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Sounsyy Mirke
The Captain



CURRENT ALIAS... Mirke, Sounsyy Mirke

BIRTH NAME... R'sunhsi Jahkob ((OOC Only))

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te Seeker

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... 33, 11th Sun of 6th Astral Moon, 1546





TRIBE... None


OCCUPATION... Maelstrom Levy Captain

PATRON DEITY... Llymlaen

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 4 fulm, 10 ilm, 160 ponz

ALIGNMENT... Lawful Neutral - Lawmaker

SPIRIT ANIMAL... Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish


Demeanor: First and foremost, Sounsyy is a survivor. Her first war, she fought at the age of eleven - a child soldier of the Ala Mhigan Resistance. At fifteen, she achieved glory on the Bloodsands. By twenty-five, Sounsyy served as an officer in the Lominsan Armada. Those who know anything of her past often jest that she is Thal's daughter, and Thal does not want her back. To strangers, Sounsyy can be unnecessarily sharp-tongued, but to her friends you will never find a more loyal or giving heart. If you met Sounsyy in a social setting, you might think her introverted or closed-mouth, and you'd be mostly correct. But as a captain on the field of battle, she wields sword and shield and voice with irrefutable authority.

Spirituality: Sounsyy is not what most would call a devout worshiper of any deity. She grew up under the reign of the King of Ruin in Ala Mhigo and so never knew to revere Rhalgr like most of her countrymen. Because King Theodoric took Nymeia as his patron deity, Sounsyy has since come to loathe her and blame her equally for the fall of Ala Mhigo to the Garleans. The goddess Llymlaen is the only member of the Twelve that has stood apart in Sounsyy's mind. While not a worshiper of the Navigator, she often views the goddess of the wind and waves as a kindred spirit or a beacon of hope that things will get better. As for the rest of the Twelve, Sounsyy looks upon them apathetically, believing that they too, must look apathetically on her... especially Thal.

Combat: Sounsyy is an efficient, brute force attacker. She realizes that most enemies she faces will be bigger and stronger than she is, so she uses that to her advantage, oftentimes using her smaller stature and an opponent's misconception that she's weak to throw her attacker off balance. She then uses her large, heavy scutum shield as a battering ram to further disorient her enemy. Nearly twenty pounds of metal swung by a swimmer's arm into someone's thighs, hips, ribs, or face is usually enough to stagger or incapacitate most enemies.

This is when her shortsword comes into play. It's a thick blade, good for parrying or causing deep gauges or dents in armor when swung. But it's largely non-lethal until she stabs someone with it, which is her tactic to finish off disoriented opponents. If an opponent is too tall, she'll try to get in close with her blade and sting their leg or knee so they go down closer to her level. There she can hit them in the face with her shield to daze them. Then it's a matter of running the blade between their ribs or up into their side to kill them. In sport combat, she usually just leaves her attacking to her shield and will leave her opponent dazed or unconscious.

Sounsyy's also a musketeer, now Maelstrom, but formerly of the Knights of the Barracuda. When she's in Limsa or on a naval vessel, she keeps a Lominsan double-shot pistol strapped to her hip. Her musket is optimal at close to medium range only, and takes too long to reload in an actual battle, so this gets used for emergencies or cheap shots. If say a full-sized Roegadyn marauder charged her, she'd wait until he was nearly point blank and knock him down with a single shot to the face or chest. Sounsyy is a better tactician than she is a fighter, any day. Just because she knows how to fight larger opponents, doesn't always mean its the best use of her energy on a large battlefield with multiple enemies.


Fellow Ala Mhigans.
Fresh Fruit.
Gazing upon the Mizzenmast.
Tight clothing.


People of privilege.
Red meat.
Her body.


Giant monsters.
The dark.
The Black Shroud.

Height: Sounsyy is exceptionally short, even by Miqo'te standards. With her ears perked, she comes in at just under five fulms in height - her growth likely stunted by poor nutrition and injury early in life.
Body: Also unlike many of her fellow Miqo'te, Sounsyy no longer possesses a lithe frame from her youth. She is short and stocky, bearing wide shoulders and strong arms, thighs, and calves. She possesses a strong, swimmer's body.
Face: Sounsyy has large, green eyes that are often accented with gold eyeliner. She has thin, plucked eyebrows, which she used to shave during the Old Resistance. She has thin lips, her mouth curling slightly upwards at either end. She has a habit of biting her lower lip. Her lengthening light brown hair is almost always in a tangled mess or tied hastily back into a short ponytail. She tries to sweep the excess hair and bangs back over her head, but as her hair has gotten longer, it has become less cooperative. To see Sounsyy wearing her hair neatly is an extremely momentous occasion.
Scars: Horizontal scar on left cheek. Blanched white skin from third degree burns spots her left arm, shoulder, and back between her shoulder blades. Her bellybutton is elongated diagonally downwards into a scar left there from when a sword impaled her navel. She is missing her left ring finger past the middle knuckle.


Home: After the Calamity washed away her bungalow on Tiger Helm Island, Sounsyy has converted the Captain's Cabin of her Lominsan, frigate-built brigantine, the Roehmerl, into her new home. Most of her personal items salvaged from the remains of Tiger Helm are kept here.

It was a rather small cabin, plainly decorated for the most part and illuminated only a pair of lanterns flanking the cabin door. At its center rested a large desk and comfortable enough looking armchair. The fabric on the arms was worn as if they experienced more wear than the rest of the upholstery. Apart from a collection of scented candles, the desk was occupied only by a damaged Kobold's helm - a trophy Sounsyy had claimed in the Kobold Wars. Behind the chair, at the back of the cabin was a wall of glass panes from floor to ceiling. Both side walls were decorated with ornate drapes. Though most of the tapestries were made of less-than-fine cloth, they each appeared to be from varying origins about the world, keepsakes from distant lands.

On the port wall, below a section where the tapestries parted was a small vanity mirror and chest of drawers. If the chest contained any sundries at all, they were all tucked away from sight. The opposite, starboard wall possessed no additional furniture, adorned only by the tapestries. Finally, against the entrance on one side of the door sat a smallish armoire, its wood matching that of her desk and vanity. A wine rack occupied the opposite side of the door. Only a few bottles adorned the furnishing. There was no bed or cot to be seen inside the cabin. If Sounsyy slept here, it was not immediately evident where.

