showing him how far she's come.


A woman Carina technically met one hazy night at a bar event with her brother-in-law's and friends. She noticed Claire sitting alone and motioned for the woman to join their table, leaving soon after. The two met again later when Carina found her reading on a sunny morning in Gridania while taking Hestia for a walk. Inviting her to tea along with Shirayuri, Carina offered Claire a position within House De'bayle to help back her business as a jeweler. Carina finds Claire to be a very stylish lady and lovely, as most Elezen tend to be, if not a bit more on the reclusive side in regard to social gatherings. Claire has since left House De'bayle to further her craftsmanship as a goldsmith under a new title, Carina wishing the woman the best of luck in her future endeavors.

🍂 Ceonix De'bayle
Cousin of the De'bayle household, Carina found him aimlessly walking the streets of Ul'Dah with a less than readable soaked map. Offering the man some assistance in finding the goldsmithing guild, that in which he repaid with an invitation to dinner. Followed up by a small venture to the burning wall for a few drinks, the two managed to spark a friendship, something Carina is always appreciative for. The Hyur finds the man to be curious, even more so after he took her to a private special place of his, indulging in more of his personal life. Carina accompanied Ceonix to The Grand Tournament of the Fury, where he made it all the way to the final around before being bested. She was quite impressed with his axe skills.

Ceonix was rather unhappy with the return of his cousin, Armont. Dedicated to fight the Elezen in order to regain whatever trust he lost in what he see's as a heretical man, Carina acted as a mediator in setting up this battle so long as none of them were to end up dead. While the battle was gruesome to watch indeed once it took place, the two left on what might be considered better terms. Or at least so the Hyur woman hopes. Ceonix has shown to be a stubborn man.

While Carina did harbor light feelings for the man, she was made well aware he was torn between her and another his heart is leaning toward. While her desires might have pushed her to seek more from their relationship, she does not like knowing she was considered his second option. She hasn't seen the man since last having dinner with him and his previous partner, along side her now current husband, Armont.

In-Active/Past Character Relationships
🍂 Alex Fyher
A good friend of Carina's, his attitude reminded her tremendously of her brother. She found comfort in his company, and she feared disappointing him because of the parallels he shared with Corbin. Alex had done a lot to try to help Carina deal with her loss, though his words often fell short of negativity from another old company mate.

Alex had come to visit Carina some time after the passing Heavensturn, making note of her improved mindset and happiness. Carina was happy to see her friend again, despite the feeling when they parted ways that that would most likely be the final time they ever saw one another again.

A rather strange Raen female. Most conversations that went on between her and Carina were that of Aoi either trying to convince her to "mate" with someone, or sleep in her bed with her. When that was not going on, Carina was usually helping treat Aoi medicinally for her scars and providing salves to help with her mindset. There was a moment of weakness shown within the household of Carina's old Free Company where Aoi had shot off of a gun within the home, startling the Hyur, causing her to fall of the balcony of the upper level onto the stairs below. While this did end up breaking a lot of bones in the woman's body, having to be rushed to her infirmary to be painfully treated, it was one of the few benchmarks that struck change in Carina's life.

There was another incident with Aoi shooting a gun in the house when she learned of Serylda's death, causing Carina to go into an anxiety attack while the Au Ra woman slaughtered a man in the closet out of grief.

She has not seen Aoi in some time since the fall of her old company.

“I would be lying to you, if I said that I didn’t understand that you do things your own way. However I myself have a very skewed moral standing, and I trust that in the end your choice will be the most optimal. You have never failed me before..."

A Roegadyn woman that Carina had a rather rocky beginning with and while she would like to see the woman as an ally and friend, understands that those thoughts are more than likely not equal.

Despite feelings of distrust between them in the start, Carina really does respect Dov. Since spending more time with her in their time with the 'Remnants', Carina found a good friend in the Roegadyn, confiding in her personal information and even sharing friendly drinks with one another. Carina's heart went out to Dov and how she was often left alone at the company house by her husband and wished to keep her company. Having been hired by her for work, she had also decided to help her and Marcus with their business ventures in the past. During the final days of their stay in the old company, Carina helped Dov fight off a shade that was bringing the woman distress along with others in Remnant. She feels relief in knowing she helped bring the woman even some peace.
Return from Afar
When Carina returned from her living off the mainland for a short while due to an emergency, the two met up with each other by chance at the Quicksands. Learning of the girls slowly deteriorating condition, Dovienya joined up with her and Hito to help Carina find a cure to ailment that was slowly killing her. When they eventually found the cure in the nick of time, she was there with Carina after she almost died. being the first thing she woke up to.

