Asmodean Gaidin

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Asmodean Gaidin
[[Image:Asmodean Gaidin.PNG|250px]]
Death pass me over on that fateful day. I feel cheated, living on borrowed time.
Brother to Battle, The Forgotten
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 25
Sexuality Asexual
Marital Status Single
Server Balmung



Asmodean seem no more different then any other Midlander, one might met in their travels of Eorzea. However, behind the scared face of his, Asmodean has shown an impressive mind for combat and strength far beyond his kin. Able to rival Sea wolves and Highlander for a time in match of raw power, Asmodean has been invited to join the Arena, yet always refused stating the show does nothing but lessen the fight in his eyes. He has taken to a life of wondering Eorzea to find a reason to live. Even now he lacks a reason to keep on as he has the past two years.


Asmodean stands 5 fulms and 10 ilms with an over all slim but well toned body for a Midlander. His hair is an after thought for the man, having left it loose and wavy, however, is colored with an odd mix of deep brown with gray highlight.

Gaidin face is fairly round, with a average nose at it's center. If it wore not for the scars marring his most would call him handsome. Most striking would but the odd pair of eyes, his left a soft blue, while his scared right eye and odd yellow almost like corrupted aether. The nearly bone deep scar over his eye start near his hair line and ends level with his lips. One thing often notice about the man is he rarely if ever is seen without his armor. This is due to body is far more scared then his face and he had little reason to let others see his worse wounds. If ever seen without his armor, Asmodean wears leather based goods that cover his body up.


Most seem to think Asmodean lack a real personality as he rarely speaks to others and often goes out of his way to avoid other as much as he can, however he can be quite kind and caring, giving a helping hand to those in need even if it means he must forgo a reward. Yet this side is rare as Asmodean watches and judges those about him often without every speaking to the person in question. Many have even assumed he is mute not knowing the truth.

But if one wore to get Asmodean out of his shell and speaking would learn he can be open about thoughts and ideas so long as that are not about himself. Gaidin thinks little of himself, believing that his actions should speak for him more then himself. Asmodean often asks others what their reasons for living are, as he hunt for his own purpose.

It has been noted in combat, Asmodean keeps his relaxed nature in battles often seen as if he is mocking his opponent. Ever attack is placed with intent and lack a sense of recklessness most would think for a man his age. However, at time his has shown a far more bloodthirsty side of himself at time, almost like he was soneone else entirely but this has only been see after starting his Warrior training. Most have taking it as a sign of him being a bit lacking in his training and nothing more.



Asmodean is the type to jump in to the front of battle and not leave til all those around him around dead, wounded to the point that can no longer fight back or his own party has retreated safely. He often take to the sword or ax with heavy armor as to stand his ground but has been knowing to use a lance, dagger or his bare fist when needed. Asmodean is willing to take a wound if he can use the chance to end a fight sooner and has often taking a thrust into a arm or leg only to pull the enemy in close to making them unable to avoid his quick and deadly counter blow but clearly this has led him to often having to patch himself up after a battle with what he has on hand. One noticeable weakness is his complete lack of magical skill.

With his current training with the ax, Asmodean has taken to holding the weapon one handed in his left hand, making his attacks slower and weaker that a normal fighter. This is both to aid in his training of his entire body as well as make any who would attack him think he is weaker then he really is. It also allows him to use his "strong" arm for a quick jab or heavy hay-maker, mid swing giving his a lot of wiggle room to catch someone off guard. IF forced, Asmodean will swap which arm carries his ax mid-fight as a sigh he understands he can not play around. It also is a sign of respect from him if he fight with his right arm from the start, showing he understands the opponent want him to come at them with everything he has.

He has also started to train both at the Pugilist guild and Rogue guild, giving him a greater understanding of close-quarter combat and how much more dangerous fighting a truly skill opponent can be. He has began to use knifes in a fight for an easy to use thrown weapon often carrying six to eight blades on his belt. One thing his has learned is his fist strike are weaker compared masters of the art and started to rely less on them for damage and more for a staggering blow.



  • Coerul Mount, named Valdar
  • The quiet of travel and empty taverns
  • Interesting people able to get him out of his shell.
  • Looking out at the open sea


  • Untrustworthy people
  • Those with power but let people suffer
  • Unhealing wounds
  • Merchants that sale slave in any form


  • Coerul Training
  • knowledge of a lost language (Wheel of Time's Old Tongue)
  • Chess


  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Known to often travel by foot over mount unless needed.
  • rarely, if every, seen with out armor.
  • Lacks magical skill
  • Healing magic takes are power then should be needed to heal wounds



Father: Galad Ulda (deceased)

Mother: Eldrene Gaidin (decsased)

Pet Coerul: Valdar (Alive)

  • No known other family.



