Zachary Evans

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 Zachary Evans
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Zac the Vagrant/ Zachary, of the Winding Road
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Wanderer
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That place, there. Do you see it? That line when the sky touches the land. That is the place that calls me, the place that I must go.


A stern-faced, gentle-hearted young man with longing eyes. To many he is incompetent because of his inexperience, deemed a backwards youth from a backwater village in the middle of nowhere with little to contribute to the city-state of Ul'dah. Yet this doesn't mean there aren't those more than willing to take advantage of his rustic hospitality. Few are those who truly take the time to interact with him and learn of the unbridled drive and passion burning in his heart, paired with a sharp wit only just beginning to become apparent.


A farm boy, through and through, Zac sports his dark brown hair in a shaggy fashion-his slight jaw beard being a recent addition to make him appear like a city-raised youth. His skin has a healthy tan attributed to years of working the soil, the self-same work that gave him his physique. While his muscles are not those of seasoned soldiers or adventurers, a single glance from hostile individuals can sum him up as a threat-though not a severe one.

Typically not one for a flashy appearance, Zac usually wears clothes of modest earthen colors, in various shades of tans and brown and average cut. Even in combat, he believes plain metals and paddings do the trick-if it doesn't serve a useful purpose, why have it? That's not to say he isn't the type to don outrageous garb should the impulse hit him. With no real preference or even an eye for style, he tends to mix armors and clothes-a fact found strange by more than the odd fashionista.

His face can be considered attractive by some, though it's usually a hit-or-miss scenario. Prominent angular brows and narrowed hazel eyes give him a somewhat severe look, with an ever-so-slightly off-kilter nose adding a touch of brawler to the mix, there are some who refuse to even approach this young man for fear of him being a common thug! His speech does nothing to soothe this, being somewhat gruff and vulgar at times. Standing at five fulms and eleven ilms, he's not exactly short but pales in comparison to the taller races.


At first Zac can come off as a coward, more insistent on finding a way to avoid conflict than to confront it, but for good reason. He had never so much as thrown a punch before leaving his village, and despite how many malms he's traveled, he still considers himself the same young man who was picked on for having his nose stuck in storybooks when not helping with chores. Push him hard and far enough though, and he can prove to be a fearsome combatant, sharp as any blade and crafty to boot.

Outside of confrontational scenarios, he's a warm and friendly young man, always eager to lighten the mood with food and drink- something he says 'always makes words easier, and laughs louder'.



When backed into a corner with no hope of escape, Zacs greatest ability in combat isn't devising strategies on the spot, but the level of adaptability he brings to the table. Following the path of the Freelancer, he adopts many fighting styles and disciplines, blending them to become a proverbial Jack-of-all-Trades when it comes to battle. By trading his chances of specialization in a single field, he swaps weapons on the fly to confound his opponents with his next move and leave them off balance for his counter strikes, as well as compliment the strengths of those who he fights alongside. Far from perfect though, a devoted professional in their chosen field can easily best the young man at their own game, and he is unable to manipulate aether naturally, having to rely on a nethicite ring to draw out the aether needed for his fighting style.



  • A good laugh.
  • Traveling, or more precisely the sights he sees while traveling.
  • Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures


  • Fighting. Well, serious fighting to be precise. He enjoys sparring, but hates hurting others.
  • Staying in one place for too long.
  • Intolerance of his culture and heritage.


  • While not necessarily a talent, Zac's always had a gift for empathizing with other people-to the point he himself can be caught up in others emotions.
  • Incredible stamina. Before leaving the Summer Seas, all the weapons Zac wields were carried on his person, and the adventures he had alongside his friends carrying such weight gave him the stamina of a Chocobo.
  • Though he considers himself average, Zac possesses the mind of a tactician-able to devise a plan of attack to turn the tide of battle, or plan for situations most common folk would consider impossible.


