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NAME: Seitsuda Hironiwa
BIRTHNAME: Seitsuda Hironiwa
RACE: Au Ra, Raen
AGE: 31
NAMEDAY: 20th Sun of the Third Astral Moon (May 20th)
GUARDIAN: Oschon, The Wanderer
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good
RESIDENCE: Thanalans
STATUS: Single
➤ FIRST IMPRESSION. Seitsuda may stand taller than his 6'5”, if he didn't slouch. A messy mop of straw-gold hair may stand to make him even taller. The Raen seems and sounds perpetually tired, from the nonchalant in every step and motion and rasp to his voice. Seitsuda is often contradictory-- doing his best to keep a distance from all, but a reckless sort to help all in need.
The Raen is often garbed in leathers and a scarf. He wears a white-gold armor akin to something found in the Far East, but only in pieces. With broad shoulders and arms, it may be an easy guess he knows how to properly wield the pine-green barbed blade on his back. A single umber gaze carries a shadow of tiredness, sometimes even that is barely visible in the rough, blonde hair. Sharp, gold-tan horns tipped slope back from the Au Ra's hair, and on one side, two black horns poke out. The other side, with a gaze covered in blonde, those black twins are gnarled and growing oddly..

➤ SCARS. Nicks and scratches litter his horns. Scars riddle his body, though that would yet be seen with how many layers he wears.


➤ QUIET. Typically the silent observer until things cross a line, and the man has lives to protect. He cares not to share his opinions otherwise, as that leads to attachment in some form or another.
➤ LONER. Born and raised a black sheep of a flock would have its drawbacks. The man has a hard time making friends, and history dictactes he struggle still. Now it's out of a fear for others getting hurt.
➤ GLOOMY. Seitsuda has a lot of burdens to bare-- or ones he won't let go of, anyway. It's left him with a haunted feeling and often a cloud hanging over his head. There are few instances where the sadness would arise, but as it does, it's difficult to pull the man from his dour attitude.
➤ PROTECTIVE. Despite all aspects of him above, Seitsuda absolutely can't help a true nature deep down to protect others who can't help themselves.

He rubs the back of his neck a lot out of a nervous habit.
Try as he may, that hair of his is untameable.
An alert sleeper, and sleeps very little.
Reckless with his life to a fault, as long as it doesn't put others in danger.
The ocean is an unsettling thing for Seitsuda, still after all these cycles.
He has a severe dislike for Sabotenders.


Apologises A Lot
Bad Dreams
The Drifter

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold

Hurting Hero
Undying Loyalty

“Absolutely sucks the joy out of the room when that one comes around. He gets his drink, sure, but I wouldn't try a conversation with him. You'd be better off with Jolly Jameson over there.” - Barkeep, Tavern in Ul'dah
“I like him. He does what he's told without a word, nothing like the nagging beggars.” - Smug lalafellin merchant, Horizon
 “Tall, lanky fellow? Aye, took up the leve maybe a bell ago. Not sure with that blade though, it seems more ornamental than practical.” - Receptionist, The Adventurer's Guild of the Quicksand

“For as hard as he worked around here, Seitsuda-san made it difficult to approach him. We keep records, you see, for the refugees. He would give nothing but his name, not even a surname, mind you. I suppose some see this as a way to start anew.” - Doman refugee, Revenant's Toll

“Seitsuda--... As in-..? It's such an obscure name, you know. Who else could it be? Kami above, I thought he passed on....” - Worndown Raen, Limsa Lominsa

Color Key
In A Relationship: Romantically involved with this character.
Attraction: Is drawn by this character, whether romantically, physically or both.

Platonic Love/Family: This person is considered family.
Friend: This person is considered a friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: This person is considered mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: This character has left a good impression
Neutral: No specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: This character has left a bad impression.

Dislike: This person is not considered a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: This person is considered as an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: This character is considered terrifying, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: This person is considered as a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Name.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
Misaki Hironiwa
"It haunts me to think the state I've left my mother in. She's a strong woman though... I don't know if I could face her again, to reveal the truth-.. that I'm still here."
Matsu Shizunawa
"My best friend... I .. can't help a feeling that ... I'll never see him again."
Beset Kagon
"Someone I shared the battlefield with once. We... have more in common than I care to admit to. She deserves better than what she's been settled with in me, and in all of this..."
"Someone I thought a ghost, but... I'm so very relieved she's alright. I... I don't know if it's right of me to stay in her life. She seems to have settled on her own in this new land..."
"Nazyl reminds me of much that I wanted to be. He's a caring man with a drive and goals. We worked together with the Dauntless, and... I don't know how many summers it has been now but... we spoke again. I don't wish for him to carry on how I do. I wish I didn't extend that invitation..."
"Someone I met at the Sultan Tree. ... I know the type. I've been there. He offered to help when he knows nothing of me. I saved him the trouble, and it'll hopefully be the last of it."
Sasazi Sazi
"A gentle, lalafellin healer. She has a big heart to care for all. I have so much regret that I did not show or speak more of just how important, and how much she did for all. She seemed so scared and uncertain that night outside the Goblet. I am.. happy she has the pillar that is Nazyl."
Siha Xinkei
"I met her in the Thanalans... we took shelter from the rain. Little did I know, that Sun would be the last I see her a time, but not before bading me see to her free company. I helped them reunite with Siha and a few others. It feels so long ago now. She... does much for others, kind and caring and.. is no stranger to forgetting herself, I think, if... she's anything like I am. I.. really would do anything to keep her safe, if she wasn't already in Amra's capable hands."
Y'amra Tia
"A man I trust. He's energetic, contagious with the attitude, and headstrong in whatever adversity comes. He's one of the few I'm able to work with well, someone I trust like I would a brother again..."
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