Noor Falmah

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Gridania-transparent.png Noor Falmah
Noor 140.jpg
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridanian
Age 19 (most commonly claims she’s 23)
Occupation Ecologist/chirurgeon/Researcher
Guardian Azeyma, The Warden
Namesday 16th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
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Brief History

Raised by a wealthy family in the mountains which border Gridania and Coerthas, Noor’s childhood was more or less idyllic. Being the youngest of three however, and something of a protégé at aetheric manipulation her chance to inherit a position of authority within her family’s business seemed slim. At a young age she went off to be trained by the conjurer’s guild in Gridania, at her own request. After several cycles she had a falling out with the leadership over matters of philosophy. From there she went to Ul’dah and learned more practical medical practices, as well as a fair amount of alchemy, spending almost all her time focused on her studies. Finally she joined the Maelstrom as a field medic, serving a few short tours of duty. Her time with them ended with a disastrous trip into Ishgard to attempt and curry favor with the Holy See. It was at this rather dark chapter that an associate of hers within the Accessor’s Office pointed Noor in the direction of the 81st. She arrived at a convenient time and was able to offer the company immediate aid and expertise. She’s been with them ever since and has little desire to go elsewhere.


The first thing one would notice about Noor is how young she seems. Her attitude and energy seem to exude all the reckless curiosity and wonder of youth. This has led to many assuming her to be younger than she actually is; and her incredibly sharp, insightful mind to be disregarded because of her age. Her build doesn't do her any favors either. She is small, and looks far from physically imposing. Her form is slight, although a fair amount of time spent outdoors amidst the wilderness has left a reasonable amount of toned muscle on her.

Noor is rather fastidious about her appearance at all times seeming quite well composed. Her clothing is normally rather modest and formal, again in an attempt to make her appear older and more professional. She often dresses quite practically in the field, robust clothing when conducting field research, or a plain and efficient white robe when her skills as a healer are needed. Her skin is a rather striking blue-gray tone, like oncoming storm clouds. Her hair is a mess of shoulder length curls that cascade from her head, normally kept in check by the tight application of a headband. The thick curls range in color from darker shades of violet to indigo chased with blue highlights when the sun strikes it just so. Her eyes are large, intelligent and the deep blue of glacial ice; often analyzing whatever she looks at; although they seem no less warm for all of that. She normally has a smile on her face, allowing the flash of her tiny sharp white fangs. Noor doesn't walk so much as dart and bounce, her movements birdlike. She'll stop occasionally, perhaps rising on her toes to observe from a new angle with a light cock of her head.


Noor seems to possess boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm. Her brain is highly analytical and incredibly sharp, always turning over some new problem, always thinking. She has an innate wonder and curiosity for the world despite what hardships she has seen. Her perkiness would come off as annoying if she didn't recognize it for what it is. Instead, she is mostly aware of her own state of mind and how...draining it can be for others and tempers her thoughts and actions appropriately. Depending on your point of view she is either a person who should never, ever, be given large amounts of sugar, or should if one merely steps back and watches the ensuing havoc.

Bored doesn't exist within Noor's mental state. Her brain craves challenges and new input. She has been known to fixate upon some puzzle or new piece of information and study it and random threads almost to the point of obsession, paying seemingly no notice to the passage of time. Despite all this energy she possess an incredibly kind and caring heart. When around a patient or someone in need of aid, she is a reservoir of calm, all warmth and gentle reassurance. Her boundless energy is funneled into hope and compassion, knowing full well that such a state of mind can do far more for an injured individual than most would expect.


Noor has seen combat, she has seen the brutality of battle first hand. In such circumstances, she becomes incredibly focused on her job as a medic, allowing her to block out any terror or fear that might otherwise consume her. But Noor is far from a fighter. She understands the brutal math of nature and while she certainly possesses the means she has not yet ever had to use her aetheric skills violently against others.



 Learning new things


Needless Cruelty
Disparaging comments about women
Being called a "kid" or a patronizing attitude in general


Ecological Field Work


Favourite Food/Drink: Salmon (raw or grilled); tea
Favourite Place: Someplace new
Favorite Weather: Snow, especially at nighttime
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Scents: Drying herbs, wood burning fires, the air after a thunderstorm


