J'lyneth Khal

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J'lyneth Khal

Landlocked Lyneth.png
Name... J'lyneth Khal
Alias... Pandemona
Age... 20
Gender... Female
Race... Miqo'te
Clan... Seeker of the Sun
Orientation... Bisexual
Marital Status... Informally attached
Deity... Nymeia
Nationality... Limsan
Occupation... The Realm's Worst Adventurer
Alignment... Neutral Good
Lovely Lyneth.png

Soft-featured with very large eyes, she looks a fair-bit younger than her twenty cycles, though calling her "kid" is a real quick way to get the full force of her well-practiced snark turned on you. She is slender, some have even gone so far as to suggest scrawny, though her arms have some muscle to them and she carries herself confidently in a manner that belies some martial training.

Scars & Markings: None visible.

Voice: Lyneth has a soft voice with a melodic lilt to it. Some effort has been made to incorporate a hint of a Limsan accent into her speech but it is slapdash and not very convincing.

Clothing: Her taste in clothing has slowly shifted away from the practical fight-ready garments she once favored to tailored coats in fine materials and a massive collection of hats. With feathers.

Lyneth is generally good-natured, though prone to snark and utterly incapable of remaining serious for more than a minute or two outside of a dire, life or death crisis. Her friends mostly find this endearing. Until it isn't.

  • Waterfalls.
  • Wildlife not currently trying to kill her.
  • Lush and verdant landscapes.
  • A well told tale.
  • Hats. With feathers.
  • Wit and whimsy.


  • Cold and damp, with extra loathing for a combination of the two.
  • Intolerance, bigotry, zealotry and xenophobia.
  • Self-important and/or humorless people.
  • Wildlife that is currently trying to kill her.
  • Silence.
  • Admitting that she doesn't know something.


  • Being Tempered, Drowned or otherwise Taken by a Primal
  • Losing those dear to her.
  • Captivity.


  • Favorite Food: Tuna Miq'abobs
  • Favorite Drink: Brandy. The more expensive the better.
  • Favorite Color: Celeste Green

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Family and Friends

Akhutai Urit ( ) ( PC ) - The Thorn in My Heart
What started as playful banter and endless snark became a fierce friendship and eventually a fierce love. Though she can become genuinely frustrated with the taciturn lizard and the constant storm of chaos he seems to attract, he has earned her devotion, her protection and occasionally her nagging.
Arblis Ellhis ( ) ( PC ) - Marmot
An ever-bounding bundle of energy that Lyneth finds utterly charming and has come to rely on for that little push of honesty she often can't quite muster on her own but that is sometimes needed to broach an awkward but necessary conversational topic. As a bonus, the girl is simply a joy to talk to.
Flora Valerian ( ) ( PC ) - Coeurl Girl
Though the relationship started on somewhat rocky footing, Lyneth has come to respect the Ala Mhigan woman more than she'll probably ever admit aloud. However, much as she admires the focus, dedication and certainty with which her friend goes through life, she still thinks that Flora deserves a chance at a childhood, even a belated one and often attempts to 'help' with that, with hillariously predictable results.
Ilthus Dawnsinger ( ) ( PC ) - J'lhathus Tia
Closest of her siblings to her in age and the perrenial black sheep of the tribe. Lhathus left three years before she did. They have only just recently rediscovered one another in the wider world and are in the process of rekindling their previously close relationship.
J'khal Nuhn ( ) ( NPC ) - Father
Lyneth's father and longtime Nuhn of their branch of the J. Killed in an Amalj'aa raid when Lyneth was 13.
J'lhator Tia ( ) ( NPC ) - The Fallen Nuhn
Lyneth's eldest brother and Nuhn of the tribe for a time after her father's death. That honor was lost in a challenge 5 years later. Gave his life to allow his former mate and their cub to escape when the tribe was pushed from the desert by the Amalj'aa.
J'lhethra Uhrtono ( ) ( NPC ) - Mother
Lyneth's mother. Taken in the same raid that killed her father. Presumed dead. She doesn't like to consider the alternative.
J'lhiira Khal ( ) ( NPC ) - The Gilded Viper
Lyneth's eldest sister. Beautiful, deadly, ambitious and utterly ruthless in pursuing her goals. The needs and feelings of others are rarely considered. She and Lyneth don't see eye to eye on much.
J'shihan Tia ( ? ) ( PC ) - The Hand That Moves With Mine
Lyneth's assigned hunting partner in the J tribe and a man she was desperately and hopelessly in love with. His successful challenge of her brother and elevation to Nuhn of the tribe led to her leaving it to seek out a life elsewhere. A Nuhn cannot devote himself to one above all others. She chose to remove the temptation. Since the tribe was pushed from their lands he has given up the title and its duties but neither of them can say any longer what their feelings now are for each other. Time will tell.
N'khai Nunh ( ) ( PC ) - The Masked Goat
His motives are inscrutable, his manner shifts with the wind, she can't predict his reactions or control an encounter with him in the slightest and yet she trusts him implicitly and believes him when he says the word 'friend.' That's a stable enough foundation to build on. What's actually being built remains to be seen.
Piers Hayward ( ) ( PC ) - Eye of the Storm
Although their first meeting involved her rescuing him from death at the hands of an angry Amalj'aa, the pair have been through enough together in the cycles since that she's given up on keeping a tally of who owes who how many lives. He is her partner, her best friend, her favorite target for barbs and jests and the person she trusts more than anyone else in all of Hydaelyn. No matter how dark, chaotic or just plain strange her life may become, Piers Hayward will always be there. The love of her life, though that love has been strictly platonic for some time now.
Xehn'a Hmyr ( ) ( PC ) - Butterfly
A chance encounter in a Limsan tavern. Romantic fictions batted about over a bottle of brandy. He offered another encounter and then another; windmills, waterfalls, rooftop chases, swordfights in the rain. A swirling dance of chaos that, looking back, was either the worst series of choices she's ever made, or the best. A gulf of silence has opened up between the two in recent days, neither staying still long enough for the other to make contact and discover if the flame that once burned there can be rekindled, or if the time apart has snuffed it out.


