Dawson Colwell

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Gridania-transparent.png Dawson Colwell
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 34
Sexuality Bisexual
Occupation Adventurer
Guardian Nophica, the Matron
Namesday 3rd Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon
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Dawson is unmistakably Gridanian; his obsession with the forest and what it has to offer has colored his entire perspective on life. Above all, Dawson treasures nature and wisdom, and he strives to learn as much as he can from the land and the experiences of his companions. Despite his responsibilities as a Lieutenant in the 81st and his status as one of Rhesh'ir's closest advisors, he tends to spend most of his time outside of the estate either meditating or training those interested in learning the art of Conjury.


It has been some time since Dawson was living barefoot in the forest. While he does prefer loose and comfortable clothing, he feels responsible for appearing capable and tidy when he represents his Company. (His considerable finances as an officer have helped him in this regard.)


Dawson has experienced a great deal of love and loss in his life, and those events have granted him a sort of wisdom that defies his age. He is reflective, honest, and tries to see the deeper meaning in most things. He views his emotions as a weakness to be overcomed, and is therefore incredibly dispassionate. He can frequently come off as detached or uninterested. His narrow view of the world up until now can sometimes seem alien and off-putting, depending on the subject. While his time away from the Shroud has broadened his perceptions, he still tends to have difficulty when presented with new situations.


Dawson has studied conjury for the better part of his life. He is fully dedicated to the art-- he is always aware of the aether around him and doesn’t hesitate to use his powers of healing and the full fury of nature when the need arises.





Irreverence towards nature
Unreasonable rules
Ul'dah and Thanalan in general
Thoughtless behavior


Tending to plants and trees
Raising animals


Favourite Food/Drink: Mulled wine, blood currant tarts, almonds
Favourite Place: Beneath a shady tree
Favorite Weather: Clear nights
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Color: Dark brown
Favorite Scents: Earth, grass, baked walnut bread


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


Fen'rin Taveck - Dawson thinks about him often these days. Where many might see him as simple, Dawson sees a roegadyn full of unwavering hope and encouragement who occasionally has difficulty with words. He respects his ability to come out stronger from a past full of despair and hardship and wants to help him discover his true potential.
Y'lyfriel Sikah - Lyfriel is like a sister to Dawson. He does his best to provide love and calm guidance to her now that the recent dangers to her family have given her a new sense of ferocity. He worries for Lyf when her emotions and guilt get the best of her and hopes to be a force of logic in her life.
Onuma Ahntifi - Onuma's rich life experiences have granted her a wisdom that Dawson is in awe of. Onuma's advice is what Dawson turns to most often these days. The days since Lotan'to's passing have changed her. Where she may have been stubborn and willful, she is now reflective and focused. He strives to assist her as as best as he can as her innate abilities repair and change, and hopes that her unwillingness to rest does not get the best of her.
Rhesh'ir Zhwan - The Captain has a new focus that fills Dawson with purpose. His vision for the Company, his confidence and swagger, and his dedication to Lyf and Riel'a are all evident. He still feels compelled to keep a watchful eye over Rhesh'ir, however; he knows that it's only a matter of time before his desire to wander will fill him with new restlessness. He feels that his and Rhesh'ir's fates are inexorably tied.
S'aerdha Tia - Dawson realizes more and more that there's a lot of warmth beneath the Seeker's icy exterior. While there's still a lot he doesn't know about S'aerdha, he finds the mystery enchanting. Most people are turned off by his sort of jaded sarcasm, but Dawson enjoys the mage's wit and knows that there's frequently great wisdom to be found in his wordplay (and any sort of play, really).
Solelle Frilaix - Solelle is, to Dawson, what a warrior should be. She works tirelessly for others, is honest and unafraid, and looks fantastic in a suit of armor. Dawson's had many sleepless nights thinking about that last part.
Rah'na Lihzeh - Time and training have done a lot for the boy. Rahn'a is now poised to become one of the finest conjurers in the company. Dawson appreciates the way that Rahn'a nurtures and empathizes and hopes to continue to be a source of wisdom as Rahn'a continues to grow and change.
Kodaro Ba'rococo - Dawson knows that Kodaro's emotions can sometimes get the best of him, but despite all of that, he sticks to his core mission: to protect his comrades despite all odds. While this is respectable, it gives him a sort of youthful ignorance in many situations that puts a distance between him and the Seeker. Dawson hopes that Kodaro will learn to use his head more often.
Kikira Kira - She's young, but unlike a lot of the other young members of the Company, she shows a sort of tenacity for learning that fills Dawson with pride. He hopes that Kikira is able to grow a lot in her time with the Company and can't wait to see what she becomes. (He's quite appreciative of all the work she does on his behalf, as well, and hopes that Lyf won't notice?)
Seda'li Tayuun - He makes Rahn'a happy, and that's good. He's also seemed to calm down a bit and made peace with Rhesh'ir. Perhaps if Dawson spent more time with him it would help him change his impression, which was initially not so good.
Lynn'wo Vahnal - While they may not have started on a high note, Lynn has proven to be a worthy ally on the field, at least. He seems a bit unfocused and childish at times, but Dawson appreciates that he has not been the butt of Lynn's pranks and antics, at least.
Atlan Oraux - Dawson feels pity for the boy. He hopes that more time amongst the Company members will help him to gain the years he has lost.


