Yuki Kusakki

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Yuki Kusakki
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doman
Nameday 19th Sun, 2nd Umbral Moon
Age 31
Zodiac Year of the Tiger
Blood Type B+


Full name: 腐っ木の雪, "Snow on Rotting Trees"

Occupation: Guard for hire, odd jobs

Current Residence: a rented room in a shared residence for Domans in Mor Dhona

Relationship Status: widowed

Sexuality: mostly straight


Physique: Tall and slender

Facial features: Dark brown eyes, heavily scaled.

Hair: The same sandy blonde as his scales with streaks of white, very long.

Attire: typically all black and austere


Summary: The son of a prominent fighter in the resistance against Garlean Imperial rule of Doma, Yuki was trained in archery and guerrilla combat from a young age. He entered into an arranged marriage to a woman he barely knew but grew to love in time, and they had two children. When Doma was razed, Yuki's family was wiped out. Shell-shocked and blind with grief, Yuki was packed onto a ship with other survivors without much awareness of what was going on. By the time he fully regained his senses, he was already part of the new settlement in Mor Dhona, where he has continued to live and work to this day, doing what he can to help his fellow Doman refugees survive and rebuild.


Kaga: the beginning of Yuki's arranged marriage

Home: tensions between Doman refugees and other residents of Revenant's Toll

Shirou: a best friend lost in combat

Escape: the emotional toll of war




Dead Garleans
Sad Garleans
Killing Garleans


Excessive noise


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Vice(s): Wrath, Pride
Favorite Food: Scallops
Favorite Drink: Green tea with roasted brown rice
Favorite Color: Lavender






Strategy games
Bird watching



Romantic Love Platonic Love Positive Negative Neutral Unsure Deceased


•腐っ木の黒蘭 (Kuroran Kusakki, "Black Orchids on Rotting Trees") ( ) - Mother.

•腐っ木の辰 (Tatsu Kusakki, "Dragon among Rotting Trees") ( ) - Father.

•腐っ木の花芽 (Kaga Kusakki, "Flowerbud on a Rotting Tree") ( ) - Wife and mother of Yuki's two children.


Clalaris Sil Laris ( ) - Enigmatic and scarce but admirably respectful of rules and protocol.

D'ranmaia Shenn ( ) - Deeply caring, selfless, and utterly devoted to her duties.

Flora Valerian ( ) - Friends at first sight, Yuki respects Flora deeply. Were she not already married, Yuki might have pursued her himself.

Ghalleon Helseth ( ) - Intelligent and dutiful, a valued peer.

K'yhia Mewrilah ( ) - Garlean sympathizer and rabble-rouser.

N'taeyl Yhash ( ) - Someone Yuki doesn't know well, but he respects N'taeyl's motivation and clarity.

Nananomi Nomi ( ) - Lackadaisical and overly casual, but reliable when given sufficient direction and purpose.

Nonope Nope ( ) - Occasionally terrifying, but diligent and clever.

Xehn'a Hmyr ( ) - A brat but mostly harmless.

Zaphir Zurlac ( ) - Competent and hard-working.

Common Rumors (easily overheard)

NOTE: If your character has seen him around, feel free to add common rumors.

• "He's a pompous blowhard with a stick so far up his arse he can't bend at the waist." -resident of Ward 8, the Goblet

Moderate Rumors (some investigation to uncover)

• "Yes, that fellow is very kind. He helps me buy oranges for my wife. Oh, there she is now!" feeds oranges to raccoon "She does love her oranges. But yes, very nice young man." - Clearly senile old Doman man, Mor Dhona

• "Damndest thing, guy goes missing for months, every Doman in town is sure he's dead, then all the sudden he waltzes back in like nothing ever happened. Saw an old lady beating him with a little stick off the ground and screaming at him in that language of theirs. That was pretty funny." -Adventurer's Guild, Mor Dhona

Rare Rumors (discuss OoCly first how your character would discover these)

• "Somethin' wrong with him. Nice guy, real respectful, but he's twitchy, stares off sometimes like he's seein' things that aren't there. Gets a little creepy when you catch 'im starin' off like that when you're on the road late of an evenin'." -Hellsguard woman, Mor Dhona

PC Rumors

NOTE: You can add your own!

  • "Did you know that he has a rare disorder that causes him to laugh involuntarily? I, ah, I think that's why he looks so upset all the time. But, um, regardless of that, he really is a good person who cares about people a lot." ~ D'ranmaia Shenn
  • K'yhia Mewrilah just says "Ugh" and rolls her eye when asked about Yuki.
Rendezvous of Stars
Hosting stars.jpg
Server: Balmung
Role-Play Style: Family Friendly w/ some Mature Themes
Contacts: D'ranmaia Shenn
Website: Rendezvous of Stars
Language: English
Time-Zone: Primarily CST but EU friendly
RP Element: The Star of Swift Courage
Headquarters: Ward 8, the Goblet

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