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♢ Alleria Surlaint ♢
Knight of House de Bayle

Name Alleria Etiane Surlaint
Namesday 1st Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Age Twenty-Two Winters Old
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Height 6 fulms, 3 ilms
Weight 185 ponze
Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status In a relationship.
Deity Halone, the Fury
Nationality Ishgard
Birthplace The Shroud
Occupation Knight of House De'bayle
Alignment Neutral Good
Alleria by FeliceMelancholie.png

Tall with sky blue hair and eyes to match, Alleria tends to share her bright smile and determined gleam in her eyes with most she comes across. Having relatively decent posture, the lanky woman is considered to be somewhat clumsy, although her occupation as a squire may cause people to believe otherwise upon introduction. A warm and welcoming aura around her, she comes off as approachable without trying to be. For having a thin and athletic build, Alleria is quite well endowed, presumably from genetics.

Scars & Markings: A horizontal scar can be found along her upper back, one she received when she was a child. She also has a mole directly under her right eye.

Clothing: She wears various sets of heavier and medium armor, due to being a knight in training. Light colored armor usually accompanied by darker cloth or darker colored in general. Despite her occupation, she also tends to dress mostly in dresses when going about casually, retaining the teachings of her aunt and proper lady-fashion.

"If you give up after failing once or twice you'll never see your true potential shine."

Calm, slightly reserved,and determined, Alleria could be described as being generally kind to most everyone she meets, aside from those that have left a poor impression on her. A warm person to speak to, she means well in most social interactions, even if the underlying bigotry of her Ishgardian upbringing can sometimes seep into her words when speaking to those different from her. She’s determined to constantly better herself and has a hard time accepting her own shortcomings or general failure, often berating herself harshly for being “inadequate”. Curious to a fault, Alleria finds great interest in the ideals and cultures that cover Hydaelyn, however, this does not necessarily stop her from relating her thoughts back to her home and teachings and how those cultures may be better off familiarizing themselves with the teachings of the Holy See.


  • The ocean
  • Snow
  • Exploring new areas
  • The color blue
  • Dark clothing
  • Helping people


  • Spicy food
  • Insects
  • Feeling Helpless
  • Arrogance


  • Will help with almost any task for free.
  • Can play the piano.
  • A foodie, she loves the finer foods in life, especially Ishgardian cuisine.

Disclaimer: Anything written here is pre-written history or things that have occurred in-character and are heavy spoilers. Proceed with caution after reading this information and roleplaying! Any and all forms of meta-gaming with such information without gained through RP will be cause for immediate cut in communication until further notice.
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Relationship Status Legend
💕 Partner
💘 Romantic Feelings
Physical Attraction
🔗 In-Law


💔 Former Partner

Non-Player Characters

Astreane Surlaint - Mother -
Alleria remembers her mother fondly, having spent more time with her in her younger years. She always had fun trying to help her mom with various activities throughout the days, such as baking cookies and venturing to Gridania to hand them to various adventurers and citizens of the City-State. Though her father was in no way mean or cruel, she got a bit more of her heart and personality from her mother.
Stéphanie Jacquet - Aunt -
The aunt that took Alleria in after the terrible incident that befell both of her parents, Stéphanie is the sister of Varigeant and married to an Ishgardian nobleman with no children of her own; Alleria is extremely grateful towards her aunt for taking her in like a daughter. The woman could sometimes come off as cold or strict in their time together, despite this, Alleria knows she always means well as the woman has a good heart and only wished to see Alleria grow up properly. It took Alleria quite a while to adjust to the way things were in Ishgard, as they were seemingly opposite to the way her Shroud life was. Stéphanie had a big part in making the transition easier for her by spending all the time she could with Alleria helping her cope with the loss of her parents in her earlier years. Although the two fell upon slight verbal disagreements when Alleria decided to leave in pursuit of becoming a heroic knight like her father, in the end, Stéphanie gave permission for her niece to go with blessing. She is still grateful to her aunt, thanking her whenever she see’s her; as even with her somewhat harsh personality, she still views Stéphanie essentially as a second mom and never lets the woman forget it.
Varigeant Surlaint - Father -
Alleria had a good relationship with her father when he was still around, and even now she looks up to and aspires to be as good of a knight as her father once was, who she viewed as a hero more than a knight. She enjoyed the years they did spend together; whether walking under the trees canopy through the Shroud together or both spending time at home with her mother, she was always happy to spend any moment she could with him. The former-knight had taken up arms as a monster hunter, working along fellow hunters and Wood Wailers to make the forest a safer place for all. She still has fond memories of the man and hopes that he can see how she has grown.