Rinha'li Dhavha - Like most bookish types, Dawson thinks Rin is a busybody. His strange background has given him a unique insight that Dawson finds fascinating, but it has also put a fear in Rin that Dawson usually finds unbecoming. His recent collaborations with Rin have brought him a bit closer to the scholar.
Tahla'li Tayuun - Dawson has distanced himself from Tahla'li for some time now--the passion he used to feel for the boy has all but disappeared and is now replaced with regret. He bears no ill will toward Tahl, but doesn't make much time for him, either.
Ralamano Nulumano - While he has a great deal of respect for Ralamano and his dedication to the company, he feels like there is very little in common he has with his fellow Sergeant. Dawson doesn't enjoy reading books and despises Ul'dah. That said, he has a great admiration for the analytical mind that Ralamano possesses and hopes that more time together will help.
Vesna Novaar - Dawson was unsure of Vesna's distant tendencies for some time. Now that her true nature is revealed, Dawson finds it off-putting, but he is beginning to understand the strange position that it puts the girl in. He appreciates her tireless dedication and hopes to gain more understanding of her as time goes on.
Leo Arkwright - Dawson has difficulty understanding the way that Leo thinks. He's a capable warrior, but he's also unable to follow orders when he is in disagreement. Dawson sees him as a liability.
Sighard Albrecht - Dawson finds him endearing, even if he thinks the man is a bit daft. He wonders where the Ishgardian has wandered off to.
Trisselle Rondelet - It took a while for Dawson to come around on Trisselle. Her presence was intimidating, and it was unclear what sort of loyalty she might have to the 81st's cause. She has proven herself many times over, however--she has dedicated her efforts to assisting many of those closest to Dawson and he is incredibly thankful. He wishes to spend more time with her to unravel the mystique she tends to surround herself in.
O'vitah Nunh - He thinks O'vitah is creepy and flighty. If only the old man would stick around for a mission or two, he might gain a modicum of respect, but he seems to prefer pleasure over business for now.
Emilienoix Bellegarde - He sees some of his old self in Emilien and wishes to advise him against his current path, but the elezen will hear none of it. Dawson feels like his distance from the Company is based off of foolishness, but it is his choice to make.
Orcrist Saragin - He finds the old monk amusing and capable, but ultimately hasn't seen him enough to get a lasting impression.
Ehrinn Thorn - While he appreciates her enviable combat abilities, he hasn't spent enough time talking with her to know what sort of person she is. He feels like she is undeserving of Solelle, at least.
Shoshopu Shopu - He thinks that Shoshopu is an incredible asset to the group. She is attentive and wise, and her witticisms certainly make Company meetings more interesting.
Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn - Fyril is ferocious and unpredictable. Dawson is glad that he stands on the proper side of Fyril's enormous axe.
Lotan’to Jiub (deceased) - In his death, Lotan'to has given Dawson a great deal of perspective. His view on Garleans has changed, somewhat--he's realized that while the nation is certainly evil, its many bystanders may not have been in the first place. Lotan'to was an admirable man whose past made him stronger in the end, and Dawson strives to find the same sort of strength in his life.
X'linwh Tia (deceased) - Lin was an attentive student, a fearless defender, and an insatiably curious friend. Dawson misses him dearly, and his death has given Dawson a certain sort of fear of the dragons.
Easily Overheard Rumours
"He keeps me in business! I'm surprised he functions with the number of oranges he eats." - Fruit vendor in Limsa Lominsa
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"He’s been living here forever. I used to see him a lot more right after the Calamity--he worked himself to the brink of death." - Hyrstmill Local
"I heard he got in some serious trouble once. Not sure what he’d do wrong, though; he’s usually such a gentle fellow." - Innkeeper in Gridania
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"I helped him bury each of his parents, the poor thing." - Hyrstmill resident
"He stood outside my shop and spoke to a Seedseer. What they spoke about was... well, it was unusual." - Leatherworker in Old Gridania
Player Character Rumours
"I haven't held a conversation with a hyur that actually made me think twice. Dawson is... Well, I didn't know such a gentle voice could deliver harsh words. I'll keep him around." - Rhesh’ir Zhwan
"He's...changed. And not-changed, in the past year. What has not changed is his compassion, and his even temper. Were I to've gone through his struggles, I do not know that I'd have emerged a stronger person. Dawson has." - Y’lyfriel Sikah
" I find him strange, but that's not always a bad thing. You'd confuse him for a sage if he hadn't reminded you of his connection to the elements, physically or verbally. But I also think he's naive at times. Some of his beliefs just do not work in the world. At least, I don't think they do. Still, I'd rather prefer him to be as he is; true to himself." - Onuma Ahntifi
"Dawson? Hm... Dawson is great! I mean, he can seem a bit stone like at times, I suppose, but underneath that, there's a lot more to him. He's actually really intelligent and uh... Well I'm not good with words, maybe you should ask Onuma if you want a character description of him. You don't? Oh... Well, uh... He has freckles, yep, there..." -Fen'rin Taveck


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Theme Song: [1]

TV Tropes: The Seeker, Aloof Big Brother, Magical Minority Person, Spirit Advisor

Alignment: Neutral Good