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BIRTH NAME: Lulula Lulu


RACE: Lalafell

GENDER: Female

AGE & NAMEDAY: 19; 23rd Sun of the 6th Astral Moon

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual with some bisexual inclinations




CLAN: Plainsfolk

CURRENT RESIDENCE: The Goblet, Ward 3, Apartment 4

OCCUPATION: Adventurer in training

PATRON DEITY: Nald'thal, the Traders

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 2'10" Fulm; ~25 ponz

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good, [1].


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Her name speaks for itself that she is a Plainsfolk [[2]] with an Ul'dahn origin, being that her name is a mixture of Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk [[3]] naming. Both of her parents have thematic names, so they decided to continue that legacy with Lulu's name having an abundance of letter L's.

Her name bares the meaning of a protected treasure, a self-fulfilling prophecy that in a way started her story.


Lulu's hair is ginger, a very distinct feature of hers, as well as her green eyes. Her left eye is of brighter colour and she can't see with it since some recent events. She also has a heart shaped scar on her right cheek, which she covered with a heart shaped tattoo. She wears her hair in either twintails or a single tail. She usually wears light clothing because her light body doesn't support heavy armour. Her favourite colour is dalamud red, so she will usually wear something red and white. She used to wear an eye patch to cover her left eye, but disgarded it after she started trusting people again.

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Lemon cakes



Airship travel



Bad people


The cold

Sailing via ship

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  1. Lulu's Character Themes[[4]]

What follows is a recollection of Lulu's past, from her birth up until this point in her story.

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Her parents wanted more from life than spending it in La Noscea, so at her father's behest, they set off on a ship, leaving that life behind them. Lulu was conceived on her parents journey from La Noscea to Ul'dah, making her a traveller from her earliest moments. She was born in Ul'dah on the 23rd Sun of 6th Astral Moon in the year 1563 of the 6th Astral Era, which makes her current age 15 years old. Lulu and her parents spent their first few years in Ul'dah staying with her mother's relatives. Soon they managed to find a place of their own, near the Gate of Thal, where they moved when Lulu was 2 years old.

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As Lulu was growing up, the relationship between her parents was deteriorating. Linala, her mother, yearned for what Lumo promised her, but he seemed complacent. The promise of adventure became a memory, and then just a dream, as he worked on his craft more and more, leaving little time for him to focus on his family. He barely noticed when Lina left one night and got in some trouble with the law, ending up noticed by a upstart Sultansworn, which later led to a series of events that ended with her being thrown in jail. Because of that, Lulu barely remembers her, and was mostly raised by a overprotective father.

Living with her father

After he lost his wife to a legal battle, and after she was sent to jail, Lumo focused more on his daughter, treating his wife as a cautionary tale. As a result, he became overprotective, and by doing so, forcing Lulu to seek out thrills as she could, secretly, just like her mother. It all started by sneaking around Ul'dah, getting to know the city. Soon, Lulu made an abundance of friends, and was well known around the markets. But as she grew older, knowing just the city wasn't enough. Lulu became increasingly interested in the world outside the city.

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The ever increasing threat of the Garlean Empire loomed above Eorzea, which made Lumo afraid for his daughter. Before the battle at Carteneau, the gates of Ul'dah closed. As the moon Dalamud was being plucked from the heavens, Lumo prayed that they survive. The gods did hear his and prayers of many Eorzeans. But in that fated moment, when Bahamut broke out of his prison, Lulu was in the middle of another exploration, along with her friend Chichamu Chamu. They decided to visit the Thaumaturges guild, but when they entered the place, they came face to face with a Voidsent. A mad thaumaturge decided to summon a Voidsent as one of his final acts. As Lulu and Chamu walked in, the Voidsent, wounded and weak, attacked Chamu, then grabbed Lulu and with it's final strength managed to plant a part of itself inside her, a so called Voidseed. Chamu died in the attack, but Lulu was left alive. The Voidseed stayed dormant until one fateful day when Lulu was suddenly pulled into the Void.

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The Calamity came and passed. Lulu and her father were lucky enough to survive and Lumo decided that he will protect his daughter more. She had a strict curfew, and was not allowed to go to some of the seedy areas of the city. As far as her father was concerned, she was allowed at the markets and inside the Gate of Thal. But Lulu would soon slip through and go to the Quicksand, where she became friends and a favorite of Momodi. When Lumo found out that Lulu has been in the Quicksand, he started berating her and Momodi. But Momodi, being a tough Lalafell, put her foot down and also put some sense into the old fool. Lulu turned 14 by then, and by gods, she should have some freedom. Her father just nodded, but made Momodi promise her that she would keep an eye on her as much as she could. Lulu finally had some more freedom. From that day on, she would spent almost every day in the Quicksand, talking to adventurers and learning what it's like to be one. Her wish to one day join their ranks grew stronger. Then came the Hulu incident. One evening, when the Quicksand was full, and Lulu was sitting on the stairs, because there was nowhere else to sit, a big Roegadyn named Ember Sun tripped on her while drunk and carrying more drinks to his table. Lulu wasn't hurt, luckily, but the Roegadyn spilled the drinks and flipped a table as he fell. The table in question was, unfortunately, where a Sultansworn was sitting and relaxing after a long day's work. After some finger pointing, the Sultansworn named Lalalo Hululo accused Lulu of intentionally tripping Ember Sun for her own amusement. What followed after was a chase through Ul'dah, and Lulu hiding in the Gold Square. From that day on, the Sultansworn was on the lookout for the girl, and any time he would see her, he would chase after her. This all continued until Lulu snuck out of Ul'dah and started a series of events that lead to Hulu getting his just dessert.

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One early morning, after she did her chores, Lulu was tempted to go to the Gate of the Sultana. There she noticed that the Brass Blades were suspiciously absent. Maybe taking a morning leak, but she didn't care, this was her chance. She dreamed of one day exiting Ul'dah and seeing the world, and this was the day that could happen. She snuck through the gate and entered Western Thanalan. From there she found her way to the Goblet, a small hamlet built for adventurers. She knew that here she can find some proper adventure stories, maybe even an adventure of her own.

She ended up at a big house that was bustling with activity, and saw some peculiar characters arguing. She decided to just watch, but then a nearby wall caught her attention. A man was lying on it, resting. He looked asleep or even... dead. Lulu proded him, but he didn't react. Soon, she was certain that the man was dead... until the man spoke. She jumped and almost fell off of the fence, but held her balance in the end. She found out that the man is a member of a company, a Kindred. Lulu became interested in this Kindred and asked a lot of questions. After getting some vague answers, she decided to enter the house. Her first impressions were written in her journal which she started keeping on that day.

The Kindred was a bustling and active company. They dealt with providing various services. From securing caravans to providing foods and drinks to visitors, the company had it all. Lulu was in awe. Up until that point she thought that adventurers just travel the world and slay monsters for gil. In the Kindred she met a Lalafell named Peneli Zuneli, or as everyone called him - Penny. The two hit it off almost immediately, and soon became friends, and then later even lovers.

She was soon interviewed by a warden named Vijara Windaar, a Miqo'te Keeper who was extremely mysterious and soon proved to also be dangerous. After the interview, Lulu was accepted into the company, and was the youngest member. She told her father that she joined a aether learning guild in Ul'dah, not revealing the truth of the company.

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As time went by, Lulu started slowly training. At first she tried with a scepter. She could create ice spells and a Lalafell named Kokomi, or Koko for short, told her she has great potential. But, unfortunately, one short incident involving a fire spell that bounced off of the target and lit a Miqo'te's tail on fire, made her give up on magic for a while. She later tried to train with a spear, and Penny would teach her how to thrust and use it to kill animals. Lulu didn't like it much and soon told him that she would like to try something else. That was also the time when Lumo found out about Lulu and Penny, who have gotten really close and started holding hands. He insisted that, if she really needs to train with anything, that it be something range. That is when a Miqo'te named Bexy Amalaryssia approached her and offered to teach her how to use a bow and arrow. Lulu picked it up fairly quickly and loved it. Everyone soon knew that she was a natural archer. Her first adventure consisted of walking all the way to Gridania, where she and Penny made promises to each other to never part. Unfortunately, a year after that, due to certain events, they had to part. Penny soon left for Coerthas, where he was training under the wing of an Elezen named Mathieux Norremitore, in order to become a proper lancer. Lulu and Penny shared their first kiss on the battlements of Camp Dragonhead. Unfortunately, his regiment was soon attacked by a horde of aevis and Penny went missing.

