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I had lived my life the only way that I had known. But when the pillars of that life came crashing down, I did not stand and watch them fall. I turned, and walked away.

Ramza Beoulve, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions


Vital Information

FULL NAME... Astrelle Vianne de Bayle

NICKNAMES... Silver Bullet

RACE & CLAN... Elezen, Wildwood

GENDER... Female

AGE... Twenty and Seven Winters Old

NAMEDAY... 17th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon, 1551 S.A.E.


MARITAL STATUS... In a relationship

Other Statistics

Birthplace... Ishgardian


FAMILY... Bayle

RESIDENCE... Lavender Beds

OCCUPATION... Lady of Bayle House. Gunsmith.

PATRON DEITY... Halone, the Fury Halone Icon.png

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 3 ilms. 164 ponze.

DISPOSITION... Chaotic Neutral | ISTP

General Information
Set your mind to something and work towards that goal - no matter the cost.
Hair & Eyes
Many turns spent travelling Hydaelyn have given Astrelle's hair a slightly lighter color than the rest of her brothers. Drawn back into a loose ponytail to free her shoulders and vision of stray strands, she has become accustomed to a lifestyle of quick and easy movement that shows in her manner of styling.
Unlike the differences in their hair, Astrelle's eyes are a deep, dark cerulean quite like the rest of the family.
Physique & Markings
The entirety of her childhood and early years into puberty, Astrelle was tasked with nothing more than a few chores here-and-there; given the luxury of watching her brothers train while she sat beside with some jealousy. She remained slim and almost frail-looking until her departure from Ishgard. After her return, she has gained much in height and build; though not muscular or incredibly fit, she boasts the body of someone constantly on the move. A modest bosom helps to accentuate a more feminine figure, otherwise set against a slender frame.
Over the turns, among the various cultures of Hydaelyn, Astrelle has been lucky enough to avoid death and most maiming; however, a faint jagged end to her left ear and scar just above her left breast are the only true reminders of conflict during her time away. Halone hath truly kept an eye over her chosen.
Because of the various adventurers, vagrants, and pirates she traveled with and grew to respect for their ability to receive results, Astrelle hastened to show her worth to them. It results in a black, deep-set tattoo just beneath her left breast, along the woman's ribcage. The tattoo itself is an image of a revolver with a singular angelic wing sprouting from the grip, extended as if in flight.
Astrelle bares the same tattoo that the rest of her family has been given through either marriage or shortly after birth. The mark itself is etched on aetherically and has a small rose near the upper middle of its blackened lines.
Hygiene & Attire
Although she was raised to be a proper lady with cleanliness and astute observations for things such as trending fashions in Ishgard, Astrelle's departure and return have left her a very different woman. Her constant tinkering with magitek and machines has calloused her fingers and hands, and she can frequently be seen with grease and oil adorning her cheeks in splotches. She does not smell bad, however; her return to a more stable lifestyle has afforded her the luxury of bathing whenever she chooses, and she is glad to abuse such an opportunity.
Currently learning how to wield larger and more formidable weapons that would allow her the use of heavier armor, Astrelle still dresses as most adventurers do: light, comfortable clothing with little to no protection. Breathable attire that gives her the ability to move, dodge, and stretch are of utmost importance to her; a stark contrast to her brothers' usual heavy plated armor.
Psychological Profile
Many turns of guilt have washed Astrelle's softer and more reserved nature away; coupled with her time spent with people of dubious morals have changed the once soft-spoken and understanding woman into an eager seeker of knowledge and, at times, ruthlessly driven individual. She does not often view morals as a code - rather, she sees them as a means of manipulating others if that is necessary for doing what she has to get done.
The voice that emits from the woman as she speaks is low; serene and calming in a way, thought it may sound dismissive in tone or haughty in nature. Even as a youth, she was eloquent and perfectly articulate- a trait that has not been lost over time. Yet, after turns of traveling the world and presumably learning several different tongues, her Ishgardian accent has begun to dissipate. When she curses, it sounds as if she hailed from Limsa Lominsa; when she explains herself, Ishgardian; at other times it even holds a faint Doman brusqueness to it but always does it keep the same cool, alto voice.

