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Gridania-transparent.png Liara Lia
Liara 1.png
Healer, Botanist, Lalacake
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age Unknown
Guardian Deity Nophica
Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status Married to Jajaruka Talaruka
Occupation Doctor/Medic
Nameday 17th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Liara Lia, is a plainsfolk lalafell that's a long time member of the Conjurer's Guild in Girdania. She is also the wife of ex pirate Jajaruka Talaruka, the mother of Alaje Nolaje and Liata Pumpkin Lia and the unofficial head medic of the free company Bulwark. Upon first glance, she seems reasonable and simple enough, but she's also a mysterious character since it seems like she's been within the Girdanian community for a really long time. She's also a known Botanist who can make herbal remedies. She's known to use conjury as well as natural healing techniques.

Last updated: October 26th, 2016

Height: 3 fulms 9 ilms

Weight: 50 ponze

Complexion: Pale

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Liara, while simple is a very pretty looking lalafell with clear skin. She usually wears none, to a small minimal amount of make up and wears either her battle medic's robes or clean, comfortable clothing made of wool and environment saving materials. If someone looks up close, they may also notice that Liara has tiny freckles that sprinkle her cheeks. She can also be seen carrying books, a case with herbs and medical supplies, or her staff.

Liara is an overall happy lalafell with some surprises up her sleeves and on her tongue. She's very motherly and mature, but also she has a very sarcastic and dirty sense of humor which can come off as surprising since she looks so innocent.


Minimal Boundaries
Loaded Brownie Addict


Losing her loved ones.
Losing her free company.


Herbal Healing
Being a good listener and friend.


Even more dirty when drunk or high.
Prone to stripping in front of other people.





Friends and Family


Being stuck indoors.


Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Chocolate Mousse Cake
Favorite Drink: Red Wine and Tea
Favorite Scent: Citrus and Sage
Favorite Place: The Shroud

Liara enjoys using her conjury in the heat of battle defensively and offensively. She's very skilled with magic, however she isn't the best person to go to if someone wants to learn how to use an axe or sword.


Liara's staff, that's about it.


Having studied conjury for years, she's very good with using it. She's actually so good at it and has been in the guild for so long that many speculate that she's actually a white mage, but it has never been proven and there's been no clear evidence that she is one.


Liara knows a lot about botany and alchemy. Some people might call her a walking herb encyclopedia, so if anyone has a question on a particular herb, she could probably answer it with confidence.

A Mysterious Past (20+ Years Before Present Day)

No one really knows what Liara was doing around this time, or even what her childhood was like. She doesn't give a whole lot of details on her past, however Liara's told several stories. Some people have heard that Liara is actually part Dunesfolk and grew up in Thanalan to a wealthy merchant family and married another man from another wealthy family who was murdered by one of his many enemies many years ago before marrying Jajaruka. Another story is that she was born on an island near La Noscea to a single mother. And others believe that she was born and raised in the Shroud. It's all a big mystery.
As far as childhood goes, she does talk to people about being a kid who enjoyed being outdoors and playing in the mud. Liara also tends to tell people that she wanted to become a doctor at a very young age and had a few close friends growing up but doesn't give any names or details beyond that.
When asked about when she was a young adult, she talks about her time starting in the Conjurer's Guild and studying to be a medic. According to stories, she met Jajaruka after his ship wrecked during a storm, so she was sent to give medical attention to him and his crew, and that's where she fell in love with him, but there are many plotholes, especially if it ties into the story of her being a wealthy woman from Ul'dah. Since someone's past is usually nothing but a conversational topic, no one has bothered to investigate into Liara's past, so only rumors and theories are what exist.

Pre Calamity Liara (6-20 Years Before Present Day)

During this time period, Liara spent a lot of time around a young lalafellin man named Rulujara and almost seemed like a mother to him. She spent a lot of time in Ul'dah during this period and acted as a wealthy doctor who cared for an array of patients, including Ala Mhigan refugees. According to Liara, Rulujara was her younger brother who was training to be a gladiator and liked to tend to his wounds after being out in the field. The people also knew her through her late grandmother, who Liara was named after. Her late grandparents donated a large sum of money to the Ul'dah arena, therefore a painting of the couple was erected in a hallway nearby the Gladiator's Guild. Unfortunately that's all that some people seem to know.

Post Calamity Liara (6 Years Ago to Present Day)

After the Calamity, Liara was reunited with her long lost lover, Jajaruka Talaruka and the couple happily got married and Liara gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Liata. Before getting married however, they joined a group of adventurers called Bulwark.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Oh yeah, she's a regular patron at the Quicksand. She likes to order food and wine at the bar." - Momodi
"Zhara from WYNG? I've seen her perform, she's kind of hot." - Ul'dahn Citizen
"Kweh!" - Ruby Rose

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"Her father, Thorian Zekial was a good man. I hope he's resting well in Thal's Realm." - Horizon Citizen
"I think she was abandoned by her tribe for being a keeper/seeker mix, that's why she's adopted." - Ul'dahn Merchant
"She bears a striking resemblance to a well known songstress from Southern Thanalan." - Ala Mhigan Refugee

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"I've seen a man in dark caster robes stalking her. It's kind of creepy, I wonder if she knows." - Dancing Girl
"I believe she is the last surviving member of the Yzh tribe." - Miqo'te Tribesmen
"I'm so happy that she is happy. I remember when she'd cry herself to sleep every night." - Freya Zekial

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

None yet!
Romantic Interest Platonic Love Family Friend Poor Standing Deceased

Gunduin Banedriver: Gunduin is Zhara's adopted brother and best friend. Being older than her, Gunduin is someone that Zhara looks up to and the siblings support each other through the good and then bad as they now conquer life as adults. Zhara was separated from Gunduin for six years after the Calamity but was happily reunited with him fairly recently.