The Night of Ahrimen

A short episode happened while Penny was away and before Lulu found out about him missing. It was almost the time of All Saints Wake, and the stories of ghosts started to get prominent. Lulu was helping out at the Kindred bar when she found a poem hidden under the kitchen sink.

The poem was odd and seemed to appear out of nowhere. Lulu soon gathered several people to help her decypher it. Reiko Takahashi, Konini Koni and Yuyuki Yuki all eventually agreed to help her. Their adventure eventually lead them to a cave in Southern Thanalan where Lulu accidentally finished an old lingering spell by placing the needed pickatrix into it's place, and summoned forth a voidsent. Fortunately, Reiko reacted in time and zapped the portal, thus hitting the ahriman in it, making it weaker. This in the end caused the ahriman to lose a lot of it's body size and even though it did come through to the overworld, it was weakened and the girls trapped it. They didn't kill it because they didn't know how to, so they took it with them. They even named it Scally. The ahriman was soon taken over by a friendly mage Miqo'te who decided to study the creature. The adventure seemed to end there, but as the All Saints Wake approached, Scally returned in the form of a hat. Lulu's hat to be exact, the hat she received as a gift from her father. After few de-threading threats issued by Bexy, Scally warned them about the coming All Saints Wake, calling it the Night of Ahrimen, and that his summon was just a part of a greater plan to conquer the overworld. When the said night came, the Kindred was ready. The Goblet was attacked by several voidsent, who started killing unsuspecting merchants and even some adventurers. But their rampage was stopped when all the adventurers banded together and fought them off. Though the threat was eliminated, Scally seemed to remain in the hat. Only... it wasn't Scally anymore. What remained were only jumbled memories of a mage who tried to summon a voidsent during the Calamity, but failed when the cave collapsed on him, not finishing the spell. Somehow, the spirit of the mage and the voidsent which was summoned joined into one and now when Scally was banished back into the Void, only the memories of the mage remained, his spirit wandering aimlessly between life and eternal embrace of death. They returned the spirit inside the hat to it's final resting place.

Rescuing Penny and leaving her adventure company

After launching a rescue mission, Penny was returned to her, but he wasn't the same. And neither was Lulu, really. Just before the rescue mission, an aether bomb went off inside the Kindred Estate, and Lulu got aether poisoning. She was cured at the time, but it started a chain reaction inside her, slowly awakening the Voidseed which laid dormant for years. After some events that included targeting some of the members of the Kindred, and the death of Vijara Windaar, Lulu and Penny decided to leave the company. Lulu somehow managed to assure her father that she will be fine and protected while with Penny, and they moved to La Noscea, then settled in the Mist for a while. There they lived together and tried to also have some adventures.

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Life was great until one day when Lulu was suddenly pulled into the Void. She found herself surrounded with Voidsent and in a pool of blood. She didn't know how she got there, but she was faced with a big Ahriman. Due to having some experience with facing Ahrimen, she managed to stand her ground. But luckily was saved when Koko managed to project her own avatar into the Void and wisp her out of there. But in the process, she managed to capture one Voidsent... Scally. He was there and seemed somehow linked to Lulu being pulled in. When they got back into the Overworld, Scally was made Koko's slave. Even though the Ahriman seemed to struggle against it at first, in the end he complied. But that day woke the Voidseed inside Lulu, and her magical potential started growing immensely. It soon became apparent that any time Lulu would get emotional, the aether around her would react to it, be it in the form of fire or ice magic. This in the end led to her becoming wary of contact because she didn't know how the aether around her would react.

It all came down to one pivotal moment when in a skirmish, her father, who decided to take up the mantle of an adventurer to appease his daughter, was stabbed and died. When Lulu saw his body, the aether around her reacted in a form of a blizzard. She was only soothed after Koko reached inside her mind and calmed her down. But unfortunately, this made Lulu afraid that she might hurt Penny one day, so she told him that they can't be together anymore for at least a while. Koko, who she now trusted was the only person that can help her, lead her north. To Ishgard.

On their journey, they were joined by Nananomi Nomi, and the trio's first stop was Ishgard, after which they moved further, towards Sharlayan. But on their way, they learned the truth about the Voidseed, as one night while camping in the Dravanian Forelands, Scally returned to the camp and started a ritual that would open a portal to the Void. In one moment, Lulu was being pulled into it again, while the Voidseed completely awoke inside her. Koko at that time used blood magic to exorcise the Voidsent. Even though Lulu was saved, she was scarred for life at that moment. As the Voidseed exited her body, it overwhelmed her with aether, making her blind in one eye and turning her heart shaped tattoo into a heart shaped scar. Her hair was being pulled by Scally dragging her into the portal. Luckily, Nomi jumped in to help and cut her pigtails off, thus releasing her from Scally's deadly grip.

This event marked the end of Lulu's journey into Sharlayan and Koko, seeing that she has no more use for the girl, sent her home.

After a few days of journey, she entered Thanalan and headed straight to the Goblet, where she collapsed in front of the entrance and was then carried into the E.R.A. Estate. She was treated for her injuries there and soon offered the opportunity to join them.

The Hooded Stranger

After settling in with E.R.A., Lulu developed a relationship with a Lalafell named Nunupu Nupu. The two used to be sort of rivals, because Nunu was Penny's ex girlfriend, as Lulu was now as well. Realising that they have much in common, they started by being friends, but eventually became more. At that time, the E.R.A. estate started being watched by a hooded figure, and several members of the household started receiving mysterious letters. The letters contained riddles about a location. Lulu, Nunu, Reiko, Rei Wakeflame and Nicole Desborough also received letters with packages containing hempen hats. As they gathered, Videra Svenay joined them in chasing the sender of letters, deeming that they need protection. After decyphering the letters, they were led into the Red Labyrinth, where they met a hooded stranger. The cave also contained several summoning circles, and a lightning aspected barrier around the shrine to Nald. They were told that the hooded stranger used to be a powerful thaumaturge who initially started the summoning spell that Lulu accidentally completed in the events of the Night of Ahrimen. They were also told that Scally is back and that he now possesses the Voidseed, which is actually an egg containing a Voidqueen. A creature that can spawn an army of Voidsent. And if that happens, Scally would be in control of it. After agreeing that Scally needs to be stopped, they were sent into Ishgard in search of an ancient tome containing powerful knowledge that can help them remove the wards in place around Scally's hideout. The truth about the tome's real location revealed that it has been deemed too dangerous and moved north, towards Dravanian Hinterlands, into the Great Gubal Library.

The Goblin Trouble

They continued from Ishgard, and into Dravania. There they encountered a goblin named Knowsix who warned them about what he described were cultists. What was the most worrying part was that the cultists had Ahrimans with them. The party rightfully concluded that this has something to do with the whole ordeal because the goblin said the cultists were headed the same way Lulu and the others were. Unfortunately, the cultists were now blocking the way into the Dravanian Hinterlands. Luckily, Knowsix knew a secret way in, but he would only show them the way if they helped him get a hat that was meant for his daughter back. After sneaking into a dragon occupied cave, the party retrieved the hat and were then showed the way into the Hinterlands.