Philosophy & Mannerisms
As a youth, Astrelle was refined and cared deeply for those around her. She helped to tutor her brothers when asked; did small households chores when the parents requested; and listened to everyone who spoke to her with great care and interest. The young female sibling was pruned to become a perfect little lady that she soon learned was to be married off for political gain. Despite her loyalty and conflict-aversion, she ran from her home: spurred on by the jealousy of her brothers who were allowed their choices and treated like they were people with opportunity - people with freewill.
Learning of her parents death after her escape from Ishgard, she returned only to witness the burial before leaving once more- this time to leave Aldenard and anything it offered behind. Her short study of the Miqo'te people in the Shroud was put on halt, but it drove her to learn more of the cultures and races outside of Ishgard; outside of Eorzea. Urged forth by a sense of duty to herself and a willingness to forget the family she'd left behind, Astrelle turned to new cultures and rich experiences to forget the pain and guilt that plagued her; though it only worked some of the time, it allowed her to open her mind to a grander world.
When Astrelle returned to Eorzea after so many Winters away, she was a different woman. No longer content with being told what to do and passively sitting about for the next sun to arrive while fretting over fashion or style, she is a seasoned traveler with experience of not only combat but a many different cultures under her belt. As a self-proclaimed anthropologist, she has gained knowledge about other races that most of her close-minded kin would never know or listen to. The Elezen is also a bit more ruthless in her achieving of goals: feeling fine to manipulate the goals or morals of others for her gain and not being above sacrificing a friend or loved one if her pursuit of greatness calls for it.
● Banana bread.
● Learning of new cultures.
● Teasing those she calls friends.
● Hot baths.
● Reading non-fictional books.
● Weak-willed people.
● Misused machinery.
● Being the center of attention.
● Wasted potential.
● Most children.
● Speaks multiple languages.
● Experienced in machinery.
● Survivalist.
● Quick to pick up new skills; slow to master them.

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Den and Astrelle Combat.png
Basic Statistics
High: Marksmanship, Intelligence
Above Average: Agility, Engineering
Average: Strength, Healing
Low: Faith
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: None
Expert: Lightning Magick
Average: Wind Magick
Novice: None
Weapon Training
Mastery: Carbine/Rifle
Expert: Daggers
Average: Swordsmanship
Novice: Lance
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Reaction Time
Above Average: In-Combat Thinking
Average: Maneuverability
Low: Pain Tolerance
Non-Combat Abilities
Dreamwalking: Astrelle can meditate, losing immediate consciousness of her body's senses, to view the memories her ancestors. She can also connect with another humanoid to observe their consciousness, via touching their forehead with her fingers, or directly placing her own tattoo upon their head.
(Passive) De'bayle Sense: The De'bayle is inherently connected with her fellow family members. Can passively sense a general direction of a De'bayle's location if within a certain distance, depending on their own mastery of the sense. The De'bayle will also appear brighter than any surrounding people to fellow family members.
Combat Abilities
Siphon: Using an invention of hers, she can drain aether directly from persons or siphon it from their magical attacks to store and use as ammunition or directly transfer back towards them as an attack.
Overcharge: By overheating her carbine with lightning aether, she can release a short-ranged shotgun blast from her gun that has the ability to stun when it lands without being fatal.
Reflect: If the situation calls for it, she can use her siphon sphere to collect the directed aether attack and directly return the magical properties at its wielder -- this has a tendency to cause her sphere to malfunction afterwards or break completely.
Gust: Astrelle can channel wind through her carbine at short-range and push her target backwards if she has a need to.
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WARNING: Long entries ahead!
Young Adult Life

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Adult Life

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In Recent Times
The following is history pertaining to the beginning of the character's in-game roleplay onwards.
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Relationship Status Legend
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💕 Partner
🌷 In-Love
💘 Romantic Feelings
Physical Attraction
💔 Former Partner
🥀 Erstwhile Love

