Xiou Ren

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Xiou Ren
The Girl who Steals the Stars

Name... Xiou Ren
Alias... Kirin (Rendezvous Host Club), Matsuho Ren (Prior name), Star of Bravery, Erhi Kagalli (Unknown)
Age... Mid Twenties
Gender... Female
Race... Au Ra
Clan... Xaela
Orientation... Demiromantic
Marital... Married
Deity... The Kami
Zodiac... Nophica (Scorpio)

Nationality... Hingan/Othardian
Occupation... Bath house Tender, Host at the Rendezvous Host Club, Forager, Astro-in-Training, Aimless wanderer
Alignment... Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Xiou's Scales. (Labradorite)

Appearance: The first thing one would notice about Xiou is how tall she stands for a Xaela, a full 5'2 fulms, though this only seems to add to her slightly awkward demeanor when first meeting her. Her eyes stand out against her features; large, expressive almond shaped orbs that shine with curiosity and delight. Her limbal rings glow a striking emerald green, further complimented by her natural viridian gaze. The Xaela's lips always have a glossy and plump sheen to them, forever giving her the impression of a slight pout. Xiou's scales have a lustrous shine to them in light at certain angles, with cracks of vivid dark blue, forest green, and a touch of sunshine yellow. The Hingan Xaela is a bit curvier than usual for her kind, her hips being the most fully figured feature of her body. The Xaela is quite shy about her long tail, usually hiding it behind her, or tucking it underneath her clothes when she sits. Xiou's skin was once as pale as fresh paper, though began to retain a slight peachy tan in hue as she began to travel the lands of Eorzea. The Xaela gives off the scent of Dragons Blood Incense, tobacco smoke, and a subtle fragrance of Lychee.

A rough inking of the mark upon Xiou's neck, can be roughly translated to 'Tenyu'.

Notable Marks: One might notice that Xiou's skin is completely flawless, the surface of Xiou's skin appears soft and luminescent in certain lighting, and is completely free of blemishes and scars. Despite this, when one receives a rare glimpse underneath the bangs that usually cover her brow, they might see the deformed scales that sit upon her forehead. They protrude out, two points curling out with disfiguration giving the impression of horns. Xiou also has a mark on her neck where her spine meets her skull, hidden underneath her long hair. The mark is in a strange and dead language, though she was lucky enough to have the meaning interpreted by an acquaintance.

Voice: Xiou's voice is deeper than one might expect, and a little husky. She speaks with a slight Hingan accent, but she speaks Eorzean well enough to be unnoticeable. Very rarely will the Xaela not understand a Eorzean word. Xiou speaks with purpose, putting emphasis on certain words to make her points and intentions clear. The Xaela's voice is full of emotion, even though her disposition is usually calm. When she is sure she is completely alone, Xiou will sing songs she was taught by her father and sisters. (Speaking Headcannon voice: Olivia Olson )

Clothing: The Xaela tries to cover her scales when she can, but she does enjoy her clothes to waver in modesty. She will never admit it, but she adores fashion quite a bit, and strives to look her best whenever in the presence of others. Xiou adores splashes of bright color in her clothing, and will frequently wear blossoms that she grows in and around her home in the Lavender Beds. Her style is quite eclectic, her clothes and hair changing frequently to suit her mood and tastes at the time.

Skyedit1.png Key Words: Quirky, empathetic, intuitive, appears trusting, optimistic, polite, cheerful, awkward, determined, possessive, tries to be helpful, starry eyed.

One might find Xiou awkward at first, unsure of how to act in front of strangers, asking question after question about their life... Though, once Xiou gets comfortable and acquainted enough with someone, her demeanor sightly changes to be that of a sly fox. She loves to tease, and make light of others playfully. It is clear the Xaela has no ill intent with her words, compassion being the most important quality one could have, in her opinion. The Xaela is actually a bit troubled, trying to hide this wearing many masks, switching faces depending on the situation. It can come off as Xiou being quite secretive and elusive, ..Though this usually only applies when it comes to revealing information about herself. Xiou is easily taken advantage of because she feels the pain and hurt from others as she's very empathetic. Even if one is doing something horrible to her, she tends to feel almost sorry for her abusers as she feels the suffering they went through to become such a person. She is very aware of this side of her, and completely despises it. If she is aware a person is doing unspeakable deeds to others, she will not hesitate to defend the innocent. Xiou is generous to a fault, and is quick to help and serve others when needed. Though one might wonder what her true intentions are...


