L'nessa Kasah

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N'nessa Kasah
Brave, Bouncy, Conjurer.
C U R R E N T -- S I T U A T I O N

L'nessa has not been sighted anywhere since Heavensturn, though rumors circulate in Ul'dah that a young Miqo'te with bright white eyes and blue hair was assaulted in one of the side-streets around the same time. Granted, the rumors do not come cheap. What happened to her? Is she still alive? Two questions that will, most likely, always be shrouded in mystery.

OOC -- S I T U A T I O N

L'nessa Kasah no longer exists as a character in FFXIV. I am however not opposed to using her in story elements, if you knew her or if you play something like a crime detective with a habit of acting on vague rumors. Get in touch via my main, Maril Hawker.

For NPC based Rumors, please send me a /tell in-game. Player Character rumors below - Feel free to add your own!

"She mixes nice peachy fruity drinks, that's for sure, and I even got an umbrella! .. but really, pink straws, I didn't feel emasculated already?" - Gen Quickpaw
"What, why are you asking about Nessa? ...you think she's cute? That's my little sister you're talking about. Back. Off." Haydn'to Kalmar
" Nessa's probably one of the greatest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Cute as a button aswell! Don't tell anyone I said this, but I really wouldn't mind settling down with her if the chance ever presented itself. Haydn might want to kill me for that though. " "Haydn's gonna kill me." - W'gahr Lupercal
" Hm... Not just cute and beautiful, but also genuinely a good soul. One of the few people i'd say that is truly innocent. Morally, that is... It really hurt me to let go of her, but that was better for both of us. " - Mauh'a Relehna
"Aside from looking amazing in tight tops and short skirts, I can easily say Nessa is on of the most remarkable menders I know. Kind, intelligent, and sweeter than most people this world has tossed around. I just hope the Aldgoat can be a home worthy of someone like her." -N'khai Nunh
"She is a proper nice lass in all honesty, always got a fuckin' smile on her face and is cheery! One of the most helpful and carin' lassies I've ever met as well and has a bloody amusin' taste in short skirts... not complainin' mind you!" - Emreg Belthen

 Romantic Interest 
 Platonic Love 
 Negative relation
 Positive relation
ϟ  It's complicated
 Lost/Minimal contact
  • Note: I use the relations section for my own memory's sake as well, so sometimes people may end up here even though our characters have only interacted once.


ϟ Gen Quickpaw | She never expected him to forgive her for abandoning him like she did. She wasn't fair, or even nice. After everything, they still seem to get along - maybe a little too well for what is good.
Mauh'a Relehna | Her heart truly bleeds for Mauh, and these days she tries to focus on helping him get through his unfortunate family situation.
W'gahr Lupercal | Nessa seemed to finally give in to her crushing feelings about Luper, and she's finding herself navigating the jungle of a newly formed relationship. One that makes her happy.
Kaito Nagano | After bumping into him in the Quicksand and spending some time together, she has not seen him for several moons.

L'farah Kasah | Nessa's older sister, who also fled the sect of the Viper tribe they belonged to. She has not seen Farah for a long time now.
Haydn'to Kalmar | Nessa's half-brother. Whilst they did not grow up together, and they may have their disagreements, she loves her brother. She's often worried about him, because she knows he gets into a whole bunch of trouble.

N'khai Nunh | Their friendship is new, but Nessa is very grateful that N'khai extended an invitation for her to join his tribe.
N'kara Shaihl |
N'maia Kasmut |

Ronin'ra Jinehga | Nessa has occasionally worked for Ronin in the past, and he has helped train her in some self-defense. She keeps hearing bad rumors about him, which confuses her.
 X'shik Nunh | A recent acquaintance that she seems to have an easy time talking with.

Krattel Voss | "I insist on a full week of bedrest. Stop getting hurt, Krattel!"
Kosetsu Kensei |
Reinhardt Ironhand |
K'aila Riki | They're good friends!
 I'datih Silver | What does a desert seeker and a singing sailor cat have in common? Absolutely nothing. But he's fun!
Emelc Vrand | She knows him as a mercenary able to be hired.

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