Nonope Nope

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 Nonope Nope
Best friends with Bad luck
Gender Always Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Not-so-homeless-Nomad
Age Late twenties
Height A measly 2' 8"
Deity Oschon, The Wanderer
Vocation Wandering Adventurer
Marital Status Married.
Occupation Morally Ambiguous Adventurer, Treasure hunter.
General Information
Once unsavory, always unsavory. Just as much a wanderer of the Continent (and soon continents) as a wanderer between social statuses, Nonope has always been walking toe-to-toe with bad luck, followed shortly by catastrophe. Being from the Sagolii, and having lived the bigger chunks of her life on the road, she’s learnt to care only but for herself, and follow her own codes and rules. As much as it’s a boon, it’s equally as much a curse. For many years, and even today she falls into the Adventurer life, both unwilling and unable to break free from its grasp. She still fashions the endless paths of the Continent as her home as you can still find her wandering upon them, or sleeping beside them, even though she owns an apartment in the mists. One day she hopes to return to the seemingly endless Dunes of the Sagolii. But such time is not yet, for there are still many things to do.

She's not affiliated with any Free Company, though she occasionally freelances for the Maelstrom in the Frontlines.

Current Information. Current Status:

- Health: Perfectly healthy.
- Aether: Strong and clear.

Current Location: Most likely somewhere.

Current Ongoings:

- Considering whether she should take up her maternal obligations again or not.

Your Character's Inventory

Daily Carry:

- 1x Brush
- 2x skins of enchanted ink
- 1x Long stem pipe
- ?x Odd herbs, most likely for smoking
- ?x Cloths with arcane geometries of different kinds
- 1x Wine Red Velveteen scarf
- 6x Hairpins
- 1x Gil pouch filled with smoke bombs and firecrackers
- 1x Big prayer beads
- 1x Small carving knife
- 1x Vial of Holy Water

Frequently Replenished:

- 6x Hairpins
- 1x Vial of Holy Water
- 2x skins of enchanted ink
- ?x Cloths with arcane geometries of different kinds
- ?x Odd herbs, most likely for smoking
- ?x Smoke bombs and firecrackers

Last updated: NOV 15TH, 2017

Height: 2 fulms 8 ilms

Weight: "Unnecessary detail."

Complexion: Dark, red-ish brown.

Hair: Ghost-white, sometimes dyed jet black.

Eyes: Red-ish purple on the right (blind eye), Red on the left (still functioning).

Nono and her thighs.jpg

One thing that makes it evidently obvious that she’s a lalafell is her height, as she is tiny, standing at the full 2 fulm and 8 ilms, when standing straight as a stick, though it doesn’t really help that she slouches about a lot. She’s got youthful features, holding quite true to her age... Kinda. Her skin holds a dark red-ish brown complexion and her skin is neither too oily or too dry. Her small button to a nose is in a lot darker shade than the rest of her skin, making it stand out quite the bit. Compared to many other lalafell, Nonope’s ears are really big, and also flexible as she seems to be able to move quite a lot, though mostly restricted to perking up or slouching. They also seem to move in response to certain emotional states or when she’s in thought. The tips of her ears also share the same darker shade as her nose. Due to many mistakes, and bad decisions, she’s lost the use of her right eye. Both of her eyes have the lenses that dunesfolk have and they both also glow dimly in the dark, though glows brightly whenever she uses magic. The eyelashes around said eyes are bushy. Above her eyes rests two oval dots, which would be her eyebrows. Both her eyelashes and eyebrows share the same ghost-white colour as her hair. Her hair bares many similarities to a furble in relation to how fluffy and messy it is, albeit now that it has grown long, she's tied most of it into a long messy braid that reaches down to her butt. Quite easily considered attractive, or as many say, cute.

The two most common expression you’ll find on her face is either a solemn and semi-tired one, or a wide mischievous grin that shows off all of her pointy, shark-like teeth.

If it wasn’t for her heavy makeup that she usually wears, you’d most likely notice the heavy bags underneath her eyes, showing off that this one lacks either several days of sleep, or weeks. One of the more notable things you'd see as soon as you laid eyes upon her face, would be a strange tattoo around her left eye. The design it follows is an odd one (following a similar design to the real life Eye of Horus) that consists of lines and circles of many different sizes. She also has a big tattoo on both of her thighs, the tattoo having an odd circular pattern, similar in design to the one under her left eye. Other notable accessories would be the many, -many-, different types of earrings and such she hangs in her big ears, and the lip ring that’s attached to her lower lip. Hidden underneath her forelock sits the traditional dunesfolk gems. Worn proudly, but not shown to many.

If it wasn’t for the quite lofty clothing she usually wears that don’t stick to her body or shows off her features, her body would easily be described as having curves, most notably on the part of her body that resides underneath her waist. Her waist itself is of average lalafell proportions, not too thin and not too thick. Her hips on the other hand are quite wider than usual, which also adds more width to her already grand buttocks and thick thighs. If there’s one thing you could call her body, it would be bottom heavy, pear-shaped or even short and stacked. Her body is also quite scarred, carrying most of them on her torso, shoulders and upper arms.