Chachanji Gegenji : A Lalafell met thanks to Jancis at Camp Bronze Lake. While little was spoke between the two, Asmodean over heard him call a skilled crafter with metal work. Seems to have a few problems himself but was quite friendly and relax with group.

Cliodhna Eoghan: A Highlander women who rarely spoke at the gathering at Bronze Lake. Little is known beyond her enjoying her drink and being Kurt's and Gareth's "Boss" leading him to think of the three more then likely being part of a Free Company.

Edmont Sondraix : A Elezen Wildwood that arrived a few bells after the rest of group first met at Bronze Lake. Seems to be a decent man but something in Asmodean kept him on edge around the man.

Gareth Evershield: A Highlander whom arrived a bell or so shortly after the afterpart at Bronze Lake begun. Seems a straight and upstanding man that has gain a level of respect out of Asmodean for him having wished him well on his travels as the gathering slowly broke apart. Made a comment of about him and the rest of the Red Wings may met the midlander again out North should the gates truly open as they had been rumored too.

Jancis Milburga: A kind Midlander that has lead the gatherings of the twelve. While his first meeting was cut short, Asmodean quickly could tell the woman was a kind person, whom didn't see herself as better then any other. Did met again at the gathering for Oschon and reenforced his beliefs about her. Invited him to Bronze Lake after the gathering and lead to quite interesting party afterwards. Only thing he can say he dislikes is being called sir again and again but came to understand she always this respectful with others.

Kurt Steel: Another late arrive but by far the oddest of the three. When met he was... currently a woman going by Kat. Thinking himself already drunk Asmo avoided speaking not sure what to make about the events unfolding. Seems to be part of the The Red Wings along with Clio and Gareth.

Leanne Delphium: A seeker of the sun Miqo'te met at Bronze Lake after the gathering for Oschon. A skilled Bard and from what was spoken about her a skill fighter at the Grindstone, having won the event four times. Seemed to be the only other person at the party to enjoy the rain.

Locke Fairwind : A fellow Midlander with a bit a fun loving side/ trouble making side. Seemed an easy take things easy type, but trying to start a water war. Quikly beaten by Leanne.

Lottie Forsaidh: Another female Midlander. Preformed with Nathan at the event for Oschon. Soft spoken and seems to have a loving relationship with Nathan.

Myath Sochen : A highly skilled female midlander who was able to heal past then Asmodean deep aetheric chest scars. A caring woman whom worried about the hard headed warrior, evwen going so far as let him ((Made him)) ride along side her on her large chocobo. The pair had a chance to be alone while Orrin and Noel dealt with Isguardian thing. Said if he would ever need a companion for travel, she could be found in Ul'dah.

Nathan Telluride: A Highlander Bard seen working with Lottie and met at the Bronze Lake afterwords. Was quite welcome as with all the others. Seems to become quite odd after drinking for a time but has been told what he has seen was nothing.

Noel Vautier: A Dragoon he met with lending his ax to House Fortemps. The pair rarely spoke but Asmodean felt he could trust his back to be covered by the lancer.

Orrin Halgren : Another Dragoon met while aiding House Fortemps. Orrin, along side Noel, showed off how skilled the Dragoon order was with the lance, leading to Asmodean to began training with the weapon. Orrin and Asmodean shared words while working and then parted on good standing, seeing the other as worth of the weapon and art they would with. Both wished the other luck before parting ways.

Vayna Delanuani: A female Miqo'te met at Bronze Lake. Rarely spoke so little is known her.



Common Rumors

  • "That boy has changed so much. I still remember him run about the markets with his pet coeurl kitten back when he was only 5 summers young. Now... I just can't see the same boy in that man."
  • "No one has ever seen Asmodean without a full set of armor. Many even joke he's not a Hyur but a Dullahan without a helmet.
  • "A hard worker but he never seem able to stay in one place for to long."

Moderate Rumors

  • "He's a hearty drinker alright. Never once seen him drunk thought."
  • "No one has seen he show any kind of feelings... makes me wonder if he a voidsent or something worse."
  • "A skilled blade for the Gladiator guild but makes me wonder why the Sultansworn haven't try to get him to join them yet."

Rare Rumors

  • "They say Death follows that man where he goes. Best for all of us he just stays away in the wilds or traveling."
  • "That one always seem in pain but never asks for help. I'm stating to think he enjoying his work a bit.... too much."
  • "I swear I've seen his face on a bounty poster before for fifty thousand gil just lacking that scar he sports now. I wounder who wants him dead."