Travel Pack: Wherever Sounsyy goes, her travel pack goes with her. In appearance, it's a simple, worn leather satchel that straps to her left hip and thigh. In it, the following items can be found:

Worn Iron Marlinspike - A nautical tool used for unlaying lines, untying knots, or making hitches aboard her vessel. While mostly useless on land, Sounsyy carries it with her as a last-ditch improvised weapon.
Storm Captain's Insignia - A pretty metal insignia depicting the Lominsan standard with gold leaf trim. When operating at an official Maelstrom capacity, Sounsyy pins this to her collar, but otherwise keeps it tucked away but on-hand when off duty.
Gagaroon Luck-die - A tiny die used as currency by the Qiqirn. Sounsyy does not use these for bartering with the beast race, but she does keep four floating around her bag for good luck. Not that she wholly believes in such a thing.
Red Lotus Gem - A small red gemstone found at the bottom of Mirke's pack. An ornate carving of an Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish adorns one side, but otherwise seems like a useless paperweight - which is precisely what Sounsyy was using it as, coincidentally.
Freshwater Canteen - Sounsyy always carries a full waterskin with her whenever she ventures out for several hours into Thanalan or La Noscea, but a spare canteen with fresh water has never gone amiss.
Spare Ammunition and Powder - For Sounsyy's two-shot Lominsan pistol. Seeing as how she rarely uses the firearm and that it takes impractically long to reload, she rarely carries more than a dozen packets.
Assorted Crystal Shards and Linkpearls - Isolated in a separate pouch apart from the rest of the pack are a collection of crystal shards and linkpearls of varying colors. Of the nearly one score pearls in her possession, the majority are a bright yellow color, which she gives to those she wishes to keep in direct contact with. Surprisingly handy to keep about, Sounsyy has also made use of her small collection of shards in ways ranging from cooking to bartering with adventurers.


Ala Mhigan Scutum - Grindstone's infamous shield. This scutum is thicker than the average shield, made from cobalt sheets a little over two ilms in thickness. It is nearly four fulms in height, a fulm and a half wide, and weighs eighteen ponz. Unlike most scutums, the scratched and weathered surface of her particular shield is slightly convex, the outside edges of the shield sloping inward and tapering off so that weapons or Garlean bullets are more likely to glance off the shield rather than apply full force to a single point and penetrate.
Lominsan Shortsword - While Sounsyy learned to effectively use shortswords whilst fighting in the Bloodsands, she received this particular blade upon joining the Knights of the Barracuda in 1567. She keeps this 18 ilm, cobalt blade strapped just above her rear.
Barracuda Officer's Pistol - Sounsyy keeps this two-shot Lominsan pistol holstered to her right hip for an easy quickdraw. Like all newly promoted Barracuda officers, Sounsyy's musket was commissioned for her by the Coral Tower a few moons before the formation of the Maelstrom. The stained-black twin barrel of this particular musket is short enough to carry on her hip with ease, but limits the weapon's range significantly. This suites Sounsyy just fine, as she's always been a terrible shot, and much prefers to shoot her targets at close range.


Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
“There's a lot o' laws on the Five Seas. There's the Admiral's laws, the pirate kings' laws, the Code, and hells there's the law o' the Navigator 'erself! That captain though, she got 'er own laws.” - Black Sails Veteran (Limsa Area)
“Aye, Mirke, that's the broad who got 'er whole damn Levy killed. Five years ago now, but I remember 'er well.” - Keen Plainsfolk (Limsa Area)
“Mirke! Been hearing that name quite a lot around Ul'dah lately. Apparently she can't be beat with that shield of hers.” - Exhausted Gladiator (Fresca's Wash)
“Give Susuroon jingle-shinies and Susuroon tell all about Soohseet Mark.” - Unhelpful Qiqirn (Limsa Area)

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
“Ye lookin' fer the short, brown 'aired girl? Aye me too, she ain't come over in a... eh, never ye mind.” - Sketchy Roegadyn (Limsa Area)
“I heard she bought her way outta the seventh hell on the Bloodsands in Ul'dah.” - Impoverished Highlander (Ul'dah Area)
“Oy, keep yer voice down n' careful where ye go abouts askin' for that lass! If ye be wantin' yer tongue that is.” - Raptor Pirate (Limsa Area)

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
“My name's J'oraab Odda. I fought in Mirke's Levy in the Battle of Carteneau, but the left flank fell and we were all scattered. It's a miracle any of us made it out alive. I ain't been back, stayed here in Revenant's Toll as a guard. But Mirke, I know Mirke would be back to where the fighting's thickest as soon as she was able.” - Seasoned Adventurer (Revenant's Toll)
“I watched her on the Bloodsands once, many years ago. Incredible! Simply incredible! Wish I had bet the other way.” - Nostalgic Patron (Ul'dah, Limsa Area)

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
Feel free to add your own rumors here!
"Was hoping she would be the one to beat me, but that doesn't mean we won't have other chances." Iron Sea
"It's always nice to meet a Captain of the Navy-- especially one with a good head on her shoulders and an iron stomach!" L'yhta Mahre
"She said she has a warship, and cannons, and everything! She's also got quite the bite, watch your shins!" Aya Foxheart
"I almost feel sorry for anyone who catches the broad side of her shield. Almost." Warren Castille
"She used to be a champion, or something like that. All bluster with a big mouth. I wonder what she will look like broken...I can't wait to see..." Lho'a Garanjy
" Squawk!" Dodo
"From when I was a child, all the way to now... For fifteen years, I wondered if what I saw in her was true. It was." Ryanti Veanysus
"A positive attentive lady, surely. She spoke at the Navigator's stone of Her mercy and the purpose of having direction. Was quite moving. Plus, I have seen she has a powerful shield arm." Jancis Milburga
"She spoke on behalf of the Maelstrom in Ishgard! It was very inspiring. Thaliak truly blesses her for sharing not only history, but the intention of recalling it. Does not let the lessons of the past be forgotten." Jancis Milburga


Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Sophie Mirke ( ) ( 1552 - ???? )
Sophie Mirke was named by her father, Mirke Regarde, which is why she has a Hyuran first name. She was only four when the Garleans invaded Ala Mhigo. She remembers almost nothing of her home. Sounsyy carried her all the way from Ala Mhigo to Gridania on her back. Sophie has lived there among the other orphans ever since. A few months after Sounsyy and Sophie arrived in Gridania, an alliance of Ala Mhigan refugees, calling themselves the Resistance, came to Gridania searching for more recruits. Sounsyy joined their cause, leaving her sister in the care of Miounne. Sounsyy never returned. Sophie assumed her sister was killed in battle, so the Gridanians became her only family.
Cambre Bellanger ( ) ( 1545 - ??? )
Sounsyy's closest friend. Cambre grew up with Sounsyy in Ala Mhigo. She was 11 when the Garleans invaded whereupon she was separated from her friends and family. She was lost in the Twelveswood for several days before Gridanian Wood Wailers found her. She has always been by Sounsyy's side since that day, refusing to let another person she considers family come to harm. In one final attempt to reclaim Ala Mhigo from the Garleans, Cambre was gravely injured. She was saved by a healer named Dasil, who would later become her husband. She then moved to Limsa Lominsa where she has come to peace with her past. She does not speak of Ala Mhigo and her only reference to its existence is her hobby of picking flowers and hanging them on the wall of her home, a passtime of hers in her youth.
Iyrnlahz Sylbahctsyn ( ) ( 1527 - 1572 )
Sounsyy's Commanding Officer in the Maelstrom. Iyrnlahz recruited the young miqo'te, having no expectations, and was completely caught off guard when she showed promise. She far outshined the other recruits, and she soon became his favorite. After four key victories against the Garlean threat, Iyrnlahz pushed for her immediate promotion to Lieutenant and eventually Captain. The young miqo'te reminded him of himself in his younger years. He never told Sounsyy this, infact he rarely showed her any hint of his favoritism. He pushes her harder than the rest, but Sounsyy still considered him a good friend and ally. Iyrnlahz fought bravely by Sounsyy's side in the Battle of Cartaneau but fell protecting her.
Caerkoel Maeticeigwyn ( ) ( 1540 - ??? )
Circa the year 1562 6AE, the Corpse Brigade grew infamous in Ul'dah for the highway robbery of Ul'dahn merchant caravans and the kidnapping of wealthy Ul'dahn elite. So Caerkoel, a bright, young Sultansworn lead a detachment of Brass Blades posing as merchants into southern Thanalan to put an end to the Brigade. The ploy succeeded and in the ensuing battle, Caerkoel defeated and captured several Corpse Brigade grunts, including Sounsyy. Sounsyy was taken to the Sultanate's gaol where she was handled by the Brass Blades for information against the Corpse Brigade. Eventually convinced that the girl knew nothing of use, Sounsyy's gaolers were content to let her die in one of the Coliseum's prison matches... only, to their surprise, she didn't.

R E L A T I O N S (PC)

Yangh Linh ( )
A woman with a tender soul and a soft touch, who Sounsyy fell very quickly for. In an attempt to reconcile her avoidance of Otto Vann's romantic advances, Sounsyy sought out the Priestess for her counsel. What was supposed to be a brief counselling session turned into a week-long exploration of Sounsyy's deeply buried feelings on romance, resulting in Sounsyy developing a strong attraction for the Keeper instead. Unfortunately, her work with the Maelstrom called her away from her new-found lover, and when she returned, Yangh was nowhere to be found.
Franz Renatus ( )
Known to her only as Franz, this stoically silent friend has earned Sounsyy's trust without trying. Sounsyy has seen he is a friend to many and has herself spent some time with the ginger highlander. But Sounsyy knows little of this man's past, and he little of hers. How long can their friendship grow on such sparse soil?
Iron Sea ( )
A bull of a fighter with a heart of gold. Sounsyy first met Iron Sea at a fighting event hosted by Otto Vann and later bonded over like injuries and mutual acquaintances. She admires the man as much for his loyalty to his charge as his martial prowess, though the latter leaves her with mixed emotions. Shortly after Iron Sea announced he was turning his life around and joining the Maelstrom, Iron Sea mysteriously disappeared into the north. Word has reached her that he was gravely wounded defending the Pelicier House.
P'azih Tia ( )
A young Tia with ambitions of becoming a great Nunh of his tribe. Though initially Sounsyy had little interest in P'azih's ambitions, caring only that he had violated her personal space, she later became more fond of the boy for his youthful whimsicalness and naivety. More than anything, Sounsyy finds amusement in P'azih's clumsiness in the face of adversity.
A young and timid Seeker Sounsyy met in the Quicksand shortly after learning she was the object of P'azih's affections. Sounsyy knows very little about the young woman, but seems to enjoy her company all the same. After rescuing P'azih from self-harm, she decided to go against P'azih's wishes and have as close to a heart to heart with the woman as Sounsyy could feasibly give, encouraging the woman to further pursue her interests - whatever those may be.
Kiht Jakkya ( )
Sounsyy met this leader of some wayward Keeper Miqo'te in the Quicksand after assaulting a patron for said patron's insulting remarks regarding Sounsyy and one of Kiht's clansmen. As of yet Sounsyy knows very little about the Keeper but respects the young leader as one captain to another all the same. In a more recent meeting Sounsyy obliged the Keeper, now without family, in helping track down a mysterious Illuminati vessel somewhere in Vylbrand.
Makyn Loneseeker ( )
A young man responsible for one of Sounsyy's more recent scars. Sounsyy and Makyn met in a Grindstone duel which resulted in both fighters impaling each other on their swords. After her defeat, Sounsyy returned to the Grindstone, winning the competition thrice in as many weeks and earning the admiration of the crowd as well as this young mercenary. He has expressed his romantic interest in her, but Sounsyy does not view him this way in return.
Osric Melkire ( )
At the time of their first meeting, Osric was a Chief Sergeant in the Immortal Flames. In exchange for not beating a disrespectful Miqo'te bloody in the Ruby Road Exchange, Osric gifted Sounsyy a fancy coin for a fancy drink. And so this act would be a foreshadowing of their relationship to come - everything for a small price. Moons later, the former Chief Sergeant needed help, but this time Sounsyy wanted something pricier. Information on his estranged Immortal Flames for a clean slate in Limsa Lominsa.
Lho'a has been the thorn in Sounsyy's foot ever since she happened across his brier. Sounsyy isn't sure what prompted his harassment, if it was anything at all, but the vile creature has made a game of mocking, taunting, and poking at Sounsyy, prompting her to lash out violently against him, breaking his face, breaking his finger, and breaking any chance of having children the whoreson might have had. Yet he persists despite this, and Sounsyy has the nagging feeling that he is far more dangerous than the pathetically childish performance he displays.



The Fall and the Rise of the Old Resistance ( 1557 - 1561 )

During the Fall of Ala Mhigo, Sounsyy's parents gave their lives safeguarding Ala Mhigan loyals out of the city. Sounsyy's mother, R'naalhe Whayko, fell leading a column of refugees into the Black Shroud. Sounsyy carried her little sister alone to Gridania.

Sounsyy lived with the other refugees near Gridania for a time. While many, including Sounsyy's little sister, began to adapt and assimilate into Gridanian life, Sounsyy was unable to find peace and quell her anger for the Garleans and was eventually cast out by the conjurers of Quarrymill.