During one of the blondes other visits, Dovienya also assisted in orchestrating the ambush on Carina's aunt, Muriella's, brothel and helping bring an end to the woman's dark deeds. Now under the Roegadyn's control in trying to slowly but surely dissipate the grime that was left by her aunts presence, Carina trusts that Dovienya has been handling the brothel and its associates, even if she understands that the Roe woman's intentions are not always necessarily for the better good of everyone. The Hyur hopes Dov will make the right choice in the end, and figures she would be a better leader than what Muriella. Least so she hopes.

Guillemont De'bayle - Lord
Associated Song: It's Over Isn't It - Piano Cover by Pandatooth

Twin brother to Astrelle, and temple knight of the family under Fortemps, Guillemont had been off doing his own business for a number of years so Carina learned. Having met him by chance in the Quicksands only to find out his old Thamaturgy teacher was her friend Iforo's deceased wife, the two parted way with her only having bestowed to him the news of his teacher. Meeting him once again later at a get together months after, it was only then that she realized the man dawned the same facial insignia of her lover's family. Finding this to be coincidental indeed, she was happy to have more to her future child's family. Her and Guillemont tend to go bar hopping together, having become better friends. Carina may or may not be his wing-man.

As of recent, Guillemont is not quite himself anymore, having seemingly taken on an alias. While she had known the man for some time now, she was never quite oblivious to his bloody past as a knight and is heartbroken by the state he has has left their House in. One day the man was no longer there, seemingly only leaving a presumed outsome of his fate.

Spar score: 1-0

Hikari Inamoto-Squire
Once known as Uyraies Sonnen. A Highlander Guillemont had talked to the blonde about, the two finally met in the Quicksands when she eventually stood to join her brother-in-law's conversation. Compassionate, a bit awkward and what appeared to be a love for animals, Carina took a liking to the woman. While the two may not know a great deal about one another, she can see Hikari has a big heart, and finds the woman very endearing. While offered to be referred to as Ray for simplicity, Carina thought the woman deserved better than to act like her name was a chore to say, going out of her way to make sure she refers to her by her full name.

Accompanying the group to watch Denz and Carina spar, Hikari watched Hestia while Carina beat down on her husband for his insensitive actions. Afterward, Carina noticed Hestia's affection toward her, mentioning if Hikari would ever care to in the future, that she could watch Hestia again as they seemed to get along well.

In recent time, Hikari has joined House De'bayle after the disappearance of Guillemont. While the man had been found, the House remains in tension, little to be known of what the future holds.

A man she met in Pearl Lane with his friend. At first Carina felt distant with Kersch, as though he hated her presence; after returning back to the house after a long absence though, his attitude toward her had greatly improved. She worried about Kersch and how his friends violent tendencies might affect him, even though he insisted he was fine.

When Orin lost his arm Kersch was very upset, using that anger to return to the place where it occurred and ending up injuring himself as well. Through it all Carina tried to console him whenever she could. Since the company's falling out, she has not seen or talked to Kersch much, but hope's that he and Orin are doing well together.

Killian Waltz-Estranged
A blind man Hestia introduced to the woman who can be a bit oblivious as times. Hard working and caring, Carina finds Killian endearing and a desire to see him happy under them. Having immediately come to her when the prospect of courting the Viscountess came into play, Carina expressed her joy over this, and more so her satisfaction that he did not lie about it compared to her first partner.

Killian was the doctor that helped Carina birth her son, Aegisan. Carina holds a respect toward the man that perhaps no one else might be able to understand, even if she does on occasion confuse him with riddles and try to pry secrets from him. Once married to Hestia and father of her grand children, Carina has no contact with the man. Having taken custody of her grandchildren once Hestia disappearence, she has been left with the duty of beng their guardian on top of her own son, Aegisan.

A very sultry Raen that was within the company Carina had joined. Orin had been like brotherly figure to Carina, without relating him back to her own deceased brother. She had often gone to Orin for advice or if she needed someone to talk to. The Raen was very caring of Carina, and treated her respectfully.

Carina accompanied him, Yuki and Seph to Ampador Keep, where Orin ended up losing his arm. This pained her deeply, and helped to stir old emotions of her losing her ability to cast magic. Specifically healing.

