Mijisaa Qisaa

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Mijisaa Qisaa
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 40
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Weaver, Alchemist
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Namesday 23rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Relationship Status Married
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Intelligent, methodical, and perceptive, Mijisaa Qisaa is a successful businesswoman and sixth head of the Nanadaro family crime syndicate of Ul'dah. Her family has owned a textile business for several generations and is considered well-off and well-connected. The Family is very involved in all major Ul’dahan business and in the government, leading some in the city to suspect illicit activity. She is the eldest of three children, leading to her tendency to be very protective of those in her care. Mijisaa sees her rise to power and wealth as necessary to protect the people she is responsible for and nothing will stop her, even unsavory affairs. She has been married to Pipituu Kipichuu, a businessman and smith, for ten cycles and he is her partner in the Family leadership. Her husband's history as a pickpocket and orphan influences Mijisaa to have a weakness toward the downtrodden of Ul'dah. The Family is known for taking in hungry orphans and teaching them trades, while cultivating their loyalty. Trained in various crafts, Mijisaa is a talented weaver and is also trained in alchemy thanks to her grandmother's (an herbalist) instruction. She has a talent for gathering people and motivating them to travel the path she chooses for them. People are her tools.


Mijisaa is as small as Lalafell women come, not even three fulm tall without shoes. She prides herself on being fit for her age and health is of great importance to her. Her long purple and light blue hair is usually pulled back so she can focus on her work. Mijisaa's darker skin and freckles are the product of lots of sunlight, which she loves to bask in even in the worst of the Ul'dahn heat. Most usually she wears her work clothes about Ul'dah as a constant representation of her business dealings but during the holidays she is known to wear costumes while doing charity work. When travelling outside the city, she's known to wear clothes that enable her to blend in with a crowd. Also when traveling, she is never far from her grimoire.


Miji (her family nickname) is cautious but steadfast in making decisions. Protection of the Family and it’s interests are her raison d’être. She is well-learned, having been tutored in a variety of subjects, and this makes her feel superior to those without learning. Due to her privileged lifestyle, she can be demanding because she is used to giving orders. Miji can be a bit of a hothead at times though it is a trait very few ever see as she’s become older. She is very protective of those she employs and is ruthless with their enemies. Though friendly to all at first, she only gives her true trust to those who earn it and few do. As a shrewd businesswoman, she understands that most people do not seek to only do good so she is slightly suspicious of all whom she meets. Mijisaa prides herself on being able to tell the good apples from the bad as she is a great judge of character. She is always seeking to surround herself with trustworthy, capable people because she knows such people will help her when the time comes. .

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As a young Lalafell, Mijisaa had a variety of tutors including one of the arcane arts, her mentor Ziziguni Momoguni. All of the Nanadaro Family leaders were trained thalmaturges as a self-defense measure but Mijisaa was trained in the newer skill set at her father's insistence. Though it is not public knowledge, she can hold her own in a conflict if necessary though she has never carried her grimoire about in the city. After being a trainee for nearly a decade, she began correspondence with academics involved in bringing back the science of Nym. Working with them and learning the ancient texts, Mijisaa is now able to summon faeries to assist in her battles and healing. Her aether is enhanced by her knowledge of alchemy, an art she was trained in by her grandmother, an herbalist in Ul'dah. Mijisaa would not likely admit it but she loves a good fight and to heal those on the brink of death because it makes her feel powerful and in control.

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The sun


The cold


Arcane Arts


Favourite Food/Drink: Crumpets/Mulled Tea
Favourite Place: the Weaving Guild
Favorite Weather: Ul’dahan sunshine
Favorite Season: High noon in summer
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Scents: Lanolin, Old Books, Lavender


