Ha'uruh Nunh

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ha'uruh Nunh (a.k.a. Howl)
Gambler and Fighter
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ul'dah
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper
Marital Status Taken.
Occupation Professional Gambler and Fistfighter

It's okay to try and reach for the impossible. As long as there's life, there's hope.


Height: 5' 6"

Age: Early 20s.

Weight: 68.5 kg.

Complexion:  Brown, deeply tanned.

Hair:  Blond, chin-length.

Eyes:  Right eye: Bright purple. Left eye: Black. Up close it is apparent the iris is not made of flesh, but instead black stone.

Particular Traits:  Seeker tribal markings under his eyes. Heavy layers of scar tissue on his back and shoulders.

Clothing Style: Favors high boots and loose shirts.

Armor Style: Same as clothing, not favoring armor.



  • Potent drink
  • Strong tobacco
  • Roast dodo
  • Listening to others
  • Helping with problems


  • Feeling unnecessary/unneeded
  • Losing
  • Being ignored
  • Excessive PDA
  • Teetotalers


Howl is a devotee of the Keeper and swears by Him often in speech. His tribe also had a strong belief in auguries, predestination, omens, and prophetic visions, and he has belief in and reverence for such signs.





Howl speaks casually and almost never uses his true Seeker-style name, "Ha'uruh," going almost exclusively by Howl. He seems to hold to few tribal Seeker traditions.


  • Howl is sensitive emotionally but hides a lot of his feelings, especially around people he doesn't know.
  • Howl is stubborn about making sure he's the one that takes the risks and damage, and often will throw himself recklessly into harm's way to protect someone he cares about, even against their wishes.
  • Howl has a well-leashed temper, but once it comes loose, he loses all composure and invariably says or does something he'll regret.
  • Howl blindly chases his hopes and dreams even after the entire cosmos seems to be telling him it ain't gonna happen.


Howl dislikes acknowledging his fears, as he tends to bury most negative emotions, but he is terrified of being alone.


Howl has trained in hand-to-hand fighting his entire life, and considers himself capable of "fighting as a man ought". He has also trained briefly but extensively with the lance. He is very empathic, and with those he knows well, seems capable of understanding their emotions even before they do sometimes. He is unnaturally lucky when it comes to games of chance, and supports himself almost exclusively with winnings from games of dice and cards around Ul'dah; he is on good terms with some of the wealthier Monetarists who like to gamble, as he doesn't stick around long enough for them to realize how much he's won off of them. Recently, he's begun being invited again to exclusive card games at the Gilded Knuckle, an invitation-only club for the super-elite that is often frequented by the most powerful individuals in Ul'dah. He is less capable with Triple Triad as it is less a game of chance, and sometimes will tilt the odds in his favor by adding the Random ruleset so his luck kicks in.

Abilities and Skills


  • Howl is an able and agile fistfighter. Although he sometimes carries claw-style weapons, he only uses fists or cesti when fighting a person instead of fiends.


  • Howl is extremely skilled at hand-to-hand fighting, and reasonably skilled with the lance, although he seems greatly reluctant to use one.


  • Howl has learned the Nymian arts, but reads at a secondary school level. As such, he is proficient but not very fast, capable of only rough field triage, and he can hardly be considered a natural.


  • Howl is a proficient Goldsmith and enjoys making jewelry. He can cook only the simplest meals.


  • Howl is not affiliated with any specific Free Company or Grand Company, although he has done occasional freelance work for the Immortal Flames.


Warren Castille Howl and Warren are closer than brothers, and one is rarely seen in public without the other, save for when Warren is on duty. They typically show up in tandem to the Grindstone tournaments and have similar luck (or lack thereof) in the competitions. They seem capable of near-telepathic communication, a single glance oftentimes expressing whole thoughts. Howl has risked himself time and time again for Warren, and Warren has done the same. Recently, it's become more public knowledge that Howl has feelings for Warren that seem to be on some level reciprocated. Howl lives with Warren in an undisclosed location that seems to be near Ul'dah.

Xhosa Tauzeh Howl is one of Xhosa's many admirers. He greatly looks up to the Keeper lady and respects her wisdom and strength. He once worked for her entertainment troupe as a guard. He has opened up to her more than to any other person save Warren. Her recent disappearance has him greatly concerned.

Renae Lecuyer Howl considers this stoic Wildwood to be a good friend, although he secretly thinks that she could take him in a fight. He is apparently incapable of keeping secrets from her, as she can take one look at him and tell whatever he's attempting to hide. The two seemed to go through a rough patch where she expressed interest in him, but ended up turning to another within a few days, an experience that affected Howl far more deeply than he thought it would. Although after a few moons apart, they recently began speaking again, the prolonged distance seems to have left permanent marks on his behavior.