Aimee Mayuzuma ( ) ( PC ) - The Bartender
Lyneth does not know the woman well but anyone who can serve a cocktail that perfectly suited to her tastes is a person to keep around as far as she's concerned.
Anneliese Valerian ( ) ( PC ) - Mama Coeurl
Though she has only met the woman a few times, Lyneth has full confidence in her abilities as a medic and her common sense. She is also ever so slightly terrified of her.
Atlas Irvine ( ? ) ( PC ) - Hummingbird
Had she known in advance that she was blithely strolling over the edge of a cliff she might never have approached the man at all. Or might have done so sooner. There's an intensity in those odd eyes of his that burns away every attempt at pretense or snark or any of her usual social defenses. She is naked under his gaze. Every time. She's still not sure why she didn't just run.
Cailleagh Hayward ( ) ( PC ) - The Ice Queen
Piers' sister and, of late, the primary source for job opportunities for the pair. Relations between Lyneth and Cailleagh tend to be somewhat icy and full of backhanded compliments and barbed retorts even when they're both really trying to get along.
Devereau Beauregard ( ) ( PC ) - Purple Peacock
It was the clothes. She's never even tried to pretend otherwise. There was simply no way to walk past the man without saying something complimentary. Then he started talking and it was all over. She was hooked, and had to know more. Her friendship with the flamboyant elezen has been largely casual and intermittent with her using him as a cultural translator of sorts, when she's able to translate anything the man says. She's fairly certain he's getting paid by the syllable. It's the best explanation she can come up with.
Ghalleon Helseth ( ) ( PC ) - Walking Parable
Never judge a book by its cover. That is what they say. And it's a lesson well worth heeding where the Ishgardian born priest of Nald'thal is concerned. While, on first meeting, she was eager to write the man off as a stuffed robe, she has since come to respect and even admire his gentle spirit and unwavering faith. His very enthusiastic appreciation of her cooking has also endeared the man to her more than slightly.
Keimhmal Syhrbhirwyn ( ) ( PC ) - Provider of Odd Drinks
Lyneth is curious about the woman and would like to get to know her better, or at least learn where she buys her alchemical concoctions.
Klynestyn Ketteram ( ) ( PC ) - Friend Kly
A calming presence, despite being three times her size. She's fond of the Roe, even if she doesn't know him particularly well.
Landenel Peaumasquier ( ) ( NPC ) - Only Good Reason to Set Foot in the Shroud
Lyneth met the man in a tavern during a lengthy recuperation from a nasty tumble off a very large tree and they soon became drinking buddies and swappers of outlandish stories. She still doesn't know that most of his are actually true. As frequent recipient of packages and letters from LaNoscea they still see one another with some regularity and she will often stay for drinks as she quite enjoys his company, even if he is a terrible cheat at cards.
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    ""Lyneth? I don't know. Try the tavern." - Dockhand in Limsa Lominsa"
    ""She's a trustworthy courier. Gets the goods where they're bound and usually gets the promised price for them. I've no complaints." - Merchant in Aleport"
    ""Not much of a sailor, truth to tell. But she's so bloody enthusiastic it's hard to turn her away." - Mordyn, The Seventh Sage, Limsa Lominsa"

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    ""If she promises you anything after her fourth drink, you'd best get it in writing or give up the idea entirely, for she certainly won't remember it the next morning." -Tavern patron in Gridania"
    ""Any tale you tell her will find it's way back to you in a few moon's time, embellished beyond recognition. The girl has a positive gift for outlandish fancies." -Landenel, Camp Tranquil"
    ""Quite the wandering eye on that one. Always admiring any handsome men that cross her path. Never seen her take one back to her rooms though." - Dancing girl in Ul'Dah"

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    ""Voice like a bloody siren. Sweetest thing you've ever heard. Don't let her catch you listening, though. She'll clam up right quick if she thinks she has an audience." - Ale-soaked sailor in Limsa Lominsa"
    ""What, that skinny Miqo'te wench that hangs about the place, mooning over the Captain? Yeah, I know her. Who's asking?" - Bodyguard at the Seventh Sage"
    ""Heard her whole tribe's been caught up in indenture to some merchant in Ul'dah. Don't loan her any money. She'll just pour it into that hole and you'll not see it again. " - Bartender in Vesper Bay"


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Sure, she can be a handful, but I guess I'm not really one to talk. She's good to those around her though, that's what's important. Wait, did she put you up to this?" - Piers Hayward
    "The dread pirate Lyneth? Have you been hiding under a rock? She is the Seductress of the Seas, the Dame of the Depths, the Crimson Rapier! I once saw her enter a tavern, gut seven men who looked at her funny, command the loyalty of seven sailors, and charm seven more to follow her fates know where... All I know is that they are the luckiest ones of all...." - Xehn'a Hmyr
    "By the Braves, Lady Khal you speak of?" Atlas Irvine began with a telling smirk, "An intelligent and beautiful woman with little doubt in any mind, however her cleverness in word and action might leave one caught off guard. Surely though, do not mistake this for complaint. There is a truth and trust to her beyond most masks that adorn those vibrant eyes. What's not to enjoy? Hm?"
    "When Lyneth and I are in the same room, nobody can ever be upset. We rip people's problems right out, and if comfort and sweetness will help? BAM Lyneth has it covered! If a more aggressive touch is needed? BAM I got em! We make the perfect team! ... Sort of." - Arblis Ellhis

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