Her legs are, unsurprisingly, very strong and she could easily crush an adamantoise shell between her thighs.

Nonope has a low-key and cocky tone and speaks in a very sloppy manner. Awfully different compared to when she speaks in the old lalafellin tongue, where she sounds a lot more energetic and on point with speech manners. It would be a feat to mistake her for anything but a grown woman.

Nonope tends to be cautious around people she’s just met, even though it might not show on her, or in the way she speaks. She acts polite and nice, though mind you that this is still an act in order to get a better look at someone and their intentions before making the decision whether to run or stay. Though if it’s just another adventurer, or one of the more unsavory kind, she’s more direct and blunt, usually teasing and taunting the people she speaks too with a big mischievous grin on her lips. If it’s something she likes more than anything else, it’s messing with people.
Compared to people she doesn’t know well, or doesn’t trust, she’s way more open with her normal behaviour. She’s even more teasing and taunting than normal, and sometimes touchy. Depending which level of relation you’re on with her, you might get different behaviours however as there’s many more sides to this coin, than just two. How now that’s supposed to work.


RECKLESS - Tends to sometimes act before thinking.
BAD LUCK - Seems to always have terrible luck, no matter what it is. As she says herself; “I don’t look for trouble, trouble finds me.”
SHAMELESS - Doesn’t seem to have any shame left in her and usually don’t seem embarrassed about more private things.
HEAVYHEARTED - Has seen a lot and been through a lot. There’s a heavy weight on her already torn heart, body and soul.
HYPOCRITICAL - Speaks for itself, really.


DEBTS - Big, frightening and usually takes a lotta money from your pockets.
NEEDLES - Just small pointy things that pierce your skin. It’s icky.
ANTS - The big ones. C’mon, they’re gigantic bugs okay.


THIEVING ACTS - Generally good at pickpocketing and other things that includes snatching objects from people.
QUICK LEARNER - She’s quick on picking up new tricks, whether it’s fighting or something else.
LYING - If you keep up one lie, the lie will eventually become truth. She’s learnt how to lie and has gotten quite good at it. Whether this is a boon or a bane, it is up to you.
OBSERVANT - A consequence from having lived in a more unsavory way of life, and also alone, she has become very observant of even the tiniest of details.


HEAD TILTING - She tends to tilt her head from side to side a lot when speaking, or just thinking.
LIP RING TUGGING - Usually when in thought or just casually, she tugs on her lip ring.
VERBAL TICK - Tends to always put a “yes” or a “no” and sometimes a “maybe” at the end of her sentences.



CRAFTING - Everything from smoke bombs to mechanical devices to knitting and sewing. It’s something she enjoys doing on her free time when bored.
LITERACY - Writing is not something that is new to her, as she’s been doing it for quite the while on her free time. Just that she doesn’t show it to anyone.
TRAVELING - Using her own two legs, she’s traveled to many places around the continent and is not planning on stopping.
EAVESDROPPING - A bad hobby, but an enjoyable one. Will most likely get you into more trouble than most other things, but hell is it worth it.
SINGING AND PLAYING INSTRUMENTS - A hobby. Not something she thinks she's great at, but practices whenever she has free time. She rarely admits to this. In contrary to this, it's something she enjoys and is quite decent at it.


COIN - Money, money, money and more money! Nothing is wrong with some good coin!
SAND - Truly a child of the Sagolii she is, as she’s very fond of sand.
SPARRING - Like many who practice the arts of war, she’s quite fond of sparring. Honing her skills is something she’s in need of a lot as an adventurer, though she’s been neglecting it for a while now. Better start with it soon.
EXPLORING - Exploring the unknown of dungeons and crypts and also new landscapes, to see things she's never seen before and to find things she's never found before. It's one of the things she loves the most about the adventuring life.


HYPOCRITES - Yep. Says the hypocrite.
KILLING - Needless slaughter and/or killing people herself is not something she’s fond of and tries to avoid to the best of her ability.
GOODY TWO-SHOES - Mostly the fact that they refuse to believe they’ve done something wrong before, and also that she’s gotten lectured by many of them for doing something wrong. The nerve!
BEING POOR - Self-explanatory.
SHOW-OFF AND BRAGGERS - People who just can't help but to show-off or brag about how great and good they are, without giving much actual proof to it, putting themselves in all kinds of high places where they clearly don't belong. This especially annoys her if they're trying to charm her by doing so.