The Voidsent Library

The green lands, or Dravanian Hinterlands, were a new home to some, while the others returned after getting ready for the continuation of the journey. The Great Gubal Library was on the horizon, but so was danger. After meeting up just outside Idyllshire, and Nicky showing off her newly appropriated goblin magitech armor named Gob, they met up with Knowsix. He told them that they needed to be careful, that the cultists he saw proceeded towards the Library and will probably wait for them there. The group decided to split up. Videra flew on her chocobo to scout ahead, while the rest continued on foot through Idyllshire and around to the Library. After evading the wildebeests on their way, they came to a bridge that leads up to the Library. There they heard sounds of battle coming from the Library. They obviously weren't alone, and these sounds were worrying. After scouting ahead, Videra and Rei saw two Ishgardian Elezen, members of the Holy See, batling four cultists. There were also slumbering Voidsent nearby, but they weren't moving. After figuring out that they'll need to help the Elezen in order to get inside the Library, they rushed to their aid. They found out that the Elezen were here to guard the Saint Endalim Tome, which was what they were looking for. The tome, deemed to be too dangerous to be kept in Ishgard, was sent to the Hinterlands to be studied by the Sharlayans long ago. But when the Sharlayans left, they left the tome and the Holy See sent two to guard it until they could decide what to do with it. The two Elezen; Deston Denomme and Isolde Amiot; were the ones who were sent. Deston was a veteran in the battle against the forces of evil, and Isolde was a powerful mage and a healer. But Deston was injured in the battle against the cultists, leaving Isolde to battle them now and try to heal Deston at the same time. An agreement was made. The group helps defeat the cultists, and the two would allow them to use the tome, but only once. After deciding that only four could enter the Library, leaving two behind to battle, they entered. Lulu, Nunu, Videra and Rei entered the Library, while Nicky and Reiko stayed behind, fighting the cultists and buying time for the Library group. Once inside the Library, they started their search, only to be met by a lot of wild life and voidsent inside. After defeating a lot of enemies, the group made it to the last room, where they found the tome. It was guarded by a living, breathing, walking and punching... giant book like enemy. At this point, after fighting several animated writing tools, they weren't surprised. It was a hard battle, but they succeeded in the end. Though, some were injured. Once they got the book, they were met with flying... brooms. A short conversation revealed that the brooms were here to clean the place after being ordered to do so by their master and maker Matoya. A witch that lives nearby. The brooms even had names: Sticklefritz, Twiggy, Cleansweep, Dusty, Crooky, Besomy and their leader, Mrs. Broomster. Seeing that some are injured, they offered to help and get them to Matoya, promising that she can heal them. Exiting the Library, the group helped end the battle outside. Reiko was badly injured, so was Nicky. The Elezen were healing themselves. The brooms offered to fly them to Matoya now, since Reiko and Nicky were both in a really bad shape. Meeting Matoya was a pleasure. She showed compassion and her expertise by healing them, and giving advice. One more step towards confronting Scally was taken. With the tome in hand, the group decided to lick their wounds and get ready for the battle that loomed on the horizon.

The Voidseed

The party gathered in the ERA estate to prepare for their final confrontation with Scally. With the book in hand, all they needed now is to get the spell that takes the barrier down. But, since nobody could decypher it, they decided to reach out to the hooded stranger. The party, now comprising of one new addition, Rosik, headed towards Southern Thanalan. There they met with the hooded stranger, who revealed the spell to them. Still suspicious of his true intentions, the party did accept his help, but decided not to turn their backs at him. He left them alone, for now, and just told them that they should probably bring the hats they received with them into the battle. After reaching the manor in the Shroud, they noticed a big bubble barrier around it. Rei used the spell from the tome and after some resistance from the inside of the bubble, the barrier was taken down. Once the party reached the gate, they were in for a gruesome sight. The ground was littered with bones and void pitch. There were several Ahriman minions patrolling the grounds, and above them was a series of tubes all leading towards the manor. On the front of the manor, on the wall just above the balcony was a cocoon, and the tubes led to them. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the tubes were made out of human intestines, quite possibly from the willing sacrifices of cultists. Up on the balcony, a giant Ahriman lay, a few tubes leading into it's mouth. The party attacked. After a long and bloody battle in which Nicky was set on fire by Videra and blown up by her own bombs, causing Rei and Milly to use their once in a lifetime opportunity to revive someone, the giant Ahriman revealed itself. It was Scally. And he was angry. Now more powerful than ever, Scally attacked the group, injuring several of them. But Lulu, Nunu and Reiko worked together and in the end defeated him, taking his eye out. Only... at that point, the cocoon burts open, revealing a void queen. It was the former Voidseed, now fully grown. She tried to escape into the Void to start making an army, but was stopped by Reiko, who casted a lightning spell towards the portal, closing it. The Voidseed, now pissed off, summoned some voidsent to give her a chance to escape, but was stopped by the trio and eventually defeated when they all put their attacks together into a single super attack, blowing her up from the inside. With the eye of ahriman in hand, the party retreated to Gridania to be healed, before they return to the hooded stranger one last time. But as they were leaving, they didn't notice that there was a slight twitch and shallow breathing coming from... Scally's body.

The Red Eye

Once healed, the group came back to Goblet to finally rest. Scally was defeated, Voidseed gone, all that was needed now was to return the eye to the hooded stranger. At this time, Bexy and Max returned from their vacation, and finding out that some of the company members got hurt in an adventure, gotten curious. Bexy especially wanted to see the eye. Knowing that an artifact such as that, the eye of an ahriman, could be very powerful, Bexy decided to play it safe, and not let the stranger have it. The stranger grew impatient and sent out another letter, telling them to come to him, to bring the eye. Bexy took charge now and ordered everyone to gear up and took them to the stranger, leaving the eye in a safebox back in Goblet. They came to the cave once more, meeting a familiar sight of the stranger at the statue. Still hiding behind the barrier, still waiting. Once there, they asked him what he needed the eye for. The stranger told him that it belongs to him and that he needs it to be complete again. After a conversation in which he told them that he was a part of a secret thaumaturge order called Red Eye Order, and that he was assigned to summon a voidsent in Thanalan when Dalamud was falling, but failed because he was killed by a Garlean explosive device in the cave, Bexy knew that he shouldn't be trusted. A secret order is already not a good sign. A secret thaumaturge order... double so. The stranger grew impatient once more and asked them for the eye. Bexy refused. The conversation took a turn and the stranger revealed his true intention. He wanted to summon more voidsent with the eye and control them. And he wasn't stopping now. He found out where the eye is and trapped the group in the cave, then teleported to Goblet. The party managed to free themselves and tried to teleport, but no luck. The aether in the place was being drained by the barrier. Luckily, they were followed by the most uncommon ally. Matoya's brooms. The brooms recognized the trouble they were in and offered to help by flying them back to Goblet, where they faced the stranger one final time. Just as he reached the company house. The battle commenced and he summoned a horde of undead. Luckily, the party fend them off and then focused on the stranger. At that point, another ally came into the battle. The Elezen duo - Deston and Isolde. They came to Goblet in search of their tome and happened upon the battle. With their forces combined, the stranger was finally defeated. Sighing with relief, party thanked the gods it's over. Some got injured, but Isolde managed to heal them. But there was one more spectator of the whole thing. A strange, hooded Lalafell, watching in the distance. He was noticed at the end of the battle, just as he was about to leave, and was immediately confronted. The Lalafell revealed that he's not confrontational and that he was just intrigued by the whole ordeal. He also warned them about the eye artifact, that it may be prudent to destroy it. After asking who he was, he said he was just a thaumaturge, but commendated them on their achievement and said that the Red Eye Order is fairly pleased that the Hooded Stranger is defeated. After being ordered by Bexy to leave in peace, he did, while the rest of the party retreated to the house. But the warning lingered. The eye was now in the possession of the company and... the Red Eye Order was watching.