  • Stargazing
  • Teas: Floral, fruity, bitter.
  • Vibrant blossoms, herbs and plantlife.
  • Learning to be an Astrologian.
  • Dancing.
  • Singing!
  • Gardening.
  • Books.
  • Incense and Tobacco smoke.
  • Quiet and mysterious types.
  • Energetic and infectiously happy types.
  • Politeness, mindfulness of others.
  • Sexual Tension.
  • Kami and the Gods.
  • Adventure stories.
  • Chocobos and smaller critters, even bugs.
  • Deeper discussions about life and existence.
  • The ocean and large bodies of water.
  • Attention to detail.


  • The disappreciation of life.
  • When one gives up to fate.
  • Overly Sweet things.
  • 'Horrible' Fashion.
  • Judgement.
  • Cloudy nights.
  • Her Scales, horns, and big tail.
  • Someone too pushy or stubborn.
  • Emotionlessness in others.
  • Chestnuts.
  • Grime. (Soil is okay).
  • Freedom being taken away, in any situation.
  • Feeling trapped.
  • Not being a 'real' Geiko.
  • Unnecessary violence or killing.


  • Losing her sight or hearing.
  • Loved ones disappearing or being killed in battle.
  • Being found by her old life.
  • Not meeting expectation/disappointment from others.
  • Never reconnecting to her true Xaelan roots.
  • Duskwight men (She tries to hide this fact).
  • Her forehead being revealed in public.
  • Starting a family.


  • Talents/Hobbies: Can sing and dance very well, first aid (and a small bit of healing), sewing, weaving, gardening, collects random things like precious stones, shinies and books; Xiou is quite good at fixing and building things out of scrap. Xiou is also quite talented at Chocobo racing. The Xaela will sometimes sneak out to the golden saucer, racing under a fake name, wearing a mask.
  • Sexual/Love: Xiou believes that one doesn't have to be committed to a single person sexually, and is open to having more than one lover in that regard, for now. She'll rarely sleep with someone right off the bat, as they have to meet all her criteria before she even considers it. Sex and Love are separate for the Xaela, having been raised on that mindset. Xiou is definitely not quick to love... but when she does, she does so with all of her being. This being the reason why she is careful to fall in love and dedicate herself to a single person. Xiou believes love has no bounds, and one can love whoever they wish, even if that love extends out to multiple people. The idea of settling down with a single trusted partner appeals to Xiou in a way, but she knows that she is not ready to go looking for such a relationship. For now Xiou is quite happy with her life, having no desire to find a love she can commit to anytime soon.
  • Religion: Xiou whole heartedly believes in Kami, having experiences in encountering a few with Sonoe. She also remembers her Xaelan parents speaking about their gods frequently, and wishes to learn more about the deities of the Azim Steppe. Xiou believes that everyone has a right to practice in their own personal beliefs, and is quite curious about learning of others viewpoints on different matters.
  • Favorite food: Any kind of cooked to rare meat, popotos prepared in any style, Rack of Lamb, Pears, Lychee, anything pulled from a vegetable patch, raw sliced fish with rice, Tempura shrimp, Rolanberry Daifuku.
  • Favorite Drink: Young Leaf Jasmine Green Tea, Coffee Milk.
  • Favorite Colors: Celeste Green, Midnight Blue, Othard Blue, Sky Blue, Cactaur Green, Apple Green, Royal Purple, Soot black, Pumpkin Orange.

Color Key
Married: Xiou's Bonded Partner.
Romantic Attraction: is romantically interested in this character, feels they are more than just friends.
Sexual Attraction is physically attracted to this character.