House De'bayle
Non-Player Characters
Aegisan De'bayle, Father - Predecessor of the De'bayle Household
Middle brother to Nuarmac and Farstan, Aegisan was always a driven individual in the De’bayle family. Though many saw fit to remain to their small circle of relatives for social interaction, the middle brother was always willing to speak with whomever he needed to be heard. Proud of his heritage, but unwilling to remain in the shadows of animosity as his family had, Aegisan would go above and beyond the call of duty when his knighthood would come. Much to his wife’s displeasure, he spent nearly five years on the frontlines of the Dragonsong War. Though the fighting was fierce, he would attain the rank of knight-lieutenant for his division, leading campaigns as far out as Dravania itself. He returned to Ishgard as much as able to visit his lonely wife, though when she brought news of bearing her first child, Aegisan would relinquish command of his squadron to be with his family. With his eldest brother, Nuarmac, showing no sign of interest towards the head of house, the knight would come to take the mantle upon himself.

Pride swelled within the man when he looked upon his first son, Armont. He dreamed of the day he would fight alongside him in battle, hunt together, emulate himself and continue his knightly legacy. Just as his three next children would come into his life, twins Astrelle and Guillemont before Denz, would he still hold this dream of his eldest son. The two connected greatly, Aegisan training Armont personally in the way of the spear as soon as he was able to stand. He still communicated and worked with the Temple Knights, always eager to take along Armont on those excursion. When all of his children grew older, he still showed love to them, but the other three knew there was a special place in his heart for Armont.

Astrelle's decision to leave after being told she was to wed a man who loved her but she did not love back only helped to distance the two even further than before. He had shown her a strict and righteous love when he was around but Astrelle never truly knew much about the De'bayle father and, as pressure mounted to offer her hand in marriage, she felt disconnected and betrayed by her paternal figure. This bond was never truly fixed -- by the time Astrelle returned, it was only to see the burial of both her parents.

Elliana De'bayle, Mother - Lady predecessor of the De'bayle Household
Formerly known as Elliana Corielli, the mother of four was once a simple handmaiden to her minor noble family, serving under House Durendaire. Often times does she speak upon the day she met her husband. Many people thought the De'bayles as estranged individuals, but in a passing glimpse, Elliana observed the De'bayle brothers happily conversing and poking fun at one another. Intruding on their conversation brazenly, the bubbly young girl practically forced herself into the family, before Aegisan himself took her as his wife. She was kind and caring to all, self-sacrificing and level-headed, while still being incredibly emotional.

During her youth, Astrelle was told she was much like her mother: caring, protective, and intelligent. The outlook Elliana held about the world and its various dangers instilled in Astrelle a deep fear of anything outside of Ishgard. However, as Astrelle grew older and the intent of marrying their daughter off became clearer to her, the teen began to rebel in small ways. As time went on, the fear of Hydaelyn waned and an ever deeper-curiosity began to form; coupled with the now tangible marriage proposal, this led to Astrelle's eventual departure.

She would not see her mother again, returning only to witness the funeral before whisking herself away once more in shame.

Farstan De'bayle, Uncle - Enigmatic Sky Pirate
A true black sheep compared to his brothers, in fact, his entire family, Farstan was always a free spirit. Whereas Nuarmac was an exuberant introvert, and his middle brother was the serious extrovert, the youngest brother grabbed life by the horns and surprised his family with his equal levels of charm and collectiveness, taking the fate of his family with a grain of salt. Though considerate of his family, he loathed following in the footsteps of his brothers. When he was old enough for knighthood, his lax attitude towards authority and the chivalric ways landed him a spot in Camp Cloudtop, much to the displeasure of his family. Among the clouds watching Ishgard’s back door, he was sentenced to a life of monotonous guarding alongside the other disappointments of Ishgard.

Yet amongst the clouds and floating rocks did he find salvation from the world he despised, chancing upon the true inhabitants of the Sea of Clouds, the sky pirates. Though finding little in their petty gang wars, Farstan would gladly shed his haubergeon and take up their ranks beside fantastic individuals, some humanoid, others not, races rarely seen in Ishgard and some unheard of to the man before. To a De’bayle, the world seems dimmer when they look upon their family, but for Farstan, his eyes were opened completely, sharing that same light with his crewmembers as if they were De’bayles themselves. His actual family was leery of his decisions, but the sky pirates were not true criminals of the nation, thus he was not terribly shunned for his actions. In time, his lifestyle would prove to be a boon to his family, as the riches he accumulated would find their way to the family’s coffers back in Ishgard. No matter what, he was still a De’bayle.

