Dietrich Dracht

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Dietrich Dracht
The Merchant
"For you, my friend, I will make a special price."
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Black Mage
Main Tradeskill: Alchemist, Weaver, Botanist
Preferred Role: DPS
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Lawful Neutral / Lawful Evil
Reputation: Immortal Flames
Occupation: Merchant
Education: The Ossuary
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Homosexual
Guardian: Nald'thal, the Trader
Free Company
Unsung Heroes
Items Carried
A bag of coin, a flask of Quality Oil [TM] and a few rolled up Moko leaves.
Race: Hyur (Midlander)
Clan: Unknown
Age: 30
Height: 6 fulm 2 ilm.
Weight: 180 ponze.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Average
Notable Features: N/A
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Dietrich Dracht is an Ul'dahn businessman and all-round opportunist. An Ul'dahn patriot, he believes in the motto For coin and country!, never shying from an opportunity to earn some gil. Like most of his family, he is a moderate monetarist, considering the Sultanate to be an ineffectual institution. He has little patience for the huddled masses and is distrustful of refugees and outsiders. He has great respect for the cities' Dunesfolk Lalafell and is at ease interacting with other Hyur. While he's encountered most of the other main races on the continent once or twice, he knows little about the customs and traditions of people from Limsa Lominsa and Gridania.

He is not a very religious man, believing in shades of grey over empathic statements about Light and Darkness. He is repelled by overly righteous or selfless attitudes, mistrusting those who dedicate their lives to helping others. While he considers exploitation, deceit, distrust, and opportunism to be par for the course for any Ul'dahn businessman, he does not pursue evil for its own sake.


Primary Motivator: Recognition 
Emotional Disposition: Curious
Moodiness: Labile

Core Traits
Outlook: Pessimistic
Intergrity: Unscrupulous
Impulsiveness: Spontaneous
Boldness: Bold
Flexibility: Flexible
Affinity: Cold
Comportment: Discordant
Interactivity: Engaging
Disclosure: Candid
Conformity: Conventional

Type: ENTP ("Debater"/"The Visionary")

Mind: Extraverted (48%)
Energy: Intuitive (30%)
Nature: Thinking (50%)
Tactics: Prospecting (42%)
Identity: Turbulent (27%)


Early life

Dietrich Dracht was born the second son by the third wife of the Apothecary, Dietrich Dracht Senior. His father is the head of a mercantile Ul'dahn family that focusses on the export of potions and medicines. The son was thus born with a silver spoon in his mouth, growing up in relative luxury while assimilating Ul'dahns cut-throat values. The Calamity did much to improve the families' wealth, owing to the increase in demand for the products they purveyed, even if contact with some of the more far-flung trading posts was lost. All family members have chipped in to help support the business, by working in the shops or by going out into the country to peddle their wares. Though it wasn't a very warm nest to grow up in, the family was a tightly-knit unit and focussed around a single cause.

From age eleven onwards, the youth spent about half his time as an intern at the Ossuary. His father, desiring to expand the families' influence and recognising an unusual talent for magic in his second son, paid significant bribes for the privilege. To the old man's dismay, Dietrich was given an entire impractical education that focussed on rote remembrance of old tomes dealing with philosophy and highly theoretical issues of magic. The boy took to this with great zeal, becoming something of a dreamer and even thinking these intellectual pursuits to be more 'pure', and 'elevated' above the ways of his own blood. As puberty set on, young Dietrich grew ever more distant from his other relatives. His relationship with his father and elder brother became especially troubled as he failed to show up for work in time after spending time at the Ossuary. Though Dracht Sr. threatened to put his second son to work in the Apothecary full-time, he always held back on account of the lad's pleas, as well as the significant investment that had already been made in his future.


When he took the oath, Dietrich had not yet tanned or grown facial hair.