Player Characters

Armont De'bayle -
Alleria respects Lord De’bayle, holding him in high regards. She is very grateful that he was willing to take in someone her age who had very little combat experience as a squire of his House, she appreciates the opportunity he has given her and aims to make him proud of the decision he made that day.
Alleria is not quite sure what to think of the retuned Vicountess. Still viewing her as somewhat of a mystery due to not having much time to interact with her, she is looking forward to their future interactions, but is somewhat unsure of how to learn more about her.
Carina De'bayle -
Alleria has a good deal of respect for Lady De’bayle, a slight amount of that respect is fear based on how the three brothers seem to all shudder in fear at any mention of combatting her. She likes that Lady Carina is honest towards her and even though she has yet to show much progress in her own eyes; Carina keeps assuring her that she will improve in time. She does not know much else of her otherwise, but is looking forward to getting to know everyone in the House better.
Alleria has not had too much interaction with Lady Claire, but from their brief exchanges she has a positive opinion of the Elezen woman. She finds her kind and pleasant to be around, feeling somewhat at ease with her presence. She would like to get to know her better and possibly even train with her if Ser Guillemont is to teach her as well.
Denz De'bayle -
Alleria has a much more positive view of Denz. She feels comfortable around and finds him to be a rather good friend and teacher alike. She still finds him to be a rather amusing individual, but is able to see that when the time is right, he can be as serious as his elder brother Armont.
Though he is her official teacher she has not had much interaction with Ser Guillemont as she would like outside of training sessions. She hopes to get to know him better in the future and improve upon her combat skills to show that she has the potential to be a worthy student even after suffering a few losses since their training has began.
Hestia De'bayle -
Alleria has not had much time to interact with Lady Hestia either, but she does find her to be adorable and quite funny with her young imagination and stories. Alleria believes that Carina and Armont are raising her in the right way and is glad to see the little girl have such a positive upbringing.
Alleria, though having only known Jancis for a short while, views the Midlander in a very positive light. She respects and somewhat looks up to Jancis admiring the woman's pure and kind nature, and hopes to repay the debt she feels that she owes.
Jean Ashdale -
Alleria is quite fond of the little orphan girl from Ul'dah, she see's a lot of herself in the younger woman. Her dream of becoming a knight and even the reasons why are quite similar. As long as Jean wants to grow stronger Alleria will try to offer any aid she is able whether it be training, acquiring equipment, or general advice she wants to see Jean realize her dreams and become a great hero.
Alleria considers Joikan to be somewhat interesting. She tends to find him amusing when he's paired with his long time friend Leo, as the duo seems to be as much of brothers as the De'bayles are.
Karima Hawayek -
Alleria has a rather good opinion of the Flame corporal, finding the Midlanders company to be pleasant. Quite fond of her in the fact that she seems quite similar to her own self, being around the same age and working hard to improve and move forward, Alleria considers the woman to be a friend. Though she has lost to Karima once before Alleria has no intent to be bested by her again.
Alleria has respect for Leo's skill with an axe, even after suffering what she viewed as a travesty of a spar in terms of her own fighting capabilities. She's not quite sure what to think of his rather extreme interest in romance based novels, but she's willing to at least give them a slight read to humor the man.
Lyriah Karnelle - 💕
Alleria finds herself more and more infatuated with the woman every day. She trusts her wholeheartedly on both the fields of battle and with her heart. She enjoys every moment she spends with the fiery redheaded woman that she happily calls her own. She optimistic for a good future with one another and can't wait for their numerous journeys to come.
Navei seems like an interesting and rather experienced individual. Alleria thinks of him as a very trustworthy ally and is interested to learn more about him and his history.
Alleria does not know much about the stuttering little Au Ra girl, as they have only talked on a couple of occasions. She did enjoy the time they went out for tea and Shira seems very polite and honest. If Lady Carina and Lord Armont trust her to be apart of the house then there should be no reason to doubt her as far as Alleria is concerned.
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    “I hear that she doesn't ask for payment when she goes out for a job, whether it be something simple like carrying trade goods or even something big like escorting a caravan to a different city. Something has gotta be wrong with her, but who am I to complain!” - Ul’dahn trader
    “I see that girl wandering around the Shroud at least a few times a month… I suppose it isn’t too strange, but she tends to wander in the more dangerous area’s.” - Gridanian Resident

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    “Halone’s Fury, after all I taught that girl, have you ever seen her eat! You might have thought she were truly a Dhamel with those table manners!” - Stéphanie de Jacquet
    “Alleria has a strange fascination with Urth’s Fount, we have tried to tell her numerous times not to venture out there, but she still continues to make the trek… I’ve always wondered what she’s looking for... - An Old Friend

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    Alleria...Varigeant’s girl? Heard stories’at’er parents got killed in the Shroud when she was a wee lass. Supposedly a notorious beast around those parts. I tried warnin’n that man of the dangers of his job.” - Hyur Wood Wailer


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Docile. Agreeable. A good Squire but with much potential. I hope she learns that experience teaches one more than any one person could ever hope to." -Astrelle De'bayle
    "Add rumor here." -Name
    "Add rumor here." -Name

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