He still had more surprises up his sleeve as he took a Menideal daughter to be his wife, though between her denouncing her family, and eloping in the middle of a sky battle, the marriage was far from legitimate. She was also one of the first spouses in recent memory to not agree to receiving the De’bayle tattoo. This could questionably attribute to her death as she gave birth to Farstan’s only son Verisar, but no one could say for certain. Ostracized as he was, the family still heavily relied on Farstan for finances and the odd job from his crew, but so too would he need support from them for his son’s well being. Farstan’s stability would be a great boon to family as his Aegisan and his wife perished in Ishgard, giving his services to ensuring they were properly buried.

Years later, word would reach him of the heresy of Christienna, Nuarmac’s wife who Farstan had suspected multiple times of being in shifty business. Though he did not expect heresy, he could only watch from the outside as his eldest brother combatted the fire such an accusation brought. No one heard from either himself or Nuarmac after that day, and though the De’bayles believe him to be dead, no body was ever found of Farstan. His son still lives, though he refuses to speak on his father, to any who can even find the enigmatic son. Some say they’ve caught glimpses of a unfamiliar ishgardian skyship, flying the banner of an intricate sigil as they journey around the world.

Jerace Menideal, Rival - The Spiteful Dragoon
Known to Astrelle only as a family friend for many years of her life, she thought little of the man—neither kind nor unkind—until the suns leading up to the marriage that was to be arranged between them.

Caught in a maelstrom of emotion and unwilling to sacrifice her youth to marry someone she did not love, Astrelle fled Ishgard with the help of a lowly Brume rat and bribed guard. It was many, many years later until the wayward Ishgardian would hear anything of Jerace - of how power and loss had driven him to insanity and tossed him aside, cast out to be a heretic. He stands in her memory as a reminder of the choices afforded to one and how a singular decision may change everything.

Nuarmac De'bayle, Uncle - The Spiritual Leader of De'bayle
Oldest of the previous generation of De'bayles, Nuarmac was much like Aegisan, prideful in his family heritage. But as opposed to Aegisan, who wanted to exalt the De’bayle name in the public's’ eyes, Nuarmac was fascinated with the history of their family, and sought not knowledge endlessly from the hall of memories their tattoo could allow them to access. Reclusive and introverted with all but his most immediate family members, the man grew up with a nose in his books and an ear to the ancestors, disconnecting him greatly from reality around him. Not fit for knighthood, the brother was first and foremost primed to become the Head of House. The only thing that brought him back was meeting his wife, Christienna. Though an odd pairing between the two, originally meant for a political foothold, his wife, like so many before her, would choose to leave her family to fully assimilate with the De’bayles.

Despite his introverted nature, the man had a flawed charm, exuberant in his actions and never losing his youthful energy, Nuarmac’s exodus from his books and memory searching was brought upon his first child being born. Before he truly stepped away, though, his predecessor to the spiritual ways of the De’bayle tradition imparted him the wisdom of etching the tattoo upon his family’s foreheads. His first child to impart the tattoo was his own son, Ceonix, and from that point onwards would he be the one to draw the tattoos for every member to enter their family, child or otherwise. With this duty upon his shoulders, he relinquished his Head of House duty to Aegisan. Removed from his shell, he showed a family-oriented side to him that outshined both of his brothers. The “fun uncle” of the family, he always made sure the children enjoyed their visits to his estate in the Western Coerthas Highlands.

Despite the man’s jovial nature, much weighs upon his heart. His wife’s overbearing nature, the loss of his passion for searching for the answers to many questions regarding the De’bayle lineage, and more than anything, the loss of his second child, his daughter Leliara, during a ritual he performed. Never speaking of his failure to anyone save the four that knew of her existence, Nuarmac began a slow descent into a different man. His son made him proud, but the two were of different interests, feeling only numb loss as his child went on to become a knight of Ishgard. He buried Aegisan and his wife, and the last nail in the coffin was the discovery of his wife’s heretical actions. He could only watch as she became an aevis in the Witchdrop, though for everyone else, somehow convinced the Halonic Inquisition the entirety of the De’bayle family were not heretics. Though, just as soon as he got the seekers off his trail, did he disappear, using the snow of Coerthas for his secluded estate to rarely be found. Since that day, Nuarmac has been as much a ghost of the family as he is still their spiritual leader.

