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Name: Fen'rin Taveck (Birth name: Raging Star)

Race: Roegadyn - Sea Wolf

Age: 23

Citizenship: Gridanian

Sexuality: Bisexual (Male Leaning)

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Performer / Adventurer

Job/Class: Astrologian / Dancer

Guardian: Azeyma, the Warden.

Namesday: 18th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (Assumed)


Fen is a happy-go-lucky, simple and at times, rather dim seeming individual. A smile is always on his face, even in the most dire of times, and he is usually the first to make a fool of himself in any situation he finds himself in. Whether that be waving at the enemy or simply making a fool of himself in social situations. Ever the loveable giant, Fen is a compassionate person, who tries his best to make everyone around him happier for his presence. At times, he finds himself in the role of the advisor for people, a role he is not overly sure or comfortable with, and will usually end up describing things in very round about manners using things that the person asking for advice likes (trees, meat, you name it). Still, he tries his best.

In battle, Fen is a mage of some capability. While early in his life his aether has caused him great problems in mustering the 'potency' required for many spells, recent events have unlocked his potential, allowing him access to a much greater pool of energy for spell casting. While this new found power initially terrified Fen, now that he has settled into the school of Astromancy, his skills as a healer have blossomed and he is now quite comfortable with his aetheric skills.


Since his return from travelling with his family, Fen's dress sense seems to have taken a somewhat more confident and relaxed turn. Often shirtless, wearing more dancer-like attrie, Fen is quite comfortable going about his daily business wearing little more than pants. While light armoured, Fen is particularly nimble for his size having been raised as a performer and dancer for the majority of his young life, as a result of this, he prefers clothing in which he can move fluidly.


Abandoned as a babe near the Ishgard border, The Wandering Moogles, a travelling performance group, happened upon the helpless child. Daveck Taveck, leader of the troupe, took in the boy and returned with his brothers to Gridania, where upon they adopted, and raised him as a Gridanian. Fen'rin grew up in a loving environment, raised by his Father and four uncles of varying races. As a result however, he grew up with a very distorted view of racial norms for the land, as well as being somewhat protected and sheltered.

Fen'rin's aptitude for magicks became apparent at a young age, starting to conjure ice and lightning at the age of five. While he had no direct thaumaturgy instruction, his inquisitive nature and tenacity proved to be a valuable asset, allowing him a modicum of control over the elements. He soon began applying them to his and his family's acts on stage.

As the lad grew, his sense of wanderlust grew with it. Adventurers who came to see the shows of the Moogles began to take his interest, and he sought out how to join the guild, however, before he could leave, the Calamity struck. While his family was spared, many of their friends were not. The Moogles spent much time after the calamity entertaining those who remained alive, attempting to bring at least a spark of joy into people's lives. It was only at the age of twenty that Fen'rin finally managed to leave his family troupe, and became an adventurer.

After arriving in Limsa Lominsa, and having been mugged, lost all his money and possessions, Fen eventually found his way to Aleport, where he chanced upon the 81st Foreign Levy. He was bought food, and taken under their wing with the promise of training him in Thaumaturgy, as well as several jokes about his would be best friend Onuma being able to fire lazerbeams from her eyes (he still believes this to be true, even now).

From there on, Fen'rin has been with the 81st, acting as one of the Company's thaumaturgists,however, recent events are swaying his course, and he may yet leave the arte behind, as he seeks to find his purpose anew.


In recent months, Fen'rin has been practising the arte of Astromancy, a form of magick used in Sharlayan. His knowledge has stemmed from Raging Lilly's tome on the subject, taken from her along with her own Star Globe when she was slain by the 81st. The woman, while terrifying, was gifted and filled with knowledge, this knowledge spurs Fen on to become a stronger mender for the Company, his own concerns about their numbers dwindling getting the better of him. The man has been learning at a rapid rate, and now seems to possess knowledge of even some of the most advanced Astromancy skills that exist.

Having returned once more from an extended trip away from the 81st in a manner of both soul searching and personal discovery over his abilities, Fen'rin has once more settled into his role as a mender for the 81st. Self proclaimed individual dealing with the task of reminding people of who they are and what they stand for, Fen is doing his best to keep the company on the right path, regardless of his own emotional situation.

Snount, the man's faithful Sanuwa mount, was slain in a vicious attack on the 81st's estate and as such, Fen has been in a state of grieving for the beast, more than a simple beast of burden, Fen has lost a friend and valued ally in his adventures.