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The Voidal Bride.jpg

Prologue: The Proposal

After the events of The Voidseed Arc, ERA came in possession of Scally's Eye. The powerful artifact, if it falls into the wrong hands, can be very dangerous, so they decided to dispose of it. It all started on Lulu's 16th Nameday. The nameday party was going well until there was a knock on the door. Thinking it could be more guests arriving, the group was surprised to see a strange, but dashing Lalafell in a suit standing there. Nobody knew who this stranger was, but then it was revealed. Dadanpa Darenpa. A son of a wealthy Ul'dahn merchant, here to take Lulu's hand in marriage. The marriage was set up by Lulu's late father years ago, and Dadanpa was the one she would wed. Her father, Lumo, while trying to protect his daughter from her mother's fate, decided to do all it takes to stop Lulu from becoming an adventurer and getting in trouble with the law or even worse... killed out there. Thus Dadanpa spoke of them being betrothed, and that it is time for him to come collect his wife to be. After a poor choice of words, the Lalafell was dangled from a cliff, but after he promised not to bother her again, let go. His father did not like this one bit. Partly because he is a man of his word and partly because he was under certain orders. He arranged a meeting in Vesper Bay with Bexy, but the negotiations took a dark turn after half of the Company showed up. They took Dadanpa as leverage to let go of the notion of Lulu being in this forced marriage. But nobody knew that there was another goal the Lalafell had. After being caught sneaking around the house, Dadanpa was tortured and he admitted that he was after the Eye. Once realising that there are people who want to get the Eye, it was decided that the Eye must be destroyed. Thus the Sohm Al expedition was organised and the Eye was dropped into magma. Only to cause an eruption, as the mountain did not like the Eye being thrown inside. The Eye was shot out from the top of the mountain and into the heavens. The expedition party managed to escape, but they lost the Eye. The Eye landed into the Churning Mists, and was found by Moogles who reside there. At the same time, the events of Scally's Trial occured and a deal was made between Scally and The Red Eye Order. In the following several months, Lulu lived thinking that the Eye and Scally were both gone. Then came Valentione's Day and Nunu, after thinking about it for very long, finally popped the question and proposed to Lulu. Lulu said yes and the two started planning their wedding. After telling Bexy about it, they got her blessing and Bexy gave Lulu the idea of having a Moogle wed them. Both Lulu and Nunu loved it, so they decided to contact a Moogle named Mopli, a friend of Lulu, who she met back in the Kindred, in the events of The Night of Ahrimen. But they found out soon that Mopli was sent to the Churning Mists to investigate something, so they now had to get there. After finding out that the Churning Mists is also the home to Moogles, Lulu's determination only strengthened.

Chapter 1: The Wedding Band

Lulu and Nunu were ready to go find Mopli. There was just one problem. They didn't know where the Churning Mists were. So they asked for help. Bexy, Naran and Rahal answered and joined them. Upon gathering in Tailfeather, Lulu realised that her pet Yuyu snuck into her coat pocket and came along with them. Not wanting to waste aether, they decided to let the little marmot come along. It's not every day that you visit the home to all Moogles. And so they left Tailfeather and teleported to the Mists. The search was afoot! After scouring the Mists for any sign of Moogles, they found one asleep on a bridge at Zenith. After proving that they indeed were friends to Moogles (by letting the Moogle have a place to put his kupo nuts into), the Moogle decided to lead them to the Inspector. They were led to him, and there they found a curious object. Rahal and Nunu felt the aetherical power of the object, which was akin to ancient relics. The Moogles said that the object was a masterpiece and that it fell from the heavens after a storm. Because the object was so powerful, they had to contain it somehow, so they used their Moogle magicks on it, inadvertently creating a magical crystal coating around it, which turned into auracite. Soon realising what the object really is, the party started to talk about what to do with it. At this point, Yuyu grew impatient and bored in Lulu's pocket and crawled out, sniffing around. He became curious about Moogles and decided to climb on top of one. The Moogle felt that it's being attacked and threw the marmot off, Yuyu landing on the masterpiece. Lulu and Bexy both reached for him, but Bexy was faster and caught the marmot, while Lulu accidentally touched the object.


The party was blasted away, everyone but Lulu, who was attacked by the relic! It attacked her and then attached itself to her neck, transforming into a choker... and started choking her. The rest of the party tried to get the choker off of her, but only made things worse, as it resisted and tightened around her neck, squeezing. Lulu started choking, and at this point, the choker revealed itself. The Eye reappeared inside it, wildly turning around in it's socket, firing magical blasts at everyone. At one point, it even used telepathy to send a message to both Rahal and Bexy, whom it deemed most dangerous. Telling them to let go or Lulu dies, they complied. It also told Bexy that Lulu will be taken that night, and if she doesn't want her to die, that she should let it happen. Bexy gritted her teeth, but complied. A clear mind and strategy were required here.

After porting back home, and getting some of them into the infirmary, Bexy told Lulu to swallow her linkpearl, so she can be tracked once she's taken. Lulu complied, but was scared. She didn't want to go, but Bexy told her that no matter what, she will be rescued. Lulu was given another pearl to use for communication, and then there was a knock on the door. Outside of the house, there was more than a dozen Brass Blades, led by a smug Sultansworn. Lulu recognized him. It was Hulu. He came with a warrant for her arrest. Bexy realized that this is bigger than she thought, since the Blades and Sultansworn are all involved. She decided to let them take her, but beforehand told Nunu to make it so she's taken as well, so she can keep an eye on Lu. Nunu complied and attacked Hulu, punching him. Hulu, after being punched, ordered the Blades to take her as well, but in the comotion... Yuyu was let go and it also tried to attack Hulu, after seeing that he wants to hurt his master. Hulu reacted swiftly, and cut the marmot with his blade. Yuyu was thrown across the room, his dying little body whimpering. Lulu screamed and reached her pet, only for him to die in her arms. The room turned cold as Bexy was very angry now, and ordered him to leave with Lulu and Nunu now or else face the consequence. But before leaving... something happened. Yuyu's body started disintegrating and it was absorbed into the choker. The auracite part of it did the job, and the marmot's soul was not trapped inside it, to everyone's shock. The Blades took both Lalafell and led them into Ul'dah...

Chapter 2: The Bridesmaids

After Lulu and Nunu were taken into Ul'dah, the house was visited by a unexpected visitor. Lulu's mother, Lina, came to warn Lulu and ERA about a plot against them. But realised she was too late, and that her daughter was already taken. After some suspicion between Lina and Bexy, the two decided to set aside their differences and team up in rescuing their daughter. Omaga Zukamaga, a Lalafell who arrived alongside Lina, told everyone what he knew. The Red Eye Order was behind this. He used to be a member, but after he fell in love with Lina on his assignment, he decided to abandon his mission and betray the Order.

After Lina heard that Hulu was involved with all of this, she knew that he was their way in. As much as she hated him and thought that he's disgusting, she now needed to rely on the Sultansworn. They made a plan. Knowing Hulu, he wouldn't be able to resist beautiful women, so they dressed up as exotic dancers and entered Ul'dah.

Upon entering and making their way towards the Sultansworn, they bumped into a mammet. A hooded mammet at that, carrying a large crate. As they bumped into the mammet, it accidentally dropped a vial. Lina looked at the vial and saw that it said "de-mammeteer" on it. Bexy and Lina hid the vial with their bodies from the suspicious mammet. After exchanging a few words with the poppet, they parted and continued on their way.

After seducing a few Sultansworn, they made their way to Hulu who, not suspecting anything, led them to the Commander's Office. Hulu was no commander, but he was high enough in rank to have access to the office. Which was just perfect. After being left alone with the "dancers", he insisted that they showed him exactly what they can offer.

Bexy started with an elegant dance, which made the Sultansworn's pants bulge. Naran continued. And then... it was time for Lina. She stood up on the commander's desk, looking down at the horny Lalafell. Giving Bexy a signal behind her back, the door was frozen shut. And then... Lina leapt. She jumped on top of him, holding a dagger to his neck. Bexy joined her with her ice daggers and Naran stood by, waiting to unleash fire.