Since the company's falling out, Carina had not spoken to or heard from Orin in quite some time. She had eventually received a letter and a gift from the man, wishing her good will, the notion a kind one.

House De'bayles record Keeper and the only Au Ra within the House, Shirayuri is a kind woman and has became someone Carina considers to be a good friend. Always helpful and selfless, Shirayuri is the embodiment of what Carina believes to be true Doman culture, reminding her much of her fathers own benevolent nature. After the woman left back for Othard, the two never saw one another again.
Associated Song
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  • "You are more important that you might even know, Shirayuri. Your presence has rippled change throughout this family; so stand tall, for their stares only prove you defy their beliefs."
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Random Information
  • Like the Doman dish Zoni, and made some for the family.
  • Does not drink alcohol often.
  • Is an extremely efficient worker.

A woman Carina has a rather strange meeting with that was foreign to the country, and whose actions eventually led to the two disliking one another. Often throwing catty comments back and forth with one another, she used to go much out of her way to avoid Tempest as she really did not like such negativity, especially when uncalled for. Tempest eventually went missing for some time, Carina met her mother at some point who apparently was foreign to Eorzea as well. Carina does not know what became of the woman or her mother, not that it really keeps her up at night.

Vevekera Lelekera - Mage
While the man is, awkward at times and not always the most pleasant to try to communicate with due to his haughty nature, he isn't bad at heart. Something Carina has come to learn, and attempts to assure her husband of when he finds himself irritated with the mages words. Carina appreciates his kindness toward Hestia, him seeming to have a fondness toward the girl as he shows her his magic and insights wonder within her. [Log] Over time, she supposed in his own strange way, she had come to find him as a friend.
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Quotes In Regards To
  • “Vevekera is a man who has gone through his own share of troubles and trials. His words can come off as cold, as even I fall victim to them at times, but the lack of compassion in his words does not come from a lack in his heart. He was very willing and open to help me, and while he may be gaining something from this as well, he told me himself that he did not wish to see me stricken by more grief. We needn’t hear the briskness of his words for much longer.”
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  • Hestia's Treatment & Veve's Induction

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Random Information
  • Has a sweet tooth.
  • Is married to a Xaela.

🍂 W'hakeh Tia
A man that found extensive interest in Carina's beast mastery. His enthusiasm left the woman elated that someone would take such interest in her art, but in his desire to know where and how she came upon such teachings, Carina was discouraged from letting on to the man how she came to have such a title. While it disheartens her to have to steer him away from such due to the complexity of how she did end up becoming a Beastmaster, she had told the man she wouldn't be against offering what has learned herself. Offering him a linkpearl before taking leave for the north, she is hopeful that he will come around so that she may feel useful in her current incapacitating state.

The first person Carina actively fought. A ninja from Doma who is very skilled at her art, she was eventually taken down by Carina and taken captive. Carina actually has no issues with Yuki, although it seems as though the woman may not be happy about their interactions.

She last interacted with the woman at a ball, and since has never seen her again. To Carina, this is probably for the better considering their standing.