Laughter and Acting
Aggression for aggression's sake
Feeling worthless
Black Mages
Entertaining Others
Caring for others
Getting into trouble
Favourite Food/Drink:Hazelnut Soup, Aldgoat Steak
Favourite Place: Anywhere with friends
Favorite Weather: Storms
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Color: Blue / Green
Favorite Scents: Snow, Oceans and Oranges


"You know, I always thought that the adventurer's life might be a little lonely, but it seems I was wrong!"


Romantic / Platonic Attachments:

Dawson Colwell - HEARTBREAK - Dawson was Fen's one... for a time. Now, Fen'rin has ended their relationship, though heavily regrets the decision. Fen has decided that it is better for them both if they aren't together anymore.

Onuma Ahntifi - PLATONIC LOVE - Returning to the 81st from his extended leave with his family had Fen'rin quite literally quaking in fear of returning to see Onuma, particularly since he never said goodbye. However, after a huff, stomp, and some paladin training which almost lost Fen his family jewels (thanks Onuma) the pair are back to how they've always been. Nigh inseparable and Fen wouldn't have it any other way.

Y'lyfriel Sikah - PLATONIC LOVE - Lyf's death hit Fen'rin hard. When the Miqo'te was killed in action, Fen lost all hope and confidence in his own skills as a mender. Plagued by visions and misinterpreting various 'signs' he thought he was receiving from his 'gift' Fen'rin decided to hang up healing. However, time with his family reminded him of his core values, and he has since started healing once again. He misses Lyf terribly, but keeps a strong face on for those who need it. Always a smile on his face, that's how Lyf would've expected it to be done, right?

Rhesh'ir Zhwan - PLATONIC LOVE - Fen feels extremely guilty for running off, and fears that this will have severely hampered Rhesh'ir's trust in him. He's hoping that in time, he'll be able to trust him fully again and will do whatever he can to ensure this happens in as short a time as possible. Fen respects Rhesh'ir, both as a friend and as his Captain and seeks nothing but approval from the man.

Ferai Caolann - PLATONIC LOVE - Since Ferai's miraculous, potion induced gender switch, Fen had a little bit of difficulty replacing exactly how he felt about the young Miqo'te, however, it didn't take long for him to come to terms with it, and now has a big brother, rather than sister. He worries about Ferai on a daily basis, the fact that he seems incapable of dodging anything with teeth and claws always has Fen worried, not to mention his current relationship, Fen is still very unsure on that, but still, he respects Ferai's choices, and does his best to be supportive. He loves his big brother regardless.

Lynn'wo Vahnal - SOMETHING THERE? - Recently, Lynn and Fen have been getting on famously. Fen'rin has taken to caring for Lynn'wo, concerned for his health and showing compassion to the Miqo'te, one of the first people to truly welcome him back to the Company after his leave of absence, Fen feels his friendship is strengthening with Lynn'wo, and he is secretly quite happy about this.

The Wandering Moogles - PLATONIC LOVE - Fen's adoptive family consisting of his adoptive father Daveck Taveck, a highlander, his brother Riker Taveck, also a highlander, and three uncles Ariko Karakiko (Deceased Lalafell), Aurfenoux (Deceased Duskwight Elezen) and O'rhen Tia, a Miqo'te. Fen loves all of his uncles dearly, and regards each with the utmost respect that any child can have for their parents.

Other Relations:

Rah'na Lihzeh - POSITIVE - Fen quite likes this Miqo'te. He's a nice sort, somewhat soft and a bit timid, but he means well, and has tried his best to help Fen with various problems over the time he's known him, even if some are a little unorthodox methods.

Kikira Kira - POSITIVE - Fen likes Kiki a lot, she's a positive influence on many of the 81st and a pleasure to talk with. She also seems to have not a mean-hearted bone in her body, except of course when dealing with a certain Professor. Having been trusted with a secret of hers as well, Fen feels even more fondly for the young lass, he hopes this is the start of a strong friendship.

Seda'li Tayuun - NEUTRAL - Fen's knowledge on Seda'li is limited at best, though he knows Ferai cares for the man deeply, and they intend to bond. Fen accepts this about the man, though still wishes he knew him better so he could be more comfortable in accepting the man's position in Ferai's life.

Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn - POSITIVE - Fyril was one of the first folks to welcome Fen back on his return to the 81st, since becoming a sergeant in the Company. Fen's respect for the man hasn't changed any, and he's quite happy to see him around on a daily basis.

Shoshopu Shopu - POSITIVE - Fen and Shopu seem to get on well, he's happy whenever the Lalafell is around and enjoys her company, as well as her insight. She's very wise and her recent dealings with the Vanu Vanu along with Fen have given them something quite in common.