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Friends & Acquaintances

Kodaro Ba'rococo:For a time Noor could see that Kodaro was everything she wanted in a mate. Resourceful, kind and caring. But as time passed a distance began to grow between them. Eventually she found she couldn’t tell him things, kept herself from him. She broke from him, knowing in her hart it was best for the both of them. Wherever he has gone, she hopes he’s happy.  
Dawson Colwell:Noor sees Dawson as something of a adviser to the company. She recognizes him as a talented healer, and a mentor to many of the members. While she disagrees with him on some philosophical ideas, she values his insights and opinions.  
Rhesh'ir Zhwan:The leader of the 81st. Noor finds Rhesh’ir to be an excellent leader of the 81st in the field and thinks well of him. She admires his dedication to the well being of the company’s members. Recently she's spent more time with the man and and the more she learns of him the more and more she finds they have things in common. In him Noor sees a kindred spirit, and someone she can confide in when she would not be so open to others. Despite a recent...misunderstanding she's taken on some roles in the company and assisted with logistics, this has allowed them to grow closer still. She has few people she now relies upon as much as Rhesh’ir, and she cares a great deal for him.  
Ralamano Nulumano:Noor thinks Ralamano is a bit of a kindred spirit. Rarely does she find someone so intrigued with questions and research. She thinks very highly of the lalafell’s opinion, and values his insights and contributions. She knows she could learn a great deal from him.  
Senelle Silverlight:The older elezen woman has been a marvel and miracle to Noor all in one. She first really met Senelle after she’d almost died from corrupted aether within her system Senelle’s technical acumen and quick thinking saved Noor’s life, which she is ever thankful for. Since then she has found much in common with the elezen, and sees her as something of a companion. Their mutual feelings for Lyfriel, and her recent loss brought them closer together, and there are few Noor would confide in more
Onuma Ahntifi:- Noor doesn’t know this miqo’te woman quite as well as she would like. They share a similar family history, although Noor felt herself rather awkward around Onuma the first few times they conversed. Noor sees a determined and capable woman in Onuma, all traits she admires. Noor has reconciled somewhat with Onuma and is fond of the other woman she finds her hard to read and as such is rather apprehensive around her. She has nothing but admiration for her, and in part wishes they were closer .  
E'liah Tia:E’liah appears to Noor to be a rather earnest and caring individual. He’s asked her to teach him a little of the healer’s art, and while she appreciates his enthusiasm, she does worry that he may not have the stomach for some of the harder choices that need to be made. Still, she’ll do what she can to help him. The recent discovery of his connections to Kodaro just make her wish to know him better. His most recent actions have made it apparent just how far he's progressed, and she is honored to have helped with that...even if she does sometimes worry about how his actions affect his brother. She also thinks he plays quite beautifully.  
Ferai Caolann:Though, quite different when they first met, Ferai’s transformation did little to change Noor’s opinion. Despite his rather grisly profession Noor admires Ferai, and what’s more, likes him. She sees him as a friend and someone she can confide in, though she’d be unable to really explain why. The bond is much more familial then she normally experiences, and she is disarmed around Ferai in a way she’s not accustomed to, though no less thankful for. He brings a levity with his presence that she seems to lack more than she would like.
Lynn'wo Vahnal:Lynn’wo has become something of a friend, or at least a close acquaintance, which for Noor is oft as close as it gets. Despite his more mischievous bent, she sees underneath it all a caring individual, who hides a great deal about himself. A more recent trip has brought the two of them closer, and she must admit their more recent adventure was rather rewarding.  
Rinha'li Dhavha: Noor sees in Rinha’li a quick mind and a capable individual. But covering most of that is what to her appears to be crippling self-doubt and a lack of faith in oneself. She knows he’s overcome a great deal of adversity and has grown much from his experiences, but she would like to see him really come into his own. 
U'dahsh'a Nunh: Noor was initially quite taken with the man, but upon further reflection backed away from him a little when she really considered where things were going. This is not to say that she thinks poorly of him. He is a capable warrior, and quick to the defense of the 81st.  
Keaira Twinning:Keaira Twinning- Something of an enigma still, Noor has found the hyur’s presence growing on her. There is something infectious about the woman’s spirit. She and Noor both share a passion for the discovery of new things and exploration. Noor can see them becoming close, if either opens up to the other, which may be easier said than done in both their cases.
Ehrinn Thorn:Noor knew little enough of this quiet hyur woman until recently. After spending a few days in the Shroud with her Noor has come to respect her knowledge of the wild and inherent ease In the wilderness. She’s something of a mystery to Noor, and if she can she’ll learn more about the woman.  
Leo Arkwright:Noor finds Leo to be quite the character. In battle he’s proven to be a staunch and capable warrior, ever willing to step in the line and protect others. She thinks him far too hard on himself but for the most part enjoys his sense of humor. The few talks she’s had with the hyur have endeared him to her. 
E'lios Nunh: Despite the relatively recent discovery of Kodaro as his son E'lios seems to be making amends and trying to get to know his lost child. This goes a long way towards endearing him to Noor. While she has little and less love of Seeker of the Sun society, she can't fault the Nunh for trying ti include Kodaro. He's offered her advice as well, when she takes it, and assisted her through a rather difficult patch. Other than wishing he would leave the issue of her currently empty womb alone, she has nothing but good things to say towards the Nunh, and would seek his council out, should she need it.
Kikira Kira: In the short time she's known her Noor has grown quite fond of the little lalafell. She finds something about her insatiable enthusiasm appealing, perhaps because she has that herself, although hers is just buried a bit deeper. She feels the need to protect that in Kikira, like the younger sister she never had.
Shoshopu Shopu: While she doesn't know her as well as she'd like Noor has been impressed by the lalafell's talents. hEr personality is kind, a bit infectious, and Noor enjoys that as well. The more unique edge of her abilities is something Noor would love to discuss with her at some point.
Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn: Courageous, fearless, determined, capable and fierce. Fyrilsunn is all of those things that Noor has seen. She hasn't had many conversations with the man outside of missions, but she feels she knows him well enough to make a few assumptions. He might perhaps be a bit rough around the edges, but Noor would hardly fault him for that.
Awyrbyrt Fyrilsunnsyn: Noor has only recently met Awyrbyrt but finds him honest and enthusiastic. In her mind he worries too much about living up to the father who until recently didn't know he existed. His...well worship of the 81st and their exploits is something she doesn't quite know how to deal with either, thinking little enough of her own accomplishments.
Fen'rin Taveck:Noor knows little of the rather gentle roegadyn, something she hopes to change. While polite they’ve conversed little. She does think him a capable member of the company, and a welcome asset in the field. After learning a bit about his past and history she’s eager to speak more to him, and learn from him.
Upa Zuvhe :Noor thinks this lovely, young woman has amazing potential in her. Although she’s recently experienced great hardships Noor wishes to help her, and perhaps minimize some of those hardships. Sadly her efforts have resulted in little good. And while she wishes to know Upa better, she also feels guilt for her failings and has put her own distance there because of it.  


