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LATEST ACTIVITIES (RP HOOKS): Maril is often sighted in and around Goblet and Ul'dah, often carying supplies to her clinic. Occasionally she can be seen rushing by to emergencies.

FULL NAME: Maril Hawker

GENDER: Female

RACE: Hyur, Midlander

NATIONALITY: Ul'dahnian.

AGE: Twenty-Five

NAMEDAY: Undisclosed

HEIGHT Average, perhaps a bit on the short side.

WEIGHT: Slender leaning towards average, healthy weight.


OCCUPATION: Freelance Healer, Clinic owner, Alchemist.

STATUS: Single


AFFILIATIONS: The Mythril Blades, Conjurers guild, Alchemists guild.

ALIGNMENT: True Neutral



From the depths of the Black Shroud comes a healer, a midlander girl with life laid out as a straight path ahead. Descendant of several generations of Conjurers, born into the middle class, she has not had to face many struggles. She wrapped up her studies in Conjury - and with her parents protest, Alchemy, some six moons ago, and set out to find her place in life. With some encouragement and funds from her parents, she opened her own clinic in The Goblet. A lot of networking later, she's now well settled in the culture of healers that buzz around Ul'dah, helping those who need it. She is a neutral healer, a stance she protects with great vigilance. Neither noble nor theif or murderer should be denied life-saving treatment.

But will life continue to unfold without hassle? What will the drums of war do to the precious world around her? Only time will tell.

Art by Ruran Vas.


Maril appears as a midlander of an average height, if but a touch to the short side. Her skin has been described to be of a hue that reminds of chocolate, dark and pleasing to the eyes. Complimenting it, her shoulder-length hair is as black as it gets - often tied up in a ponytail with braids, bangs flowing free to frame the features of her face. Her eyes are, perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, of a deep ocean blue and under her left eye is a small so called beauty dot. She uses a minimal amount of make-up, wishing but to hide periodical flaws and the likes, whilst keeping her skin, hair and nails well groomed. She is of a light build, slender yet not without her curves. She carries herself with a certain ease to her step, confident with a notable open attitude. She is often identified as a kindhearted individual from her looks alone.

Scars & Markings: Maril has no notable scars or markings.

Voice: A reference/voiceclaim may be added later. In the meantime, she has a very normal sounding voice, and she has a great ability to control it. She often uses her voice to calm patients or drive home a point about their condition.

Gentle, Thorough, Kind, Sociable

  • Sweet treats
  • Good & intelligent conversations
  • Helping people
  • Socialising & networking
  • Stuffed toys
  • Dogs
  • Experimenting with alchemy


  • Getting sick & injured
  • Being unable to help
  • Death
  • Heated arguments
  • Going against people's wishes

Distinctive Features

  • Loss
  • Not being accepted by her peers
  • Never being fully accepted as she is, by her parents


  • Favorite food: Cookies. What do you mean cookies aren't food?
  • Favorite drink: Rosé wine
  • Favorite colour: Green
  • Vices: Indulgence


Maril tries her best to be the embodiment of a kind, attentive and understanding, compassionate healer. Her personality may strike one as kind, content and diligent at a first chance meeting. Especially when one meets her within her clinic, her base of work does she seem very professional. But beneath the sometimes bubbly and happy appearance, lies aspects of her personality that speak more of doubt - doubt and worry. Her life has been filled with books and studies, not so much a bunch of friends and social gatherings. As such she can come across as awkward and somewhat dorky in social connections, with a pendant to blushing whenever she experiences anything embarrassing.

Many would also call her innocent. She lacks experience with the world, ranging from relationships to the actual cruelty of the world. She's aware of a lot of things - she is, after-all, a well-read woman - but there's a big leap from knowing that something exists because you read it, and knowing it exists because you stand face to face with it or it's victims. This innocence largely helps her protect her virtue as a neutral healer, she opts not to ask questions - she does not need to know if she is treating a hero, or a murderer for they should get exactly the same treatment. The looming question is, will it hold up to the test of time, now that she makes her way forward in the real world.

Skills & Abilities

Conjury Maril is a talented conjurer, and has been studying the arts since she was around five years old. Both of her parents and grandparents are conjurers themselves, and as such she has been surrounded by the Gridanian methods and philosophies scarcely without a break. She finds herself drawn more easily to water aspected aether, but is otherwise strong with both generic and intrinsic spells of the healing variety. She knows how to reverse damage done and bring an injury to a point where it was as if it had never been there, but even her efforts are subjected to the overarching need for rest, so that the healing settles in the flesh and gains stability. She is versed in reading impulses, and capable of finding even small cases of internal bleeding and other such trauma with this method.

Alchemy Alchemy is Maril's passion, and what she truly wants to focus most of her time on. She has studied the subject in Ul'dah, whilst balancing her mentoring in the conjurers arts, for somewhere around ten years. She arrived in Ul'dah at a relatively young age, still a teenager, after she had finally convinced her parents that it was the right thing for her. They weren't pleased, largely down to the fact that the alchemists have a reputation for being a touch too eccentric. She knows how to produce most of what could be considered as standard issue medikaments, and spends the rest of her time researching new and improved versions of these, along with other side-projects. She often hires people to test out her medicaments on, in a well-documented environment of course. She sells of her products, and this is mainly how she makes her living, allowing her to only ask for tips where she does her work as a mender.