Dietrich was recently made to accompany one of the families' traders on a round trip to serve several outposts in Thanalan. As usual, he tried to worm out of it, vastly preferring his books to the dust and grime of the desert. After returning, he loudly complained at the family dinner table about riff-raff customers and the incessant desert rains, hoping that he wouldn't be made to go on such trips again. Dracht senior exploded in anger and berated Dietrich for having been spoilt, cutting off his son's stipend and expelling him from the family home. Though Dietrich begged, kicked and screamed, he was given to understand that he could only return if he managed to "earn his own keep and stand on his own two feet." At age twenty-nine, he now seeks to make his own way, hoping sincerely that a man can earn coin while armed only with book knowledge and an eager mind.

After trying to make a living for a while selling his own concoctions, Dietrich signed up to join the military instead, being promised steady work as an alchemist and hoping that he might finally come to be seen as independent. He was sworn in as a Flame Private 3rd class in the Immortal Flames 1st Main Brigade,by Kale Aideron at Forgotten Springs. The young man found it difficult to adapt to aspects of the soldiers' life. Though he respected the sergeant and his other two commanding officers, Dweia Delacroix and Moengeim Wistyrmanwyn, he found that he lacked many of the basic skills expected of a soldier: physical bravery and dexterity, in particular. Though the experiences cost him the contents of his stomach, he did eventually adapt to being aboard a ship and the handling of corpses in a state of decomposition. Even so, he retained the feeling of being ill-trained for some the jobs that he was supposed to do while supporting the units in the field.

At the same time, the independence that was foisted on him by his expulsion from the family home did unlock his own desire to pursue profit. Though his attempt to change the accounting system of the unit failed, he did manage to sell alchemical produce through various clever 'schemes'. He eventually became the quartermaster for the Flame Yataghans, holding the rank of Private 1st Class. As a result, his father's views have mellowed, and reconciliation is now a distinct possibility, particularly if the second son is willing to shoulder more of the families' responsibilities.


While still serving as Quartermaster, Dietrich was hired by E'lario Tia as a research assistant. The two eventually went into business together, co-founding a trading company known as Gold Coeurl Ventures. The company initially made money by selling rare and unusual crystals as well as potions and antidotes. While Dietrich dreamt of using these start-up funds to create a luxury bathhouse where the rich and adventurous could be pampered and coddled, this vision was never quite realised. Instead the company used the magical expertise of its founders and employees to orient itself towards magical and non-magical research. In this capacity, they are now working to procure contacts and business deals to help the company flourish. Dietrich was happy to be joined there by Little Kenny, fellow con-man and now part-time gardener, as well as Vaughan Way.

Dietrich met Aerostein Epitaph in the Gold Court of Ul'Dah while he was still serving as Quartermaster, but the other man remained casual acquaintances while he served. A fleeting encounter after Dietrich had gone into business for himself ended in embarrassment as they were discovered by Crisiet Liautroix, who would then become the others' partner. Instead, Dietrich found himself drawn more to his business partner and to their employee, Michi'li. The three became very close, much to the confusion of the Ul'dahn, who had always expected a more traditional family life with a wife and children. Living with other men also challenged his own ideas about masculinity, leading to the occasional conflict.

The presence of Vincent Belsara as a hired hand for Gold Coeurl Ventures proved to be another source of conflict. The merchant and the self-proclaimed paladin had extreme differences in outlook: Vincent saw Dietrich as corrupt and egotistical, whereas Dietrich perceived Vincent as being obnoxiously self-righteous.They developed a friendly rivalry built upon snark, banter and frequent insults tossed at each other like confetti.

While on a trading mission in Limsa Lominsa, Dietrich was charged with tax fraud and had his chocobo impounded. This was on account of having charged marriage-related tax benefits whilst not having a registered marriage in that city or in Ul'dah. What followed was a scheme to prove that was he was indeed married, involving a sham marriage with Michi'li under Gridanian law. Matters were further complicated when his prospective 'bride' used magic to temporarily turn him into a Miqo'te, to make a point about Dietrich's perceived racism against that species. Dietrich's already learned many lessons, and is now aware that Miqo'te will not use a litterbox to defecate.