A faction of refugees, warriors, and idealists calling themselves the Ala Mhigan Resistance arrived a few moons after in Gridania. They sought to recruit the Eorzean city-states into providing their armies to help retake Ala Mhigo. When negotiations failed, the Resistance began gathering able-bodies to retake it themselves. Sounsyy joined this cause, leaving her sister in Gridanian care. She promised her she would return soon and they could go home.

Sounsyy never returned and the Resistance was never able to gain a foothold against the Empire. Three years came and went while the scant Resistance bled themselves dry upon the fields of Gyr Abania. In a daring assault against the Empire, the Resistance attempted to seize an Ala Mhigan watchtower refitted as a Garlean forward outpost. The battle was a massacre and Garlean reinforcements forced what little remained of the Resistance in full retreat and crushed all hopes of reclaiming their home.

The Corpse on the Bloodsands ( 1562 - 1564 )

Unable to return to Gridania, the remnants of the Resistance marched south through Paglth'an to the southern and eastern edges of Thanalan where word of an Ala Mhigan settlement had been erected by Ul'dahn refugees seeking asylum. Sounsyy, broken and defeated, came to live there.

Because of the efforts of the Ala Mhigan heroine and gladiator J'moldva the Hellfire Phoenix, Ala Mhigans were able to receive work in and around the city and many of the Resistance members chose to hash out this sort of life. Sounsyy, however, was discontent to see her people reduced to such lows and began to turn down a darker path.

While most Ala Mhigans today view the Corpse Brigade's actions as damnable, enduring sickness, poverty, and discrimination at the hands of Ul'dah led many a young Ala Mhigan into the hands of the former King of Ruin's kingsguard. Now king-less, the Corpse Brigade acted in their own interest, robbing Ul'dahn merchants and kidnapping for ransom to secure both money and weapons for the Ala Mhigan Resistance. Sounsyy readily joined this crew of bandits.

In a trap and raid led by Ul'dah's Sultansworn, many of these new Corpse Brigade grunts were captured or killed for their crimes against the Sultanate, Sounsyy being one of those captured. She was thrown into the Marasaja Pit and interrogated by Brass Blades. When they had beaten her near to death and were convinced she knew nothing of use, they forced her to become a Noxius (prison) fighter on the Bloodsands where they figured she would die.

Sounsyy, injured by the Brass Blades, barely overcame her first duel on the Bloodsands against another Noxius fighter. In a desperate grapple, Sounsyy killed the man by bludgeoning him with his own pauldron.

Sounsyy was scouted by an aged Lanista named Roroludo Dodoludo after her victory and trained to use a shield and sword in combat. He taught her how to overcome larger foes and to favor her shield while other Gladiators honed their swordplay. Sounsyy went on to win eleven Bloodsands matches against gladiators and beasts under the name of Mirke the Maimer.

When her bond had been paid in full, the Brass Blades attempted to retain her, resulting in the Brass Blades and a Sultansworn sustaining injuries. With a new warrant for her arrest out in Ul'dah, Sounsyy fled back north to rejoin the reformed Resistance lines on the Gyr Abanian Front.

Assault on the Cermet Wall ( 1564 - 1565 )

In an effort to defend their forward stronghold in Ala Mhigo as well as keep all conquered Ala Mhigans inside the city, Garlemald began constructing a massive wall around the fallen city-state.

After several failed assaults on the Wall, the Resistance realized the only victory that could be had was to sneak Resistance and Eorzean spies past the Wall and into Ala Mhigo while a force drew the Garlean's attention. The mission was a success, but at great loss of life on the Resistance side. Cambre, Sounsyy's closest childhood friend, was gravely injured in the assault and Sounsyy was nearly killed defending her body.

Recovery ( 1565 - 1567 )

Cambre, being too greatly wounded to continue to serve in the Resistance, was forced into early retirement. At her healer's behest (a young man named Dasil Bellanger) she moved to Limsa Lominsa to recuperate. Sounsyy went with her and together with her Bloodsands winnings bought a small bungalow on Tiger Helm Island near Gods' Grip on Vylbrand.

Cambre and Dasil grew closer and were married in 1567. The three were close friends and when Dasil moved in with Cambre, Sounsyy took it upon herself to find employment in Limsa to give the two more space. She joined Limsa's Knights of the Barracuda.

The Fighting Fish and the Barracuda ( 1567 - 1572 )

Upon joining the Knights of the Barracuda, Sounsyy was assigned to the 6th Squadron's 4th Levy Infantry under Captain Sterransa Syntkhrawyn, a ruthless Sea Wolf, worse than many of the pirates she killed for the Thalassocracy.

Sounsyy and Sterransa had a strong disliking of one another, though the Sea Wolf captain would later become a strong role model for Sounsyy. Instead of quitting, Sounsyy took the torture and rose through the ranks as a competent sailor and Barracuda. When Sterransa was killed in a battle with Reavers, Sounsyy rose to the occasion and took over command of the battle, turning the tide against the pirates and securing a desperate victory for the 'Cuda.

Having kept tabs on her progress since her recruitment and subsequent tactical victories under the heel of Sterransa, Commander of the 3rd Squadron, Iyrnlahz Sylbahctsyn, pushed for Sounsyy's promotion to Lieutenant and transferred her into the 3rd Squadron's officer training under his command. After several more key victories and excelling to the top of her class in tactical training, Iyrnlahz recommended her for promotion to Captain in 1572 and gave her command of an infantry unit in the 7th Levy.

Weathering the Storm ( 1572 - Calamity )

During the 7th Levy's early months, they were thrust into the front of the Kobold Wars in the northern reaches of the La Noscea region. Tasked with rooting and bombarding the kobolds within Mount O'Ghomoro, the fields around Iron Lake were known as some of the most bloody battlefields for the 'Cuda.

Sounsyy succeeded in shaping the 7th into a well-oiled machine and became infamous among the other Knights of the Barracuda who were involved in the Kobold Wars. Just before the formation of the Maelstrom, the 7th was caught in a firefight with a Garlean scouting centuriae while engaged with the kobold. The 7th Levy held their position at the Iron Lake Garrison until reinforcements could arrive.

After the formation of the Maelstrom, the first five Squadrons were swallowed into the grand company and re-purposed to combat the Garlean threat. Because of their reputation, the 7th Levy was told to stay put and hold the Iron Lake region against all threats and now to defend the kobold against Garlean assault. Less than a moon before the Calamity, a Garlean cohor charged the garrison, seeking to push southwards into La Noscea and Limsa. The 7th was able to hold the assault, but was destroyed in the process.

Devastated and furious that she was being court marshaled for the loss while acting under orders, Sounsyy went to Iyrnlahz seeking a favor. For him to assign the remnants of the 7th to die on Carteneau with dignity. He eventually relented. Iyrnlahz was killed in battle and Sounsyy was gravely wounded. Her Levy was decimated and what few survived Carteneau dispersed to other occupations.