The interrogation started. Hulu was a jerk at first, but upon feeling Lina's dagger move lower, to his crotch, he started talking. He admitted that he did all of this so he can get back at Lina, who defeated him twice before. That wasn't enough, and the dagger started digging itself into his bulge. He spewed everything he knew. The Order, the Syndicate orders, everything. Once he told them everything he knew... Lina exacted her revenge. Once and for all. No longer will he be able to enjoy the fruit of sexuality.

In short... she cut off his member.

But it wasn't over yet. Lulu was being moved out of Ul'dah, and the Sultansworn mentioned two locations. A manor in the Shroud and the ruins of Sil'dih. They had to move, and fast.

Upon escaping Ul'dah, there were two carriages in the distance. One moving north, one south. They were too late. Both girls probably gone by now, and Bexy ordered them to regroup. They need more info to continue...

Chapter 3: The Wedding Invitation

Haukke Mansion. The place where Scally was defeated, and the Eye was taken from him. It was also the place Lulu was taken by the Order. Once there, she got introduced to her captor. The monster who took her here, while the Elezen headed for the ruins of Sil'dih. At this point, Lulu was still resisting... but not for long. The moment they arrived at the Manor, the monster's rituals continued. As days passed, Lulu slowly started losing herself. Her journal entries started getting nonsensical and she started to forget the people and events of her life. Her head started growing horns, as the blood inside her started burning. Her captor slowly started revealing details about himself, until one day... he admitted. He was...


Scally... Lulu's nemesis. The Ahriman she accidentally summoned a long time ago, and who latched onto her the moment she summoned him. He sensed the Voidseed, he took it out of her, he made it grow and in this very place... it opened, revealing a Void Queen. After Lulu and her friends defeated the Void Queen, after they seriously injured Scally and took his eye, he pretended he was dead, but was then captured by the Order. The Order, being interested in the Void, and the ones who summoned the original Void Queen who implanted the Voidseed into Lulu, were extremely interested in Scally. The Ahriman and the Order made a deal. A body to prolong his life in exchange for a Void Queen. And Lulu was the right candidate. Her blood still had traces of the Voidseed, and Scally knew that. After finding out that ERA tried to get rid of the Eye, they found it in the Churning Mist, but couldn't get to it, since it was being guarded by Moogles. That is, until the Eye got in Lulu's hands, and attached itself to her.

Scally used a member of the Order to get a body, which merged with his own, while the original member, Kana, was saved by linking his soul into a nearby mammet's soulstone. Until then, Scally made more moves and soon the Elezen in charge, Niraeus, trusted Scally. Kana, who sacrificed himself for their goal, was forgotten. He was the one who warned Lulu about them moving her, and he was now lying in wait alongside Nunu at the Sil'dih ruins.

Lulu, of course didn't know most of this, but she knew that her captor was Scally, her greatest fears coming true. And now, she was losing her memory. On the fourth day, the Manor was full of screams. Scally admitted to Lulu that he tricked the members of the Order into drinking a special concoction that turned them into Void minions.

The Manor's fate was sealed.

They arrived at the gates of the Manor. Lina, Bexy, Mara and Naran; only to find the Manor under attack by the Wood Wailers. Upon finding out that the Manor was full of Voidsent, they managed to convice them to let them in in order to find Lulu. The Wood Wailers agreed but gave them a limited time to get the girl. Otherwise, they will charge in and kill every thing that moves.

The party went in and encountered many Voidsent, previous members of the Order. Upon finally coming near Lulu and Scally, they were slowed by a difficult enemy. They did defeat it, but Scally already took Lulu somewhere deep into the Mansion via teleportation. The party followed and the chase through the Manor started. It led them into a long hallway riddled with strange doors. Each door, a memory. Each memory, Lulu's. The memories echoed through the hallway and they found her journal in one of the rooms. There they found the truth about it all.

Bexy was now completely determined to get Lulu back and to kill Scally as soon as she can. They continued on, heading into the dungeons and then, back to the entrance of the Manor. There, they saw them. Scally and Lulu, standing on top of the staircase. Scally told them that they were too late, that she is almost ready for the ritual... their wedding. He thanked them for coming, and extended his invitation to them. But he also said that Lulu was gone, that what they were looking at now was his creation. Lulu recognized Bexy for a moment, proving to her that there still is some of her there, but Scally did something to her and she continued with her blank stare. After a bit of monologuing, the Wood Wailers fired arrows at him, but he protected himself with his wings, after which he fired a voidal fire ball at the glass window and flew out with Lulu in his arms, escaping one last time.

The wedding neared... And everyone is welcome.

Chapter 4: A Void Wedding

The night of the wedding ceremony arrived. ERA household was brimming with activity. Lina called upon everyone who wanted to help, and many answered. They made their plan, and they knew the location. All that was left was to go there and save Lulu. Bexy let Lina know that, if need be, if Lulu is gone too far for them to save her... she will kill her herself. Lina agreed that if it comes to that, that it is the right action.

They left the house and ventured towards the ruins of Sil'dih. At the same time, Nunu was there already, bonding with Kana, and making plans of their own. Kana managed to retrieve another potion, but the merchant told him that this one might not be as potent as the other one. Still, if it meant it will weaken Scally, it was worth it.

The party arrived soon at the ruins. The skies turned black, and the only thing illuminating their path was a row of candles that lead down into the ruins. A sense of dread came over them, and they got ready for a battle. Once they entered the ruins, they were met by Kana and Nunu. Grouping up with them, they approached the scene. The ground and walls were littered with cultist sacrifices, their bodies strung over the ruins, their blood dripping from the walls. It was a grim sight.

Then they came. Lulu was being led by a Elezen in a cloak, and behind them followed Scally. His form now more manlike than ever, he walked slowly. His wings tucked behind his back. There were two cultists who also joined them, and they stood on the bottom of a long staircase. The Elezen led Lulu up to the top of the stairs and then stood in front of her and Scally, taking the role of the priest.

As the ceremony started, the party decided to interrupt. They attacked the two cultists, who were dealt with swiftly. But then, the Elezen approached them, leaving Scally and Lulu. He casted a spell which turned the landscape against the party, closing them in a big arena, with him in the middle of it. They could still hear the ceremony proceeding outside of it, with Scally taking over it. Nonetheless, they couldn't wait longer. They attacked the Elezen, who now revealed himself as Niraeus. The leader of the Red Eye Order.

The battle was long and arduous, and some were injured, but in the end, they were victorious. The stone gaol dissipating, they stood now in front of Scally and Lulu. Scally laughed, telling them they were too late. That the ceremony was a success, and that all he needs to do now is drink the bloody chalice which contains the blood of his new Void Queen. Not knowing that Kana managed to replace the contents of the chalice with the potion, Scally drank all of it.

Grinning victoriously at the party, he announced his new queen, and Lulu, still in a state of trans, stood in front of her friends.

But nothing happened.

Confused as to what is going on, Scally soon started to experience a change in his body. He convulsed and writhed, and then... turned. He regained his true form. The giant Ahriman now flew in front of them. Angered at the failure of his plot, he attacked. But during the battle, something happened. As Scally was about to attack Nunu, Lulu broke free from her trance, and ran up to her, standing in between his beam and her beloved. The beam hit her, but did not hurt her. Instead, the beam was absorbed into the ahriman shaped choker she still wore. Soon after, the choker fired the beam back at Scally, on the way assimilating every attack and weapon being thrown at him, forming a mega beam. As the beam penetrated him, Scally's last thought was that of finally having peace.

The Ahriman was defeated. Scally was defeated, once and for all!

Epilogue: Lulu and Nunu wed

Finally, after so long, Lulu finally married her love, Nunu. It was a nice, short ceremony, and there were moogles led by Mopli, who was accompanied by a certain sylph. There were many people there, and after their wedding, the couple went on a honeymoon which included travel through Eorzea.

