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NAME: Nenia Reihnolh
BIRTHNAME: Nenia Reihnolh
GENDER: Female
RACE: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon
AGE: 24
NAMEDAY: 19th Sun, Fourth Astral Moon (July 19th)
GUARDIAN: Nophica, The Matron
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
RESIDENCE: Shirogane
STATUS: Single
AFFILIATIONS: Wayward Curiosities, Conjurer's Guild, The Adders
➤ FIRST IMPRESSION. Nenia's taller for a Miqo'te. She carries herself with a certain tightness in her shoulders, a proper stature. Tail and ears tipped dark, they do little to express her feelings where she's often fidgeting or stumbling over her words. Eyes shine with a hint of blue in the left eye. Waves of ash-brown curl about her face if she doesn't tie it up.
The Keeper is often garbed in more earthy colors; button up blouses and practical pants are typical fare for the woman. She is known to dress up from time to time, to look presentable in face of others. Nenia leans towards blues and browns for attire. As much as she can, she'll wear flowers in her hair.

➤ SCARS. None on the surface, perhaps deeper in the soul.


➤ QUIET. Nenia's a wallflower to the max. She's content with drifting to the background to observe others than be in any conversation herself.
➤ GENTLE. In a very harsh world, Nenia brings about that warm light in caring for all. Her touch is ghostlike when working so diligently as a healer. Words come just as gentle, when a friend is in need.
➤ CAUTIOUS. If the woman could have a malm-size personal bubble, she would. Where her work as a medic is a job, any personal touching between friends and people do not come easy for her. It comes with a massive inferiority complex.
➤ STUBBORN. Despite the demure personality, Nenia is stubborn to a fault when it comes to taking care of others. She rarely takes 'no' for a call to help.

A gigantic Botany nerd.
Just as skilled with practical means of medicine, as she is with Conjured-healing.
Sleeps little, early to rise.
Has a poor sense of smell in comparison to typical miqo'te traits.
Has a weakness for men in armor, for she fantasizes what sort of heroic deeds they must have accomplished, than anything physically attractive.
Practicing magics to evoke feelings and expressions in Ambience.


Apologises A Lot

Undying Loyalty

“What went wrong for her to act out this way? She used to lead such a shining example...” - Studious Conjurer, Gridania
“ Miss 'Reynolt' couldn't quite escape her savagery after all, given such an effort for an illusion. I still can't believe that's her...” - Elezen Botanist, Hyrstmill
 “That Keeper girl? Aye, we crossed paths foraging! What are the odds? She knows her stuff, that. She showed me the best spot to pick leaves for my latest blend of tea!” - Lalafellin Forager, Eastern Shroud

“There was a woman -sort- of by that name that came around from time to time to observe training. Always a flustered mess that one, but she insisted visits were only to mitigate injuries.” - Grinning Elezen Lancer, Gridania

“She's paying for what she wrought. I'm ashamed that she went as deep as Amdapor to find means to more.” - Elder Hearer, Gridania

“I heard she was taking on students outside of the guild before everything went terrible. The price for hubris, no? I just hope those would-be conjurers didn't suffer the same.” - Fellow Hearer, Gridania

“She'll never have what she once wielded, ever again. That stubbornness of hers will only hurt as time goes on.” - Brother E-Sumi, Stillglade Fen

Color Key
In A Relationship: Romantically involved with this character.
Attraction: Is drawn by this character, whether romantically, physically or both.

Platonic Love/Family: This person is considered family.
Friend: This person is considered a friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: This person is considered mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: This character has left a good impression
Neutral: No specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: This character has left a bad impression.