PC Rumors

(Add as you wish)

  • "Sir Gaidin was very brave to share words to the pilgrims of Oschon. I can tell it was a lot for him to say so much. He stayed afterwards to rest at Camp Bronze Lake, even let me take his boots off. Hopefully he forgives how bold I was, but I could tell he was relieved. Bears his own scars and wounds without complaint; he seems very humble to me." - Jancis Milburga



Asmodean was born Asmodean Rakdos Ulda, to the unlikely pair of Galad Ulda and Eldrene Gaidin. The merchant and traveling swords-woman did make for a odd pair in Ul'dah, but with Galad a well known and respected man of the city, it was no seen as a scandal. The pair had been traveling the land as a team and the time together had brought the two close. While Eldrene was traveling, she had been over come with clear sign she was carrying a child but waited inform Galad once they had return to Ul'dah. The Ul'dahn was overjoy at the news and canceled a few moons worth meeting and other such engagements, so he could remain with the woman he had come to love. The two wore bonded a short two moon before Asmodean birth and the addition for a son changed both their out looks on life. Both had come stop their traveling and remained the Jewel of the Deseret to care, both for their son and each other.

Early Life

Life for the pair wouldn't not remain happy for long. Eldrene had contracted an unknown sickness that had lingered deep within her for long time. Her death was a long drawn out and painful end. None who Galad brought to try to help her could so anything heal her or even ease her suffering. Asmodean was barely two namesdays old, but was already without a mother.

His father had fallen to despair for a time, not sure how he could go on. He left a baby with a trusted friend as he dealt with the lose, nearly ending his own. Only the thought of his son kept the blade from letting his blood flow. While never truly at peace with the lose, Galad did the best he could for his growing son. Asmodena would overall, lead normal life despite his father wealth. The young boy was a common sight in the markets of Ul'dah, often wondering the crowds and just looking the people and things on sale. With the knowledge of departed mother, the merchants had taken to caring for the boy like there own. Asmodean grew care free for the most part of his young life, until he had been asked to make a deliver to the Quicksand for one of his " merchant parents".

Asmodean had only reached his thirteen nameday, only a week prior, before meeting a man who had known his mother. The older Midlander was the man who had order the delivery and set the entire event up to met the boy. He never gave Asmodean his name but did ofter the boy an old leather bound journal, written in a old rune-like text. Most of the writing was extremely old but a few of the last pages seemed no more then 20 years if not younger. However, with no idea how to translate the language, Asmodean simply gave it to one of the merchant to keep safe for him.

With his next nameday, Galad saw fit it was time for his son to begin the training he would need to follow in his footsteps. Learning the ways of a merchant wasn't truly what the boy wanted for his life. He knew from stories of his mother, that she was a well skill fighter with a sword so he wanted to follow in her footsteps but his father overruled him out of fear what had happen to Eldrene would happen to his son. This was the start of a divide between the two and it would only get worse from here. As the years past the divide would only grow as Asmodean anger due to his father dismissive attitude.

Pre-Calamity/ Calamity

Asmodean nineteenth nameday came and gone without much thought as the land was in a panic with the fall of Dalamud as well as the attack of the The Garlean Empire. Galad had become tied up with the politics, so he was no longer able to keep an eye on his son. This was Asmodean chance and he did let it go to waste. Forces from the city states wore surging towards Mor Dhona, and knowing how large the forces converging on Mor Dhona wore there was easy coin for a "merchant" to make. With his father busy the politics for the city, Asmodean took the chance wan took a number for supplies and made way out of the city.... never to see his father alive again.

The trip was quick and easy with all the people on the roads heading to the same place. The young man met a few people willing to teach him the basics of fighting in exchanged for trade which he happily agreed. he picked up the feel and flow of using a bow, ax, and even claws, but he was clearly best with a sword on hand but with the good came the bad.... and it was found he lacked the ability to use magic for any kind.While traveling the group saw fit to push him seeing that there was the making of skilled swordsman, if a bit rough.

The time pasted quickly thanks to the training Asmo was given. Having reached Mor Dhona made his heart feel heavy knowing the group would be unable to keep aiding him in his training, but quickly rebound seeing the camp, Revenant's Toll needed guards and the group had be past of the guards assigned to watch over the merchant area. While no able to train like they had on the road, he was happy to see faces he knew from the travels.