Platonic Love/Family: This person is considered family.
Friend: This person is a friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: This person is regarded friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike: doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: this person triggers deep hate within the Xaela.
Fear: is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: considers this person a rival. Xiou sees this person as someone who has it better than her, promoting jealousy within the Xaela, and a strange sense of longing to be like the person.

Family Member: This character is considered to be family, in that Xiou grew up with them.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Xiou isn't fully aware of it yet.


A Mysterious Ul'Dahian Lalafell ( ) ( NPC ) - Xiou's wealthy boss
One day while Xiou was in Ul'dah, a mysterious masked Lalafell approached her offering a job in the Mists, to maintain a secret bath house for personal use, and whoever was lucky enough to come across the place. The Lalafell spoke strange words, how he would like the bath house to attract only the most enthused bath house and onsen lovers. As long as Xiou did not publicize the bath house, and visited every day to restock the tea and rice cakes, the Lalafell would pay Xiou a decent amount of Gil. Xiou naturally agreed of course, intrigued by the whole ordeal. She remains the only caretaker to the secret Mists bath house to this day.
Kogiku Ren ( ) ( NPC ) - Older Sister
Xiou Ren's older Raen sister.
The Raen woman that saved Xiou from being killed when she was mistakenly taken from her home, the Xaela feels nothing but loyalty for the middle aged Raen. She taught Xiou everything she knows when it comes to fashion, floral arrangements, 'womanly properness', and Geiko tradition.The older Raen even taught Xiou and her younger sister an old and dead slave language, used by Doman slaves to secretly communicate with eachother. Kogiku's beauty was that of legend in the 'entertainment troupes' Xiou traveled with throughout her life. The Raen's scales would give off a rainbow sheen, further illuminating her figure as she would dance in front of firelight. Kogiku was known to be polite to her clients, yet witty and bitter at times to her sisters and other members of the group. The Raen was known for her beauty, and her flawless transitions from bitter old lady, to awe inspiring Geiko. The Raen has a special relationship with the man who owned the traveling group, Ryuuji. The last time Xiou spoke to Kogiku was during her escape to freedom.
Ryuuji ( ) ( NPC ) - Prior Owner
Xiou's former owner, Ryuuji the Dragon Man.
Rauyont Lemeiux, or Ryuuji as some call him, is a slave owner. He is known for collecting Hyurs and Raen from Othard, forcing them to partake in entertainment for the shadier lands of Eorzea. He was also known for selling the services of 'counterfeit' Geiko, Geisha who had given up on the strict lifestyle of true Geiko, and sought after more indulgent lives. His most prized possession is a Raen Geiko from Kugane, Kogiku Ren. Ryuuji gave Kogiku much of the power when it came to controlling the counterfeit Geiko in his ranks. Not much else is known about the Duskwight.
Sonoe Ren ( ) ( NPC ) - Younger Sister
Xiou's Younger Raen sister, Sonoe.
Xiou's known Sonoe since she was young, being shortly 'recruited' to the traveling group after Xiou. Kogiku quickly took the younger Raen in as her own, seeing potential in her demure demeanor, knowing it would attract the type of clients she saught after. It only took a short while for Sonoe and Xiou to become inseparable. The younger Raen often told Xiou stories of the sea, how her true name was 'Sakana', meaning 'Fish' in an old language. Sonoe's compassion knew no limits, the Raen would always give and become taken advantage of by the other dancers they traveled with (to the dismay of the Xaela). Xiou never got to say goodbye to Sonoe, something she always has regretted. Xiou knows Sonoe had a chance to escape with her, but the Raen was still making up her mind whether to run away or not. Xiou will sometimes ask Eorzeans about Sonoe, just in case the younger Raen managed to escape on her own.