All good things come an end: the disappearance of E'lario and Michi'li helped lead to the failure of their business. Troubles were compounded by participation in an unsound experiment (intended to make a quick gil) that had adverse health effects. Dietrich moved back in with his relatives and stayed there for a while and wasted much time by lounging about in the streets of Ul'dah, where he met Tinias Mistwalker, with whom he grew very close over time. Eventually though his family insisted that he make himself useful, first by helping around with the family business, then by going on trips with Tinias, and finally by taking up a position as Thaumaturgy teacher at Vylbrand Academy.

Spells and abilities

Pizbag's appearance, when summoned from the void.

As a Disciple of Magic, Dietrich requires magical foci to cast his spells. Having been educated at the Ul'dah Ossuary, he is most comfortable using sceptres, staves and gemstones imbued with magical properties to mould aether into sorcery. Alternatively, he may be seen wielding an occult tome. The standard array of thaumaturgical spells and some arcane geometric techniques are at his disposal, though he has little experience in drawing upon these abilities during combat situations. He tends to regard magic as an object of study, rather than as a tool to solve everyday problems.

Drawing on obscure tomes that were hidden away in some dusty corner of the Ossuary, Dietrich learned how to summon an impetuous imp known as Pizbag. This ability has proven to be a mixed blessing, as he has little control over the voidsent creature once it has been summoned, save for threatening to send it back from whence it came. Only Dietrich can hear the voidsent speak, which is all too well, since it is usually spouting invective at his would-be Master.

((In-game, Pizbag may be represented by an Infant Imp, though his supposed appearance is shown in the image on the side. Aside from harassing its master, the creature grants no special powers, but rather, it will supplant the arcanist/scholar's pets and their respective abilities.))

Sinmonger's Store

Items sold on the side
Name Description Effect Item Price
Dreamtoad ooze A vial of the slippery substance that has been secreted by a dreamtoad. Known to enhance the hallucinatory effects of milkroot. Dreamtoad ooze* 100 gil
Spiked Mega-ether The contents of this large vial of bright pink purple liquid have been processed via the alchemical extraction of aetheric essence occurring in corrupted elemental crystals. Though it tastes of mistletoe and mugworth, Spiked Mega-ether instantly restores mana and gives persons receptive to aetheric manipulation a strong feeling of euphoria and power. May be psychologically addictive. Mega-ether 150 gil
Mega-Potion of Vitality A large vial of slimy, moss green liquid. This concoction temporarily restores vitality and stamina to aging warriors that still want to perform! Mega-Potion of Vitality 170 Gil
Milkroot The thick white sap extracted from an ochu root. Naysayers claim that milkroot is a curse upon the people of the Twelveswood, destroying lives and tearing apart families. Has the power to grant its user wondrously terrible visions. This effect may be enhanced by consuming dreamtoad ooze. Milkroot* 100 Gil
Moko grass A common grass found growing throughout Aldenard. From its stalks, hempen yarn is created. Moko grass 50 Gil
Somnus A common illicit herb that may be chewed or smoked out of a somnus pipe. The relaxing juices that are released during consumption are very relaxing, causing the user to forget about their troubles while in a lethargic sleep-like state. N/A* 200 Gil

((*In the case of unsellable items, a random food will be delivered so that the eating or drinking animation may be seen.))


◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"One of the Apothecary's breed. Won't give you the time of day if you aint got no coin."
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I hear 'is whole family works for the Syndicate. Right bastards, the lot of em."
"Got to wonder what he's doing as an Immortal Flame. Doesn't seem a likely figure for that sort 'o thing."
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Oh, he's always sneezing. Allergic to chocobo's, or so I'm told. You'd think the Apothecary could do something about that."
"I hear he was involved with the kidnapping of a refugee! Shudder to think why."
◢ PC Rumours (Rumours from the characters of other players)
"He's a bit racist and is oddly preoccupied with Miqo'te cleanliness. I really don't understand it." - E'lario Tia
"Very charming, but perhaps too much so. Aye, he'll be talking about business one moment, then the next have his tongue down your throat!" - Aerostein Epitaph
"Obsessed with gil, Shifty One does not have this one's trust entirely." - Avalt Laguz