Player Characters
Aegisan De’bayle II, Nephew - Newborn
The newest member of the family, born to Carina and Armont, Astrelle looks forward to securing him a safe future free of domineering and neglect—even if it means she must watch the child herself, despite her feelings on children.
Armont De'bayle, Eldest Brother - The Ardent
The eldest De’bayle child to Aegisan and Elliana, Armont was a child with a purpose in mind from the moment he was born, acknowledging and revering that purpose as he grew up. Their father fashioned him to be a knight, but the demands of the House would need to take precedent, skewing the oldest brother’s attention between knighthood, privately training with their father, and his duty to the De’bayle household. Holding a serious demeanor around those not close to him, he can be off-putting to strangers and non-ishgardians, but once Armont is familiar with someone, they find in him a man with a unwavering faith, direction, and even a surprising amount of good natured humour.

Upon her return to the family, Astrelle found Armont in a position of power - swelling with pride and admiration, she recalled all those years spent away from her father; of all the times Armont and Aegisan spent together and found herself teary-eyed as she realized it was all now laid before her. He leads with a firm and iron will, but a kind and gentle heart. Though he is often busy with other things and the two do not get much time in way of conversation or connection now, she finds some warmth to recall his voice in dire times—and raid his stock of wine from the office.

Carina De'bayle, Sister-in-law - Master of Beasts
Armont's wife and, Astrelle suspects, the real mind behind the House De'bayle, their first meeting was upon Astrelle's return after running into Denz at her Mists apartment. Over her first few moons back, there were times of unspoken disagreements and hostilities. Carina, one day, decided to pull Astrelle aside. They dreamwalked together and learned of each other's secrets; of each other's pains. It helped Astrelle to remember that others, despite outward appearances, had their own troubles and problems they dealt with. Ultimately, Astrelle sees Carina as family - first and foremost, a person to protect if it is needed, and a person to trust.

Though she now sees little of her sister-in-law, she still holds a respect for the woman and knows it best that she was the one wed to Armont—if for nothing else, than the sole reason that she could beat him back when arrogance took hold.

Ceonix De'bayle, Cousin - Holy Warrior of Ishgard
Son of Nuarmac and cousin to Astrelle, Ceonix is the De'bayle family blacksmith.
Denz De'bayle, Youngest Brother - Knight-Errant of Ishgard
As children, Astrelle hardly knew her younger brother. He was sensitive and she was kind but as the Winters turned, Astrelle became more and more estranged from her parents and, as a result, from her family. As someone who frequently began to rebel and act out, Astrelle mostly avoided Denz and kept to herself and when her eventual leave came, there was little tears shed for her youngest sibling.

He was the first to find her when she returned to Eorzea. A chance meeting in the Mists brought them together and he guided her back home to her family—a reunion long in the making and finally brought to fruition because of the ‘shepherd’ of the family.

It would be many moons more before Denz and Astrelle truly set aside time to talk and reconnect, but over the course of the turn, they grew closer and found themselves revealing histories; secrets; stories and confiding in one another. She still teases Denz relentlessly, and he her, both met with varying degrees of humor and disapproval—yet there holds now a special place in her heart for the youngest of the De’bayle siblings, and she silently rallies behind him whenever a cause calls for it.

Guillemont De'bayle, Twin - The Eldritch Whisperer
Middle child to Aegisan and Elliana, and twin brother to Astrelle, Guillemont is the least well-spoken De’bayle of the family. A quiet thinker and a stuttering mess of words, he rarely spoke to anyone at an early age save his wayward sister. He wasn’t a promising nobleman, instead hoping to take his place as the family’s knight. Armont was already struggling to attain knighthood and preparing to become Head of House, and Guillemont surprised everyone by stepping forth and training with the Temple Knights. During his training, he made friends with a travelling lalafell thaumaturge that found their way into Ishgard, she teaching him how to use basic pyromancy. Finding his identity as an official soldier of Ishgard, the family’s ties with House Fortemps gave him an ideal position as a guard within Camp Dragonhead. So the years passed, away from his family, in the midst of the Dragonsong War.