Y'lyfriel Sikah:(Deceased)- To Noor, Lyfriel was a talented, capable and beautiful woman. Someone who touched and gave warmth to everyone she met. Noor’s feelings for the young scholar grew and grew as time went on. She was the first person around whom Noor felt she could truly be herself without fear or apprehension. Over time she grew to love the other woman. Despite friction it may have caused with her family, Noor only wished for her happiness. With her death Noor finds herself trying as best she can to press on and live as her dear friend would have wanted, thankful to have known her and had her in her life.  
Lahn Flaval: Noor got to know this elezen fairly well, and has missed her since her departure from the 81st. The two of them had a great deal in common and she enjoyed her talks with the other woman, and their differences of opinion. Noor hopes they’ll have time to catch up at some point. 
Vesna Novaar: Noor doesn’t quite know what to make of this young woman. She had some theories about her origin that might not be entirely wrong. Noor is concerned her curiosity when they first met may have pushed the woman away, and if she could, she would seek to undo any damage she might have caused to their relationship.  
S'aerdha Tia: While Noor respects S’aerdha’s knowledge she finds the man rather insufferable. H seems to delight in pushing people’s buttons for his own amusement, which Noor detests. She’ll work with him in a professional setting but as of yet there is no real understanding between the two. She also finds his feminine affectations rather silly. 
Taela Falmah:Noor’s older sister. Noor and Taela have a rather complex relationship. The sisters have very differing ideas of their positions within their family/clan and just what their obligations are. As much as Noor loves her sister, she resents her and is jealous in some ways as well. As with any siblings, they both know just how to push one another’s buttons, but would have the other’s back if it ever came to that.. 
Riel'a:Rhesh’ir and Lyfriel’s kit. The little bundle of energy occupies a growing place in Noor’s heart. When she looks upon him she sees both his mother and father, and knows that with such parents the child will be a force to be reckoned with when he comes of age. Until then she is happy to watch him grow and help out in whatever ways she can.
Easily Overheard Rumours
 "The Falmahs? I've heard of them, provide some of the best furs you can find. They give relief to those who travel by their ranch too " - Ishgardian Merchant
"She helped us out a few years back when we having a horrible chigoe problem. Something to do with bats. Either way, give her my thanks if you see her." - Southern Shroud Resident
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"She rose up through the ranks pretty quick. Talented medic. Wouldn't call her fearless, but it was like she didn't even know a fight was going on.- Maelstrom soldier
"She was poking through here just the other day. Looking at this or that, couldn't seem to make up her mind...kept muttering to herself, seemed sort of odd." - La Noscean antiquities dealer
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"Her last time out something went wrong. It was bad, whole team killed, she was the only one that made it back I hear." - Maelstrom Officer
"Yea, I know her, she comes by every now and then looking for...shall we say hard to acquire ingredients. Don't know what she uses them for...but, well there is a reason people get them through me rather than the Gate, you know. " - Lominsan Black Market Merchant

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Theme Song: Touch the Sky- Julie Fowlis

Alignment: Chaotic Good