The Trauma of Wounds Never Healed ( 0001 - 0005 )

Sounsyy's life was saved by a Sultansworn elite, Caerkoel Maeticeigwyn, on the Carteneau fields aiding in the retreat. She carried Sounsyy south into the medical camp at Bluefog while the XIVth Legion pressed its advance in the moments following the Calamity.

Sounsyy's wounds, as well as the rough journey to Ul'dah, resulted in her near passing. Her life held by but a thread for many weeks, and even after as she stabilized, aether sickness from the Elder Primal's wrath wracked her form and mind, slowing recovery. She entered transient comatose states for several moons after. It wasn't until over a year had passed since the Calamity that she began to heal and return to the world of the living.

When the former Captain awoke from her coma and was deemed fit for travel nearly after, she was transferred to Vylbrand's newest military hospital, the Warmwine Sanitorium, in Bronze Lake. The next couple years were spent in therapy, regaining her strength, relearning to walk, speak, and care for herself. She was heavily medicated for most of this time, the pain often too much to bare or sleep through. Here began her addiction to alcohol.

Braving the Rough Sea ( 0005 - Present )

Upon making her full recovery, Sounsyy returned to the city of Limsa Lominsa for the first time since the Calamity. There she met Iyrnlahz's successor, a former Kraken's Arm by the name of Sabine Gavronchette. The new commander reinstated Sounsyy as Captain and because of her extensive history, placed her in charge of sensitive operations in the Thanalan region and the Merlthor under the official guise of protecting Vesper trade routes.

More butts.




[1572] Revenants
[0005] Into Briny Depths (Somewhat Retconned)
[0002] Alone
T H E 7 T H

Before the Calamity, the 7th Levy Infantry was a small unit of the Thalassocratic Navy's 3rd Squadron. Tasked with patrolling the Straight of Merlthor and the surrounding coasts, the 7th Levy's orders were to occupy and hold the region surrounding Iron Lake. Camp Iron Lake acted as a forward operations center in the Maelstrom's campaigns against the Kobold, while also serving as a first line defense from Garlean forces seeking to infiltrate further south into La Noscea. Shortly before the Levy's demise, Storm Captain Sounsyy Mirke was given orders to safeguard supply caravans and civilian pilgrims moving through the area.

According to Captain Mirke's official report, on the 22nd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon, a Garlean invasion force attacked the Iron Lake Garrison. As per orders, the 7th Levy held their position against the attack, sustaining heavy losses. Forty-three men and women of the 7th were found among the dead. Those lost were put to sea in the Straight of Merlthor. The remaining seventeen members of the 7th Levy were recalled to Limsa Lominsa and placed on administrative leave. Captain Mirke faced court martial and removal of rank pending criminal charges. However, when the Maelstrom's forces were amassing on the Flats of Carteneau, the 7th Levy returned to active service per Commander Iyrnlahz Sylbahctsyn's orders. Eleven men and women of the 7th were reported killed in action or are currently missing in action, presumed dead, including Levy Captain Sounsyy Mirke.

-Maelstrom Official Records, Year '02 of the Seventh Umbral Era


Sources within Ul'dah's Sultansworn confirm that former MIA Levy Captain Mirke suffered severe physical and mental trauma during the Calamity and was admitted into long-term hospitalization at Frondale's Phrontistery. Upon making suitable recovery, Levy Captain Mirke was transferred to Warmwine Sanitorium to complete her recovery under Maelstrom supervision. Captain Mirke has since been readmitted into the Maelstrom and pardoned of pending court marshal for desertion, reckless endangerment, and war crimes. Commander of the 3rd Squadron, Sabine Gavronchette granted Mirke command of the 3rd Squadron's 8th Levy Tactical Operations Unit and control over the Thalassocratic Navy's frigate-built brig, the Roehmerl. Levy Captain Mirke has been ordered to carry out sensitive tactical operations on Thanalan soil while maintaining the cover of protecting trade lines in the Straight of Merlthor. The 8th Levy has been outfitted with trusted veterans to aid her in this endeavor.

-Maelstrom Official Records, Year '01 of the Seventh Astral Era

Roehmerl officers.jpeg

Thalassocratic Navy's 3rd Squadron, 8th Levy Tactical Operations Unit

Ship: the Thalassocracy's Roehmerl. A frigate-built brig. Lominsan crimson, square-rigged sails. Steel frame and keel. 60 yalms fore to aft. Dark brown stained oak bulwark and planks. Two cedar masts. Outfitted with eight cannons. Originally a pirate smuggler's vessel of Aerslaent make, it was captured and re-purposed by the Knights of the Barracuda nine years ago. Initially faithfully serving the 2nd Squadron in the Bloodbrine Sea, its Sea Wolf crew named it the Roehmerl, after the dangerous northern currents. In the 1st Year of the 7th Umbral Era, it was transferred to the 3rd Squadron after several 3rd Squadron vessels were transferred to the 4th following the primal Leviathan's attack.

Commanding Officers:

Commander Sabine Gavronchette - Age: 41. One of the many tentacles of Carvallain's Kraken's Arms pirates, Gavronchette was a feared pirate, smuggler, and enforcer for the pirate king for many years until she joined the Maelstrom after the Calamity. A public supporter of Bloefhiswyn, many have wondered in private if her true loyalties still lie with Carvallain. While she was still one of the Kraken's Arms, Gavronchette married Jaleh Deimaux, a Hannish maritime archaeologist, in 1561 and endeavored to be the loving second parent Jaleh's child had never had.
Captain Sounsyy Mirke - Age: 33. An Ala Mhigan native who joined the Knights of the Barracuda in 1567. She was originally assigned to the 6th Squadron's 4th Levy under Captain Sterransa Syntkhrawyn. Mirke served as Master Gunner aboard the Sea Wolf's vessel until in a devastating ambush by Sahagin and Reavers, Syntkhrawyn and most of her Levy were killed in action. Mirke assumed command of the remains of Syntkhrawyn's fleet and was able to drive the Sahagin into retreat. She was awarded the Aquamarine Cross in 1570 and transferred into the 3rd Squadron's officer training program where she earned top marks in naval tactics and strategems. She was promoted to Captain of the 7th Levy in 1572.
1st Lieutenant & Quartermaster P’welro Rela - Age: 30. An Aleport native and skilled sailor from a young age. Rela joined the Lominsan Armada's 4th Squadron to protect her father's merchant ships on their journey across the Five Seas. She and her husband served in the same Levy until the squadron was crippled in the wake of Leviathan's tidal wave which claimed Halfstone. Carteneau veteran. Known Echo user.