Favorite Color(s): Purple, Blue and Wine red.
Favorite Food(s): Tomatoes and Sandworm Meat
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Favorite Scent: Many sorts of tea leaves
Favorite Place: The Sagolii Desert
Strength Great
Agility Excellent
Toughness Good
Intelligence Fair
Willpower Great
Perception Excellent
Fellowship Fair
Influence Poor
Nonope’s fighting style could be described as many things; “Reckless coward”, “Fight’n’flight”, “You tried, atleast” etc. She has two main stratergies that she follows; Either she'll try to stall the fight as long as possible, not aiming to win as, but to wait for an opportunity to escape or she'll try to end the fight prematurely by landing one or two devastating strikes, aiming to down her opponent as quick as possible. For the first stratergy; She’ll mostly stick to defensive stances and moves, aiming to dodge or parry incoming strikes instead of being on the offensive end, trying to get in one or two strikes whilst she’s at it and then disengage from her opponent. Alternatively, she’ll try to stick as close to her opponent as possible, utilizing her short height to skip around her target. The second stratergy would instead involve her relying on flow of movements and speed to evade attacks and land one or two devastating strikes, keeping herself close to the target instead of disengaging. It’s not unlikely that she’ll be using the environment around her as an instrument for offense or defense as well, as she’s chucked rocks at people several times in the past as an alternative to a ranged weapon.

Even for her diminutive stature, she can surprisingly take a lot of punishment, even when not enhancing herself aetherially. This is most likely due to her life of constant wandering and adventuring, having her body adapt to her quite harsh lifestyle through time, effort and a lot of training. It'd be similar in concept to how you temper steel.


PUGILISM - She's been training and performing it for most of her life, so it's what she knows the best. She trusts her own body better than any other weapon, albeit she has a tendency to lean towards using mostly her legs for kicking instead of punching. Still punches a lot though. Do not underestimate these legs, because they hold terrifying amount of power within them.
SMOKE BOMBS/FLASH BOMBS - A last resort, mostly for escaping as they’re not made to cause damage.
BASICALLY A LOT - During her life of adventure, she's accumulated many skills and also knowledge on how to use most weapons. All from big axes to tiny daggers. She might not be all too good or great at them, but atleast she knows how to use them. And most importantly; She knows how to fight them.


ARCANIMA - Everything from simple charms to wards. Rarely used for offensive purposes however. Still experimenting, studying and practicing new techniques and ideas.
AETHERIAL ENHANCEMENTS - Even if she has quite the strength already, she's made a habit of enhancing herself physically by manipulating the aether within her body. A trick she picked up from the Pugilist guild and then continued to develop on her own through a lot of training. To not overload herself, she can only enhance on thing at the time, either her muscles so that she can move and/or hit harder, her skin and bones so that she can take greater and harder hits, or all of her senses.
BASIC CONJURY AND THAUMATURGY: She's got basic knowledge in both conjury and thaumaturgy, though has found to be better at latter, more than the former. Currently studying and practicing.


Too long and bothersome tbh, ask her in character.

Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Tried talking to her once. Not too bad, I thought, until I realized my gil pouch was gone." ~A mildly annoyed citizen
"A duel with her? Oh heavens, no. Last time she got angry at me, because I was using my shield so much, and put a huge dent in my iron shield with her fist! -HER FIST-!" ~Slightly terrified gladiator
"Oh, she’s got some great things about her… And I’d say her rear is one of them." ~Someone with leering eyes.

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"Insert rumor here." ~Person
"Insert rumor here." ~Person
"Insert rumor here." ~Person

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"Insert rumor here." ~Person
"Insert rumor here." ~Person
"Insert rumor here." ~Person

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"Ah, she’s lovely. And vicious. I mean, she likes to sneak up on yoOHH-" ~N'taeyl Yhash, as he’s snuck up on yet again.
"There is something missing within her and that emptiness is a vessel for sin. You may not see it, but I do." ~Nonotome Tototome.
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
💑 In a Relationship
- Revilio Bluesummers - The one person who managed to slip past the several layers of mental protection that guards her heart.

Romantic Interest
- See above.

Sexual Desire
- Also above.....

Platonic Love
- Nananomi Nomi - Best friend, seen as a non-blood related brother.

- Nonotome Tototome - Father, as in actual father and not the title.
- Totoba Toba - Mother, who's a hermit witch that hates people.
- Ruruni Runi - Her lovely half-sister.
- Roroya Roya - Eldest sister.
- Kakachi Kachi - Second eldest sister.
- Totomuru Kakamuru - Younger brother.
- Niniru Niru - Younger sister.
- The rest of her siblings in this weird family.

Good Standing
- I'struno Zenh -
- Emadra Venros -
- Bahoy Dalahoy -
- Kentaro Fujibayashi -
- Kei Aozora
- Pav'ati Patla
- Autgar Bloode
- Sunlit Glint
- Ziziya Ziya
- Lucaell Townsend
- ((will update the list at some point.....))


Poor Standing
- Silver Sun
- Whomever has dared to hurt her family or loved ones, usually. Or have just managed to piss her off.

- Sol Dawnbringer - Former lover.

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