Judge Jredthys

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 Judge Jredthys
The Judge
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Judgemaster
Main Tradeskill: Culinarian
Preferred Role: Judge
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Reputation: Slightly Infamous
Occupation: Judge
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Consciously Nonsexual
Guardian: Nymeia, the Spinner
Free Company
Items Carried
• Greatsword "Verdict"
• Judgemaster Armor
• Judge Cards
• Triple Triad Deck
Race: Au Ra?
Clan: Xaela?
Age: Old
Height: 7 fulm, 2 ilm
Weight: 327 ponze, not counting armor
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Complexion: Rusty
Physical Build: Unyielding Armored Wall
Notable Features: Always Armored
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Judge Jredthys (16th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon) is a towering behemoth of an individual whose actual appearance is forever shrouded in a suit of ancient, rune-etched plate that seems almost like it is bolted to his flesh. He travels throughout Eorzea, serving the role of Judge - hearing cases and pronouncing Judgements under the apparent auspices of the leaders of the three cities. His black-and-white view on all things is rather polarizing, and his utter distaste of muddled or gray morality, thought, or lifestyle even more so. However, one can be assured that his verdicts will never be biased, and so he is still called upon time and time again to handle a variety of matters.


Basic Info

Very little is publicly known about the mysterious, dark-armored Judge. His age, his actual appearance, where he came from, where he is going, all unknowns. What little information there is on him is derived solely from his looks and actions.

He is never seen without his armor in public, not even removing it to partake of food and drink - instead merely lifting the visor to take in his nourishment. Given his size and penchant for always remaining armored, he could easily be compared to the Dullahans - animated suits of armor that are rumored to be either a variety of ancient golem or lingering spirits unnaturally attached to their armaments. However, a careful eye would reveal that there is definitely something underneath the layers of black-hued steel, even if that something is unknown.

The Judge's actions are based almost completely on a black-and-white belief on what is "proper" that borders on zealous. Things are to be done a certain way, and people are to behave in a certain manner. While this clear-cut view on things makes him an excellent choice to oversee a court case, the fact that this belief bleeds so heavily into every other aspect of his life makes dealing with him a very unique, and sometimes obnoxious, experience. Past that, though, one might be able to find enclosed in that armor a soul that has seen many things over the years and lost much in the process... possibly even some (or most) of his own sanity.

Those able to sense aether might see another side of Jredthys as well. While he makes no visible display of being able to use magic in any form, his aetheric aura is sizable. In fact, one might even say it should belong to something even bigger than his already substantial seven-fulm frame. The more astute might also be able to gauge that it's old, very very old. Almost suspiciously so.

His companions are few and far between. The only constant one is the equally massive warhorse Bench that he is always seen astride when assisting Warren Castille at the Grindstone. The dark-haired, armored steed is of surprisingly sturdy temperament and seems to take its patrols around the various matches in stride despite all the chaos and combat - perhaps a fine showing of its training and lineage. Exactly how long this horse has lived, or if it is but the latest of a long line of Benches, is not known but it seems in good health and well tended to.


People doing what they're supposed to.
Things doing what they're supposed to.
Triple Triad.


Gray, whether the color or morality.
Speaking of the Dragonsong War.


Favorite Food: Knight's Bread
Favorite Drink: Perfect 2:1 Ratio Martini
Favorite Color(s): Black and White

Appearance & Personality


  • Very exacting and UNIQUE manner of speech. Often refers to things as "Recommended" or "Forbidden."
  • Always sits up straight. Always. And sleeps flat on the bed, arms folded over his chest like a very disapproving corpse.
  • His view of proper is... rather skewed. For example, it's the "proper" thing for a cutpurse to rob someone of their gil. However, it is also "proper" that they understand that they will be punished if they are caught.
  • Will arbitrarily set rules in various situations if allowed to do so. This can include simple conversation or even in the preparation of his food. Breaking of even these oddball rules will upset him, with the severity resulting in differing levels of Judge Card.
  • Strengths

    • Years and years of combat knowledge and general wisdom, though the latter is often questionable.
    • Physically strong and durable, almost inhumanly so.
    • Never takes sides, and approaches all cases from a perfectly neutral position.
    • Unshakable in his resolve and belief.
    • Weaknesses

      • Predictable. Horribly, horribly predictable. His "proper" approach means that one can easily figure out his thought processes and how he will react to situations given enough study.
      • Utter garbage at being reassuring or comforting. He might try to console someone if it seems the proper thing to do, but his monotone statements don't really help much.
      • Socially incompetent, as one might expect of someone of his personality. If he were interesting in finding himself a mate, let alone making friends, he would certainly be hard-pressed to do so.
      • A very angry drunk. While his tolerance is quite high, Judge getting plastered can result in a lot of shouting, violence, or likely both.
      • Biography


        The "Early" Years

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        The "Proper" Way

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        What followed was many, many cycles of wandering amongst villages and towns, learning of their laws and seeking to do what he could to set people upon the "proper" paths. As Jredthys traveled and accumulated more and more laws for all matters, some began to bleed into each other into a sort of strange amalgam of Natural Law. When allowed the freedom to do so, the Judge would impose these Laws - which to many seemed naught but inane and even silly. Yet, despite his eccentricities, he always sought to provide swift and concise judgement on all cases brought under his purview. And so, while he never became overtly famous for his deeds, word spread enough of a strange man in Black Armor who would hear any and all cases and provide an unbiased verdict.