Aimee Mayuzuma ( ) ( PC ) -
Xiou met this Elezen clad in white while traveling the forests of Gridania, and ended up speaking of topics Xiou can rarely discuss with others. She enjoys the empathetic Elezen's company quite a lot, and aims to visit her often at her bar in Shirogane.
Anstarra Silverain ( ) ( PC ) - Fellow Hostess
The Xaela always sees the Miqo'te when she attends events hosted by the Rendezvous host club, and asked the Miqo'te to be her first 'hostess'. The words that come up when Xiou thinks of Anstarra is 'Flirty', and 'powerful'. Powerful in the way where she can draw a crowd in with her alluring energy. Anstarra and her mate Nihka Mioni come up a lot in Naoh'a and Xiou's conversations.
Arjn Greave ( ) ( PC ) -
Xiou had grown to care about this compassionate warrior dearly as she spent time with him, but after picking up strange behaviour from the man, such as: manipulation, possessiveness, and subtly claiming 'ownership' over the Xaela when threatened, she has cut ties with the man.
D'ranmaia Shenn ( ) ( PC ) - Host Club Proprietress
Xiou has worked with Maia on numerous occasions at the Rendezvous Host Club. She knows the lavender Miqo'te to be one of the kindest and more understanding people shes met in her life. The Xaela looks forward to seeing Maia more with every passing day.
Flora Valerian ( ) ( PC ) - Fellow Hostess
The one who 'recruited' Xiou into the host club, Xiou feels a special fondness for the Highlander woman for being the first Rendezvous member she met.
Grant Yaeger ( ) ( PC ) -
Xiou's relationship with the knight from Ishgard remains complicated, yet runs deep. The Xaela instantly had feelings for the Hyur upon first eyesight, she considered this to be foolish before, but over time this moment as proven to be a stand out as one of the most important instances in the Stargazers life. All within the same cycle, Grant had saved Xiou's life, betrothed her, abandoned her, and sought her out again, leaving the Xaela confused as how her future looks when it comes to the Hyur. Though their relationship might have been rocky at times, the love and care the Xaela has for the Hyur knows no limits, and almost all others melt away when the man is near. The only thing Xiou knows for certain is that she wishes to remain by Grant's side. A few she has encountered with Grant have called Xiou his 'Nhama', a thought she has not been able to shake since presented to her...
Khulana Akibara ( ) ( PC ) -
This Raen, covered in dirt seemed to come from nowhere as Xiou was speaking to some of her friends in Ul'dah. A Miqo'te she had grown aquinted with, Kiryie Kaohka seemed to take Khulana under her wing, and show her the ropes of Eorzean life. She has not seen the Raen in some time.
Kiryie Kaohka ( ) ( PC ) -
Kiryie was one of the first Xiou met when she came to Eorzea. At first she was uncertain of the Miqo'tes intentions, but after speaking to her a few times she considers Keeper a good friend. The Miqo'te recently visited Xiou at her apartment after not seeing eachother for a while. After reconnecting, Xiou can't wait to see Kir again.
Klynestyn Ketteram ( ) ( PC ) - Fellow Host
The Xaela has come across the Jolly Roegadyn a few times now. She enjoys his company fondly, for she finds herself admiring his good spirits and upbeat demeanor.
Mikh'a Galanai ( ) ( PC ) -
A peculiar Keeper caught her eye once, as she attended a bar that was much too expensive for Xiou to afford. Xiou recently visited Mikh'a at his barber shop in the Lavender beds. She finds him a unique individual who works to bring confidence to others, something she admires about the suave Miqo'te.
Naoh'a Aznable ( ) ( PC ) - Fellow Host
Xiou formally met the acquaintance of fellow Host in the deserts of Southern Thanalan. Even though they have only met a few times since then, she has grown to enjoy the company of the haf Keeper, half Seeker, and looks forward to the time she spends with him. The Miqo'te and Xaela have recently admitted feelings of wishing to be closer to one another, making Xiou wonder how their relationship with one another will develop.
Yuki Kusakki ( ) ( PC ) - Fellow Host
Familiarity is the first thing that comes to Xiou's mind when she thinks of the taller Raen gentleman. She can't help but to think of her sisters when in his presence.
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◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard.