Trisselle Rondelet - SLIGHTLY POSITIVE - Fen hasn't seen Trisselle in a long while, he's sure she's fine, mostly because nothing would be able to kill that woman, but he does wish he could talk to her some more. He'll likely seek her aid in the future and hopes she will help him again.

Leo Arkwright - POSITIVE - Fen likes Leo. The blonde haired warrior seems to be a positive force within the company and an able combatant. Fen hasn't had a whole lot of time with the man, but what he has had has left a positive impression in his mind.

Vesna Novaar - POSITIVE - Fen has only had a few interactions with Vesna, but he finds it hard to dislike the woman. Onuma seems to think highly of her and so he is quite happy to feel perfectly comfortable around her.

Lahn Flaval - POSITIVE - Though Fen hasn't really seen Lahn in a good while, he still holds a positive view of the woman, hoping to see her again in the future.

Ralamano Nulumano - POSITIVE - Fen regards Ralamano with a combination of respect and a little bit of fear. The man may be small in stature, but he is a particularly skilled arcanist and a brilliant tactician. While Fen hasn't had a whole lot of personal contact with him, he feels that Ralamano has proven himself time and time again to be a positive force.

Keaira Twinning - POSITIVE - Twinning is still fairly new to Fen's social grouping, while he is friendly with the woman, even going so far as to offering to teach her to dance and share what he knows of Astromancy with her, he's still uncertain, though hopeful he can learn more about the woman. Most everyone seems positive about her, so, he should too, right?

Noor Falmah - POSITIVE - Fen knows only a little about Noor, she's a capable mender, that much he knows of, and she's treated him several times in the past. Lately he has offered to teach her to dance with magick, something he does himself and rarely teaches to those who aren't performers in their own right. He's hoping it'll give him a chance to get to know her better.

Mizuki Hagane - POSITIVE - Though having only met Mizuki a handful of times, Fen likes to consider her a friend. A kindred spirit in the study of Astromancy, Fen finds Mizuki to be quite enjoyable to be around, she's a bubble of fun that seems to never want to burst, and Fen finds that extremely refreshing.

Ander Brookstone - NEUTRAL - The only times Fen has met Ander have been while he was at the Estate, Fen assumes he's a new member and has little more knowledge on him than that, though he seems to be able to speak to animals, and that's an interesting talent to have!

Khairen Tumet - NEUTRAL - Onuma's current lover... Which means he's fair game for EVERYTHING Fen can think of to torment him. Currently, the man owes him one of his horns. Fen found a damned flying fish big enough to ride (thank you Snount) and so 'Horny' as Fen has dubbed him, now owes him his right horn. Aside from that though, Fen likes to think that Khairen is a reasonable sort, he loves Onuma dearly and trusts her judgement... Still, that being said, if he hurts Fuzzbutt, Fen may just kill him.

Syrress Detilderan - POSITIVE - Fen likes Syrress though he hasn't had many dealings with her, he finds her a friendly sort who is always cheerful and waiting with a smile. It's difficult for Fen to imagine her as anything but a compassionate mender for the company.

Upa Zuvhe - POSITIVE - 'Oops' is one of Fen's favourites, not that he says it very often. He enjoys being around the Miqo'te quite a lot and values her friendship and company. He does wish he had more time to spend with her though, he's a few ideas on how to get her dancing with magick.

Oriel Durand - POSITIVE - Oriel. The sidekick to Fen's mysterious Alter-Ego, the saviour of Ul'dah that no one knows and really doesn't want. Ori is someone Fen greatly enjoys being around, regardless of how often they get to interact. He always finds a reason to laugh with Oriel, or more accurately, Oriel finds a way to make Fen laugh, usually at himself.


"That lad has a brain the size of a Popoto, I swear..." - Gridanian Citizen

"Supposedly, those performers that found him picked him up near Ishgard..." - Local Trader
"I heard he got snagged up in some mess in Ul'dah a while back, don't know what came out of it, but I saw him getting lead away by the Blades!" - Ul'dan Local
"Seen him running about lately with some weird weapon, never quite seen one like it!" - Citizen of Mor Dhona
"That boy is involved with some cult, can't make sense of it." - Maelstrom Officer
"Apparently, he doesn't like thaumaturgy anymore... Weird for a caster, don't you think?" - Adventurer

Character Comments

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Character Comments:

"Fen... His smile could warm the whole of Coerthas. Who wouldn't want to be around someone like that?" - Dawson Colwell

"Fen'rin popped up in my life, quite suddenly. He was a quiet presence that became my saving grace. Seeing his smile everyday, I don't know what I'd do without it. That said, he -can- be a giant aldgoat patty." - Onuma Ahntifi



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