As a youth, the two were nearly inseparable. Astrelle was happy to look over her brothers but always made sure to keep an extra-close eye on Guillemont. They would speak and understand things that none within the family cared to elucidate on. With Astrelle's departure and Guillemont's travels, the two became estranged for a time until Astrelle finally returned to the family.

After their reunion, they shared in a loving but brief reconnection. It would never feel quite the same as it had for them before in the past because of circumstances that arose within each—and every detail that slowly rose out regarding Guillemont began to give Astrelle pause, even if she did not share that fact with anyone else within the House.

A few moons after their fight to liberate Ala Mhigo, the family discovered Guillemont missing. For two moons they investigated and fought, seeking out their brother until finding him mixed in with the company of Void worshippers. Fighting a long and arduous battle, they finally succeeded in both bringing Guillemont home and cleansing him of most of their influence: however, he yet remains the touch of void upon him and—for that reason—now goes by a different identity.

Though she still holds love for her twin, the recent turn has been a harsh reminder that not all things stay the same.

Hestia De'bayle, Niece - The Little Dragoon
Astrelle's niece and daughter of Armont and Carina. Though not incredibly fond of children, she did have a soft spot for the once infant. Circumstances saw to it that Hestia not remain so, however—bringing misfortune and significant change to all who knew what happened, Hestia returned several years older than when she had left to some unspoken trial. The return reminded her of her own reunion in ways, but the young woman was changed; a far cry from what she’d left as.

The next few moons were both happy and strenuous. Priding herself on arrogance and duty, Hestia would take to calling herself Adelise (to avoid confusion from those not in the know) and claim to be a cousin of the De’bayles. Astrelle easily changed to this fact, having known her niece the least before she left and returned as someone almost completely different. Combat and tensions within the family further pushed members of the House apart, Astrelle finding herself as a middle ground between Adelise and others - yet the older woman never completely blamed Hestia for her mistakes; for her tendencies, blaming it instead on negligent parents and a childhood robbed of normalcy. As such, Astrelle attempts to act as a mentor to the young woman and hopes to help her niece through the turbulent parts of her life if only to remind her that she is not alone.

Other Relationships
💕 Kyalia Yahsra, Girlfriend - Personal assistant
A chance meeting in Ul'dah quickly grew into employment for the young Dalmascan that would find herself under Astrelle's employ. Hardly a few weeks after their meeting, Kyalia became Astrelle's maid and tended to the woman's room and workshop; extending her services to House de Bayle as a whole, it offered the two much time to begin chatting and a burgeoning relationship slowly blossomed over the next several moons.

Little by little, they grew closer and closer until they finally decided to make it official (as official as the timid Kyalia could allow), and Astrelle fired the young woman for a "conflict of interest" before asking her to be her girlfriend. The two have been together for a few moons already, and with the brewing trouble of the Empire on the horizon, who knows what bond they may tie together in the future.

💔 Aoki Miyamatsu, Former partner - Vanilla Ice Cream
Having first spotted the woman at a tavern, she spoke with her at a later chance encounter at the Quicksand. Through interactions and various celebrations, the two began to grow close and Astrelle found herself developing feelings for the blonde-haired woman. Awkward and reclusive, the Elezen said nothing of them until many moons later when Aoki blurted out that she wouldn’t mind dating Astrelle - to which Astrelle bashfully agreed, composing herself long enough to teasingly chide the woman for her babbling.

Traveling to reminders of their past during the travels of the Far East, Astrelle and Aoki struggled through their mishaps and burgeoning romance with some trouble but their bond gradually strengthened.

Over time, they learned to exist together but after so long, the chemistry proved lacking and Astrelle cut things short in a detached and heartless calculation. Such a broken bond has seen little reparation, as of yet.