Leanne Delphium Howl is fond of the girl with the fancy hat and sees her as a younger sister type. Although she doesn't seem to need his protection, he tends to act as such toward her and cheerfully threatened her mate, Roysia Stone, with unpleasant things should Leanne get hurt.

Chachanji Gegenji Howl is one of many who is drawn to Chachanji's open, childlike personality. As with Leanne, although Chachan seems perfectly capable of taking care of himself, Howl feels the need to keep a protective eye on him, perhaps because of Chachan's close bond to Warren.

Iron Sea Howl is drawn in some strange way to Iron, although it seems to be largely one-sided. He has endeavored to teach the large Roegadyn that not all battles are fought with fists and weapons, and that sometimes yielding can bring about a victory, but Howl's methods of teaching don't seem to be making much of an impact on Iron Sea's worldview. Despite that, Howl greatly seems to value Iron's companionship and presence in his life. Iron Sea's disappearance left Howl concerned, but he seems to have found some method of communication with the reclusive Roegadyn, and isn't allowing him to vanish entirely from his life.

Seimei Ikari Known to Howl as "Snow," the pseudonym by which she was called during their time training together to become dragoons, Howl seems to share a bond with Sei that makes him uneasy. Those who know them both can see a certain physical similarity in that they each now have a black-colored eye that they did not have before.

Rumors and Quotes

Known to many

  • Oh, that guy? Gifted by the gods he is - never seems to lose at dice! -Garrulous Gambler
  • Seems like he never shows up 'cept to bug the big guy in the armor when he's at his duties. -Despondent Drunkard
  • Pretty girls at the Grindstone always seem to have his number! -Fight-Night Fanatic

Known to some

  • Heard his tribe got wiped out. But where was he? Oughtn't he be out there protecting them? -Persistent Pouter
  • Vanished for a good moon some time ago. Came back weird if you ask me. Something's funny with him now. -Grumbling Gladiator
  • He keeps bothering me for information on ancient Nymian rituals, as if I have the time to teach a complete novice something that complicated - and dangerous! -Antisocial Arcanist

Known to few

  • Typical one of those Ha idiots. Always looking up at the stars and not focusing on what's really important. Something funny about how he became a nunh too, from what I heard. -Suspicious S-Tia
  • Yeah, him, he went up to Coerthas to save some tart from killing herself. They both came back, but I can't say he succeeded. -Grinning Gossipmonger
  • Can't tell whether he's with the paladin, or the white-haired girl. Know which one I'd choose if I had to pick 'tween the two. -Ranting Roegadyn

Player Rumors

  • "He's my best friend and I'd do anything for him. Honestly, I don't know what I'd've done without him, or what I'd do. I'm going to make sure I never have to find out, though." -Warren Castille
  • "He is friends with the Free Paladin what used to come here often. If by 'friends' you mean 'motherly'." -Coatleque Crofte
  • "Ah! Mr. Howl! He 'n Ser Warren are the bestest buddies, I always see 'em together. I'm tryin' ta be a good frand fer him, too, since at times it looks like he's got a lot on his plate." - Chachanji Gegenji
  • "You know... he is quite the fighter, but a simple kiss seems to make him go weak all over!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "Although he is strong indeed, he acts strange around me. A weird man... He's very different from SerSei." - Virara Wakuwa
  • "Sir Howl? He's a good friend and I owe him for even the small amount of trust that he's given me. Even if it means the end of my life, I'll do whatever it takes to help him." - John Waterstrike
  • "The ones who lead with flattery are hiding something." - Flameson Hammersmith
  • "He is precious to me. Needless to say, killing for him is the absolute least of what I would do to preserve his happiness." - Xhosa Tauzeh
  • "I didn't know he had it in him...! But at the prom dance he really showed us how well he can dance! He's so much fun when he opens up a little!" - Aya Foxheart

The Grindstone

Every week the Grindstone sees Howl and Warren Castille arrive together to compete, and every week sees them eat dirt as they scrub out in the first round. Traditionally, they get drunk together afterwards to ease the pain of losing, though the one time Warren won, they got drunk together afterwards anyway.

Howl has begun assisting with Overseeing at the Grindstone instead of participating as a fighter. He occasionally helps heal as well.

Howl has reached the finals six times and has won once. He also regularly competes in Otto Vann's club for pugilistic fighting, and won that competition once as well.

He doesn't keep track of his current record as that would be far too depressing.

Current Events

Howl vanished from the Grindstone shortly after Warren took over as Arbiter, and only appears occasionally, an absence that seems to be connected to difficulties with Renae Lecuyer. Although he makes some public appearances at events such as date auctions or festivals, something is subtlely different in his behavior, and he has begun smoking, both a small pipe and a water pipe in his room. It seems only a concerted effort by Warren is able to draw him more out of his shell and get him out and circulating in public again.