Other Methods No education for a mender is complete without learning the most basic of skills. Afterall, it would be poor sport to let someone die merely because you are too exhausted to funnel more aether through to them. As such, alongside with her Conjury training and in some cases on her own initiative, she has been trained in certain other things: Traditional medicine, emergency surgery, acupuncture, first aid & herbalism. Maril constantly looks for new knowledge, and truly aspires to build on to her abilities whenever she gets the opportunity.

Romantic Relationship
Physical Attraction
Blood relative
Trusted Friend
Lost contact
? Unsure


Jodis Hawker ( ) - Mother
Jodis Hawker - Born Quickstep - Married to Torrad Hawker. Conjurer of the third generation within the Quickstep family line.
Torrad Hawker ( ) - Father
Torrad Hawker - Married to Jodis Hawker. Conjurer of the fifth generation (allegedly) within the Hawker family.


Sun'ra Zhawn | It's Complicated |
A chance meeting in one of Ul'dah's alleyways lead to Maril saving Sun'ra from a fate most dire. After nursing the man to recovery, they kept running into eachother and ever so slowly Maril realized he was running away with her feelings. Their status is still very new and full of complicated questions that beg for answers. Will Maril eventually realize who it is that she has fallen for?

L'dhala Tia | The Hunter |
She met Dhala by chance as she was out harvesting cacti samples for an upcoming research project, whilst he was hunting in the same area. Talk turned into additional visits, and they now regularly meet up for dinner and a talk. She finds great joy in their friendship, and she feels she can trust Dhala with most things.

Aeron Volkova | Prince Poofypants |
Aeron is to Maril known as one of the most frequent visitors to her clinic, and in addition to that, she works with him in The Mythril Blades. Sometimes she forgets that it was he who helped establish her in Ul'dah, but she is eternally greatful for it, and is quite happy to have him as a friend.
Portrait Simeon.png
Simeon Sibaruse | Acquaintance |
She has not seen Simeon for some time, and it is causing her to worry about his well-being.
Nathaniel of Salem | Father Salem |
Rarely has Maril ever met a man capable of instilling so many different emotions in her. From a light fear to intimidation, admiration, trust and the odd annoyance - She at least feels her relation to Father Salem has been on quite the adventure. She trusts him with most things these days, and whilst he is still someone she looks up to, she has also seen the humanity in him. This has helped her be more confident in herself around him, which is a welcome change, at least for her.
Odile Delacroix | Boss Lady |
Maril has met Odile on several different occasions, not least of all the fact that Maril has taken up work for the company Miss Odile leads.
Avelyn Firestone | The Angry Mom |
Maril has a tremendous amount of respect for Avelyns temperment and skill. She once walked in to find an entire room upended from a fit of rage. Still, she has positive relations with the woman and has followed her closely through a recent pregnancy.
Madison Brookstone | Former Employer|
Maril spent some time working with Madison, especially sorrounding the time of the injuries to the womans memory. Though their paths have diverged, Maril still ponders at times if the problems ever got better or even resolved. She knows she should probably stop by sometime.
Ruran Vas | The Mask |
After a dramatic introduction to eachother, Maril has fully accepted Ruran as her friend. She sees past his mask, and wants nothing more but to help him overcome his demons. She also finds great comfort in the fact that they are both equally dorky at times.
Kei Aozora -
Torhe Raanu -
Autgar Bloode -
Oswyn Carter -
Nonotome Tototome | He's already smiling |
Noel Ackerman -

Healer connections: Telluric Medic, Aedwen Tyrer, L'ohba Tia,

Recurring Patients: Athil Thorne,

Other connections: Toq'tongke Avagnar, Ellmida Westrose, Erioch Koen,

Common rumours & quotes

  • "Tha' one? She's a healer. A good one too. You ought ta get tha' looked at."

Players rumours & quotes

  • "She told me that she got a pre-emptive hangover cure, if anything. That earns her some good points in my book. A world without actual hangovers is a better world." -- Aeron Volkova
  • "Maril is a decent medic. She’s quick to get the work done if you put a hand on her arse so she can send you on your way. It’s nice, tone, and firm for those of you wondering, but something tells me her shy nature is a shield. Maybe working her over some might help loosen her up a bit." -- Revarik Valanthius
  • "A proper smart lass if y'ask me. Once went to her for some pain relief, she knows her stuff at least... got proper pretty clinics too, y'should go visit them sometime." Emreg Belthen
  • "Marrril? Aye, I know herrr. Harrrd-workin' lass that one, nice too. Needs to learrrn to let it go 'n' rrrelax once in a while if you'd ask me. Prrroper adorrrable when not at worrrrk."" -- L'dhala Tia
  • ""Ah—Maril, yes. I find her work ethic impressive, and her alchemy is...quite brilliant, perhaps some of the best I've seen. She is going places, truly. She has also, ah, taught me a few jokes, to assist my humor. Would to hear one?"" -- Ruran Vas
  • "Your Consort? Well I'm honored my love.. " -- Kyoshiro Kyogoku
  • "Your rumor here" -- Your name here

Maril's Clinic & Curiosities


Please enjoy this collection of commissions I have had made of Maril. I greatly appreciate all of the artists for being able to visualize and bring to life my most treasured girl :) Please check them out and give them a follow on their tumblrs!

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