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

Pipituu Kipichuu – Mijisaa has known Pip well over half of her life. Though they come from very different backgrounds, she quickly fell in love with his brashness and clever mind. She admires his continued devotion to the future of the Family. They wholly understand each other, inside and out, and often respond to situations in the same way and finish each others sentences. Where she is cautious, he is the excess. Friends as children and teenagers, they have now been married for ten happy cycles.
Nazyl Tharazyl – Mijisaa met Nazyl during the business caravan to Coerthas. She was undecided about him until he stuck up for a lying stowaway, in which he earned Mijisaa's distrust. He left the group early but happened to be in Ul'dah during Her Majesty the Sultana's Royal Ball where Mijisaa ran into him and his companions. She can tell he is wary of her but with time and planning, she plans to win him over. Learning about his recent dispatching of two strangers in Thanalan has only made him more interesting.
Astrelle Valtin – Mijisaa met Astrelle at the Sultana's Royal Ball as a companion of Nazyl. The Elezen girl has a dark air about her and through their conversations Mijisaa realized she has a gruesome past that could be useful in swaying her. Knowing Astrelle is prone to losing herself to violence, Mijisaa stays on her toes but encourages the girl's feelings of revenge toward the voidsent, even offering to procure her books on the subject through hidden channels. Cultivating Astrelle's trust is one of Mijisaa's current missions, she can tell that the aether the girl naturally possesses (along with her pent-up hatred) could be useful.
Sharon Drennstead – Mijisaa also met Sharon at the Sultana's Royal Ball as a companion of Nazyl. Like the Lalafell, Sharon seems rather country bumpkin-esque, quick to ask questions without thinking too much about what the answer may be. Mijisaa has little patience for complete naivete however but we shall see how she takes to the girl in future interactions.
Surilian Blu – Mijisaa could quickly see from the beginning how young and fragile Suri is so she took the girl under her wing. Now the young Miqote has become a talented weaver and Mijisaa is happy to see her growth in Ul'dah. Over drinks, Suri revealed the existence of her sister, Liana. Since returning from Coerthas, Mijisaa has noticed Surilian's avoidance of her. What this is about, she is not sure.
Liana Blu – After their first face-to-face meeting, Mijisaa immediately liked this girl. Cold and calculating, she was just the tool Miji needed to keep the Coerthas group on track. She successfully carried out one poisoning but it happened that the second one was not needed. If she continues to play her cards right, she could find herself working for the Family full-time.
C'aehli Ira – One of the very few on the Coerthas mission who knew Mijisaa's true identity, C'aehli is the Family's information broker. She finds the people and things Mijisaa needs and Mijisaa sees to it that she is well compensated for such. It's an honest business arrangement and Mijisaa is glad to have her services on call.
Kodaro Ba'rococo – Friendly from the start and with an impressive vocabulary, Mijisaa actually warmed to Kodaro from the start due to his Lalafellin and Ul'dahn background. It turned out that Mijisaa knew his adoptive family from her work with the Weavers Guild. When Pipituu went missing, Ko valiantly aided Mijisaa in rescuing him from a goblin camp. She appreciates his willingness to help without asking lots of questions. He is one of few who is earning her trust and she looks forward to continuing to grow that trust in the future.
Oliwat Kokiwat – Though they met under the trying circumstances of her husband being missing, Mijisaa knew Oliwat’s name from The Rattlepack Guide she so fondly reads. His impressive thalmaturgy skills aided her and Kodaro in rescuing Pipituu. He is also earning her trust after that day and she expects they will see each other again soon.
Y'lyfriel Sikah – Mijisaa first saw Y'lyfriel during Zee's trial when she summoned Ifrit's egi. Being arcanist trained, Mijisaa understood the mechanics of it and was impressed by this young Miqote. The egi also made her take an interest in the woman as the wielder of a potentially useful weapon. After meeting her in the Coffer and Coffin, Mijisaa sensed that Y'lyfriel is still uncomfortable with the power arcanistry gives her, that she actually has quite a soft, gentle nature about her. Mijisaa has taken note of this discomfort for future use.
Onuma Ahntifi – When they met through Dawson, Mijisaa could instantly detected the warrior's heart in Onuma. Though young, Onuma has seen battles and Mijisaa appreciates her strength. She can tell the miqote has a good head on her shoulders that she is thoughtful and prepared for any action. Though they think alike, Onuma's softer heart separates them. Mijisaa could tell that the death of the miqote kit X'linwh in Coerthas will scar Onuma for quite some time.
Lo'tanto Jiub – Mijisaa respects this miqote as both a warrior and soldier. He has an honest air about him and seems easier to deceive than Onuma. As that woman's mate, Mijisaa was fine to have him along to Coerthas.
Rhesh'ir Zhwan – Mijisaa met Zee with her husband while inspecting a Starlight Tree. The three had dinner and Zee enlightened them to his band's tale over the meal. She thinks she has earned his trust by becoming his confidente. His trial though showed her a more reckless side of him that she is unsure of. For now, he is on her good side because she sees that he carries great influence despite a questionable past.
Rah'na Lihzeh – She can tell he's young and full of energy and she knows that can lead to trouble. Being a kit, he comes across as quite emotional and a distraction to others. On the way to Coerthas, he had him poisoned to get him left behind at the inn but made sure he was never in danger of dying. In the end, considering what happened to X'linwh, she might have saved the kit's life.
Chesh'ir Lihzeh – A case of guilt by association, this cousin of Rah'na also seemed to be quite a distraction. He dropped off from the group for a while though so she stopped paying attention to him.
Tahla'li Tayuun – Tahla'li seems to have a decent head on his shoulders unlike the other kits in the group. Mijisaa attributes this to his growing relationship with Kodaro. She has also taken note of his thalmaturgy training thanks to her connections within that guild. For now she's satisfied with him in the caravan.
Dawson Colwell – It was clear from the start to Mijisaa that Dawson is an 'old soul', wise beyond his years. He is rather pensive but very much a gentleman. After running into him during a sandstorm in Black Brush, she has learned of his fondness for tea. She senses that they come from different worlds and intends to keep an eye on him.
Oriel Durand – Hired by C'aehli as the miner Mijisaa needed in Coerthas, she knows nothing of the man despite the fact that he seems relatively quiet and she's paying him.
Schezar Stormbreaker – Very polite and quiet, Schezar was introduced to Miji and Pipituu during their dinner with Zee. He had the air of a fighting man, serene though troubled by past and future conflicts. She isn't quite sure what to make of him yet.