Dislike: This person is not considered a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: This person is considered as an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: This character is considered terrifying, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: This person is considered as a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Name.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
Bre'sae Reihnolh
'The Beast of Hyrstmill'. An old cat defying aging bones and taking his axe to hunts and endeavors to the Shroud and La Noscea. He's a gruff, protective bear of a man with a perpetual scowl on his face.
Deila 'Dejuun' Reihnolh
A Sharlayan who found her place in the Shroud. It was a private assignment to ensure the Forest's safety that turned into a permanent duty once she settled down with the gruff Bre'saen. A mysterious woman who wields a dangerous smile. She leads a simple enough life now, running an Apothecary and inhouse clinic, but isn't afraid to dirty her hands when the Adders call for her aid.
Thelmen Olberion
A Sharlayan boy who first came off as a young man rejected by the Conjury guild. In her kindness, Nenia lent her knowledge to help. Often, their time spent together was her attempts at teaching, and Thelmen prodding at a curiosity for higher power. Worried for his safety, Nenia tried to shield Thelmen and practice such experiments herself-- given her pride in magical ability. What could hurt, right? It was exactly as he wanted. The man held incredibly dangerous foresight, pulling strings to manipulate Nenia and another into pushing the boundaries of White Magic. It resulted in the loss of life and shattering betrayal. Thelmen fled capture after recovering from near-death, after much effort with Nenia and Friends to detain him. He toyed with Nenia's potential again, as much as she wished to deny him alive.