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"I heard back at her old company house she owned an infirmary! Someone told me she was quite the doctor, I honestly would have never saw it." — Ul'Dah Civilian.
"That Roussos girl. 'Er potions work well'nough but by gods are they the foulest things t'grace Hydaelyns great land. Couldn't tell'ya why they taste so putrid." — Pearl Lane Lurker.
"Carina? Why the lass was a fine Alchemist in'er time workin'ere. She seemed t'enjoy'er work, was sad t'see such an excitable lassy be on'er way. She came t'visit from time t'time, wonder how she been doin. 'Aven't'eard from'er in good while." — Z'ranmaia, Herbalist at the Seventh Sage.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I don't know if you've ever spoken to her, that little blond shrimp. She's insane though. Used to study on her own here at the alchemist guild, but got herself mixed up with some things far bigger than she could handle. Seems she hasn't really recovered, not that I am all too surprised." — Alchemist Guildmate.
"I heard the girl had a near heartattack at the sound of a gun shot within her old home, caused her to fall down the stairs and break near every bone in her body. She is quite afraid of loud sounds, so it seems." — Old Company Mate.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Carina Roussos... ah yeah, that name sounds familiar. Once upon a time she was rather popular around the darker area of Pearl Lane. I don't just mean for her tonics either..." — Shady Merchant.
"That little purple pig she's got wit'her. Something just, ain't right about it y'know? I don't know what it is, but she always talkin very cryptically'bout it... like there is more to it than it seems. Bah, she's always tried to come off as more intimidating then she really is, girl's a lost cause really." — Brassblade.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section. Remember, some of these may be true, untrue or greatly exaggerated! Please try not to be innappropriate when writing PC rumors or they will be removed.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of there are more rare than others. Please ask character or the one who said the rumor before using.
Rare: "She will surprise you with what she is capable of. She has the soul of a warrior, the hand of a healer, and cunning of a beast."- Hitokiri
"She's got a soft smile that could warm your heart and a personality to match it. Mistake her for a pushover though and you might find yourself being pushed back- by both iron and maw. Perhaps she might forgive you, but there's two that must be begged for forgiveness." -Armont De'bayle
"Carina is a dear friend of mine! Sometimes, she has to put on big robes and be like the houses of Ishgard are with their pomp and circumstance, but a lot of the time if you can sit with her she likes tunics and pants. Sometimes her temper flares up, but really it is only because she cares so much." — Jancis Milburga.
"L-Lady De'bayle? I adm-m-mire her strength and loyalty to her fr-fr-friends! She has gi-given me a wonderful opportunity and I d-d-don't wish to waste it." ~Shirayuri Toriko
"She's uh... She is as much my family as either of my brothers or my sister. She is a resilient person, and uh... And a lot stronger than you might think." - Guillemont De'bayle
"If her face did not speak the trials she's been through, her demeanor will. Strong, experienced, maybe just a little too stubborn? She's a good woman, and makes for a fine De'bayle. Just, uh.... don't trust her potions." -Denz De'bayle
"I have never seen strength come in such a small size. There is a cunning to her that I imagine is not found in many; something I can relate to. I look forward to peeling back the layers of her personality to see what may lie in wait to be studied." - Astrelle De'bayle
"There's more to that one than you may think. Remember, that behind a gilded shell, all that shines may not be gold." - Vevekera Lelekera
"She's a pleasure to work with. I've watched her grow from an apprehensive girl to a professional young woman. Though she can still be...odd at times." -Dovienya Cuenn
"She's changed quite a bit since we first met. I get the feeling she's seen far more than she lets on." -Felix Cyprus
" She's such a sweet girl, it's hard to imagine the rough life she's lived. If I ever had a little sister, I'd want her to be like Carina."- Orin Kai
"If you want see what lightning does to person. Ask her to show her skin. Then you know why she Seared One." ~Yuki Obinata
"Even as a parent she goes through a lot. Our lives are not easy. Nothing important ever was easy to do. She is a very good mother." — Jancis Milburga
"She put a lot of work into making a place for children at the Vigil. One of the few people who really showed me how happy she was for Torene. That meant a great deal to me. A good friend. Good sister." — Jancis Milburga.

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Ishgard: High
The Shroud: High-Moderate
Thanalan: Moderate
La Noscea: Low
Calamity Sites: Moderate
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
City-State, Region or Organization: De'bayle Household
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Glio coinpurse.png

Joseph: Carina nearly always has her beast with her. It should be assumed that if Joseph is not with her, it is probably for a good reason.

Important note: Please never take control of Joseph as an NPC without my permission. There are people who do this. Joseph is not friendly and he does not like your character, so please don't say he does. If you put your hands near him or try to touch him, it is almost guaranteed unless you're a child, that he will attempt to bite you. So prepare your /random if your character is taking that risk.

Her Satchel: Sometimes seen on a certain glamour, Carina is assumed to always have a satchel on her at all times. Within the satchel is usually her alchemy journal, personal journal, and typically potions of many sorts.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask. It is also important to note that anything and all things that happen in RP are to stay in RP. I do not mind being friends with you OOC, but please keep in mind that the way Carina feels is not how I feel. My characters are not me, they are just that: characters. Any further advances despite my describing these actions to be uncomfortable or inappropriate will result in immediate break of communication. My timezone is EST. And I am available most of any time as my work schedule is typically from the a.m to the late afternoon.


✓ Long-term Roleplay.

✓ Combat Roleplay.

✓ Children Roleplay.

✓ Organic romances.

✓ Sexual tension/actions.

✓ Slice-of-Life Roleplay.

✓ Paragraph Roleplay.


● Final Fantasy XI mixed roleplay. I know this can be a bit iffy with some people, but I am certainly very willing to indulge in it so long as everyone involved is on the same page.