Basile Feurieux, Person of interest - Knight of House De’bayle
Though she had seen his face on many occasions, she knew little of the man and asked even less every time she spotted him. It was only on a recent meeting that they spoke and she learned that he had ties with Jerace—her once husband-to-be. Now cautious but interested in speaking with him to learn of her former suitor’s fate and perhaps more of what became of the family that once attempted to steal her away from her own.
Claire Nyhmidu, Wine drinking friend - Business contact and friend
Guillemont’s former partner, Astrelle at first found it odd to speak with her on a one-to-one basis. However this quickly faded as they found themselves drinking together frequently in their earlier days of Claire’s separation with her twin and their friendship blossomed into a professional contact with whom she was always willing to speak with and listen to.

Conflicts and situations that have arisen put this friendship at odds at times, but they are oft resolved with a case of wine from either party (usually Claire’s) and a candid conversation between the two.

Echoing Thunder, Crimson-Skinned Giant - Eloquent friend and business partner
Another chance meeting at the Quicksand, Astrelle and Echoing made a quick friendship with guarded words and practiced phrases. The mercenary and the Elezen quickly came up with a deal and Echoing Thunder guarded a shipment of Astrelle’s both to and from the docks of Vesper Bay - returning to her with a new pet.

Though reticent and usually reclusive from others, Astrelle and Thunder have slowly begun to break through each other’s barriers to speak with a more open tongue and confide in each other. .

Hikari Inamoto, Stuttering friend - Squire of House De’bayle
A friend of Guillemont’s, Astrelle first met her when her twin disappeared. Tensions were high and their first meeting resulted in an argument - from there, it became worse until finally Hikari and Astrelle spoke to each other in a candid acceptance of their woes; of their despairs.

Now resolved, Astrelle views Hikari as a type of friend—though she holds little respect for the way the woman conducts herself, she hopes to guide the woman to a more assertive and confident stance of herself.

Jancis Milburga, Wound Checker - Oblivious Healer
Denz’s intended, Astrelle finds the soft-spoken and warm-hearted woman kind and fragile—though she knows little of the mender, she views her with a kindness befitting a future sister-in-law. While conversations between the two are terse and brief, minus the common topic of discussion being her brother, Astrelle has done all in her power to be sure that Jancis is safe whenever trouble calls—if for no other reason than to ensure the happiness of both Jancis’ and Denz’s future.
Killian Waltz, Mender - Blind Healer
Hestia’s intended and a mender of House De’bayle, Astrelle first viewed him with indifference. However, as time went on, she grew to view him with an onze of respect despite the flaws that rise up from stressful situations and his sometimes misplaced intentions that she disagrees with. As with most others, she keeps a polite distance between herself and the man - thinking it best for both their relationship and Hestia’s own with him.
Lyriah Karnelle, Crimson-haired Hyur - Squire of House De’bayler
Though she knows little of the redheaded woman herself, enough inference and passing conversations with Alleria has let her know that she and the blue-haired Knight-Captain are involved in a romantic relationship. Speaking nothing of it, Astrelle sees her as little more than another Hyur of the House - whenever she does see her.
Mistalv Arroway, Ala Mhigan Wisdom - Fist of Rhalgr
Upon her initial departure from Ishgard but before she left Aldenard proper, a teenage Astrelle came across a blind Highlander from Ala Mhigo. She was stern but spoke highly of the world - able to see how no one else could. It was Mistalv that first stoked the fire for adventure in Astrelle's heart. They traveled together for a moon before she was taken back to Ishgard to attend her parents' funeral. Eight years past and Astrelle traveled, getting away from her family and the things she would have been forced to do. A fateful night found Astrelle, urged to check on the citizens of Little Ala Mhigan and spurned by a sense of duty to those who need liberation, coming across her old friend and mentor once more. Now reunited, Astrelle hopes to further their bond and learn more wisdom from the Fist of Rhalgr who almost single-handedly is to thank for setting her upon her path.
Natsuki Rokutachi, Doman - Wandering Samurai
Arriving for the first time in Doma, Astrelle had nowhere to stay. She met Natsuki at her estate, when the girl herself was still very young. The Elezen stayed with the family for nearly an entire year, even taking a few lessons with the samurai there, before she left to study the Xaela among the Steppes. Returning several years later, Astrelle met Natsuki once more during the razing of Doma. Despite the consequences and losses during, Astrelle and Natsuki helped to evacuate the city and boarded the same ship bound for Vesper Bay. Natsuki helped Astrelle sneak off partway through the journey to Thavnair.