Enemies, Rivals, & Deceased

X'linwh Tia – He always seemed like a liability to Mijisaa. She always suspected that his implusiveness would be his undoing, and the dragons of Coerthas only proved her right. Her only regret is that his death soured the mood of an otherwise successful business trip.
Alex Castell – Once a thief, always a thief at heart. Mijisaa does not care what the girl does to try and prove herself to the others, she will have none of it. The dishonesty of sneaking a ride and lying about her motives was worse in Miji's eyes than the stealing. After all, being a thief is useful. Mijisaa is married to one.

Easily Overheard Rumours
"She's from a big merchant family around these parts. Who knows the sort of gil they have. They aren't big spenders but she lives in that big house on Emerald Lane." - Fellow Ul'dahan Merchant
"Always see her and that husband of hers helping out the poor around here. Like the rich actually care about those kids." - Tavern Patron
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"Don't let that cute face and friendly smile fool you. She's a businesswoman, through and through." - Regular of Ruby Road
"I would be careful around any of the Nanadaro Family. No one can prove how they have the influence they do in this city." - Travelling Thanalan Merchant
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"I heard her father is stepping down, turning the Family over. She's next in line for succession, no doubt." - Member of the Merchants Committee
"Mijisaa? Yeah I've heard that name. Might as well call her 'Mob Princess'." - Beggar wandering Pearl Lane
Player Character Rumours
none yet


Daughter of Huhudaro Nanadaro and Lulusuu, eldest sister of Jajadaro and Kokomii, and wife of Pipituu Kipichuu. Her mother died in childbirth when she was 6 cycles, leaving her as mistress of the house. The Nanadaro family has been successful in business, trading in textiles, for centuries in Ul’dah and now the other two major Eorzean cities. Because of this, Mijisaa is an accomplished knitter, weaver, and spinner and has travelled for business on many occasions. The Family is also one of the more prominent crime syndicates, using their legitimate trade to cover illicit activities. As the eldest, she was raised to be her father’s successor and she is the first woman to head the Family. She began learning the darker side of her family’s affairs around age 10. This was also the point she began receiving arcanist training from a private tutor, Ziziguni Momoguni, for self-defense measures. Through his teachings, she became a rather fierce opponent and learned to control her temper for which she was infamous as a girl.

The turning point in her life was the death of her sister Kokomii, who had always been sickly, when Mijisaa was 20 cycles. Her sister’s lifelong illness was the reason behind Mijisaa’s training in alchemy, in which she hoped to find a cure. Kokomii’s good nature continues to influence her sister through the charity work Mijisaa does in Ul’dah with orphaned children and the ill. The Family has taken in multiple orphans throughout the years, including her now-husband Pipituu. When the Garleans invaded, her brother Jajadaro (three years her junior) snuck off to join the Flames as a trained thalmaturge. He perished at Carteneau and to this day Mijisaa remains bitter toward him for putting his glory-seeking before the Family. With her siblings dead and her father’s deteriorating mental health, she continues to push for greater power and wealth as she sees those two things as the only way to keep the Family safe.


Theme Song: TBD

Alignment: Lawful Evil

TV Tropes: Yakuza Princess, Daddy’s Little Villain, Unholy Matrimony