The truth came, he was indeed alive, and obsessed to finish what he started, encasing Nenia's life and potential in form of a hastily rushed soul-stone. He failed, misjudging how close she was, and how much Nenia depended on her friends. Thelmen was successfully captured and Nenia's life spared from the torture and manipulation. Thelmen still plagues her mind though, with an uncertainty if she really is a victim to this madness, or if she could have changed something, ... anything.
Anzuzu Anzu
A mysterious woman who's taken on a new form, or perhaps two. Nenia isn't quite certain, and doesn't hold it with a priority. Quirky and eccentric as Anzu is, Nenia values her wisdom and hospitality. The witch has come to be a reliable friend, even if Nenia is still haunted by the blackmail from Summers passed- that excessive apologies may lead to hugs from the quirky witch.
Someone Nenia warmed up to as a Shroud buddy, it turned out they knew each other for a lot longer than a fateful trip to Coerthas in P'tajha's aid. She found the man brash and repulsive to start, but grew to call him a friend. Arch is one of the rare few she's comfortable opening up to, likely due to his assertive attitude. There is a sense of shame and embarrassment for a clash in ideals despite working it out with words. She hopes to prove it with actions one day.
Brannon Bavol
The suave, aloof half to a pair she holds dear. They've helped her more than Nenia can ever fully express her thanks for. Brannon has his share of wisdom from time to time, otherwise, he and Nenia keep to casual company in living under one roof. She finds strength in the demeanor and tenacity Brannon displays as rough situations arise, but a worry tugs at her too. It's a worry for a feeling she's all too familiar with, not to bother others with true thoughts and uncertainties on any one matter.
A Garlean woman recently returned to the group of friends. She didn't believe it true until she saw the woman with her very eyes. The two started out very mindfully and pointedly keeping from each others' personal space, for one reason or another. Nenia's was less of fear and out of inferiority. That feeling lifted though after a fight with Silvaire, and Kirae came with an awkward hug and words and wisdom. Nenia would like to think an unspoken friendship sparked that day, and given the Elezen's demeanor to her in comparison to others-- she's grown confident in that thought. There's a wonder and worry what Kirae has gone through in recent Moons, another matter is asking.
Nazyl is a new face to Nenia, one that she feels sorry for given the situation that brought everyone together as of late. She holds a certain adoration for the care and love he gives to Sasazi, and she's eager to help in any adventures where his blade may be necessary.
P'tajha Kett
The calculating, logical half to a pair she holds dear. They've helped her more than Nenia can ever fully express her thanks for. Nenia looks up to P'tajha like a sister, but would never outright say it. The Seeker has reached out and pulled Nenia through hell and more, safe and sound. The trust that P'tajha has in her means much too. She still wears the alchemical vial given to her from a time before as something of a reminder and a charm to that friendship and woman's prowess.
Q'nagali Yehn
Still after the Summers of knowing eachother, working with one another, and talking with one another, Nenia has much to grow accustomed to for the Seeker. There had been a point where Nenia found confidence in a mutual care for one another, as brash as Naga is. She believes it's still there. Though, hurt feelings from a critical time in Nenia's plight have subsided in regards to Naga, but it's left Nenia a bit distant and unable to rely on her.
Renh Whittler
A boy she grew up with, but grew distant with the deeper she delved into her role for the Conjury Guild. It's something she regrets, but wouldn't outright say it either. Nenia believes in taking action to be there for Renh, as much as he had been for her in the most surprising of times. His regard for her despite everything has left her mildly attracted to him for that care. A faint, ghost of a memory in regard to his Conjury tugs from time to time, but she can't quite place it, or how or why she would remember.
A being that Nenia housed for a time, both bounded in aether and safe in the pendant of her necklace-- now in Arch's possession. First meeting was in an effort to save P'tajha, but Nenia wouldn't truly know Rina until Arch came to her asking for help in saving the Elemental being. At the time, Nenia had grown too comfortable with what twisted magics came about her involvement with Thelmen, it was enough to -help- at least, and so much so, it meant defying the very Elementals that Nenia revered. She found out a little too late and lived with that heavy regret as a mage on the run. However, the curious friendship formed with Rina healed it with time, but never fully.
Rina helped her with much, in encouragement to find herself, and, perhaps unintentionally, hold onto certain ideals. When the dangers of Thelmen Olberion arose, Nenia kept a successfully healing Rina away more often than not, for her sake. She couldn't live with herself if Rina was hurt or used. Nenia has since left Rina in Arch's care, with a soul too torn to hold Rina any longer without being a danger to herself. She hopes Rina can be free and her own being.
Ruran Vas
A man she first found face-first in the sands of Thanalan. Nenia helped him recover and fussed much over his well-being. She sees much of herself in Ruran, which warranted a likely overbearing sympathy. They've crossed paths a few times more, awkward and flustering messes each time. The last she heard of him was through a letter, and she prays he's alright and reaching his goals with care.
Sasazi Sazi
Such a gentle lalafellin healer that Nenia admires for coming all the way to the Far East to be with Nazyl, and safely so at that. Nenia is looking forward to more talks with this woman when she can.
A young woman that puzzles Nenia. She's someone near and dear to Archemides and Q'nagali, and Nenia can be grateful for that. There's a lack of understanding for how brash and snappy the young Garlean can be though, but Nenia doesn't ever voice these frustrations of hers.
Silvaire Faucillien
A brash, highly logical doctor, but one that Nenia admires and cares for. They didn't get along very well to start, where the Elezen blamed her for much of their mutual friends' actions, and held her responsible for them. She gladly took the challenge, goading him all the same to show care and do something than complain. Paths crossed again moons later, where the two found common likes in their work and found something respectable in one another. That closeness led to Silvaire's discovery of Nenia's ailment. He gave her hope again despite hardships, and led the charge in ending a nightmare for the woman. They work together when they can, after serving their community service, working in a clinic, and now keeping in touch via letters where their travels lead them elsewhere.
Tynos Riller
A man whose chance meetings with the woman were for care of injuries. Yet he too came to her time of need in recent developments, where she was cursed with a form and no voice. All the while, Nenia continues to give care to his injuries in hopes of a full recovery. There is a worry for misplaced affections, but Nenia has come to accept that what she holds personal, others do not. She'll dismiss it in favor of continuing care as a friend.
A once Conjury pupil that has since pursued his own endeavors. Nenia worries for the Duskwight, and where his pursuits may lead him. There's a certain sickness about the man that she wishes to help, as long as her reach is met with acceptance. She can't let another fall, not like another she takes heavy blame for.
Fate's an odd thing. She met the Raen once when jumping in over her head to deal with wayward spirits. Summers later, they meet again in growing fields, her soul black as pitch and a monstrous form to clutch her being. He came to her aid once more without question and without knowing. Memory had to tug for her too- and that memory be that a very handsom Raen in White helped her from herself, and yet again. She would never admit to -that- being most memorable than the action itself. The kindness was important! He has given her patience, kindness, shelter and a means to a voice. It means so much for the woman for such care be given between him and his sister. The least she can do is try to improve for their efforts, and give more when she can.
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