Freya Zekial: Zhara's adopted aunt and Gunduin's biological one. She is the only motherly figure that Zhara has ever had. Even though she no longer lives with Freya, she still visits her on a regular basis to check up on her and ask for advice.

Chachanji Gegenji: Zhara's boyfriend! Chachan comes from a long line of Doman smiths and is very good at his craft. Chachan's golden heart, humility and selflessness is what pulled Zhara in when they were just friends. Despite being a very recent addition to Zhara's life, having only dated him for three moons, Zhara loves him and will do what she can to make him happy.

Ruby Rose: Zhara's race and riding chocobo. Zhara and Ruby are not only partners on the racetrack, but out in the world as well. Ruby is a young chocobo who has her full trust in her master. Her victories on the racetrack have made her a bit of a proud chocobo and doesn't get along well with others aside from Zhara, but aside from that, Zhara loves her.

Bunky and Bunkle: Zhara's carbuncles! Not only are they her companions in combat, but they are her good friends. She enjoys having long conversations with them and feeding them berries for good behavior.

Mimiya Miya: Mimiya is a childhood friend of Zhara's. Previously named Yayamhio, Mimiya suffered from gender identity disorder as a child and teenager. Mimiya also has talent as a weaver and wishes to become a fashion designer. Despite her struggles growing up, she now lives as a normal female and a member of the Weaver's Guild.

Ni Na: Zhara's bandmate and dance student. She is also Gunduin's ex girlfriend which makes Zhara have conflicting feelings about her. She wants Ni Na to do well in her career as an artist, but at the same time has a bittersweet taste in her mouth since she knows how badly she hurt Gunduin.

Wenn D'hi: Zhara's bandmate. Zhara loves Wendy's outgoing and hyper personality which brings a lot to WYNG's table.

Gwenneth Hurst: Zhara's bandmate. Zhara is very jealous of Gwenneth's beautiful alto singing voice and likes how she is mature and put together compared to the other girls in WYNG.

Leanne Delphium: Chachan's honorable sibiling and Zhara's coworker at Keeper's Kiss. Overall, Zhara's has a good impression of Leanne and considers her a friend... except when she acts bad and tries to pull bad jokes.

Jancis Milburga: One time Jancis saved Zhara's life after curing her from a deadly poison which was injected when a poison dart hit her leg. Thank Hydaelyn she was there!

Andromeda Dulaque: Zhara's boss at Keeper's Kiss. So far there hasn't been any negative incidents with this one. So far so good.

Rheya Tayuun: Coworker of Zhara's. Zhara thinks that Rheya is a very nice and friendly person and would like to get to know her more. She'd also like Rheya to keep up her guitar practice so she could perform one day.

Rah'na Lihzeh: Another coworker of Zhara's. She thinks Rahn is fun and aesthetically pleasing, however she's pretty sure he's gay and she's very loyal to her boyfriend, so she's more than happy to be his friend.

Ranirus Crithalos: Rah'na's adopted/honorary brother and is also a coworker to Zhara. She thinks he's cool and has never found another miqo'te with spots! Also, he's really funny when he's drunk.

Renias Athidrial: A new, but good friend of Zhara's. These two became fast friends when Zhara met Ren at a tavern called 7th Haven. She finds him interesting, funny, and charming but like in Rahn's case, prefers to just be friends with him. Renias is a bodyguard for hire by trade and has considered hiring him to protect herself and her fellow WYNG members for public appearances, due to WYNG's rising popularity.

Desmond Dilaurentis: WYNG's Agent. He's known for being cruel and money hungry. Zhara's not a big fan of him but sticks around because she wants to continue being in WYNG.

Thorian Zekial: Zhara's father. Thorian was a single father to Zhara and Gunduin after the death of his wife. He was considered a good man who put others before himself and loved his kids more than anything else. He died along with the majority of his trade caravan.

L'millia: A childhood friend of Zhara's that she met while on her father's caravan. They grew very close and would write letters to each other when Zhara was far away. When Millia and Zhara were fifteen, a tyrant took over nuhnship of Millia's tribe and started abusing his power. Millia was raped by her new tribal leader which resulted in a pregnancy. Unfortunately, Millia's tribe did not survive the Calamity and while Millia survived, she lost her entire family and her baby. For the first few moons after the tragedy, Zhara tried to comfort her friend and help her through the hard time but unfortunately Millia lost her battle to depression and committed suicide four moons after the war. Zhara will never admit this openly, but she blames herself for Millia's death and thinks she could've done better as a friend to prevent her suicide from happening.

- Are you a tavern looking for someone to perform?

- Is your merchant character or Seeker of the Sun character seeking a regular or childhood friend?

- Want your character to just have friends in general?

- Are you interested in being apart of the Zekial family?

Then call now!

(Credit is due to Endel Blanche for the idea to add in this tab!)

What I am looking for/interested in:

  • Long term RP, Story Arcs, RP Friends.

What I will NOT RP:

  • It might be best to ask me. I will not RP childbirth however, please fade that stuff to black.



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