    A Regular at the Quicksand: "I see that Xaela sometimes, shes always standin' by herself at the pillars, near the bar. She jus' watches everyone else, never sayin' a word lest spoken to".
    Random Ul'dahian: "Kirin? I've met her once at the Rendezvous host club, I know she works as a Hostess there".
    Florist in Gridania: "Ah, yes. I see her around these parts often, collecting flowers and the like. Though, I don't trust her kind here...".

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear.

    A Mists Resident:"She told me she tends to a bathhouse somewhere in the Mists! I wonder if I can manage to ever find the place..."
    A soldier stationed at the Forgotten Springs: "Sometimes I see her, dancing alone in the desert in some sort of costume... On occasion she'll sing, those days are rare."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard.

    Random Miqo'te Dancer: "Wait...Isn't she the one that killed that one...? Uh, you didn't hear me say that!".
    Shady Quicksands Regular: "I saw her the day she first arrived here..She hardly spoke, and acted like a scared mouse. She also looked like she was out in the wilds for the gods know how long".
    Local Gridanian Bar Owner: "One time she fell asleep readin' a book, or at least tryin'... I don't think she can read...Anyway, she talked to herself when she slept, somethin' about seeing herself or whatever".


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "--" --
    "--" --
    "--" --

Xiou's own writing, stories, and dreams.

    Black Leather Book:1
    Xiou's first Journal entry.
    [Coming Soon]
    Context: ---
    [Coming Soon]
    Context: ---

    [Coming Soon]
    Context: ---
    [Coming Soon]
    Context: ---
    [Coming Soon]
    Context: ---


Songs are used to promote a feelings about my character, whether it be atmosphere or the lyrics. Links lead to Youtube or Soundcloud. Be careful not to blast your ears when opening music links!


Xiou's Songs

    'Marceliene Melody'
    Artist: Mitsuki/Olivia Olson
    Xiou's singing voice/Songs she would sing.
    'Once Upon a December'
    Artist:Anastasia (Broadway): Christy Altomare
    A song as she tries to remember her past.
    'Everything Stays'
    Artist: Rebecca Sugar/Olivia Olson
    A song to reflect her general mindset.
    'God Help the Outcasts'
    Artist:Ciara Renée
    ((Another voice type for Xiou, though this one is a bit deeper than I imagined, Ciara Renee really has the perfect inflections!))
    'The Girl You Left Behind'
    Artist: Cathy Cavadini
    A song Xiou learned in Thanalan.

Kinds of RP I'm seeking

I will play Mature RP, adventures, traveling, chill talks and hangouts at taverns and bars, random meet ups, friendships, close bonds, rivals, enemies, ect.
Ask about ERP, more mature and adult themes, disfiguration or harm to Xiou.
I won't play Anything that will lock Xiou out of roleplaying with others. Ex: Kidnapping for long periods of time, death.
✩ Xiou might appear to be demure at points, but shes a very dark and gritty character to her core. I'm open to any kinds of rp, as long as OOC communication is constant. Xiou is only my RP character and does not necessarily reflect any viewpoints I have in real life. If I happen to offend anyone at all during a RP, or you're uncomfortable with a scene, please let me know! OOC communication to me is absolutely the most important thing in having RP partners! I'll absolutely do my best to remedy the situation if this happens, IC and OOC.
The Player
✩ Hi, you can call me Chii! I've been RPing for about a year and a half now, and meeting characters IC and getting to know the players behind them has always been great fun for me! Even though I haven't been RPing for very long, I've been a stage actor for a while now, I get a lot of my love and experience in RP from my experiences with that. With that said, they always taught in theatre class about the importance of the 'IC/OOC' line and keeping them separate, a belief I carry and stick firm to in the RP world (Save for certain situations, like if one is uncomfortable with a RP OOC!). With that said, I love meeting new people and making new friends, especially when there's RP characters we can gush about and have interact with each other! Thanks for stopping by and checking out Xiou's profile!
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