Warrant Officers:

Master & Pilot Fhruhsunn Wakkrammsyn - Age: 59. Former seaman of Admiral Bloefhiswyn's League of Lost Bastards in his youth. Wakkrammsyn became a navigator for a merchant fleet which opened trade with the nation of Mamool Ja after returning from the New World. Violent history with the Reavers and Sahagin. Mamool Ja witnesses to the event claim one Serpent Reaver screamed "Traitor!" at the old Sea Wolf before ripping out his tongue.
Pilot's Mate Marjanie Deimaux - Age: 25. Daughter of the Hannish Garlond Ironworks engineer and maritime archaeologist, Jaleh Deimaux, and adopted daughter of Commander Sabine Gavronchette. After Deimaux's estrangement from her biological mother in 1567, Commander Gavronchette brought her up as a "spice runner" for the Kraken's Arm pirate faction where she gained infamy as an exceptional helmsman and sharpshooter. Despite Deimaux's strained relationship with her mother Jaleh, she has inherited her curiosity and passion for oceanography and ichthyology.
Boatswain & Master-at-Arms Jada Moui - Age: 37. Former arms supplier for various pirate factions in the isles of the south seas. Rumored to have been marooned, Moui built a forge in the deep south and created a veritable arms empire until she was shut down by the Maelstrom. In exchange for her freedom, she offered her skills at forging arms as well as her skill as a weaponsmaster to the Coral Tower. Her endgame is unknown.
Master Gunner & 1st Cannoneer Pamido Wolmido - Age: 62. Once a pirate captain who fancied himself royalty until his territory in the South Sea was taken over by the Terror of the Rhotano. The self-appointed "King of the Southern Isles" headed northeast to settle in the Rothlyt Sound after wild tales of one-hundred year old gil were found near Mazlaya.


Cook Susuroon Shortsnout - Age: 23. If Pamido Wolmido is to be believed, Susuroon Shortsnout was once a pirate scrag for an all Qiqirn pirate faction on Mazlaya some dozen and a half years ago. How Susuroon survived with naught but a scar when the rest of his crew were killed by Pamido Wolmido's crew remains a mystery. Since the Calamity the two have served together in the Maelstrom, Susuroon as a cook and cargo inspector and Pamido Wolmido holding a variety of positions on a variety of ships.
Sail-master T'laom Lavyo - Age: 38. Claiming to have been born in one of Meracydia's northern ports, Lavyo was apprehended in the Maelstrom's raid on the Forge. Though she's claimed no affiliation to any crew, pirate or mercantile, leading some to suspect she was either shipwrecked or marooned on the island and taken in by Moui. The two Miqo'te are fiercely loyal to one another and have refused to serve in different Levies.
Surgeon & Carpenter Cwaenlona Eifagohtawyn - Age: 44. Single mother of two. Uses native plants to create alchemical salves. Her clinic treated Knights of the Barracuda by day, but pirates by night. When she was found out, she began selling pirate information to the Barracuda. Her faithful contributions to the Thalassocracy have been duly noted and the Maelstrom has seen fit to provide financially for her children, one who has a promising apprenticeship as a Vymelli shipwright and the other a practicing surgeon. The Maelstrom may have a great need for both in the future.
Surgeon's Mate Simin Haiib - Age: 55. Thavnairian native. Until five years ago, Haiib was a surgeon in the Hannish navy. Several malms off the coast of Thavnair, Jade Sea pirates reportedly attacked an Eorzean emissary's vessel transporting a Hannish noble from his summer home in Vylbrand. By the time the navy intervened, there was little Haiib could do for them. She claims this was her motivation for joining Mealvaan's Gate, to study a magical healing where conventional methods may fail her. A more popular theory is that she's seeking revenge on behalf of the dead noble, who happened to be her brother.
2nd Cannoneer M’sizh Lohp - Age: 32. Former Yellowjacket. Lohp was stationed at Camp Skull Valley during the Kobold Wars where she was instrumental in salvaging and using kobold-made bombs in the defense of the camp.
3rd Cannoneer Sloane Fishington - Age: 35. A former smuggler and estranged daughter of a wealthy fishing tycoon who was a huge supporter of the previous Admiral. Fishington allegedly stole family money to pay her way into the Lominsan underworld. The Maelstrom's own contacts in the Edelweiss note that Fishington was never one to be afraid of getting her hands dirty to get what she wanted. Turns out, what she wanted was to be noticed by the Maelstrom.
4th Cannoneer Hound Foer - Age: 44. Former 2nd Squadron Knight of the Barracuda. Foer doesn't talk about what he did in the Bloodbrine. All that is known is that his Levy took part in several bloody raids against Sea Wolf vikings in the north sea isles. He used to have a dog, but won't talk about her either.
5th Cannoneer Berasaem Gybetsatzwyn – Age: 40. A marauder from the North Sea. She joined the Maelstrom not long after Foer returned from his service in the Bloodbrine.
6th Cannoneer Russo Beard – Age: 48. A beast tamer from The Pearl, Beard had dedicated his life to the mastering and study of exotic beasts the world over. How he came to join the Knights of the Barracuda is anyone's guess, but a popular theory is that he was once an agent of Azeyma's Shields under Isleguard W'mhelgo Hena prior to the Calamity.
7th Cannoneer Syhrelak Aermagynnsyn – Age: 45. A gifted goldsmith and tinkerer from Ul'dah. Aermagynnsyn built and maintenanced the many mammet servitors who operated Ul'dah's golden fleet of mercantile vessels. He was aboard a merchant ship belonging to the East Aldenard Trading Company when Jade Sea pirates attacked and took him and his collection of servitors captive. Ever the cunning Monetarist, Aermagynnsyn convinced the pirates he could improve the workings of their cannons to shoot further and more accurately if they allowed him to live. He cut the same deal when those pirates were later hanged for their crimes against the Thalassocracy.
8th Cannoneer Swozkhan Marmharrwyn – Age: 42. A south seas pirate who worked under Bosun Moui's employ at the Forge. Marmharrwyn reportedly lead her crew to the island seeking food and water on her journey south to Meracydia. However, upon meeting Jada Moui the Forgekeep, Marmharrwyn pledged her axe and her crew to protect the isle, and thus Moui's empire began.
Musiker Juselmont Comeau - Age: 63. Comeau was a dedicated Gridanian Wood Wailer born and raised in the Sylvan city-state. His family has carried on the tradition of the lance supposedly since the days of Wailer Captain Mistalle. However, after witnessing the Battle of Silvertear Skies some twenty years ago, Comeau retired from his lifelong post and set out into Eorzea to take up the call of an adventurer during the Age of Calm to protect not just his homeland of Gridania but the realm at large.
Aric Lonvere - Age: 43. Former War Sails privateer. Rumored to have been a Salthound who joined the Knights of the Barracuda in 1562 during the rush to Swallowtail Roam, Lonvere proved to be a staunch supporter of Admiral Bloefhiswyn's regime. Lonvere was injured at Carteneau and now walks with a limp.
Glazmhus Wytaberkwyn - Age: 51. For many years Wytaberkwyn captained a merchant vessel named the Firewater out of Aleport. Her brand of ales, whiskies, and brandies well received throughout the southern isles and the many coastal villages across Vylbrand. Six years back, Wytaberkwyn's ship was met by three pirate ships seeking to plunder all that she held in her hold. Infuriated by their demands, Wytaberkwyn reportedly stuffed her hat into a bottle of her finest whiskey, lit it aflame, and hurled it at the nearest offending ship which within an instant set its mast and sails ablaze. Before the pirates could stifle the inferno, the mast had cracked and fallen across the other two vessels, spreading the flame. This turn of events earned her the playful moniker "Cap'n Firewater" and the flaming bottle of whiskey has since become her brand's label after Wytaberkwyn's daughter took over the business.