  • The ring Zac wields on his right middle finger is made of nethicite, a type of magicite that draws in aether instead of expelling it. His fighting style of summoning weapons revolves around this ring, despite it overtaxing him. Much of the aether drawn out is wasted, which Zac attempts to counteract by replacing his weapons frequently through a process known as Spiritbinding. Despite this, his first master, Geissbylda the Foebreaker, gifted him the ring before he left for Eorzea.
  • Boko-Zac's Chocobo-rarely listens to his current master, and is prone to misbehavior. Zac understand though, as Boko was raised by, and fiercely protective of his younger brother.
  • When not adventuring, Zac can often be found with his nose in a book, usually fairy tales filled with adventure and heroics.



Growing up on a large farm with an extensive family, Zac was often surrounded by family members of all different shapes, sizes and dispositions. Anyone who would come to visit would immediately be offered a hot plate of food and a warmed seat by the fire-with usually one of the younger children being shooed away from their seat! On an average day with family scattered all over to jobs, errands and chores, there was always at LEAST thirty bodies in the household every night come bedtime. While many people consider this odd, he looks back on those days with fond memories and warm smiles, stating 'It was never only a house, but always a home.'


  • Erik Mynhier: Once his Commander in the Red Wings before Zac took once again to the road. He and his wife, Clio, are still close friends he writes to every now and again.
  • Siha Xinkei: The woman Zac once acted as bodyguard for. They fell out of touch after Zac ventured into the World of Darkness to find his Warriors of Light. He once had a crush on the girl, but such feelings have extinguished with time, leaving him with at most a brotherly affection for the woman.
  • Osric Melkire: A man Zac considers a good friend. They fought side-by-side for a time before going their own ways in life. Should the call for help ever ring out from the man, Zac would come running.
  • Kahn'a Ohditra: A comrade from the Red Wings. Has fallen out of touch.
  • Jancis Milburga: A good friend, in Zac's mind. He was always unable to help the woman understand her innate self-worth, and the pair lost contact as time went on. He was pleasantly surprised to hear the woman took a husband in Coerthas, and has yet to see her to offer her and the groom the customary Summerian wedding gift.
  • Ehren Rivers: Brother in arms, and Brother by choice rather than blood. He calls Ehren Tha'la, an ancient Summerians word that roughly translates to "One of Two", which is part of a much greater ideology. Ehren led Zac and his other friends in their first Adventure, and later went on to take place in the Battle of Carteneau, and become a Warrior of Light. Recently reunited, Zac is fiercely protective of the man,
  • "Rime Witch": A very important woman to Zac, one he gave his heart to, and one who he has never stopped loving, despite their absence in each others lives.


Same as with having friends, Zac has devoted himself so completely to his cause he hasn't had the chance to offend anyone to the point of declaring him their enemy.


Common Rumors

  • "Oi, y'hear that Evans boy's up at th'Quicksand 'gain? Pesterin' 'venturers 'gain I'd wager, Hells iffin I know why. But ev'ryone knows 'e's generous wit' 'is coin...wanna go pay 'im a vist? Heh heh heh..."
  • Zac's been practicing at the Pugilist's Guild all day, under Master Hamon Holyfists eye no less.'s strange. How can he find time to be training as a Gladiator as well?
  • First Sword Mylla has found herself a new gladiator! Some young man by the name of Evans, I think. Showed up a few weeks back and insisted on joining. He was nothing particularly special, but knew a good bit more than the other greenhorns, almost as if he'd seen someone wield a sword for a long time.

Moderate Rumors

  • Thals balls that boy is getting on my nerves! Like always he comes in here talking to survivors of Carteneau, asking for their recollection of the fight-of the soldiers and Warriors of Light who fought alongside us. I'll be damned if I can figure out why about the Warriors, no one even remembers their names! When I try to see them, it's like the sun is shining from behind them, and I can't give any kind of description. But no, that's not good enough for him, and he always storms off angrily.
  • Where does he go whenever he leaves the city, and why does he always return? I've seen him restocking supplies at the market, and scouring maps from before and after the Calamity at the Quicksand. I've heard he doesn't even have anything personal in his room at the inn, just a bed and closet, like he never expects to stay long. Is he a traveling cartographer?
  • Get this, that Zac bloke's been askin' about Warriors of Light. Apparently he's been giving vague description about a trio of them. Two male, one female and that's about it. Not much to go on. Of course, a vague description is probably the best anyone is ever goin' to have with Warriors of Light.