A few moons after her return to Aldenard, Astrelle reunited with Natsuki in Ishgard. She offered her gil to pay for warmer clothing and a room to rent at the inn. Astrelle feels incredibly indebted, if not to the woman herself, than to her family. She hopes to continue learning from her and developing a friendship.

Vevekera Lelekera, Odd Lalafell - Grand-Mage of House De’bayle
Arrogant, stubborn, and dangerous - words used to describe the mage. She views him with a very cautious interest because of his mastery of the arcane and his invaluable aid in saving her twin, but otherwise keeps a safe distance and polite detachment from him—at all costs.

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"The De'bayles? They used to refuse to establish themselves formally within Ishgard... but I suppose after Aegisan's death the family had to act or become far too forgotten." — Ishgardian Noble
"Oh so you're speaking of -that- family! Yes yes they ventured down into the brume a few times to hand out breads! Good hearted, though a bit odd with their tattoos." — Speakings from the Brume
"Astrelle- the sister? She left many turns ago, even before the Calamity, and only came when the parents passed before setting off again." — Ishgardian Noble
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I hardly knew about the sister until she came back just recently and was wearing a full suit of armor and travelling with her brother, Armont." — Camp Dragonhead Guard
"Typically I'll see her come into Ul'dah with a notepad and quill and just... sit for bells at a time, watching." — Brass Blade
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Used to own an apartment out in the Mists. I'd see her bring people in there but none o' them ever came out; sometimes you could hear odd noises coming from her apartment." — Limsan Fisher
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Astrelle left Ishgard turns before I ever set foot outside the city. She had learned how to face the world while I still cried heresy at what I could not understand. She was the precursor to what we would all become, even if we could not see it then. With her returned, seeing her spirit free, no longer restricted by obligation... it is a beautiful thing." - Denz De'bayle.
"I hear she once drank with Admiral Merlwyb- or whatever her name is. I am not sure how true it is, though." - Claire Nyhmidu.
"From what I know of my latest sister, is more of what I feel from her, than what I see. Much like her brothers, the woman is far more than she appears... this much I gathered from one of our outings together in the Shroud. Though she holds a certain aura about her... very intimidating, yet unassuming... like a tonberry. Perhaps she has more to show how the women of the De'bayle family are a force to be reckoned with." - Carina De'bayle.
"Astrelle is one of the only people I truly felt a connection to within my family upon my return. Through my trials and tribulations, I have never once felt like I could not speak to the woman, or that she looked down on me. In some sense, she feels like one of the only friends I have that I know I can always rely on, that we share in a similar hardship. She is my blood until the end and there is nothing I would not do for her, if she needed me." - Hestia De'bayle.
"Lady Astrelle? She has gone through a lot this past Turn. Oh, the wonders she gives birth to. You should see what her hands can do. She made this beautiful bell that sings. And, it is special, she made a blanket for Torene and I. It is always warm, a lot like her." — Jancis Milburga.

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Ishgard/Coerthas: Moderate Probability
Gridania/Black Shroud: High Probability
Limsa Lominsa/La Noscea: Moderate Probability
Ul'dah/Thanalan: Low Probability
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
Trade route—Dravania, Ul'dah, Ishgard, Limsa Lominsa, Shirogane, Thavnair
Skysteel Manufactory
Imperial rebels
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.
Siphon Sphere

RP Limits
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I will play normal, mature, and dark themes in roleplay! .
Ask about sexual encounters of ANY kind and combat scenes .
I won't play death or pedophilia .
RP Hooks
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■ Resistance and rebel groups of Garlemald.
■ Ishgardians.
■ Firearm enthusiasts, consumers, and users.
■ Machinery.

OOC Notes
Player Information
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