Thalassocratic Navy's 3rd Squadron, 8th Levy Provisional Unit

The 8th Levy Provisional Unit was hastily formed following the events of Dust To Dust. When contact was lost with the 8th Levy, Commander Sabine Gavronchette scrambled a crew of mixed talents and placed them under the command of Captain Cambre Bellanger, an old friend of Mirke's and a trusted 6th Squadron sailor. At first tasked with Search & Rescue of the lost 8th Levy, their mission evolved into providing material aid to the stranded crew in Dravania, repairs, provisions, and medical aid. Now with the safe return of the 8th Levy to Thalassocratic waters, the Proisional Unit's mission continues to provide aid in current and future endeavors to safeguard trade ships to and from Eorzean city-states and beyond. Now, more than ever, the sensitive cargo our transports carry must not be allowed to fall into Garlean hands.

-Maelstrom Official Records, Year '02 of the Seventh Astral Era


Quartermaster & 1st Lt. Cambre Bellanger - Age: 34. Native to Ala Mhigo, Bellanger joined the Knights of the Barracuda officer training in 1571 and was placed in the 3rd Squadron. One of eight known survivors of Captain Mirke's 7th Levy, Bellanger was reassigned to the 6th Squadron in the Cieldalaes after the Calamity, given a ship, and sent to investigate reports into the return of the Terror of the Rhotano, a savage Miqo'te pirate who terrorized Lominsan vessels some thirty years ago. When news of Captain Mirke's distress reached her, she pulled her Levy out of the south seas and headed north to head the search and rescue effort.
2nd Lieutenant Yhupplo Jomalah - Age: 29. A gifted botanist and assessor for Mealvaan's Gate, Jomalah Y. has been instrumental in tracking down the hideouts and whereabouts of pirates for years. She was assigned to Captain Bellanger's crew in the hopes she could verify the rumors behind the Terror of the Rhotano's return. Now, it seems, with her reassignment to the 8th Levy Provisional Unit, her talents will be utilized to find missing Maelstrom officers, pirates, or stolen cargo from the trade routes they now seek to secure.


Majiad Jomalah - Age: 29. Twin sister of Yhupplo Jomalah, the two arrived in Limsa Lominsa as young teenagers, leaving their family unit together in search of adventure in the south. While her sister inspected ships, Jomalah M. built them, tempering her talents as a Vymelli shipwright and armorer.


ALIAS: Mirke
AGE at time of offense: 15 HAIR: Long, Light Brown EYES: Green
MARKS: 1 ilm scar on left cheek; 3x striped birthmarks on both cheeks

Marasaja Pit, Ul'dah, 1562 6AE; charge: assault with intent to rob, conspiracy to commit crimes against the Sultanate; sentence: 5 years OR 235,000 gil; 1564 - bond paid in full.
1564 6AE; charge: assault with intent to kill against two Brass Blades, assault with intent to kill against Sultansworn; escaped custody. charges dropped


Known connection to the Ala Mhigan Resistance faction.
Known connection to the terrorist organization, The Corpse Brigade. Approach with caution.
Known connection to the Coliseum – Noxius. Possible accomplices: Roroludo Dodoludo
Possible connection to the Maelstrom.

((If your character is Brass Blade or Sultansworn, please feel free to have IC knowledge of Sounsyy's Criminal Record.))


A martial competition held near Fresca's Wash, overseen by Arbiter Warren Castille.

Grindstone Records award competitor-alias "Mirke" with crowning three consecutive championships and over twenty individual victories against other fighters before finally being defeated by competitor Leanne Delphium. But not before news of Mirke's unyielding determination and martial feats swept through Ul'dah, resulting in a couple of young fighters posting notes in the Quicksand challenging her to private duels to test their mettle. This has also brought on the unwanted attention of other factions such as the Turks, the Brass Blades, the Sultansworn, and the Adventurer's Guild. Such infamy comes with its own price.

((If this is an interesting hook for you, please use it! Sounsyy hasn't been talked about this much in Ul'dah since her days as a Bloodsands Gladiator 15 years ago.))


Levy Captain Mirke received an oddly shaped parcel while sleeping one morning in the Coral Tower. Upon opening the package, Sounsyy discovered a small, crimson gemstone bearing an intricate carving of an Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish, along with a letter signed by one "Sisters of the Red Lotus." Having no sense or manipulation over anything aetherial, the gemstone appeared to be just that. Sounsyy, having no other use for it, has since taken to using it as a paperweight and carries it with her in her pack. She had intended to delve deeper into the mystery of who these "Sisters of the Red Lotus" were, but recent events within the Maelstrom have caused the letter to slip from her mind entirely.

((Perhaps some wayward adventurer will reignite that hunt for answers?))


((In this section, I'll be posting small segments of story from Sounsyy's past. If your character is an Echo user and you want to use the Echo on Sounsyy, let me know and I will direct you to one of these stories and tell you which one your character sees! Please do not use any of these stories ICly without asking me first. If you are not an Echo user, this is strictly OOC info. Thanks!))