Rare Rumors

  • The poor dear. Who? Zachary of course! Haven't you heard? He fighting back tears late last night at the Quicksand, well into his cups after all the other patrons had gone. Momodi had to see to it herself that he was carried to his room. He's far too young to drink like that.
  • Bah, that Zac has to learn to knuckle down and choose a profession. Pugilist, or Gladiator-he has to make up his mind! What? He was seen in Limsa Lominsa swinging around an axe? That boy's no Maraud-huh? In Gridania, dancing the spear? Ha! That's rich, as if the Lancers Guild would take him. What's that? He couldn't have been practicing the spear because you saw him sharpening his eye at the Archer's Guild?! Nonsense! What is he, one of those 'Weapon Specialists' from bards tales? Liars, every last one of you!
  • Now you didn't hear it from me, but I have it on good authority that Zac is a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn! It's true! Apparently he has special talents they couldn't go without! Some kind of aptitude for languages and stratagems. He's even one of their secret weapons for dealing with Primals! Gods as my witness, I am NOT lying!

PC Rumors

  • "Man after m'own heart... but twice the man I'll ever be." - Osric Melkire
  • "... and out of nowhere strides this beautiful little thing in little more than leather straps and plate! Ul'dah is indeed a city of many wonders. I would like to see this boy fight one day. That is... what the attire is for, yes? Yes. A fine sight in the pits, of that I am certain. But for a ball? ... well, why not?" - Delial Grimsong
  • "Why do I think Zac is the best person to be watching after Siha? Simple. If you had nearly naked lunatic running at you with a giant axe, would you stick around?" - Askier Mergrey
  • "So? He says it is a traditional garb for Gladiators!" - Roen Deneith
  • "Zach, oh...he's around somewhere I'm sure. W-What about his clothes, n-no it's what he wore before he started working for me! And he's a g-great bodyguard, it's me always slipping off. N-Not with him of course! Don't say that too loudly!" - Siha Xinkei
  • "He likes to win, and he likes to spend! Just the kind of fellow we love to see at the Quick Sand!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "He asked me for Paladin training once. Then he proceeded to throw his shield at someone in the Quicksand. You can guess my answer to him." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "Menphina's Mercy I could say so much about Sir Evans. He is passionate, bold, ah.. dedicated, has boundless initiative, and cares deeply for his family. Has the heart of a gallant knight and a talent to turn as red as a rolanberry at mere word." - Jancis Milburga
  • Rare Rumor "Zachary's true heart lies where people cannot see. Something about his hazel eyes can see and notice those that no one else does. Would do much for him to be noticed in kind and get him home." - Jancis Milburga
  • "Nice enough lad, even asked for my autograph. Needs just a liiiittle bit of guidance on proper attire for a royal ball, however..." - Ciel Wulfe
  • "Aye. I often see him around Siha. He -claims- to be a bodyguard, but really? I don't buy it." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "A loyal man, honest as one can find. I was very pleased he accepted the invitation to join the Red Wings. Despite his reputation for being.... odd, I trust him to keep Siha safe, my daughter Lenna as well. That in and of itself speaks to the level of trust I have in him." - Erik Mynhier
  • "Fond of him, I've always been. See, Hyurs have them large clumsy hands, but he has an enthusiastic clumsiness." - Kahn'a Ohditra
  • "The boy has potential. Much more potential than perhaps even he realizes. I will break down his flesh, blood, bone and soul and rebuild him into a vessel that can truly house it." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "He likes to talk about his family. It is nice." - Jancis Milburga


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