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A series of events that lead to Lulu's new theatrical production called The Three Witches. A peculiar figure named Mystario approached the group which consisted of Lulu, Nunu, a Au Ra named Sarnai and a Lalafell named Rerezigo Sesezigo. They refused the help of this Mystario at first, but he would come back again and again, offering his input, slowly changing the initial story that Lulu had in mind, without her even realising it. The story soon changed from a happy All Saint's story to a much darker story of the origins of Haukke Manor and it's residents, of which Mystario apparently once was. And then... on the eve of the show, Mystario managed to become the narrator, and told the real story of two siblings, one of which later became lady Haukke, and one which time has all but forgotten. The crowd was enamoured and the show was a success... until the final reveal. Some thought it to be the encore, but the events were very real. Mystario, a man cursed by the witch of Haukke Manor, revealed himself to his lover in the crowd, who also received the invitation. And there, on the stage, the man's fate was sealed, and the curse was broken. He managed to see his love for one last time.

The theatre closed for a bit after that.

-to be continued-

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Era Year Event
6th Astral
♦ Lulomo Lumo and Linala Lina leave Vylbrand. They leave for Ul'dah in search for a better life. Lumo promises Lina excitement.

♦ Lina gets pregnant with Lulu on their journey.

♦ Lulu is born on the 23rd Sun of the 6th Astral Moon that same year, in Ul'dah.

6th Astral
♦ Lina starts yearning for a life of adventure, she meets some adventurers in the Quicksand.
6th Astral
♦ Lina punches a Sultansworn after being provoked, she is sentenced to life in prison.
6th Astral
♦ Lulu starts showing more and more signs of curiosity about the world around her. She meets Jiro, an adventurer who tells her an adventure story.

♦ Lulu makes a friend named Chichamu Chamu, a dunesfolk girl about her age that lives next to her.

6th Astral
♦ Lulu starts exploring Ul'dah. There is talk about the Garlean Empire armies moving deeper into Eorzea.
6th Astral
♦ The war continues. Dalamud starts falling. Lulu explores more of Ul'dah.

♦ Lumo makes a contract with a merchant concerning his daughter and the merchant's son

♦ Moments prior to Calamity, Lulu wanders into the Thaumaturges Guild where she comes face to face with a Voidsent. The Voidsent, weakened and almost dead, plants a piece of itself inside Lulu, in order to survive in some form.

♦ Bahamut breaks out of Dalamud, and in the chaos that ensues, a prison wall is broken, letting out several prisoners. Lina being one among them.

♦ Many people die in the Calamity. Chichamu Chamu is among the dead.

A Realm Reborn
7th Umbral
♦ Lulu enters the Quicksand alone for the first time. She meets Momodi, who at first tries to get her out because she's too young, but soon softens up to the girl and lets her stay. Their friendship starts developing, and soon Lulu becomes almost a regular with Momodi feeding her Pastry Fish.
7th Astral
♦ The Hulu incident in the Quicksand. The Sultansworn chases Lulu around the city, but the girl knows almost every nook and cranny by now, so she manages to hide.

♦ Lulu sneaks out of Ul'dah, and enters Goblet. There she meets adventurers from a Free Company named Kindred. She soon becomes a member.

♦ She falls in love with Peneli Zuneli.

♦ The Night of Ahrimen, Scally is summoned and vanguished.

♦ Lulu directs a Starlight play "The Moogle Knight", which ends up being a huge success.

7th Astral

♦ Lina comes out of hiding, and teams up with Penny in an attempt of getting rid of Hulu. They succeed for a while, but Hulu eventually returns. After that she goes back into hiding. Lulu doesn't meet her.

♦ Lulu and Penny leave the Kindred, and move to Mist. There they have a few minor adventures, but mostly live a normal life for a few months.

♦ The Voidseed Arc - Prelude

♦ Lulu is visited by Koko, who draws her blood. Koko later uses Lulu's blood in a summoning ritual. It triggers a reaction. The Voidseed inside Lulu awakens, and Lulu is pulled into the Void. She's saved from it by Koko, but Scally returns, after being vanguished in the Night of Ahrimen.

♦ Lumo dies trying to protect his daughter from a band of mercenaries.

♦ Due to the Voidseed awakening, Lulu starts experiencing intense aether fluctuations, frightening her as she barely stops herself from accidentally killing Penny. She tells him that because she doesn't want to hurt him, they have to stay clear from each other. They break up.

7th Astral

♦ Koko leads her to Ishgard, where they meet up with Nananomi Nomi. They continue their journey to Sharlayan with a promise that they will help Lulu there.

♦ In a night raid on their camp, Lulu is attacked by Scally. Koko manages to fend him off, and in the process exorcises the Voidseed out of the girl, but not without harm. Lulu loses sight in her left eye due to a excess of aether. She's abandoned after that, "cured", and sent home, while Koko and Nomi continue their journey.

♦ Lulu manages to ride her chocobo Lemon back to Goblet, and contacts Bexy, who takes her in.

♦ She starts a relationship with Nunupu Nupu, who she shares her room with in E.R.A.

♦ The Voidseed Arc

- The Voidseed Arc - The Hooded Stranger

- The Voidseed Arc - The Goblin Trouble

- The Voidseed Arc - The Voidsent Library

- The Voidseed Arc - The Voidseed

- The Voidseed Arc - The Red Eye

♦ The Voidal Bride

- The Voidal Bride - The Proposal

7th Astral

(Lulu gets officially adopted by Bexy and Max and finally has a family again)

- The Voidal Bride - The Wedding Band

- The Voidal Bride - The Bridesmaids

- The Voidal Bride - The Wedding Invitation

- The Voidal Bride - A Void Wedding

♦ Lulu and Nunu finally wed on the 19th Sun of 4th Umbral Moon

♦ Lulu gains access to her old apartment in Ul'dah, where she lived with her father and redecorates it into a theatre. She directs a new play for All Saints called "The Three Witches"

♦ Present


Nunupu Nupu: Her wife. A Dunesfolk girl she was once wary of, because her now ex boyfriend used to be with her. After joining E.R.A., Lulu found that the girl is actually not that bad and that they have a lot in common, not just the boy they once loved. They became a couple, and just got married.

Reiko Takahashi: Adopted sister, Lulu loves Reiko and occasionally pulls her into her escapades and more often than not, trouble.

Bexy Amalaryssia: Adoptive mother, mentor, and role model, Lulu sees in Bexy a person she would one day like to become as.

Maximilen Amalaryssia: Adoptive father, Lulu feels like she can trust this person when it comes to any trouble the young girl has.

Nicole Desborough: Reiko's lover, a intriguing girl who appears to have trouble with even the bare concept of aether. Lulu likes her mostly because of Reiko and hopes that she will be kind to Reiko after she was dumped twice already.


Linala Lina: Lulu's mother who she hasn't seen since she was four years old. She doesn't remember her, but knows that she isn't in jail anymore. She finally met her due to a series of events that led Lina in contact with Lulu's free company during The Voidal Bride story arc and led the group who rescued Lulu from Scally.

Nananomi Nomi: One of the first people she met when she first entered Goblet. For a while she had a slight crush on him, but then she met Penny. She calls him a sandpirate because he dresses like a pirate even while he's in the middle of a desert.


Lalalo Hululo: Otherwise known as Hulu, a Sultansworn who became quite the enemy of the girl even before her adventure began. She avoids him. Hulu achieved a bad ending during the Voidal Bride story arc in which his member was cut off by Lina during interrogation. He hasn't been seen since then.

Dadanpa Darenpa: A Lalafell who she met on her 16th Nameday. He claimed she is his betrothed, but even if that may have been true, Lulu had the support of her new family and managed to fight her way to be able to choose who she marries. He later admitted that he was really after Scally's eye. Lulu doesn't really like him. Dadanpa later manage to free himself from his father's influence and is now working at the Golden Bazaar as a merchant.

Chachatao Cocotao: Dadanpa's father, who has ties to the Syndicate and is in league with a group called The Red Eye Order. Although most of the Order's members are either dead due to the Voidal Bride story arc, he is one of the still surviving members. His present location is unknown.


Lulomo Lumo: Her father who took care of her ever since she was little and her mother got jailed. A overprotective person whose actions may have led to Lulu yearning for more and more freedom and adventure as she got older.