Echo Entry #1 - "Carteneau"
The world begins to cloud and distort, fog snaking upwards in tendrils around <Player Character>. The fog was hot to the touch and the crackle of fire beginning to ebb into the ears identified the fog as smoke, hot, thick, suffocating. Then came the booming drums of artillery sounding in the thick, swirling dark. The ground shook violently, the red moon Dalamud bathing the world in its eerie glow. A scream sounded above the booming den. "Sounsyy," it bellowed, "Run!" A looming giant materialized through the smoke. He held onto his axe as if it was the only thing holding him upright. He threw himself in front of a small huddled form - that of Sounsyy, crouched low behind her shield. A Garlean Reaper reared its foul metal maw, it's jaws dripping wet with flame. It bellowed, a boom sounding out in the dark, wreathing the Roegadyn man in flame. Sounsyy's shield shattered and her body caught alight and seemed to melt into the hard rock. She writhed and screamed, but no sound could be heard. The Reaper loomed high above the smoke, it's maw gliding through the darkness like a snake toward its paralyzed prey. It reared, its mouth silhouetted once more by flame. But the vision melted, just as it began and the flickering light of Carteneau's fires became the warm glow of the nearby lamplight. The smoke was that of a nearby candle burning its wick to the end. The vision was gone, and <Player Character> returned to the present - Sounsyy Mirke looking oddly at them as if they had seen some sort of ghost.

Echo Entry #2 - "Mirke's Lanista"
Sounsyy Mirke meets <Player Character>'s eyes and all else seems to melt away. When the world comes back together, a sword twirls through the air just past <Player Character>. An aged Dunesfolk with pale yellow eyes and graying hair stands in a lunging position, his round shield held quivering where he had just disarmed a young Miqo'te of her sword in one fell swipe. Sounsyy looked incredibly young, no more than 15 cycles, with hollow eyes and cheeks - her ribs showing under her skin. She was only a fulm taller than her Lalafellin opponent. The Dunesfolk moved forward and slashed the back of Sounsyy's knee and the young girl collapsed with a scream.

"Fight me will you?!" The Dunesfolk rasped at the girl, "When I saw you on the Bloodsands you were ruthless - a survivor! A fighter! Where is that girl?" The young Sounsyy glared up at him through the tears in her eyes. "I cannot defeat you with a shield and blade, how am I supposed to win without the blade?!" The aged Dunesfolk scoffed, "Hmph, the girl who bludgeoned a man to death with his own pauldron doesn't know how to win with a fifteen ponz sheet of metal strapped to her arm?!" Sounsyy attacked instantly, but Roroludo was ready. The Dunesfolk held the assault with his own shield, his muscle winning over Sounsyy's full body. "That's the spirit! If you can't defeat a few Ul'dahn gladiators what good are you to Ala Mhigo?" This enraged Sounsyy and she struck out with her shield again, waging a violent assault with her blunt weapon. She struck until the Dunesfolk's shield cracked and then the vision was over, whisking <Player Character> back to Sounsyy's sharp eyes.

Echo Entry #3 - "Forty-three Muskets Sound"
The world beneath <Player Character> grew unsteady, the ground began to rock back and forth upon the waves of the Lifestream deep below. When <Player Character> opened their eyes, they found themselves upon the bow of a massive Lominsan war vessel. Its sails were tightly bound and it bobbed steadily upon the choppy waters of the Merlthor. A stream of volcanic smoke could be seen just on the horizon, Mount O'Ghomoro in the West being the only indicator that the world had not been entirely swallowed in water. A solitary gunshot rang out over the burbling water below. A Maelstrom Officer in regalia reloaded his musket then held it at attention.

All along the center of the main deck stood Maelstrom soldiers, in full regalia, their heads hung, standing firm and still against the rocking tide. Along the gunwale lay rows of caskets adorned with the Lominsan standard. A member of Maelstrom's high command stood between the caskets and crew, reading off from a list of names. A name would be sung out to the Deep, a single musket would answer, and a casket would be tipped over the gunwale into the briny depths below. Sounsyy's hat was held firmly over her heart, her hollow eyes bore holes into the caskets which lined the gunwale before her.

"Private Jeanifre, Ceaulie." The musket fired, and over tipped Ceaulie's casket.
"Private Lohbyldawyn, Khannklin." The musket sang her praise, and the Deep accepted her.
"Private Lohk, T'salhet." The musket crackled and Sounsyy looked away as she tumbled into the sea with a splash. Sounsyy began to weep silently as the next name in line, Corporal Lokeke Loke, was called. A shot rang out, and they too were gone forever. Tears began to stream unbidden from her eyes as she raised her chin to face the next casket being raised.
"2nd Lieutenant Louztoumwyn, Keltsoemr." Sounsyy flinched as the shot cried out. Her eyes drifted down the line. Seventeen still stood by her sides. Most wounded, some being held up by others. Margot, three down the line wept into Himalanka's uniform as his strong arms held the child. Sounsyy turned back to Commander Iyrnlahz as he slowly, painstaking tolled off the names of her fallen Levy. She swallowed down the lump in her throat and held her gaze unblinking as the funeral dragged on.
"Private Lyngzantsyn, Isilhyr." Shot. Splash.
"Private Marlont, Jeanbernard." Fire. Water. Nothing. The vision faded into nothing, those death tolls continuing to echo in <Player Character>'s ears as the world returned around them.

R E F E R E N C E S & L I N K S

Unless otherwise stated, all information below is OOC knowledge. Links to RPC prompts go below:


Sounsyy suffers from severe PTSD, however her alcoholism stems from a desire to drown out the constant physical pain she experiences from her wounds sustained on Carteneau, not from a desire to silence her mental demons.
Sounsyy has her father's eyes, a fact which frightened her mother.
Sounsyy was born left handed, but didn't learn to write until later in life, and learned to do so with her right hand.
The great irony of Sounsyy's character is that she desperately wants to return to the place of her birth, Ala Mhigo, but doesn't know she was actually born in the Cieldaeles and that Cambre brought her 'home' many years ago already.
If Sounsyy were a character in a real world setting, this would be her story: "Sophie Mirke" would've grown up in a small, New England fishing town - one of those places with a population of 2,000. She would hate home life. In High School she would become the Varsity Volleyball Captain, and likely have a relationship with one of her teammates until social pressures caused the two to separate. She would graduate an average or below average student and struggle to find work. She would not want to attend college and instead enlist in the Navy or Coast Guard. After serving the minimum amount of time, she would leave and move to somewhere "exotic" or "wanderlusty" like Oregon or Washington, and wind up living in a fishing town just like the one she grew up in. She would begin working at a rundown diner near the water - the kind of place truckers and disgruntled fishermen would stop by every morning. She becomes more bitter than the coffee the diner serves, but she is not dissatisfied enough to move away. So she puts everything into her work, running the Rough Sea Diner with an iron fist and a shotgun under the counter. She works long hours, but when she has free time she mostly keeps to herself or jogs along the beach, hoping to run into a cute jogger like something out of the movies.

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