Kal Numara

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Kal Numara
"Come here an' say that te me face, ya cod-mouthed shitbucket"
Gender Female
Race Hyur/Roegadyn
Clan Highlander/Sea wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 22 (May 26th)
Height 6'8"
Weight Around 350* ponz
Occupation ((WIP))
Alignment Chaotic Good
Orientation Pan-asexual - Polyamorous

((WIP)) http://knumara.tumblr.com/


((WIP)) The woman looks as though she could take a lot of physical abuse as well as give it, possessing a stocky muscular frame more common to Roe than Highlander hyur, and broad shoulders and hips. In contrast to this she has a round, childish with soft features that are more androgynous than feminine, and a rounded, slightly bulbous nose. Her normal eye color can be seen in her right eye, being a dark steel blue, while the iris of her left eye has a bleached out moth-eaten look to it; the result of an injury while young, though she claims she does not suffer from any vision problems as a result, or at least not past her already being far-sighted. Her voice is somewhat low and husky.

Clothing-wise she tends to favor clothes that are functional and comfortable, leathers, and usually offering at least a little protection in some way or another. More often than not the clothes are fitted but not tight, or loose enough to have plenty of freedom for movement but not get caught in a bow string or threaten to tangle while fighting, and cover a good deal of skin, giving her more the illusion of being fat or thick rather than muscular when she's not wearing something to show off her assets. Her favored colors for clothes tend to be purples, blacks, earthy colors for greens and browns, or reds, though she insists her favorite color is blue She can sometimes be seen wearing simple glasses when she's not working on a job where she may be fighting or shooting something full of arrows.




Personality: ((WIP))


The Sea/ocean
Salty and spicy foods/snacks
Flavorful fish and meats
Strongly flavored food in general
Fighting (play or necessarily) and rough-housing
Storms (while she's on land)


Bitter foods and drinks
Corrupt Authority
Serious or grumpy personalities
Unfair fights
People picking fights with others that don't find it fun
Negative/hostile attitudes




***If your character has met Kal and I forgot to add them, feel free to add their name and I'll add a mark to their name later***

(Will add marks after I'm done listing. Encouraging people to add names if their character knows Kal. If they know OF Kal but she hasn't met them then feel free to throw something in rumors. If you'd like the character to meet Kal can put your name down with a * so they won't be marked but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you in the future and makes it easier for whenever they possibly do meet. If you want to add a little description behind your name for how they met Kal or how they know them, then you're also free to do that)

Romantic Interest

V'yhaar Nuhn

Friends (or considered such)

Sitting Ox
A'randr Tia
A'rho Tia
A'rytiss Edar
A'rahn Tia
A'ghust Tia
Q'iloh Nuhn
Rinh'a Moshroca
Sahja Jakkya
Lilithium Rinannis
Tenha'a Rendha
T'shina Vashka
Melodia D'janz
Ennara Calian

Friendly/Good standing

Sindr'a Si'dereal
Ange'a Si'dereal
L'inwa Tia
V'arae Tia
Locke Rinannis
Adokenai Rinannis
Teore Iseterre
Sashana Star
An'Zero Tia
Darturu Torlan
Gus Pumpkinweed
Thrandis Dale
Togy Brandmakt
Cy'xanne Nunh
Estrelaint Becquerel
Liandri Mei
Leon Maxwell
Toff Vaughnn
Cassandra Lachance
Fae Redwing
Katiti Kati
Chokho Viqqoh
V'lanya Mei
Kagewoe Erasus
Rock Shattermountain
Rei Bajhiri
Oreic Lokeen
Jandelaine Hainaut
E'Khei Balduin
Faine Aubren
Maou Maon
Sarial Hawke
Vestara Abildgaard
Usyntoum Bleiarenwyn
S'jirn Tia
Arae'sae Evlo
R'eme Tia
Mistbeard Odin
Zable Kynbiir
Clawyn Eliae

Neutral towards / Acquaintance

B'trix Niji
Danorel White
Kolhi'to Embhre
Tiergan Vashir
Ludivine Goultard

Poor Standing / Enemies

Vahl'sae Bajihri
Mouse Wytchwood
Hali'a Evlo

Uncategorized People
(Name here)
(Name here)


>◢ PC impressions -- (You can add your own or ask me in game to add something)

"Miss Kal is an absolute joy to be around! She's so full of energy, it can be quite infectious." - Locke Rinannis

>◢ (PC) Rumors

"Kal once armwrestled Odin, and won." ((Whether meant ICly or OoC I'm still using them))
"Kal once went into O'gomhoro mines. The kobolds all came running out in fear." (())
"Someone once stood up to fight Kal, with a stern glare they pissed themselves and fled." (())


Action Girl
Magically Inept Fighter
Inappropriate Hunger
Fiery Redhead
Amazonian Beauty
Statuesque Stunner
Guy Huge Girl
Tsundere (Sweet-Tsun)
One Of The Boys
Tank Top Tomboy
Sleeves Are For Wimps
The Ladette
Hard Drinking Party Girl
Friends With Benefits
Heroic Seductress
Ethical Slut
The Tease
Anger Born Of Worry
Violently Protective Girlfriend
Berserk Button
Hit And Run Tactics
Indy Ploy
Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?
Archer Archetype
Friendly Sniper
Girl With Psycho Weapon
Short Range Long Range Weapon
Combat Pragmatist
Press Ganged
Sir Swears A Lot
Bratty Half Pint (Fits even if she’s not short)
Mouthy Kid
The Gadfly
It Amused Me
Chaotic Good (Type 1, 4 mix)
Crouching Moron Hidden Badass
Good Is Not Soft
Pay Evil Unto Evil
Lets Get Dangerous
Boisterous Bruiser
Hitman With A Heart
Screw The Money I Have Rules
Hidden Heart Of Gold
Jerkass Facade
Screw This Im Outta Here
Opt Out
Becoming The Mask
Serial Killer Killer
He Who Fights Monsters
Shoot The Dog
Because You Can Cope
My Fist Forgives You
Plucky Girl
Heroic Resolve
Brutal Honesty
Sarcastic Confession
Refuge In Audacity
Infallible Babble
Obfuscating Stupidity
Shut Up Hannibal
Talk To The Fist
Girls With Guns (Soon as Mechanist comes out)
A Friend In Need


Out Of Character Information
Player: "Kalooeh"
Server: Balmung
Timezone: USA CST
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Characters: Dheina Tayuun, Sam Redsteele


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