Please Note: Any and all of Carina's XI involved lore is generally kept very hidden from people ICly. Other than that she titles herself a Beastmaster, she will not be going around talking on about her adventures in public places. This part of her lore is complicated and heavily built, therefore it is not something commonly spread around unless I personally know you the player better.

● Character Maiming.

● Any sort of heavy kinks your character may or may not enjoy; while I am certainly not against surprising Carina, I would rather avoid anything serious like her suddenly having her arm being bitten off.

● Prior friendship/romance planning OOC. While this is leaning more toward the "I'd rather not do this" I do make exceptions for a good enough reason. However though I strongly prefer organic friendships that build over time, rather than forced by writing.

● Lore-bending. So long as the lore is still intact, bend to your hearts content. After all, most characters wouldn't be all that interesting without stepping out a bit into deeper waters. Carina herself bends lore in a lot of aspects, however I try to keep things as lore-friendly as possible. Anything that may stretch outside that realm, should be saved for private RP sessions and not in open public RP areas.


× Strictly ERP that is outside of organic plot growth. My character can and will ERP if the situation is put there, but she will not ERP with just any person that comes up and asks her.

× Permanent character death unless asked of by myself. If you ask to kill my character, the answer will be no, always. No matter the situation they're in, I decide when they're ready to go.

× I will not indulge in or associate myself with characters that publicly and blatantly break lore. No 'The' Warrior of Light characters (this does not include warrior of light characters, they simply can not be the placeholder of the derplander who is directly involved in the MSQ.), or any heavy relations (Wife/husband, siblings, etc.) to primals or notorious NPC's. This also applies to: most if not all the mage jobs minus perhaps Black Mage and Astrologian. No Azure Dragoons. No people proclaiming themselves to be a notorious figure themselves (leader of a well-known clan ex. U'clan) No heavily open voidsent characters. Does this mean I won't play with people involving themselves with or who are possessed by voidsent, no, but if you walk into the Quicksand looking and openly speaking about how you're a voidsent, expect for me to most likely avoid you.

An exception to this rule: If you have a well rounded character that can explain with reason why they have the job they have (minus White Mage/Azure Dragoon) then I am more willing to be accepting of it.

RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. For heavier, long-term RP, our characters would have to get to know each other better, prior to meeting. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm running PvE/PvP content or simply just AFK.
■ Joseph
■ Her Scars
■ Her association with House De'bayle

House De'bayle

Open Handbook

House de Bayle is an Ishgardian themed Free Company revolving around a Minor House being brought up by a large family. If you are interested in joining the House, feel free to contact Hestia|Carina de Bayle/Astrelle de Bayle/Rageant Lacordaire/ Cinnabar Prentice in game for more details. Typically on the look out for new people, HDB shoots mostly for Hyurs and Elezen. While other races can be accepted, it is much harder and you will find getting RP within the FC to be difficult.

You can find all information regarding the FC on the site. The site is distributed to character ICly as the House's handbook, so we highly suggest if you are to make your characters know of the knowledge within this book, that they have a justified reason for such. If you wish to avoid conflict with such, the best thing to do is to contact the officers above for questions in regards to the handbook.

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Notes
● There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation. Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's alright.

● All edited photos are done by myself and anything under the personal artwork tab as well. I do accept payment for edited photos and art.

● Player timezone is NA East coast, UTC−05:00.

● Player is over 18 years old.

Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.
■ Carina's age has progressed from 20 years old to 23 due to otherworldly lore interaction | 2016.
■ Any images of Carina without her burns are not errors, but explained ICly.
■ Carina and Hitokiri had a romantic partnership. This has since been retconned for personal reasons.
Out-of-Character Information
KHMarie | Battle Classes: Level 70 Scholar, Bard - Hand & Land Classes: Level 60 Alchemist, Leatherworker, Weaver - Level 60 Botanist.| Leader of Free Company: House De'bayle and the Linkshell Scherzo De Notte.
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
Tropes & Explanations
A trope is a convention or device that is often found in creative works. In this case, the tropes below describe my character either in part, or as a whole. Their background, personality, appearance, etc, most of them can be described in the tropes below.
Break the Cutie
Stepford Smile
Grew a Spine
Took a Level in Badass

Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés.


Wiki Information
This wiki is constantly changing as the character’s story changes. It was last modified January 2018.

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The following is not entirely comprehensive, but contains general credits. Please leave the link-backs if you use this template!
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