        As cycles passed, Jredthys slowly managed to acquire official sanctions from the city-states to pass his judgements. Disputes settled between pirates gained him clout in Limsa Lominsa, handling matters of coin and ownership bought him a place in Ul'dah, and serving as mediator between the denizens of the Twelveswood and the Gridanians on a few rare occasions planted seeds of support there. Many of these decrees were made granting him such status for as long as he lived, with the expectation that he would not live that long at all given his profession and the enemies he would surely make in it. Jredthys instead outlived many of those who gave the sanctions and still carries the official paperwork penned by men and women who have long since returned to the aether.

        He was not there are Carteneau, for he had not been asked to be there and the memories of his involvement in the Dragonsong War left him loathe to return to the field of battle in either case. However, its aftermath still served as further impetus for him - even though he himself did not witness the Elder Primal Bahamut nor feel the scorching heat of his angry flames. Instead, he saw that Eorzea - and perhaps Hydaelyn as a whole - had been broken and reshaped by the events that had happened there. Now, more than ever, he believed that a Judge was needed to help reinstate Order and set things back onto the path of what was right and proper. And so he redoubled his efforts, wandering from place to place and seeking to ply his trade.

        These wanderings ultimately brought him back to Ul'dah, wherein he happened to observe the Grindstone for the very first time. A proper, orderly way for the Sons of Man to hone their martial skills without a loss of life. It called out to something deep within that heavy black armor, and... for once... Jredthys felt something akin to belonging. He sought out the leader of the event, the Arbiter, and offered his assistance in overseeing the event, and was quite pleased when the Highlander assented to his request. Perhaps aiding in managing this strange manner of orderly combat could help mend the scars of the war that still lingered beneath the armor, and beneath the flesh that was encased within it.



        ◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
        "Who, the tin can? I've seen him around here 'n there. Kinda hard to miss him." -- Ruby Exchange Merchant
        "'Judge', huh? Pah. Self-righteous lump of iron is more like it. We solve our own problems, don't need some armor-plated nitwit sticking his nose in it." -- Limsan Dockworker
        "I don't like him, but I'd rather be stuck dealing with him over the Greenwrath." -- A Wood Wailer
        ◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
        "... He's still coming around? Gods, how old is he? I remember him seeing him back when I first joined the Blades. The armor must be to hide all the wrinkles, gyahaha." -- A Retired Blade
        ◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
        "Northern Thanalan holds many tales of hardship and bravery. One such story speaks of a monstrous tyrant who ruled over a lowly mountain village, before a brave woman rose up and drove him away." -- Sharalyan Historian
        ◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
        "There is more to that man than meets the eye. Say rather, meets most mens' eyes. Women, too. Not a one of you know how to look." -- Tengri Geneq
        "I got lucky. Wouldn't want to test him in a real fight." -- Warren Castille
        "Oh, Judge. I'd be dead in one hit if his sword struck me, that's for sure." -- Elise Wolfe
        "...I did not think Nymeia would pair me with a man who looks so much like what I might become, one day, if I am not careful." -- Edgar Von Gandervalt
        "I swear his horse can fit inside a tavern. I saw it! Burst right through the doors. It can even glide and make beeping noises when it backs—to hells with this!" -- Orenji Kharn

        Please feel free to add your own rumors!


        Good Standing     Poor Standing     No Standing
        Received Yellow Card     Received Red Card

        John Waterstrike - Grindstone healer. Timid. Eager to assist.
        Kage Kiryuu - Grindstone participant and overseer. Recommended: Using a mount.
        Warren Castille - Arbiter of the Grindstone. Honorable man. Married.
        Aaron Frostheart - Unstable combat aggressiveness. Carded for unsanctioned combat at Grindstone.
        An'zero Tia - Compatriot of Toff. Carded for unsanctioned combat at Grindstone.
        Eligor Abigor - Fistfighter with aetheric ability. Carded for use of magic at Grindstone.
        Flynt Reddard - Grindstone-frequenting personality. Carded for unsanctioned combat at Grindstone.
        Vahn Kasch - Warrior. Self-appointed teacher of Toff. Carded for unsanctioned combat at Grindstone
        Inessa Hara - Private investigator. Flip-flopper. Carded for violating rules of conversation.


        Theme Song: WAVE - Guilty or Not Guilty + T, 1948,12 Yama of Xanadu
        TV Tropes: Black Knight NO INDOOR VOICE Large and In Charge Authority Equals Asskicking Badass Grandpa Stronger With Age
        Voice Actor: Discworld's Death

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