Chichamu Chamu: Her first best friend, who died during the Calamity. Lulu and Chamu were inseparable, and Chamu followed Lulu everywhere. They were a duo like no other. She was there when Lulu encountered the Voidsent in the Thaumaturges Guild.

Scally the Ahriman: An Ahriman Lulu accidentally summoned and finished a several years old spell. The Ahriman came through weakened at first, but later grew in power and was an important part of the Voidseed Arc, and was the main enemy in The Voidal Bride story arc. Now deceased, but Lulu still shudders at the mention of him and doesn't like to talk about him.


Peneli Zuneli: Lulu's ex boyfriend, someone she loved with all her heart, but can't be with anymore. Her Chocobo Knight, her hero who saved her from many dangers, and who she also saved when he needed help. She misses him very much. Currently presumed dead in the Dragonsong War.

Mistress Koko: A Lalafell witch who cleansed Lulu from the Voidseed. She looked up to her, but lately feels as if she can't trust her anymore.

Moogle title.png
Moogle title2.png

Companion and gear Image Description
Lemon the Chocobo
Lemon the Chocobo
She got Lemon as a gift from Penny. Back then, the chocobo was named Sunny, but Lulu later realised that he doesn't like that name and much more prefers the name Lemon. Which made Lulu extremely happy, since she also loves lemons.
The Moogle Bow
Moogle Bow
Her trusty bow, which she got as her 15th Nameday gift from Bexy. It is a wooden bow with metallic accessories and a Moogle plushie on top for extra cuteness.
Adventure Outfit
Lulu in her outfit
Her outfit consists of a Windsilk Shirt, red Thavnair gloves, Manderville tights and Starlight boots.

Moogle title.png
Moogle title2.png

The paint was fresh. Lulu sat as she watched her father's newest painting being dried in the afternoon sun. The canvas was fairly small, but so was the commission. "What do you think?", she heard her father's voice.

Lulu slightly inclined her head, putting a finger to her mouth. Her emerald eyes glistened in the sun that hit their balcony. She sat on a red pillow on the ground, her long hair tied into a small bun, leaving only a few strands that fell on her rosy cheeks. At last, she took a deep breath.

"It's pretty.", she said and promptly nodded.

Lumo smiled at his daughter. She was merely nine at this point, but already a handful. Just the day before he found her questioning merchants on where the Silver Bazaar is and how many days would she need to get to it. His daughter was starting to show her mather's traits and he didn't like that. It's been a year since the Calamity, and they only got their lives back in order. Many were still struggling. The mountains of sand that overflowed Ul'dah were dealt with, but that left the jewel city with the damage it caused. Many shops closed when the sandstorm hit and were still that way. Owners dead or missing in the catastrophe, leaving their shops still filled with the goods procured in the days before. The Garlean threat was gone for now, and the war profiteering stopped. But other things started. Refugees started flowing into the city from all over Thanalan. They lost their homes in the Calamity, some lost families. Lumo was grateful that his daughter was alive when he found her, lying in the street just outside the Thaumaturge's Guild. She didn't remember what happened, the girl looked dazed and lost. But she was alive. He wasn't left all alone.

"Is that for the Sultana?", she asked, still staring at the painting.

"No, dear.", he shook his head. "It's for a merchant on the Pearl Lane."

He sat on the floor next to her, putting a hand on her head. She smiled as he combed her hair gently.

"Well, if the Sultana ever sees it, she'll like it and then she'll come here and you can paint her, right?", she blabbered. Lumo nodded. Who was he to shatter her perception of her father? Even though he always did claim he wanted to paint the Sultana, he knew she would probably never be interested in being painted by a poor plainsfolk. This is a dunesfolk city and anyone who is someone is either a dunesfolk or wealthy, or both. And most of them are born into it. A mere plainsfolk that came here from Vylbrand is not going to get in that good grace with the Sultana. But just looking at Lulu being so proud of him made him try harder, search for opportunities, and there actually was a slight hope that one day he might actually succeed. To paint the Sultana… that would be the greatest honor any artist could experience. And so he tried day after day. To continually impress his daughter. The only family member left, the only woman in his life now.

"Papa?", her voice shakes him from his thoughts.

"Hm? Oh, sorry sweetie, papa was just… lost in thought."

He smiled at her and then looked around the balcony. It wasn't big, but it had memoried. They lived here for almost ten years now. In this small apartment above the Gate of Nald. The first few years were a bliss. He had a happy family. A good wife, a newborn daughter, he painted and was doing fairly well. They were new in the city and his art dazzled everyone. Back then, he was so sure that he will soon paint the Sultana and that will lift their social status.But, things suddenly changed. Lina, his wife, started acting differently. She would stay out in the city longer than usual. She would sometimes take Lulu with her, but most of the time she would leave her with him. He knew she was frequenting the Quicksand. That horrible place where she met those adventurers. Soon, she started getting noticed. Lina was a beautiful woman, there's no debating that. And her beauty got noticed by a Sultansworn. A dunesfolk fellow, not that high up in command, but clearly on his way there. One evening, after Lulu was crying for hours for her mother, Lumo went to get Lina home. He entered the Quicksand with a crying child. The place was absolutely rancid. Filled with a heavy aroma, smoke and drunken laughter. No place for a child, and he knew he needed to find Lina fast to get them both home. He made his way through the crowd of people and found his wife… arguing with a Sultansworn. The guy was obviously coming onto her, but she wouldn't have it. Her adventurer friends stood by, but let her handle it. Lumo decided to intervene. He grabbed her by the hand, and without a word started dragging her away. The next thing he felt was a strong punch on the back of his head. His knees gave and he fell to the ground, still holding his daughter. There was a loud gasp.

"Lumo!", he heard, as he looked up, facing his wife, who stood there covering her face. She dared not look at him then, because he knew that she was the one who hit him. She was obviously agitated, and provoked by the Sultansworn.She followed him home without a word that night. But, incidents like that one continued. And it all escalated one evening when she was provoked again, only this time, she punched the Sultansworn.

A life sentence in jail for attacking a Sultansworn. Lumo was devastated. His happy family destroyed. The burden of raising a child fell on him alone. From that moment on, he swore he will not let Lulu become like her mother. But to no avail. Her mother's traits soon started showing in the girl. And try as he might, her curiosity about the world started growing. When she asked about her mother, he realised, she doesn't remember her. He told her the truth. That her mother did something bad and is now being punished. Lulu didn't really understand what he meant, but as the girl was curious about everything, she soon found a new thing to focus on. Lumo was grateful for that. He didn't like talking about Lina. He visited her often in jail, telling her about Lulu. Lina loved him for that. He didn't even realize what's to come. But soon, not long from this moment, something will happen. The Calamity. And the visits will stop. They'll tell him that a lot of the prisoners died that day and that she was one of them. Buried in sand.

"Paaapaa…", he felt tugging at his arm. He looked down at Lulu, who looked at him frowny faced. "That hurts.", she said. He realised that he's been combing her head while lost in thought so much that her bun fell apart.

"Oh! Sorry!", he chuckled, helping her make the bun back. "Say… while we wait for the paint to dry, how about some ice cream?"

Lulu's face lit up as a firebug, and she immediately jumped from her red pillow.

"Lemon flavored!", she jumped around the apartment in joy, as he scrambled onto his feet.

"Lemon, huh? Since when is lemon better than rolanberry?"

She looked at him, grinning. "Since now."Lulu put her hands behind her back and gently twisted her hips, a familiar pose that Lina sometimes made. Another trait. Another step closer to his wife, and further from him. Soon, a day could come when she will want to leave to explore the world. And that means… she would be in great danger. In that moment, Lumo made a decision. He will train her in art, maybe if she becomes more like him, she will want to stay in the safety of these walls.

He smiled at her and then took her hand. "Okay. Ice cream time. Come, let's enjoy this day in the sun properly."

Lulu greeted his decision with a smile.