The week past and he had run out of all his supplies in good sales and sent the carts back home to keep up the appearance to his father. Not hours after the carts wore sent on there ways did the moon Dalamud came and the Calamity scared the land. Asmodean in the panic had taken a sword and join the guards to add those running from the larger battle in the field and monster in the area driven mad. He stood his ground and held out until those who wouldn't defend themselves had gotten away. As he turned to reach safety himself, a chunk of Dalamud shot out towards him, cutting a deep gash in to the right side of his face , and leaving corrupted aether as a permanent scar, as well as another chunk ripping a deadly gash across his chest.

Post Calamity to the Gates of the North opening

The wound was great and cause Asmodean enter a coma like state, death to the world for four years. Unknowing to him the world changed and morphed as he slept his long rest. Once he was finally able to wake... Asmodean couldn't understand. Time had disappeared, people he had know.... lost to Calamity or unknown where that had gone, even his father.... dead. He took four year to gather himself before seeing sight on returning to his home town. Few faces of his home city of Ul'dah, knew him by name or even face. His father... dead, accused of working for the Garlean Empire, was stripped of his wealth and executed. Asmodean may had hated his dad, but he knew there was no way he would betray Ul'dah, but also knew using his fathers name would not be a good idea so used his mother family name.

With nothing to his name, Asmodean when about training with a number of weapons and became a adventurer, taken any odd job to test himself and push him to his limits. During the two years that past, Asmodean had found the merchant back in his youth that was caring for old tome and took it back, wanting to know about it, knowing he might come across with knowledge about it. Asmodean was right, while not a scribe, he came across a tome that could give him a loose translation of what is written but it's often time consuming making it something the man has left on the back burner as he traveled.

His travels have lead to a simple life, never starved but coin purse always near empty. He took his training with the blade serious, and quickly rose through the ranks of the Gladiators' Guild. He used his endless travels as a way to make of a use of his new skills, aiding anyone as needed while also help to pay his way around. Asmodean quickly hit a block however, having master all he could from the guild the only way he could continue advancing required him to stop his wandering. While he loved his home... it was not a place he could remain permanently. So with a heavy heart he part ways with the guild and left the way of the sword behind him.

Asmodean would next arrive in Limsa Lominsa. The city was far different to his own home, and quickly became a place he wouldn't mind calling home. HE came to love the sea and the people of the city for how honest and straight forward they wore. It was a far cry from having to read into what others say to know what they really mean. He quickly came to understand the city and it people and enjoyed his time just staying in the area. Asmodean would join the Marauder's Guild and put what he had learned back in Ul'dah to good use.

The Midlander kept to his traveling ways and between training with his ax he traveled the land of Vylbrand, and came to enjoy the far simpler and easier life compare to to his life in the desert. He also came to know that while the land was easier thne his own home, that didn't mean there wore not some flaws.

In his travels he came across raid on a small village outpost and quick set about to help however he could. The attackers wore a band from the Serpent Reavers and wore clearly trying to take as many alive as they could. While still being new to the area, Asmodean had at least knew some of the local threats from asking around when he first arrived. In the fighting that came Asmodean had killed a few of the reavers before they fell back. While he did arrive after the fighting had began, the losses of the village wore quite low. Only a few of the soldiers who stood guard had been killed. Asmodean would stay in the village for a time before reinforcement had been sent to replaced the men lost.

As time went on Asmodean kept to him aimless wondering between training at his guild. He build a simple tale of a skilled warrior traveling the land of Eorzea. His travels took him from the beaches of Vylbrand to the deep forest of the Shroud. A letter would arrive as traveled inviting him Ishgard to work as part of the hunt clan, Centurio. Seeing as a way to see a part of the world he had yet to see he took the offer and started a new chapter of his own story in north.


  • Knowledge of a dead language (WoT Old Tongue)
  • Has a sliver locket with image of his mother with in it
  • Carried a Sliver Sword with him at all times, another Keepsake of his mother.
  • Aether scarring covering the whole of his chest seen a chains as well as blacken Aether chain coming out of his right hand and wrapping it's way up to and into his arm, currently ending just above his elbow. (Only viable to those who can see aether)
  • Black marked Warroir soulstone

RP Hooks

Asking around Ul'dah or Limsa for skilled fighter might bring up Asmodean's name.
Any one a merchant before the Calamity remember Asmdoean for the boy he once was.'
Any with an Aether sense would feel the aether about Asmodean wrapped... almost wounded in a sense.
Conjurer-in-train would notice Asmodean vising and have private chats with Brother E-Sumi-Yan once a moon.
Someone checking the Immoral Flames membership logs might noticed Asmodean is a member.


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