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Moogle title2.png

Darkness. It was all around him. He couldn’t see, not really. His big eye might have been opened, or closed, he didn’t know. Still, he couldn’t see. His sight was gone with a single shot. The last thing he saw before darkness enveloped him was the ginger Lalafell shooting an arrow at him. The one that always escaped. The one that always messed up his plans. He hated her the most. And now… she took his sight. What is an Ahriman without his sight? Without his gaze? Nothing… Maybe death should finally let him rest.

“Nicky!”, he heard someone scream and realized that the battle is still raging around him. He heard his precious Void Queen burst from her cocoon and battle them. If only he could…

Scally managed to find one of the tubes that were laying around him, the tubes that were filled with corrupted aether. The aether that made him strong. His long snake tongue managed to coil itself around an end and he pulled it towards himself. The battle was raging.

“Reiko! Don’t let her escape!”, another voice followed with a booming sound.

The corrupt aether was now flowing into his mouth once more. He tried to not move much, as to not let anyone realize he’s still alive. That’s when he realized it himself. How is he still alive? By all reason, he should be dead. He lost his sight, and… His eye. An Ahriman’s essence is inside it’s eye. If there is no eye… what is he? A husk? Just rotting flesh filled with corrupt aether?

No. He is still alive for a purpose. The Voidseed. It gave him a Void Queen.

“Now Nunu!”, this voice he recognized. It was the ginger Lalafell. Lulu. What followed was the loudest sound and the strongest aether sensation he ever felt. What in the Void?

“We did it! Look! We did it! She’s gone! Hooray!”

No… His Void Queen… the Voidseed… was… gone? It cannot be! How can she? He made sure to provide enough corrupted aether to…

Was it his share that caused this? His wish to become stronger, taking some of the aether from his Queen? Curses! Why was he so careless?

After a while he heard footsteps leaving. All but one. There were a few light feet approaching him.

“Good riddance.”, he heard her. And then he felt a kick to his side. Still playing dead, he didn’t let out any sound. After she left, he was left alone. The sounds of battle replaced by a howling wind. The Shroud was restless. The elementals must have been angry at him. So be it. As if he would be bothered by them. Better for him to just… let go and die here. Defeated, and his Queen gone.

Scally sighed and spit out the tube. All he could see was darkness. And it felt like… home.

“Keep that thing still!”, the lead mage roared.

The hoods all nodded in unison. Some of their owners pressed on the voidsent’s limbs, pressing them to the stone bed in front of them. The voidsent, a mere shadow of it’s former self, squirmed and hissed. It showed it’s sharp teeth and tried to bite some of them. The Ahriman was chained, but still possessed the strength of several men. Although, there was something different about this one particular.

It’s giant eyelid was shut, and a bloody mark left around it, as if something burst there. The hard, rough skin of the creature was dirty, worn out in battle. It’s back spikes were cut and a few mages were dulling them with stones imbued with magic. One would assume that the creature would perish from the state it was in, but this particular one endured. It hissed and cursed, but it was still alive.

Kana approached the Ahriman and observed it. “This… thing is…”

“Blind.”, said another.

“A blind Ahriman? How is that even possible?”, Kana asked.

They found it just outside of Haukke Manor, in what seemed like a battlefield. Many bodies were strung on the floor, and there were tubes filled with corrupted aether, on the brink of crystallization. The Ahriman seemed unresponsive at first, but soon it moved and the mages knew they need to take it. The Order was studying the Void and having an actual living voidsent was as close as they can get to it.

The Ahriman growled like an animal. And then… it spoke. “I… can see…”

Kana frowned and approached it. “What did you just say?”

“I can… see… her…”, it said and then sighed. “My queen…”


“Who is your queen? Speak!”, the lead mage commanded, while Kana moved out of his way.

At that point, the Ahriman raised the lid of it’s eye, revealing a mangled eye. The center of it was missing, a big hole where the iris used to be. Kana's stomach turned. He turned around to face the mountain in the distance. They followed the trail north, knowing some of their brothers went missing there. Influenced by the Void, they became slaves to the one thing they coveted. And there they found it. A ritual burial site, a deep hole filled with bodies. Mangled, their guts missing. Or, maybe not… The courtyard of Haukke Manor was full of tubes filled with corrupt aether. Maybe… His stomach turned again, just at the thought of that. He looked up at the mountain. Dravania. His brothers have been here. And then they died by the hands of this blind monster behind him.

"You will be tried for your crimes, Ahriman. We could just kill you here, but… I think torture is a better sentence.", the mage smirked.

He gave his men a nod and they dragged the creature to the middle of the hole, chaining it there. Kana climbed above the pit, observing, his cloak blowing in the wind. He looked down at the bloodied and defeated creature. The sky grew dark above, and the air smelled of sulphure. The rotting smell was only enhanced by the bodies of his comrades in the pit.

"Blind Ahriman! You will answer for your crimes… in due time. If you wish for leniency… you can get it, if you tell us which queen do you serve!", the lead mage roared.

The Ahriman was silent. It just 'looked' at the ground, motionless, defeated. Kana sighed. The lead mage took his staff and approached the creature. "Silence? So be it…", he said and lifted his staff, while a purple light enveloped the two. Kana knew that he shouldn't meddle into this, the creature murdered his brothers. But still… he wanted to do something. He soon heard ungodly shrieks of the creature from within the purple torture prison."TELL ME! WHO IS YOUR QUEEN!?"

Another scream.

Kana clenched his fists and marched down into the pit. "Niras! Stop this! The Ahriman is no good to us dead!" The lead mage emerged from the light and looked at Kana. "Kana… do you feel sympathy for it?" Kana looked up at him. "No. But… look at it. It's defeated. I'm actually surprised it's still alive. This Ahriman is different, and you know it, Niras."

Niras turned back at the Ahriman. "What do you suggest then?"

Kana approached the creature, who was only barely alive now. "There must be something it could want…"

At that moment, the black skies roared above them. Kana looked up and saw a glow from the mountain.

"Sohm Al! It… erupts!" The mages all gathered and looked at the mountain and sure, the mountain was erupting. There was lava flowing down it's edges and fire spouting out from the top. Soon, there was a shiny object being ejected from the top and into the clouds.

"Gods… that mountain hasn't been active in a long while.", one of them said.

Soon, there was a linkshell call. "They took the eye to destroy it!", he heard the voice of their informer back in Thanalan. "ERA took the eye to destroy it!"

Niras looked at the mountain again. "We… know."

"How is that even possible? Does lava melt voidstuff?", asked one of the mages.

Kana shook his head. "No… it-"

A shriek from the Ahriman. "My precious! It burns!"

Kana approached the creature. "Your precious? You… are the Ahriman the eye belonged to?" The creature screamed.

"The eye… belongs to you?", Kana smirked. "Then we may get you something you want. But you have to do something for us first."

The Ahriman turned towards him, breathing heavy. "Make your claim… man."


Easily heard rumours

"Her father was a great painter. It's a shame what happened to him."

"The ginger Lalafell running around Ul'dah? Yeah, she loves spending time in the Quicksand. Momodi seems to have taken a liking to the lass."

Moderately heard rumours

"She got into some trouble with the law. Her mother was also like that."

Hardly heard rumours

"The lass had some dealings with Voidsent, I heard. No good thing can come from that."

"Her father was overprotective of her, made her elope with a boy!"

"She's the daughter of that bandit adventurer Fury. I dunno her real name, but hear she left the poor lass with her father when the little one was merely a small child."


Rumours by other characters she meets

"If I were to describe what I felt about Lu... I would be here for a while. I love her so much and would never see her in any other light." - Nunupu Nupu

"She's... She's lovely. Her lust for adventure and inquisitive nature is second to none. She... Reminds me of me, in my youth. After... What happened with her father, i couldn't turn her away. I'd not suffer another to be alone,her above all people. I'll look after her... Protect her best i can. She is like a daughter to me." - Bexy Amalaryssia

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